The Monday News Roundup: Biden, Harris Lose Control of the Court Packing Narrative

When you’ve lost Jake Tapper, you’ve lost control of the narrative. – The Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign lost control of the narrative over packing the Supreme Court over the weekend. It obviously won’t last long, because their pals in the news media won’t allow it to do so, but Sunday was fun nonetheless.

Here is Mr. Tapper, actually having a moment of journalistic integrity with the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden disinformation campaign, Kate Bedingfield:

Tapper began by pointing out that Biden, who had previously said that adding justices to the Supreme Court was “a bonehead idea,” was suddenly unwilling to answer the question.

“Biden opposes adding more justices to the Supreme Court, he has for decades, so why he is refusing to weigh in on it now?” Tapper asked.

“Because Donald Trump and the Republicans don’t get to set the terms of this debate,” Bedingfield replied, arguing that the question was a play to distract voters while they rushed the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“It’s not the Trump people who invented this question, right?” Tapper asked. “The idea of adding justices to the Supreme Court came from the progressive side of the Democratic Party. It’s a simple question. He has long been against adding justices to the the court. Has he changed his mind or does he have the same position he’s had since 1983?”

Bedingfield pivoted again, saying again that it was an attempt by Republicans to distract from a nominee who would likely change the balance of the court. That Vice President Mike Pence had pushed the issue of court packing at last week’s debate was further proof of that, she concluded.

“This is a simple — it’s a simple question and it’s one frankly that Trump did not invent,” Tapper pushed back, saying again that the notion of court packing had originally come from progressives in the Democratic Party. “I thought odd when Vice President Biden said the other day in response to a reporter’s question that voters do not deserve an answer on this. Of course, voters deserve an answer on his position — on every issue.”

“But we are not going to play their game,” Bedingfield insisted. “He has given an answer. He has answered the question. He has probably answered this question 15 times over the course of the last week. The answer is I am not going to play Donald Trump’s game. I am not going to allow the terms of this debate to shift to a hypothetical that assumes, by the way, that we, the Democrats, are going to lose here. That is really — that is what at the core of this argument they are making. It assumes we are going to lose. Vice President Biden does not accept that. He does not accept that.”

“I think a serious policy question is not a game and I don’t think it’s Trump’s game, but Kate Bedingfield, we always appreciate you coming on the show and answering the questions or deftly side-stepping them,” Tapper gave up, ending the segment. “Thank you. Appreciate it.”


If you’re expecting Tapper to now bulldog this issue like he would if he was chasing a Republican, you should probably think again. Tapper has now done his pretend journalist-y thing, and will move immediately on to some other topic that is more favorable to Biden. That will allow Tapper to continue getting invited to all the nice cocktail parties in the DC Swamp. Because that’s how all of this works.

As I pointed out yesterday, Biden/Harris Harris/Biden obviously do plan to pack the court if they are elected. If they had no such plan, they would say so. Both of these people were selected by the Democrat power brokers for their willingness to do or say anything the radical left tells them to do and say. The radical left demands the court be packed, because that is the only way its plan to create a communist utopia in America can succeed.

Thus, Biden/Harris Harris/Biden will pack the court.

The only way to avoid that outcome is to re-elect Donald J. Trump. Simple.

Think this isn’t an important election? Think again. – Check out the names on Joe Biden’s short list for Attorney General:

The mass-killer of senior citizens Governor of New York; a former acting AG who was a participant in a coup d’etat on American soil; and a pathetic loser who has no real legal gravitas at all. That’s the list for AG. It’s almost enough to make you long for the days of Janet Reno.

Holy crap.

Pandemic? What pandemic? – I guess the Los Angeles Lakers must have closed out the low-rated NBA finals last night. So, how did the team’s fans celebrate? Why, by staging a mass gathering at the Staples Center and tossing rocks and bottles at police officers:

Love how the corrupt reporter describes the scene as “mostly peaceful.” Orwellian.

There is only one real question about the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation. – She’s been confirmed by the senate before, just 3 years ago. She is extremely well-qualified for the job, and everyone knows it. Absent some major scandal, her ultimate confirmation along the schedule Lindsey Graham has laid out is a fait accompli.

The only real question related to the hearings that begin today is, what fake scandal will the Democrats and their hand-maidens in the media concoct in an effort to try to derail Judge Barrett? Until we know that, the hearings themselves will be just a posturing, demagoguery opportunity for the Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee, including Kamala Harris, who began her disgusting posturing over the weekend by notifying Graham that she will participate remotely because it’s just too darn dangerous for her to show up in person.

What will that fake scandal be? Who knows? But you know something is in the works, and, with the committee’s process scheduled to end on Thursday, it will most likely break over next weekend in an effort to extend the committee process and thus delay the full senate vote.

So the timing is predictable. As for the nature of the inevitable smear, we will just have to wait and see what these evil people make up.

Stay tuned.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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marty lopez

Lose control of the court packing narrative, really? There never was a narrative. It was always just lies and the absurd redefinition of terms and words

Oliver W Homey

If this twit is any indication of who he would surround himself with if he won we are in a worse position than I thought. She continually said it only is an issue if hey lose? No dear, it only comes into play if you win. If you lose pack your bags and go home. Biden needs to send somebody out to speak for him that is marginally a better speaker than he is, as she knows not of what she speaks.

Jimmy MacAfee

I disagree that the Camelface administration would pack the court: they’re much more likely to do a Pelican Brief – (as if Scalia’s passing wasn’t circumstantially questionable and suspicious enough.)

So he was made to go away, and then they wanted to put in a Leftie squish in place of the late-great Scalia? And now they bitch about the late-not-so-great Ginsberg being replaced by someone who is competent, moral, capable and ethical?

My guess is that, should Barrett be on the bench, and if Camelface is Presidunce, several “vacancies” will suddenly develop, “sudden illnesses” and plane crashes. Pelican Brief redux.

Jimmy MacAfee

The idea of Sally Yates being anything is alarming: if you look at what real legal observers have said about her – that she’s one of the most corrupt officials in government – with the exception of one Andrew Weissmann, whose prosecutions often were made illegally and/or irresponsibly and/or with a corruption that is hard to match…

Considering how corrupt Camelface is, I’d guess she’d prefer Weissman, but Yates would do as well.

Jimmy MacAfee

I remember when H. Rotten Clinton was furious after a debate with Trump, when she was asked questions she did not want to answer. Matt Lauer asked her about the email scandal, and was proven – in the long run – to be absolutely correct. But he went off script.

Which is probably what led to the charges against him by coworkers. Payback.

Jale Tapper just dealt Basement a lethal blow, similar to what Lauer did to Rotten Clinton. He’ll go back to fawning and grovelling and snivelling, but eventually the bell will toll for him, too. Unless. Unless. Unless he develops a mind of his own and stops serving evil masters – which will gain him an audience and a following that will be hard to shake. it’s not like he’s Shep Smith.

Jimmy MacAfee

Likely Basement Biden would choose the worst, most corrupt, most unethical prostitutor from the DOJ: I don’t even have to mention his name, and it ain’t “Holder.” Repeatedly smacked down by SCOTUS, he’s the perfect fit for a Totalitarian regime that the Left has in store for us.

As far as H. Rotten becoming Sec. of Defense, fuggetaboutit; she’s just using the forum to show how she’s “down wit’ de liddle pepes” and us “rednecks.”

In her statement, she decried elitism in the loss of jobs that would happen when the military is defunded and downsized. She shed crocodile tears for those who were offended by the Left’s mantra: “learn to code.” In other words, she admitted that the military would be defunded, but pretended to be sad at the loss of jobs of “irredeemables” and “deplorables.” Nice try, you stinking psychopath. Trying to open a gap between the military and the people, pretending that you give a damn about us. GFYS.

Barr has nothing to do with it.

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