Biden Masks His Court Packing Position With Lies

Who gets away with this? – Why, any Democrat gets away with it, that’s who:

Yes, friends, you don’t deserve to know what Joe Biden’s position on packing the Supreme Court is before you go vote in this election. You don’t have to believe me or anyone else, the candidate himself just told you that. It’s like Nancy Pelosi and the whole Obamacare deal, when she said that neither Americans nor members of congress needed to know what was in the 2,000 page bill before congress voted on it: “We’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.”

As always, the contempt for the average American held by Democrat politicians is brutally stunning. But it’s nothing new: The only difference between now and 50 years ago is that the politicians no longer make any effort to hide it.

Look, there is no mystery here: Biden’s refusal to answer the question simply means that he is going to pack the court if he is elected. If he weren’t in favor of doing so, he would answer the question. This is not hard.

In order to justify that position, Biden and his supporters in and out of the corrupt news media have now taken to accusing the Republicans and President Trump of “packing the courts” by confirming so many federal judges over the past few years and by pushing the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Never mind that what the GOP has achieved since 2017 is thanks to the fact that the voters, in fair and free elections, chose to award the Party control of both the presidency and the U.S. Senate.  President Trump’s and Mitch McConnell’s focus on nominating and confirming judges using the process laid out in the Constitution is now being portrayed somehow nefarious in and unfair.

Dan Rather, the guy who literally invented the entire model for “fake news” in the 2004 campaign, tweeted his support for this utterly dishonest line of though on Saturday, and Senate Ted Cruz had a great reply:

You just could never make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, Biden has to have help from his staff to even know which way to exit a podium:

That was after making yet another teleprompter speech to a pretend audience, during which he misread his staff-dictated position on the minimum wage. The Unfrozen Caveman Candidate said he wanted to require a minimum wage of “15 million dollars an hour” rather than $15 per hour.

Personally, I’ll take the $15 million an hour and retire now.

Interestingly, Biden also made this particular speech without wearing a mask as a virtue signal. It remains a mystery how his staff determines whether or not he should wear a mask at any given dictated speech before any given pretend audience.

Obviously, since there is never a real audience consisting of more than 5-8 people, there’s never a valid reason for him to have one on, but he wears one about 70% of the time, apparently purely as a virtue signal to all the suburban housewife Karens out there. Naturally, no one in the pack of incurious sheep who follow him around as his pretend “press corps” has ever had the intellectual curiosity to ask the simple question: How is this determination made? What are the criteria?

Is it purely based on the polling data of the moment? Is there some preset threshold of mask polling support that must be met in order for the candidate to don the mask, and if said support falls below that threshold, he doesn’t wear it?

Given that Democrats make literally every decision they make based on polling and focus group data, this seems most likely. But, just as with Biden/Harris Harris/Biden’s position on packing the courts, the corrupt news media lacks the institutional and personal integrity to do its job and obtain real answers.

Because that is who these corrupt fake journalists are, and it is what they do in today’s America.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Why do we keep letting the left control the vernacular? Court reform=packing, redistribution= defund the police, BLM= nihilist, Antifa= fascist and with all that we let them conflate for the low IQ packing and stacking the court.


So, chicanery (from 17th century France) is his new catchphrase as opposed to malarkey (circa 1920s). Now, along with his record players for kids and listening to FDR’s “Fireside Chats” on the TV in the 1930s and ’40s, (Biden was born Nov. 20, 1942 – FDR died when Biden was 2 1/2 years old, but he evidently thinks he is even older than 77.9 years old.

Hey Joe, voter chicanery (cheating, fraud, and intimidating) is the near exclusive domain (95+%) and policy of YOUR DEMOCRATIC PARTY. You big pile of malarkey.

Ben Colder

What a sorry excuse for a man Sleepy Creepy feeler Joe is and on top of that he claims he is Catholic and if that is true what a sorry excuse for a Catholic he is.I can not even in my darkest moment imagine voting for this sorry excuse for a human being he is he is nothing more than an animal.

Jimmy MacAfee

XFinity has been spamming me all morning, from the first seconds of reading Dave’s first column. They’re lying to Dave, but it really doesn’t matter: it only makes me more determined to post!

Just happened again!


On my laptop I have PCMatic, Avast antivirus, using Firefox with Ghostery and ADBlocker.
Thus far no redirects.

On my Samsung android I have PCMatic running. I had had it turned off and would occasionally get the redirect. I have not had it happen since I turned it back on.

I bought the Evergreen license for PCMatic and it’s good for up to 5 devices, so it’s on both our laptops, phones and my desktop.

I think you can get a free trial.

Jimmy MacAfee



Test… Site not allowing me to post, thou probably will this time… lol


I knew it… rotflomao

Jimmy MacAfee

The reporter who asked him about packing the court was unusually persistent, for a modern reporter, getting QuidPro to admit that the public is unworthy of knowing his plans, blaming the questions on Republicans.

“No they don’t deserve.”

Right up there with “you ain’t black.”

His handlers will be sure to keep him in the basement more, if it is possible. Never know what Demented Joe will say next.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lying and cheating, plagiarizing and sexual inappropriateness are not part of his dementia: they’re built in to his psyche. Those are his – in computer language – his default mode. Factory settings.

The press is getting a lot of exercise covering up for him: never seen such a pack of liars covering up for someone like this – new lows from an increasingly demented lot of low-lifes. It is as much their fault as it is QuidProGropeyGraspyFartyDementedJoe’s.

Their coverups are like adding layer after layer of chicken manure over compost.


I find it curious that bunker btfsplk returned to the podium to get some unrecognizable ball cap and said it was his son’s hat – “US Army”. Where is his son Hunter anyway? Why isn’t he on the campaign trail like his bimbo wife of questionable morals?

According to Wikipedia in 2013, while his dad was VP, Hunter got two waivers (for age – 43 and for a past drug-related incident) and got a direct officer commission in the Naval Reserve. He was in the Navy as a commissioned officer because, of his “desirable skills” having gotten some plum political sinecure as a staff officer – duties undisclosed. A month later he was administratively discharged for testing positive for cocaine via a urinalysis test.

Hunter has had as low a profile in this campaign as his brother, Beau. So why did slow-joe make an extra effort to return to the podium to get and don supposedly his son’s hat and say “US Army”? If you were going to do that, shouldn’t he at least have a hat that says: “ARMY DAD – Proud Dad of a U. S. Soldier” like I have where my son actually honorably served for eight years? And shouldn’t btfsplk know what branch of the armed forces his son ‘served’ – for like a month?


About court packing:

Packing the court(s) means ADDING additional judges; not filling vacancies that were left open by his lazy predecessor: ‘the One’, btfsplk’s former boss. ‘The One’ wasn’t willing to go through the hassle of trying to push through his radical hacks masquerading as serious jurists in a GOP controlled senate, so he didn’t bother because he was sure of the inevitability of Walking Eagle winning what would become his de facto third term along with the probability of a new Dem controlled senate sans the judicial filibuster rule. That is the main reason why President Trump was able to quickly fill approximately 300 judgeships out of approximately 900 positions in his first term.
America would have been in much worse shape if ‘the One’ had the drive, energy and intellect of our current president. The Obamacare struggle – despite having an overwhelming Democratically controlled congress – apparently took a lot out of him and, after losing the house, he resorted to becoming a DICATATOR and ruled for his last six years via a phone and a pen. He gave up all pretense of running the country by way of the consent of the people.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder what Hunter did to deserve 3+ million from the wife of another man? And did the Mayor of Moscow know about it? Expensive Pool Boy, Hunter.

If you look at Hunter’s pictures, he often has that kind of smirk: one side of the mouth down, one up. It’s a sign of a narcissist who thinks himself invulnerable – a punk’s smile.

CreepyJoe has something of the same facial expression at times, though now it’s mostly just the visage of a carp that’s been on the dock too long.

Jimmy MacAfee

Inappropriate social behavior: check
Loss of empathy and interpersonal skills: check
Loss of judgement: check
Loss of inhibition: check
Lack of interest: check
Repetitive and compulsive behavior…smacking of lips (teeth): check
Decline in personal hygiene: farting on camera, check
Difficulty in using and understanding language : check
Trouble naming things: (instead of our “Creator,” he says “the thing”): check
No longer knowing word meanings: (such as “corruption”): check
Having hesitant speech: check
Making mistakes in sentence construction: double check

He also seems to have significant problems with planning, which is an issue of the ventrolateral frontal cortex.

“The part of the brain responsible for planning and decision making is called the ventrolateral frontal cortex, which is the region that controls complex thoughts and decision making, goal making, time management, and cognitive actions, as well as self-control.”,management%2C%20and%20cognitive%20actions%2C%20as%20well%20as%20self-control.

Other names and possibilities include “Executive Function Disorder.”

I don’t wish these things upon him, but he’s always been an evil man, and a vile man, and a man who is vicious and a man who has always been a bully, so it’s not hard to be unsympathetic. But I still don’t wish upon him these things – he must repent of all his sins and come clean while he still has a fraction of a mind left. Time is short.

But regardless of my prayer for his repentance, he is not fit to hold any elected or other office.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looking at QuidPro’s gait, as someone who observes gait – in part of my duties – I can see that he’s got the walk of someone with some neurodegenerative disorder (such as, but not limited to, Parkinson’s) Hunched over, short strides, poor balance.

This doesn’t concern me a lot, other than the fact that he’s scheduled to be removed as soon as he’s “elected.”

He won’t answer questions about his plans because he likely has signs of frontal lobe dementia:

These include:

“Increasingly inappropriate social behavior
Loss of empathy and other interpersonal skills, such as having sensitivity to another’s feelings
Lack of judgment
Loss of inhibition
Lack of interest (apathy), which can be mistaken for depression
Repetitive compulsive behavior, such as tapping, clapping or smacking lips
A decline in personal hygiene”

More from this site:

“Speech and language problems
Some subtypes of frontotemporal dementia lead to language problems or impairment or loss of speech. Primary progressive aphasia, semantic dementia and progressive agrammatic (nonfluent) aphasia are all considered to be frontotemporal dementia.

Problems caused by these conditions include:

Increasing difficulty in using and understanding written and spoken language, such as having trouble finding the right word to use in speech or naming objects
Trouble naming things, possibly replacing a specific word with a more general word such as “it” for pen
No longer knowing word meanings
Having hesitant speech that may sound telegraphic
Making mistakes in sentence construction”

I am not making a diagnosis, but if it moos like a cow, eats grass like a cow and gives milk like a cow, it’s a cow. Moo, Joe, Moo.


So Biden says the American voters don’t deserve to know his position on whether he supports packing SCOTUS? And Trump is the arrogant one? Okay. Got it.

jack johnson

Biden already answered the question, he said “if I gave you my answer it would be front page news”. The only way it would be front page news is if he said “yes I will pack the court”…..”no I won`t” isn`t front page news.

The far left of his party wants to pack the court, Biden is merely playing politics and trying not to offend his voting base. Trump already got him to throw Bernie and AOC under the bus, he can`t afford any more mistakes.

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