Discussion Post – 10.16.2020

President Trump got pranked by the Babylon Bee this morning. That’ll be the focus of the news media for the entire morning.

He really needs someone to take that phone away from him at times. Hilarious.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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4-D chessmaster, king of the trolls. lmao again.

Michael Falotico

Indeed, everyone will now be talking about how Trump was “pranked” but they cannot talk about it without repeating the headline that Twitter engages in censorship. So, the point Trump wants to get across — Twitter engages in censorship– will now get more awareness.


I would venture to say that his Babylon Bee tweet was planned. It is a brilliant move to give the left something to fume about this morning. President Trump OWNS the media and it will be interesting to watch events of the next few weeks unfold. BTW: Where in the world is Waldo and Hunter Biden? Hunter has a few questions that he needs to answer before November. Where is he and why isn’t everybody asking that question?

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect you’re right; President Trump is a master-troller, and just putting out the idea that the whole operation could be shut down is entertaining – even if they shut it down themselves.


Just saw a disgusting btfsplk campaign commercial staring Ace McLame’s rich trophy wife/widow linking btfsplk to Ace during their senate careers saying how they fought each other like hell (not really) in the senate but they were great friends off the field, and dined together and ultimately worked together for the “good of the country”. Really?

Politically tone-deaf Sindy McLame and the DNC apparently think that commercial is going to sway “undecided” voters to btfsplk? I welcome their wasting of campaign funds in Tennessee.

There was another ad paid for and supposedly separate from any presidential campaign (sure, right) by an outfit called FF PAC FUTUREFORWARDUSA.ORG (at first glance it looked like future for war D USA). The disclaimer was said in less than two seconds and the website was white lettering which just coincidentally happened to be pasted over the white stripe of the US flag prop and appeared on screen for about two seconds. I did a quick search and found it to be a nothing shell of a website spouting the same pabulum about the same typical Dem carefully messaged talking points.

Thankfully, living in a decisively red state, I/we are spared much of the campaign ads that are bombarding my friend in Florida. She is not politically active, not politically loud like us political wonks, but she knows the Dems and their agenda is a bunch of crap and votes Republican. Unfortunately her daughter is and always has been a radical Leftist like so many of our permanently misguided youth who refuse to ever grow up.

Her take on the hearings is that ACD was brilliant, comported herself well and that Dems were still horrible, but not as bad as the Kavanaugh travesty. She has the same take as Dave on last night’s townhalls. Biden had no substance and came across to her as some old man reminiscing about his childhood and younger days. She saw and had the same opinion about Guthrie’s attacks on the President. And as she often has the TV on in the background listening to FOX and other ‘news’ outlets, did in fact know about btfsplk Jr’s. laptop fiasco. She is a good gage on how many typical American gets their news. So there is hope after all.

Twatter and Fakebook and the MSN (D) can try all they want, but the real news is getting out.

Jimmy MacAfee

Twatter and Yutube are gonna be bankrupt before Congress does anything, and that’s largely because people are dumping those and increasingly getting information from this site (and your guest columns) and the many Conservative alternatives to Droodge. Twatter was almost dead when the President, through his communication, kept them on life support.

Good for your friend, Gregg. Keep up the great posts!


Thank you Jimmy for the complement. I did another comment thanking the people for their complements on the Monopoly Post.

Yes, the president probably kept Twitter in the forefront just like he has paradoxically kept DNCNN and PMSLSDNC and the NYT and WAPO alive.

However I don’t see any of these social media tech giants going bankrupt because their overhead is so low. Their earnings and reputation will certainly be hurt. But as long as they get their bucks selling adds by the woke corporations (probably using laundered Chinese money) they will survive. What has to happen to break them is
the repeal of the sections of the law that allowed them to be unaccountable and monopolistic.

Then they can be sued into oblivion. Just losing half their audience won’t bother them or force change from within. If it did CNN and MSNBC et al, would change and become real and fair news organizations. As long as outside money and as long as there is no penalty (Hear that Mr. AG) continues to flow and penalties not happen they will keep up their Schiff.

However, some screens and news orgs. may fade to black and go broke if btfsplk were to win as there would be nothing to cover in a roundheels/btfsplk administration (deliberate lower case).


Just checked and antifa.com still points to the Biden website, guess it was on purpose, go figure.

Ace Karner

Because those lazy bastards only work three days a week.

Jimmy MacAfee

Be aware that you may have people sent to your business, if you own a business, and if you are an open supporter of President Trump and are openly against the Deep State;

Radicalizing is being used, and other methods of being set up;

I’ve had anti-Semites trolling for similar sentiments
I’ve been visited by people looking for unethical work
I’ve been visited by titty-flashers
I’ve been visited by women seductresses
I’ve been visited by Confidential Informants from an agency
I’ve been visited by people claiming to be from militias, when they were actually from an agency. (I don’t join militias.)

Always look for those who have squeeze-points, such as financial distress, legal problems, contentious divorces or criminal behavior. Never let anyone near your computer nor your phone, and trust no one.

I’ve had attempted set-ups for year and years, long before the latest onslaught. I’ve been visited by ATF reps, FBO stooges and intel operatives. The only way they have anything on me is if they lie – (and you can be sure that they do, as the FBI tried to set up K.T. McFarland.)

This is not a conspiracy theory. Keep your eyes and ears open. We are now in a new phase of the war.

Carlos Dangler

Send the titty-flashers my way. I’ll handle ’em.

Jimmy MacAfee

Be my guest. Nothing special to look at, probably fake anyway.


The judiciary committee has called Dorsey and Zuck to testify next Friday, why not today or Monday?

Jimmy MacAfee

What is not satire is that a lot of content providers on Youtube have just been shut down.

As a result, I have disabled my Youtube app, and blocked Youtube from my phone. Bitchute carries many of the same patriots who I’ve relied upon for accurate information (though I’ve
figured out a lot on my own analytically.)

Yes, this is war. Prepare yourselves and keep your powder dry and in a safe place.


We are fortunate that most criminals and politicians are really stupid people. As the story goes Hunter btfsplk dropped a laptop at some repair shop in Delaware, and (probably) in a drug induced haze simply forgot it and apparently didn’t return phone calls about picking it up. The very smart and very brave computer repair man then made copies of the hard drive and did the right thing: gave it to the authorities, namely the Fraudulent Bogus Insurgents which, as usual, sat on it.

BTW, what is with the FBI sitting on laptops? Weiner/Huma’s come to mind. Anyway.

For some reason he gave a copy to Utah senator Mile Lee (RoLB) RINO of Libertarian Bent, and again bupkis. Finally, the third time was a charm: Rudy Giuliani and his legal team did something, and the NY Post exposed it. I nominate them for a Pulitzer Prize.

With all the btfsplk money, they don’t have a trusted in-house IT guy? Couldn’t they get the DNC’s Crowdstrke? or Debbie Was-a-man (Sergeant) Schultz’ IT guy from Pakistan? They chose some random repair guy in DE. Really? Presumably btfsplk and btfsplk Jr. has some sort of security clearance (Brenan still had his so why wouldn’t still have theirs?) yet have no clue of security – please someone show me a similar case with any Republican.

BJ Clinton giving away rocker/satellite-MISSILE launch technology via Charlie Tri to Communist China in 1996. China doesn’t have to hack in the US or the Pentagon; they just need to give friendly Democratic Pols a couple of million in campaign donations to get what they need/want.

The old expression don’t give a monkey a gun, well the government apparently shouldn’t give a Democrat a laptop or access to our secrets.

As Rush has said for decades, polls taken months out from the election are meaningless as the events that decide [the] election(s) haven’t happened. He has never been more correct:

1. RBG dies
2. Hunter btfsplk’s laptop-gate
3. Twitter/Facebook-gate now available for all to see
4. Massive evidence of voter fraud – via the USPS and other Dem operatives
5. ACB’s confirmation circus (the sequel to the Kavanaugh ‘hearings’)
6. President Trump getting and rapid recovery from CV-19
7. Revelation of The Dem court-packing scheme – by the Democrats, and the headboard Harris/btfsplk ticket’s non answer to the rare questions about it
8. The mess of additional CV-19 relief packages
9. The various presidential “debates”

All this and more going on in this series of “October Surprises”

It is indeed fortunate many Democratic Politicians are arrogant (arrogance and sloppiness brought about by never being held accountable) and stupid. The question is: will the 40+% of the country’s Democratic voting mind-numbed robots/lemmings be smart enough to see the reality of the Leftist anti-America Democratic Party?

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