Sunday News Roundup: American Pro Sports Are Fully Woke and Going Broke

Get woke, go broke, BLMBA-style. – The TV ratings for the Marxist terrorist-loving, Chinese Communist Party-hugging National Basketball Association continued their historic cratering on Friday night. Game 5 of the league’s finals series between [checks notes] the Los Angeles Lakers and the [checks notes again] Miami Heat drew less than 1/3rd the TV audience that the same game in last year’s finals series enjoyed.

From a report at the Daily Caller:

Game five of the NBA Finals got some atrocious TV ratings Friday night when the Heat beat the Lakers.

According to TVLine, the game had 5.7 million total viewers on ABC in the early numbers as the Heat pushed the series to 3-2 with a big win.

To tell you how bad the numbers were last night, game five in 2019 had 18.22 million viewers, according to


Ouch. This unmitigated disaster obviously could not possibly happen to a more deserving bunch of people, given the league’s embrace of the Marxist terrorist group Black Lives Matter, including the display of BLM logos and messages on the courts and players’ uniforms during this season.

That decision has proved so disastrous that the League’s wraith-like commissioner – who looks for all the world like a villain from some Harry Potter movie – Adam Silver announced earlier this week that it will be discontinued starting next year.  “I understand those people who are saying ‘I’m on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game,” Silver admitted during his too-little-too-late press conference.

Of course, Silver has been the ring-leader in the League’s decisions to cater to Marxist domestic terrorists and communist Chinese brutes in recent years, so much of the blame for the audience collapse falls at his feet. As always, leftists truly do destroy everything they touch.

Get woke, go broke, ESPN-style. – Don’t look now, but the wokest channel in sports broadcasting is about to have yet another major layoff. From report at InsideHook:

The Worldwide Leader could lay off hundreds of employees in the coming weeks, sources told Front Office Sports. On the high end, 700 employees could be gone. On the low end, 300.

While the majority of layoffs are expected to affect employees who work behind the camera, some on-air talents are also expected to be let go, especially if they are working with an expiring contract.

A desire to cut costs, potentially tens of millions of dollars in salary, ahead of upcoming rights negotiations with the NFL, NHL and NBA over the next few years could be a contributing factor as to why ESPN was willing to let Keith Olbermann out of his contract to launch a nightly YouTube show about politics.

ESPN currently employs around 4,000 people at its headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, and about 6,500 worldwide.

“They’re going after a bigger NFL portfolio. They’re going after the NHL. They need stuff for ESPN+. That all takes money,” a source told FOS. “They are looking at a lot of different things. They’re looking closely at their entire operation.”


So, think about the implications of this and myriad other stories about shrinking audiences for major sports and the channels that televise them. All of these sports leagues rely heavily on TV revenues to fund their massive new stadiums, exhorbitant player and coach’s salaries and other operations.

As their viewership shrinks – the NFL’s has declined by more than 30% since 2017, and Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have also taken a huge hit this year thanks to their BLM embrace – the product they have to sell becomes much less valuable to ESPN and the major networks who have themselves profited so greatly from the popularity of pro sports in recent decades.

Over the next few years, the overarching contracts, which typically have a 5-year term, for all of these pro sports leagues are coming up for renegotiation. Lower audiences will translate to smaller contracts lower revenues for the teams to split up and lard over their overrated players. Who knows, maybe guys like Silver and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who played such large roles in creating this mess in the first place, will suffer as well.

We can only hope.

Let’s remember that Ed Buck is a very, very, very good friend of Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu. – A federal grand jury on Saturday returned four additional indictments against alleged multiple-murderer of male prostitutes Ed Buck:

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Central District of California

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Grand Jury Charges Ed Buck with Four Additional Felonies, Including that He Enticed Victims to Travel Interstate to Engage in Prostitution

          LOS ANGELES – A federal grand jury today returned a superseding indictment charging Edward Buck with four additional felonies, including that he allegedly enticed victims – including a man who died at his West Hollywood apartment after he administered drugs to him – to travel interstate to engage in prostitution.

Buck, 65, was arrested in September 2019 after being charged in United States District Court with providing methamphetamine to a man who died after receiving the drug intravenously. Since that time, federal authorities have continued to investigate Buck for additional crimes.

The four additional counts charged today – bringing the total number of charges in this case to nine counts – include one count alleging that Buck knowingly enticed 26-year-old Gemmel Moore to travel to the Los Angeles area to engage in prostitution. Buck allegedly provided methamphetamine to Moore, who overdosed on the drug and died on July 27, 2017.

Buck also is charged with another count of enticing another man to travel with the intent of engaging in prostitution.

The superseding indictment also charges Buck with one count of knowingly and intentionally distributing methamphetamine, and one count of using his residence for the purpose of distributing narcotics such as methamphetamine, and the sedatives gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and clonazepam.

Last year, a federal grand jury returned a five-count indictment charging that Buck “engaged in a pattern of soliciting men to consume drugs that Buck provided and perform sexual acts at Buck’s apartment,” which is a practice described as “party and play.” Buck allegedly solicited victims on social media platforms, including a gay dating website, and used a recruiter to scout and proposition men.


For those who may not be aware because our corrupt news media has put up a wall of silence on this case in order to protect their Democrat masters, Mr. Buck has long been a major fundraiser and party host for Democrat political candidates in California.

Here he is with Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu and other Democrat politicians:

The Power Brokers Behind Adam Schiff | by H1veM1nd | Medium

That’s Buck on the far left.

Here is a montage of Buck pictured with other Democrat luminaries who he has be-friended over the years:

Salisbury News: PHOTOS: Top Democrat Donor Ed Buck With His Democrat Pals  and His Black Male Prostitutes -- 2 Dead Now!


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Douglas Gray

The NFL highlights of the games are very good; no need to pay for anything, just watch the games for free on YOUTUBE.


so how often do these democrat male politicians have to do Ed Buck to receive their contributions?

Jimmy MacAfee

They just have to look the other way – as Buck’s mansion becomes a mortuary.


LOL…Buck and Shifty….who woulda guessed it?

David McDonald

I got rid of TV entirely when became widower.

Now have time to read all the books I never had ‘free time’ before

Only have AT&T for Internet at home and unfortunately Comcast for office phones and Internet

Maybe Trump can set up independent Phone/cable service and starve the beasts

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump does like speed! New 6th gen fighter, medicines for the Chhh-chh-China virus
(one he personally tried) and a lot more.

The intentionally slow will get stuck in their own tar, while others pass them by.

Ben Colder

You know I just do not care what happens to ESPN I have never watched them in the first place very often and as for bassetball I have never gave a damn about that and baseball puts me to sleep so I could care less .As for the NFL I quit them the first go around of kneelers and have never looked back I hope they go flat out broke.They are all a bunch of over paid communists bitching about the system that made them all millionaires.As for Ed Buck He will be in the slammer for a while I guess and Schiff for brains should be in jail for all the flat out lying he has done but he be dem/communist congressman he be above the law.and it goes on and on unless they are Republican then throw the book at them can you sat General Flynn boys and girls or Roger Stone .

Jimmy MacAfee

Schiff is rumored to have his own skeletons in his own closets. Not willing to say what they are, but there have been some interesting things said on the topic. We’ll see. Weinstein was just a rumor at one point, too, until evidence showed up.

Ewokie Galaxy Swag

Fire up the tiny violin for a heartwarming rendition of Misty.
I do feel so bad for the comrades playing a children’s game for millions of dollars a year.
(not really)

NC Curmudgeon

My bride made a very interesting observation about the reduced viewership mentioned in the article: What if….there were NO lockdown during this period, and people actually had OTHER activities they could go and do? We both wonder if the current “low” of 5.7 million might have been even LOWER??? Being cooped up, some people will resort to anything for entertainment (in some cases…I love to read)….if given an option how many MORE might have left the NBA Finals and done something else? We’ll never know…..but!

Jimmy MacAfee

There has been some evidence that the lockdowns aren’t causing the sports leagues demise – and you have put it in a different and probably more correct light.

Good job to you and your wife!

Johnson Whitehead

It is amazing to see how many numb-nutz executives there really are! Goodell and Silver really stepped in a pile of scheisse that they could EASILY have avoided . .and Goodell got a promotion out of it!
I’m just glad to see how many Americans are cutting the TV cable, not watching professional sports anymore and some are even boycotting the products they promote.
We, as Americans, need to cut back on our so-called ‘entertainment’ and engage the real world.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lots of ad execs are going to be retiring if they can.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ed Buck. Hmmm. Reminds me of an orderly in the Kill Bill movies, when the orderly says:

“My name is Buck…”

May the same thing that happened to the character in the movie happen to Mr. Buck, and may he take down others with him? Well, read to the end of the comment…

He’s one of a long list of Democrap contributers – notice how money protects them (for awhile?) I read an article years ago about how billionaires increasingly felt un-linked to mores and values, and that they lived above the consequences everybody else faces.

That was the tone of the infamous quote from Donald Trump – he wasn’t boasting, he was amazed at what people would allow to happen to them, if the person doing the act was rich and powerful enough. Evidenced in the lifestyle of “Mr. Bathrobe” Harvey Weinstein, whom Meryl Streep called “god.” I didn’t take Trump’s comment the same way others did, and he has admitted that he was once on the wrong side.

And as one infamous Israel-hater, Semitic-anti-Semite, self-admitted Nazi collaborator Gyorgy Schwartz (AKA George Soros) said about himself, that he began to think of himself as “a kind of god.”

Adversity is hard for people to overcome, but great power and wealth is harder. Proverbs 30:7-9 speaks of both:

“7 Two things[x] I have asked from you;[y]
do not refuse me before I die:
8 Remove falsehood and lies[z] far from me;
do not give me poverty or riches,
feed me with my allotted portion[aa] of bread,[ab]
9 lest I become satisfied and act deceptively[ac]
and say, “Who is the Lord?”
Or lest I become poor and steal
and demean[ad] the name of my God.”

But Jesus has something to say about the difficulty of the wealthy finding a path to Heaven:

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:25

President Trump is the rare example of someone of immense wealth who has sincerely repented and is a Christ Follower. You won’t likely see Ed Buck follow in the same path, nor Princess Pelosi nor most of the billionaire class. Pray for them, that they may be Saved.

And pray for our President, who has suffered insults greater than any 100 men combined.


your statements are well made except please do not equate “path to Heaven” and “enter the kingdom of God” as they are NOT the same thing. the “path to Heaven” and eternal life according to Jesus is “only believe in me” which is an act of faith in Jesus for salvation available to rich and poor alike who may or may not ever enter the kingdom of God while on this earth. to enter the kingdom of God is to trust and rely on God and His ways of doing things rather than your own – that is to be led by His Spirit (through the day) which is difficult for the rich who rely on their own resources and influence to do things – even if selfless & noble – and glorify themselves.

Jimmy MacAfee


Just as there is Baptism and Baptism of the Spirit.


Looked up a picture of Adam Silver and he could be Adam Schiff’s older brother.

Go ahead Mr. Silver and Goodell etc., keep putting up the brave face that your sport’s ratings decline is because of sport saturation and every other factor BUT your embrace of BLM.

On the face of it their claims make no sense. Many more people than normal have been cooped up in their homes for months yearning for sports to return and for them to provide an escape from all the crap that has happened in 2020. So, what do your sports platforms provide/force upon the fans wanting an escape from reality? More 2020 crap! Good job Silver and Goodell! From what I can tell the NHL and the MLB weren’t quite as in your face with social agitation, but still stepped way too far into the political arena.

I still haven’t watched a football snap this year and don’t plan to ever again. Don’t really miss it.

It really is amazing how many stupid tone-deaf politicians, sports commissioners and corporate CEOs there are, and all are raking in big bucks. I look for that to change as people get more and more aware (not “woke”) of what is going on and how their money is being spent.

By their money, I mean how much more profitable their portfolios could be without all these corporate ‘donations’ (extortions) to radical ‘charities’, probably to include the Walking Eagle Foundation, could be, how much corporate money is wasted on overpaid worthless executives AND how much cheaper the goods and services would be if not for the companies overpaying to advertise on sports and other TV entertainment.

As bunker btfsplk likes to say in his catchphrase: “Think about it”: how much cost is added to that case of beer in order to pay for their advertising on sports programming especially for the Super Bowl? I can’t wait to see what the ad cost is per 30 second Super Bowl spot is this year.

And one other point: When there aren’t enough eyeballs on sport event commercials, the networks usually have to do a “make good” where they have to compensate the advertisers, either through refunds or through additional free airing of the commercials on other programs. It all adds up to a severe decline in the money available for the rights to air sports programming. Coulddn’t happen to a better group of really dumb or ignorant people.

Mensa Graham

I just wanted to point out that everyone using AT&T products is subsidizing CNN. AT&T owns Time Warner that owns CNN, lock, stock and barrel. AT&T execs have become American traitors!


Yes, that sucks. We have to where we live here on the Oregon coast. All the other cell services suck here. We have a Verizon tower less than two miles from here but you can’t get a good signal.

We’re stuck with DirecTV right now as Spectrum doesn’t service our part of town.

We’ll be getting WAVE Broadband in sometime this fall (they started running pipe
for lines last week) and once our contract with DirecTV ends we’ll be streaming as long as we can get all the wife’s favorite channels.


…your observations are spot on, but these are not…”dumb”…people. So one has to ask…what are their goals, who are they answering to and what is the end game? I think these people are all Globalists, doing The New World Order’s bidding, and destroying those things that the elite believe bind Americans together. While we play the game of city vs. city in team sports and such, it is that kind of good-natured-competition which we all enjoy when our team wins. The same with TV or film, as we almost always share in the good, the bad and the ugly. It appears to me that these actions are being taken to crush that united comradery, destroy the American Spirit & Public-Pride. Instead, it is having the opposite effect, as most Americans don’t care…or actively hope for professional sport’s demise and bankruptcy. The American Spirit and Founding Ideals are not based in professional sports, and these idiots are finding out that their treason doesn’t sell. Next year is going to be fun to watch…as they collapse even more.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sound observations, high probability conclusion.

Jimmy MacAfee

Silver looks like Podesta in a way, too – but more emaciated. I don’t know who I like least: him or Goodell.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yup, and most Americans – and much of the world – blame China for the virus, while the dumbass players and league suck at the teats of the PLA/CCP. How do you say: “traitors?”

Americans, as you say, locked up in their homes, all because of China, and then the NBA gives the Chinese a public B.J. and tells us to collectively bend over and take it.

Eff the NBA! The NFL! The MLB! That’s because, in addition to the Wuhan flu, the Chinese are encouraging (and perhaps sponsoring) BLM and Antifa. Traitors. Bloody effing traitors.

Meanwhile, Winnie the Pooh sits there in his smugness, hoping that no one says anything about our President catching HIS virus! Plug it, shorty! GFYS.

Taiwan forever! Free Tibet!

(and free Julian Assange. Mr. President.)

Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder if he’ll make a plea? The others in the picture…?

Intelligence knew about Dennis Hastert. They generally don’t do anything, unless they get out of line, or they can’t be protected anymore.

Senator Bob Menendez got out of line, and was forced back into line – and boy did he jump back into line! You’da thought he had springs on his legs!

Wonder what’s in store for Little Adam Bugger-eyes? After they figure out a way to use the 25th Amendment against Congressmen and Princess Pelosi is removed, Little Adam Bugger-eyes thinks he’s next in line. Hmmm. don’t think they’re in the mood to cover for him anymore.


Isn’t Stempy Hoyer, GoNads General Burkhalter, Clyburn, Hank (Guam tipping over) or Maxi-Pad Waters ahead of ADamn B. Schiff?

Jimmy MacAfee

I feel sorry for (most) of the low-tier employees who are getting laid off: many may have wives and children to support, and I feel for them the same way I feel for coal miners and factory workers.

Too bad it will take so long to affect the Front Office, but advertisers – with any business sense at all – will demand bargains, and the pro sports leagues/networks are in no position to argue. They’re in an untenable position.

The players – some of whom I might have sympathized with – are not stupid people, but they’re typically insulated (like Google’s “23 and Me-too” CEO, a dunce who spits in the faces of the Deplorables while Ancestry eats their lunch. I dropped “23 and Me-too” because of that odious nitwit. I guess their board of directors are equally ignorant of conditions down here on earth.

Gonna see cuts in broadcasters, too, which is probably why they’ll have to hire 3rd stringers like Olbermutt, because the good ones with any amount of pension will be jumping ship before all the life rafts are taken.

Again, maybe pity the cameramen and groundkeepers – unless they’re like a former MLB pitcher once claimed: “Baseball always be first in the hearts and minds of America; it’s America’s past time!” He was an ignorant bully, and he was just as arrogant as Adam Silver. People who work in the ticket office and others are tied to a dying whale.

Pilot Dave

In any normal business (Not subsidized by state tax incentives) these prima donna would have their multi-million dollar contracts cut to one third… They reap what they sow.

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