Mazie Hirono May Have Tipped the Coming Democrat Smear of Amy Coney Barrett

This is a serious question: How many Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have an IQ that is lower than the thermostat setting in the Senate hearing room? You can start with Mazie Hirono and Sheldon Whitehouse and go from there.

During yesterday’s hearing, you really could not help but wonder if Chuck Schumer simply arrayed his Democrat caucus members from lowest IQ to highest and then selected the 9 at the bottom of the list to sit on this key committee. I know from experience that members of congress are not especially intelligent as a class (though they are incredibly cunning as a class), but what the Democrats put on display on Wednesday was truly an embarrassment to the Senate as an institution.

Sheldon Whitehouse spent his entire 30 minutes of time going through a bizarre conspiracy theory about how “dark money” from the Koch Brothers somehow led directly to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination. It was a true tour de force in mindless stupidity.

Kamala Harris used almost all of her time to make a campaign speech read from notes prepared by her staff. Because of course she did. Cory Booker went through a series of questions so irrelevant and transparently leading that had Barrett using her “mom patiently dealing with an irrational child” face and voice out of pity.

Geriatric senators Dianne Feinstein and Patrick Leahy and Richard Blumenthal each supplied 30-minute commercials for the pressing need for congressional term limits, and Amy Klobuchar looked like she needed a binder to throw at a staffer every time Judge Barrett embarrassed her with a calm and perfectly reasoned answer to her idiotic inquiries.

Then there was Crazy Mazie Hirono, the junior senator from Hawaii. This execrable, malignant wretch showed up to the hearing with a list of questions that her staff had written for her and that she had obviously not even bothered to read prior to the hearing beginning. Several of the questions referenced cases and decisions Judge Amy Coney Barrett had made in the past, and it was painfully obvious Hirono had no clue what any of them were.

But the moment everyone should view and keep in the back of our minds from Hirono’s 30 minutes was this one:

“[S]ince you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?” A seemingly random question, designed to be explosive and cause damage to Judge Barrett’s reputation simply by being asked and then endlessly repeated across Twitter and other social media. At least, that is how it is being covered by the news media.

But those who have witnessed how the Democrats inevitably try to mount a heinous smear against any Republican Supreme Court nominee might have reacted by filing this moment away as a clue to what the nature of their coming smear of Judge Barrett might look like. Everyone should remember that Brett Kavanaugh was asked a series of loaded questions about his behavior in his youth during his committee hearings as well, but the actual smear job by Christine Blasey Ford was only brought to the public’s attention during the weekend after the hearing had concluded, and he seemed to be on a smooth path to confirmation.

The smearing of Clarence Thomas also followed a similar pattern and timeline.

Can anyone doubt that the same Democrats who paid Ford and several other women to hurl slanderous allegations at Justice Kavanaugh would dig up acquaintances and former co-workers of Judge Barrett to claim she had at some distant point in the past made improper sexual advances towards them? Of course they would do exactly that.

When these completely unnecessary and counterproductive hearings come to a merciful conclusion on Thursday, Judge Barrett and her unassailable character and record will appear to be on a smooth path to confirmation. The Democrats will have failed to lay a glove on her and Mitch McConnell will have either 51 or 52 votes to get the job done.

But then the weekend will come and America will find out then if these depraved and despicable Democrats are willing to mount the same sort of smear on a supremely qualified woman that they mounted against Justice Kavanaugh. If they are, it’s a pretty safe bet that we will be able to look back and see that Crazy Mazie was setting the table for it.

Get ready.

That is all.

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I don’t get the sense that the Dems are gearing up for a smear on ACB. I would never put it past them, but even as dumb and conspiratorial as much of the questions/commentary has been, this rather tame compared to the Kavanaugh hearings. Maybe they learned a lesson from that appointment where they know if they go full retard on ACB this close to the election, it will motivate people to vote for Trump and Republicans.

Yesterday, Cruz had some excellent insights into the SCOTUS and what’s behind many of the cases that are being discussed in the hearings…well worth the 30 mins:


This continued abuse of GOP SC nominees will continue – just like Obamagate – as long as there are no penalties for it. As long as the Dem voting lemmings in states like NJ (Booker*), IL (Durbin*-75), DE (Coons*-56), HI (Hirono -72), CA (Feinstein-86), and (Harris-55), VT (Leahy-80), CT (Blumenthal-74), MN (Klobuchar-59), and RI (Whitehouse-64) – parenthesis are current (D) members of the Judiciary Committee, * are the senators who are up this year and I don’t hear them being particularly abrasive this year, what a coincidence – we will keep getting these infantile attempts at slandering GOP judicial nominees.

We keep hearing how this outrageous behavior is going to bite the Dems and cost them politically – so far it has not. Come on NJ, IL, and DE, grow up and Schiff-can these hacks and dinosaurs. How sweet it would be if btfsplk were to lose his ‘home’ state to President Trump and take out Coons. Trump should campaign hard in Delaware and try to pick it off. Fantasy perhaps, but I believe miracles can happen; after all Trump beat Walking Eagle four years ago.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Senate has lost whatever decorum it ever had; I’m not sure it will be possible ever to reclaim it. Certainly Wimpsy Graham could have intervened in this case, but he appears to be taking some kind of hormone-changing agent. Perhaps he should lay off the soy.

And McConnell? You, above all, could put an end to this. Pull up your pantaloons and hold a vote – today. Enough of this BS.


These hearings will be chronicled in season 4, episode 49 of “The Curse of Woke Island”. Just another Schiff-show. Shameless liars, cheaters, and stealers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Senator Dishonorono should be forced to answer the same tone and context of “questions” she asked Barrett. I am sorry to be vulgar, but she demands such treatment:

1. What size self pleasure device do you use, and what color have you painted it?
2. Do you enjoy the company of children, especially wondering if you are a pedivore as so many of your colleagues on your side of the aisle are rumored to be by certain intelligence sources?
3. Do you know what IQ stands for, and when was the last time you had yours checked?
4. Could you tell us the name of your Psychiatrist and the meds you’re taking?
5. How often do you engage in bestiality?
6. Do you have pictures of animal porn on your computer?

Outrageous questions, not fitting for anyone to ask. But her question of ACB is no less outrageous. She should be censured by the Senate, and if Wimpsy Graham had any testosterone at all, he would have cut her off and shut her down. Instead?


On questions five and six, I would use the old lawyer questioning method:

5. (Have you stopped) “…engage(ing) in bestiality?”
6. (Have you deleted) “… (your) pictures of animal porn on your computer?”


7. Are you still close friends with all the predators and money bundlers of whom we are finding out more and more?

Jimmy MacAfee

Sheldon Whitehouse is projecting – that’s what they do. They claim Big Money backs ACB, when it is clear that Pig Money is opposing her.

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