Tuesday News Roundup: Trump is Going to Win, Bigly

Well, ok, Joe, if you insist:

Speaking to a parking lot in Ohio on Monday, Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden talked about how great it was to be in Eerie, Pennsylvania, forgot Mitt Romney’s name – referring to him only as “that Mormon Senator” – and told the crowd he is “a proud Democrat running for the United States Senate.”

So, he doesn’t know where he is, can’t remember names, and doesn’t even understand what office he is supposedly seeking, but you are expected to believe he is so far ahead of President Trump that he’s already won.

Yeah, no.

Does this look like a guy who is losing to you?

That was at Trump’s massive rally in Sanford, Florida on Monday, where he jump-started his campaign in the wake of his bout with what was a mild case of the China Virus. As always, Trump supporters lined up for miles to get into the event, held in a hangar at the local airport, which has become the model for Trump’s campaign this year.

In his energetic speech to the crowd, the President declared that he was not only not trailing in the race, but well ahead of where he was at the same point in 2016, and frankly, I believe him. His campaign bears none of the traditional hallmarks of a losing effort, and Biden’s moribund franchise bears none of the signs of a winning effort.

We have witnessed hopeless presidential causes in recent history. Think back to the campaigns of John McCain, Bob Dole and Mike Dukakis as the most recent examples. As election day approached in 2008, 1996 and 1988, it was blatantly obvious who was winning.

The sure losers had no ability to draw a real crowd – although Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, was able to generate semi-large turnouts right through the campaign’s final day in 2008. It was obvious that all three of those candidates were going to lose, and everyone knew it.

To the trained eye, what did all of those losing campaigns look like? They looked just like the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign looks today. This is not a coincidence.

In 2008, those of us who were holding our noses and supporting the execrable McCain as the only viable alternative to the epic disaster that the Obama presidency became kidded ourselves that the massive crowds Obama was able to draw day-in and day-out were just anecdotal events, not truly indicative of the election blowout that was building. Those crowds didn’t really mean anything, we told ourselves again and again and again.

Well, it turned out they did mean something, as did the Clinton crowds in 1996 and the Poppy Bush crowds in 1988. They meant a lot, as they were completely predictive of the election landslide that was to come. And folks, the turnouts for those past candidates paled in comparison to what we see on a daily basis for President Trump in the form of not just the rallies, but the car parades, boat parades and peaceful demonstrations happening all over the country.

Our nation has never, in its entire history, witnessed this kind of massive outpouring of support for any presidential candidate, period.

In this election, you can either believe the media-sponsored suppression polls, or you can believe your lyin’ eyes.

The most recent Gallup Poll had two very interesting bits of data that presage what is to come. That poll asked respondents two key questions that Gallup asks during every presidential election cycle:

  1. Are you better off today than you were four years ago?
  2. Which candidate do you expect to win?

Even though Gallup’s polls this year have shown Biden holding a lead for the national popular vote, the answers to those two questions tell the opposite story.

By a 56-44 margin, the random adults surveyed said they are indeed better off than they were four years ago, even in the midst of the impacts of a global pandemic. Think about that – that is a truly astonishing finding.

But the second question is even more interesting and compelling: By a 56-40 margin, these voters said they expect Donald Trump to win this election. This expectation measure by Gallup has correctly predicted the ultimate outcome of every presidential election since 1984, and has typically ended up being a pretty accurate indication of how the voters themselves really intend to vote.

We’ve talked a lot about the “shy” Trump voter phenomenon in this election. If you’re a Trump voter who is reluctant to share how you plan to vote with a pollster, that makes perfect sense given the heinous ways in which the President and his supporters have been smeared by the corrupt news media.

But if you’re asked how you think your neighbors are planning to vote, or whether you are better off today than you were four years ago, you’re not going to have the same reluctance to answer honestly. Right?


There is no question that America has a crisis in its news media right now. After Election Day, we’re all going to discover that our country’s polling industry is also in a crisis.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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NC Curmudgeon

Seriously. The “polls”? They’ve been wrong, SERIOUSLY wrong in so many arenas…. Discard them. Ignore them. The COW states (Calipornia, Oregone, and Washingnot) have lemmings. The Tories (look it up) from the 1700’s in the Northeast will continue to vote “D” down ticket. So be it. Why do they now move out? hahahah

Many folks have revoked their “Republican/Democrat” label for primaries (thanx to Rush) to “Independent” or whatever each state allows for non-affiliated. THOSE don’t get polled. THOSE don’t/won’t participate in polls…or will toss their poll answer just to mess with the poll.

The real issue (in my opinion) is the popular vote versus electoral vote. How in the heck did the Founding Fathers (caps intended) realize how critical THAT issue would be in the future??? Hence the Electoral College.

This election might very well be the ONLY time that the popular vote and electoral vote count absolutely crushes a political party. (ie: Democrat)

THAT is my opinion. Let’s see if I’m right. If I’m not, my family will “bug out” and be done with “it”.

If I’m right….we will see a burgeoning economy, healthcare issues resolved, and overall well-being and BORDER WALL security for the legitimate citizens of the United States of America that has never been seen.


Yeah, I believe DJT can do that. He was on that road until China invaded our country. Oh! And, if DJT is re-elected, watch for THAT to be addressed. Bigly.

Ok…Done ranting. Thanx for your patience all!


I love you man!

The Demonrats left no dollar spent, no illegal act untried, no lie unuttered to bring down our president. They are doing a reality show to document all of their machinations during his first term, they are calling it “The Curse of Woke Island”!!!!!! Ha!


PFT, no dollar UNspent


Test six houres later.

Tried reposting and it gave the same error code immedately rather than the twenty or so seconds a commernt takes to be ‘vetted’..


I saw another big Biden rally in Newport, OR going to work the other day. All 6 of them.
They hold no illusions about slojo and the fake black woman. They’re more concerned about the House and the Senate. If the President can flip a few states, he may be able to help flip some seats red as well. I suspect he may. People vote on the issues that matter most and chief amongst those are their financial well-being and law and order. The demoncrats have shown the voter that they care about neither of these issues.

Not a landslide, not a wave – a tsunami folks. A big one.


My eyes aren’t lying. And I think that would be the same for most people. What we have is pollsters and the media trying to tell you not to believe what you see, and believe what they tell you. It comes from a supercharged state of wishful thinking, and if they just wish for it hard enough, they feel that it will come true.

I think Trump has this in the bag, the enthusiasm and support is undeniable compared to Biden. The wildcard here is the cheating and fraud, which are now enabled by extended voting deadlines in multiple states. We have seen evidence of this already, but we don’t know the scale and scope just yet.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t think ANYONE is going to be overconfident and not vote – except maybe Basement Biden’s people, all 666 of them.

That was a caution by an astute poster several months ago, but the avalanche of enthusiasm (and raw horror of what a Biden/Harris Presiduncy would mean for this country) since then is only growing and growing. The suspense is pretty incredible.


Enthusiasm from the Donald
This was on Don Surber:

At his rally in Florida on Monday, our beloved leader said, “We’ll take care of it all after the election. We caught ’em cold. Bad people. Crooked Hillary. And by the way, Obama and Biden knew everything that was happening. We’ll take care of it after the election…”

Jeff Carlson of the Epoch Times tweeted, “Consider what’s being said. And the confidence it implies.”

Somebody goes to prison after this election. The American people will decide whom.

Darn tootn’


Yep, the site is slow today


Thanks for some good news Dave, always welcome here. Hopefully a majority of Dems see what their leaders look like without the masks. Progressive really means corrupt totalitarian communist dictatorship. They should really listen to those people who fled Cuba and Venezuela.


Speaking of getting along…


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