Discussion Post – 10.11.2020

This happened yesterday in Miami:

30,000 cars in a Trump parade in MIAMI. Not just any parade, but a LATINO parade.

If you think Joe Biden is going to win Florida this November, you are living in an alternative universe.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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And another celeb threatens to leave the country if Trump wins.


My question is: How are you going to survive Stevie? There’s no orbital space station for the rich and famous yet.


And now the WHO decides that we maybe shouldn’t have had lockdowns.


Stupid, stupid socialists.


So, once again, a socialist anarchist kills a Trump supporter and crickets.


Anybody who thinks this won’t be amplified to the nth degree when Trumps wins had best not be living in a big blue city. And if they are, they better be ready to shoot back. They want a civil war folks and they’re telegraphing it right before your eyes.


I live in Tennessee and since we are a deep red state with only two pockets of blue schiff (Nashville and Memphis) which account for the worst schools, the most crime and the highest taxes, in the state we are thankfully spared the 24/7 campaign ads that can drive anybody to drink.

But on certain TV channels there are frequent “Voteforyourlife.com” ads that make it sound like the earth itself is going to come to an end on Nov 4. if we all don’t all go out and vote.

Below is part of the website’s message admonishing the populace to be active in their community and vote, Vote, VOTE!!!. I hope it backfires bigly and drives conservative and independent Trump voters to vote in record numbers. I suspect it could well do that.

“ViacomCBS and The Ad Council have partnered to drive all eligible voters to cast their ballots this Fall. This election isn’t just about choosing a president. It’s about choosing local leaders who have a more direct impact on your community, your family, and your life. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get ready to vote.”

The not too subtle implication is that everything sucks under Trump and GOP leadership. Keith Olberman and “The Lincoln Project” might as well have teamed up with SeeBS and Viacom to produce this panicked public service announcement (PSA). If bunker btfsplk has such a lead in the polls why bother? Clearly the Left is panicked.

Referring to my recent piece on the sorry state of American Polling, it amazes me that the Left just keep repeating Einstein’s definition of insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – especially with regards to their dealing with President Trump. Obviously, their focus groups tell them this is going to be effective in getting rid of the bad orange man. Either that, or they are so void of ideas, so vapid and so desperate, they just keep getting more and more shrill and strident in their messaging and tactics.

Wouldn’t it be great if their tactics really backfired this time? Their standard tactic is to overinflate bunker btfsplk’s ‘huge lead and inevitable victory in order to try to deflate Trump’s base. But what if the reverse happens as I suspect it will? What if the low IQ/low info Dem voters buy the hype that the roundheels/btfsplk ticket is going to win in a landslide and therefore, it doesn’t need my vote and many stay home like the Bernie Bros did in 2016 after Walking Eagle screwed their guy Sanders in 2016 and btfsplk did it again this year?

These Trump rallies (boat, car, and in person) take a lot of effort and passion to organize and they are not being funded and organized by some globalist/domestic terrorist organization. I just don’t see how the bogus polls are going to drive away or diminish the Trump base and his new found support from minorities after four years of the same people being ridiculed and kicked in the a$$ by the media that is producing the same polls.

And one last thing: If bunker btfsplk is so far ahead his media allies/campaign managers sure aren’t behaving like it. Their desperation speaks volumes.

Jimmy MacAfee

“SeeBS.” Brilliant!

Basement Biden GropeyQuidProJoe is running ads promising increased taxes on people making more than $400,000 a year. Hmm. Many of those higher earners are the very same people who consider us to be Deplorables. Wonder how that’s gonna play in their living rooms, when mothers see their family income under assault by demonic powers who riot and are an increasing danger to them and their children? Are they gonna shout: “way to go, Joe! Take all of our evil money!”

I don’t think so.

And do people remember Basement and Bathhouse Barry telling Miners and factory workers and oilmen that their jobs “aren’t coming back” and that bankruptcy is not only in their industry’s future, but the workers’ themselves?

Will people remember that QuidPro’s son raked in millions of dollars from both Russia and China. while Demented Joe tells us that China isn’t even a competitor, and can’t “eat our lunch?” Talk about a hypocrite-sandwich! He sells our jobs to China, which has proven to be an obnoxious, and increasingly lethal bully, and he enriches his family wealth by conspiring with China – much like Bloomberg.

The American People are not fooled. The Demoncrats are in deep trouble, and even they know it. Must make sure we don’t allow for them to keep the House nor take the Senate. This is way beyond politics now: this is a life-or-death struggle to keep our Freedom and our prosperity.


I can’t claim credit for SeeBS Jimmy. I first heard it during the bogus Rather/Bush Jr. National Guard hit piece in 2004.

About the $400,000 tax increase threshold. It might bother the people making that much, but sadly it won’t bother many of the idiots who make less than $399 K.

I wish the Trump team would run the numbers and show the American people how much of the tax burden is currently being paid by the top 1%, the top 10%, how much is being paid by the people making $400+ K and what further taxing the job creators would do to the economy.

President Trump should also say loudly and often – especially when the Dems criticize him for millions of jobs being lost – that all those jobs were lost due to the China Plague AND because he followed the “science” and all the WHO/CDC “EXPERTS” in March and April, and the blue cities and states are mandating the continued economic distress for millions of their servants.

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