Cancel the Amy Coney Barrett Hearings, Now

Just one more reason why these hearings should not be held. – Well, two reasons, actually, that the Democrats in the Senate provided to Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on Monday. Two glaring reasons why the Judiciary Committee hearings on the Amy Coney Barrett nomination should be cancelled now, today, and the nomination should immediately be taken to the Senate floor for an up-or-down vote.

Reason #1 was provided by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who told fawning fake reporters that he and his fellow Democrats would boycott any votes in committee or on the floor related to the nomination. Ok, well, given that, what’s the point of hearings? If every member of the minority party has made up his or her mind on the nomination and will not even show up to vote on it, why allow this farce to go on?

As I’ve pointed out before, there is no requirement for the Judiciary Committee to hold these hearings. They are a matter of Senate process, not constitutional law. In the past, the point of holding such hearings was to vet the nominee and allow the committee to render a studied judgment on his or her qualifications for the job. The point of that judgment was so that the Committee as a whole could issue a recommendation to the full Senate on whether or not to confirm the nominee. Given that not a single member of the committee – Republican or Democrat – has an open mind on the incredibly well-qualified nominee, there is no point to holding these hearings.

Besides, Judge Barrett was just vetted for her seat on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals three short years ago, and was confirmed on a bipartisan vote. How much more does this committee need to know?

This takes us to Reason #2: The Democrats made a strategic decision at Monday’s hearing to simply turn it into a campaign event revolving around the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare. Every Democrat on the Committee used their 10 minute opening statements as a commercial for the ACA and why they think it should be retained. Every one of them read comments written for them by some staffer, all based on the same ACA-centered talking points. Only a handful even bothered to discuss the nomination and Judge Barrett’s qualifications in any real way.

It’s a campaign event, not a hearing. They’re focusing on the ACA instead of their real driving issue – abortion on demand, including infanticide after birth – because Obamacare polls more favorably for them than abortion does. It really is that simple.

Thus, lacking any cogent, legitimate arguments why Judge Barrett should not be confirmed, they stage a campaign rally and then promise to take their ball and go home like that pathetic little kid who lived down the street from you when you were in second grade.

McConnell and Graham should take this childish behavior by their “friends” on the other side as an opportunity to invite them all to go home. If they wish to stage campaign events related to Obamacare, then they should pay for them from their own campaign funds. There is no valid reason for Senate Republicans to enable them and allow them to conduct this joint rally on government time.

This farce should end, now.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

End it. Letting them torment Barrett on how she’d vote…?

Let’s see…Kagan wasn’t asked if she’d recuse herself on Obimbocare, and she should have, having an active professional interest in the program. I regard Kagan as the least ethical member of the SCOTUS, and that is a tough one, considering other seeming oddities in certain other decisions that tortured logic way beyond waterboarding.

Just vote. Now.


Agreed. @ this point it’s just kabuki theatre/performance art for Dems to grandstand in front of the cameras & trash PDJT.

Judge Barrett is incidental to the whole charade.


Then real reason for the “Hearing” is for Lindsey to grandstand in an election year.


Not that it really matters, but I totally agree with you DB. End the damn hearing and send the nomination to the Senate floor for a vote. Wasting taxpayer money, something which both sides of the aisle are experts at, and time which could be better used to move the stimulus bill.
Sheesh. Tired of the nonsense. Have been for quite some time.
Just sayin’.


Apparently, it is a constitutional prerequisites for all Republican SC nominees to undergo a “modern high-tech lynching” in order to get confirmed.

And who created this? Senators Chappaquiddick Ted and joe btfsplk – two of the Democrat’s Superstars and shining lights.


The third reason was added by lyin’ sack-a-schumer, demanding that she recuse herself from any ruling on Obamacare or the presidential election. He and malig-Nancy have truly been a cancerous seepage on our country for far too long. Ironic they call them hearings when the demonrats refuse to hear. Shut up and vote already.

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