Government’s Intolerable Failure to Regulate Social Media Monopolies

Guest Piece by Gregg Updike

One of government’s most fundamental responsibilities is to protect its citizen’s life liberty and property.  It is clear to any intellectually honest person that they have failed in this on many levels; this is intolerable.  I am not talking about the riots and bogus shutdowns that are killing small business and people’s livelihood, although that is another failure. I am talking about censorship, identify theft and the permitted invasion of privacy.

Twenty-three or so years ago I dated a computer network engineer and she explained the concept of the open and free public internet.  She told me how it was going to be an open forum unregulated and untaxed.  I found the whole concept to be unbelievable; ultimately everything needs to be controlled in some manner or there will be complete anarchy.

What we have now is all the anarchy of the open forum of the public internet and the dictatorial unfettered control of a handful of tech giant leaders who determine whose message is heard and what information is disseminated.  It is the worst of both worlds.  This thought control is every bit, if not more so, as pervasive as much as the six or so traditional ‘news’ and entertainment networks.

Worse, the people who run these big tech social media platforms and their algorithms censor political thought are nameless and faceless.  They operate anonymously with near impunity.  Unlike the traditional media where we can at least see who the propagandists are and turn off the channel or drop our newspaper or magazine subscriptions; we have no such option if we want to engage in the social media arena with conservative views.  Rather than have true open forums for thought, we are slaves to what they want us to see, hear, think, and how we ultimately vote.

By an amazing coincidence virtually all the rulers of these social media tech giants support the Left and the Democratic Party.  And they are providing free “in-kind” donations worth millions, if not billions to that party and its candidates.  This is clearly intolerable.  Where is the FEC; that worthless “watchdog” commission that is supposed to ensure “free and fair” elections?

Who runs the feckless FEC?  I suspect it is the same never-Republicans and Democratic loyalists who control the Debate Commission.  I now call them never-Republicans as they are not just “never-Trumpers” sandbagging President Trump; they have done it to most Republican politicians over the years.

No one is more anti-government regulation than me, but I realize a free and prosperous society must have laws, rules and regulations in order to remain free, prosperous, AND protected from charlatans who take advantage of their positions of wealth and power.  This is why we have the FDA, the EPA, OSHA, consumer protection organizations and the FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISION.  It is why the FBI, DOJ and the alphabet intelligence agencies exist: to protect the law-abiding American citizens from fraud and damage.  They are failing in that most basic mission and need to be greatly reformed or disbanded.

One of the most galling aspects of the whole internet “thing”, as Biden would say, is how the government has utterly failed in protect its citizens from all the problems associated with the internet.

How is it we have a whole new private industry created to protect people from internet identity theft and protect individuals from computer viruses and other internet driven maladies?  Frequent commenters on this site have recently been reporting all kinds of interference on our free speech rights from malware and other attacks and apparently nothing can be done to prevent any determined individual or group from engaging in such malicious activity.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?  It is certainly paying all the security companies vying for our dollars to protect us from electronic data crime.  It seems we get monthly news stories about how some big retail chain, tourism company, or investment firm and even the federal, or a state or local government gets hacked and millions of people’s personal data could be exposed, stolen or compromised.

Where is the government, our supposed protector, in this?  Where are the ‘news’ stories of arrests and convictions of hackers and identify thieves?  Isn’t it amazing how some local arrest resisting minority criminal suspect who nobody ever heard of gets killed in a confrontation with the police and half the county erupts in chaos and violence for months on end; yet nary a peep is ever reported about hackers who cost society billions of dollars every year and ruin lives of thousands?  The cost we must pay for our ‘data security’ must be added to the overall cost of criminal activity our government is supposed to but fails to protect us from.

Why is there no outcry from the competing information (news) industry about how big-tech social media platforms censors political free speech?   The answer to that question is simple: their message is the same; they are just birds of a feather flocking us together.

Under the previous administration(s) many government agencies were corrupted to suppress freedom of speech of conservative groups and no one – not the media, not the FBI or the DOJ, no inspector general at the IRS or any other people controlling agencies – of weight said a peep or showed any concern about these egregious violations of public trust, safety and security.  If there were any “whistleblowers” they were squelched, and no one gave a whit about it.

Where are the “99 plus percent“ of the “good people” in these agencies sounding the alarm?  Yet we get some unnamed hack raising hell and who officially remained anonymous given congressional notoriety in an effort to bring down President Trump on a bogus accusation; which had the effect of pausing the agenda of the Trump Administration and probably hurt the initial COVID-19 response.  Apparently only “whistleblowers” of a certain political persuasion are protected, while opposing “whistleblowers’ – if they exist – are intimidated into silence and/or ignored by the various departmental HR and IGs and especially the MSM (D).

It must be a priority of a second Trump Administration to protect the American people from the ravages of the “internet”.  Many, if not most of the agencies charged with protecting American Citizen’s rights, freedoms and property must be either reformed or abolished.  Part of that reform would be moving them out of the DC Beltway Cesspool and busting up big tech through anti-trust laws and regulations.

President Trump might and should make those reforms happen; a Biden administration certainly will not.  Biden is a 47-year statis quo/quid pro quo swamp-rat; why would he do anything to punish the people who carry his water?



That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Thanks Carlos and all the others for their kind comments.

Almost all of my articles begin as comments and when I see they are getting too long or are morphing into a separate topic that is not highly discussed, I paste it to a word document and send it to Dave. I try to bring a new or fresh perspective and not beat a dead horse with something that is discussed ad nauseum like a certain FOX News Host.

I is also great that Whatfinger picks them up.

Feel free to distribute them and all of Dave’s articles to all your friends and family. We need all hands on deck this year more then ever.

Carlos Dangler

Great piece, Gregg!
Lots of stuff I hadn’t even thought about.


I meant to also commend the Monopoly game board. Very clever touch.

And to Jimmy’s comment about judging a man by his actions when in power-great comparison between tyrants and our President. Reminded me of something my Dad told me when I was 10 or 11 years old, he said “you are who you are when no one else can see”.


Your dad was a smart man. Mine pretty much said the same thing. What counts is how you act when no one is looking.


Great piece, thank you Gregg.

Even though the government has failed to protect conservatives from censorship, the market certainly can. I read somewhere today that Twitter stocks were tumblin, stumblin, bumblin. My now adult children, who once used Facebook, have totally divorced from it. Many people, even in the mainstream know what censorship smells like, and have the ability to turn off the spicket. Even though this situation screams for government intervention, I am always wary of it. They should definitely remove the Section 230 waivers, and look at breaking up the monopolies, with a 16 lb. sledge.


To quote Gomer Pyle surprise surprise surprise Either party is out for THEMSELVES not you not your friends JUST themselves. Twitter and facebook will whip out the check book and the problem is gone. EVERY politician out there is a money grubbing crook not one will lift a finger to help the american people. If I’m wrong we luck out if I’m right ALL will help throw the noose of “limited government” around you neck. Why do you think big tech went to Communist China to perfect the soft ware to enslave any free thinking people left..DEATH TO TYRANTS! God Bless the American people .

Cynthia J. Campbell

The punishment for social media censorship should be death! If no one will bring them to account then WE THE PEOPLE should be able to kill them ourselves! LOCK AND LOAD!

Jimmy MacAfee

You can say that, because this is not Twitter.

Jimmy MacAfee

It is sometimes thought that a man can be judged by his actions when he is hungry, but that a man can be judged more accurately by his actions when he is in power.

We see examples of this in China, which is corrupt and an international bully – sudden wealth brought near immediate lust to rule everything.

We see this same phenomenon in the billionaire tech class, which is almost a mirror of Communist China, corrupt and with a lust to control everything. Name a name: Gates? This applies. Zuckerberg? True of him. Dorsey? Especially him. Youtube? Owned by the monopolistic Alphabet/Google, which conspires with China and has Chinese ambitions it its (wet) dreams. IN fact, 23 and Me is run by a H. Rotten Clinton loving CEO, and is owned by Google. (Can you imagine a worse outcome? A company like Google with your DNA? An executive of a DNA company that supports a party that has its roots in genocide and Eugnics? An executive who supports a person who thinks people who disagree with her are “deplorable” and “irredeemable?”)

This is more than a problem with monopolies; it involves a class schism that has ultra wealthy Leftists who know that the safest place to be in a Totalitarian regime is to be in charge. “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” by this ruling class is a dangerous thing to play with. China has its own problems, and is imploding; they are undergoing a second “Cultural Revolution,” and the party elites there are no different than the tech oligarchy, which has shown itself as in need of judgement and dispersal.

There are two ways to deal with unresponsive and unchallenged power, one good and one bad, in a firecracker metaphor:
One is to submerge it in water, dampening it so that it can’t explode
The other is to grasp the firecracker tightly in the hand, and when it goes off, so do some fingers and flesh of the palm.

When the tech Oligarchy grip too tightly, they may find themselves feeling a similar experience. The best leaders grip power lightly and adroitly; the worst leaders end up in the grasp of mobs in the street.

The tech oligarchy are sponsors (in addition to the professional radicalizers in the FBI and CIA) of the chaos in the Left coast and elsewhere, thinking that they are dipping the firecracker into water. They are delusional and incorrect. The tech giants and those who empower them are playing a dangerous game.

Most strange of all, President Trump keeps a light grasp on power, and is the opposite of a tyrant. This means he is increasingly powerful, and achieves far more than if he were to rule like a Dorsey or a Bezos or an Alphabet.


? BOOM ? SHAKALAKA! Well said.

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