Discussion Post – 10.12.2020

Joe Biden gave yet another speech to an empty parking lot on Sunday.

Crowd control has not been an issue for the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign.

Discuss away.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

Quid Pro Gropey Jo and the Ho need to do what baseball did, put cardboard cutouts of people in the seats.
The attention span of the cutouts would be much longer and the average IQ of the cutouts would far surpass their actual voters.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great post! Post of the day!


The mail vote fraud isn’t so much an attempt to steal the election as it is to sow confusion and
give us another Bush vs Gore fiasco. All the more reason for ACG to be appointed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s say they put Princess Pelosi “temporarily” in the Whitehouse: it would be easy, blindingly simple, to prove that she’s medically and psychologically incompetent, and so Article 25 would be applied to Her Majesty the Incompetent.

She’s better at projection than a movie theatre. (That projection, of incompetence, would come back to bite her in her bony little ass.)


ACB *sigh*

Jimmy MacAfee

CreepyGropeyJoe and Camelface each have a new suit! Invisible, like the crowds.

Maybe they’ll hire professional mourners. (Oh, that’s right: all their money is going to “peaceful” rioters.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Basement Biden is going to be like a theatre chain: shut down.

Now that Hollyweird has been bankrupted by the CCP/PLA, and most aren’t getting new gigs, will their crazed-like-a-stuck-pig rants make news? Actors emeritus.

And are they still so stupid as to not see the authors of their demise? The CCP/PLA/CIA? Long time away from the spotlights!

Jimmy MacAfee

These pictures of empty venues with QuidProSenileJoe squeaking in his raspy little voice show his for what he is: a coward. He’s absolutely terrified of COVID-anything through COVID-19, because COVID is mostly considered a major form of the common cold. Except for the weaponized form, of course, thanks to the CCP/PLA.

Which reminds me: I’ve always wondered why our cousins in Australia submitted to gun confiscation. After all, they have a tough, weathered and formerly masculine society. What happened?

Possible answer: China happened.

China wants everybody disarmed, particularly in the Western world. Australia is just now pulling away from sucking the man-boobs of Winne the Pooh. If they really want independence, instead of being just another Chinese province or Chinese colony, they should re-arm, making firearms available to most of the population.

Up to them. Are their lips firmly planted on the dictator’s fat nipples, or are they their own people?

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