Discussion Post – 10.10.2020

I saw this on Twitter this morning and thought it was dead, solid perfect.

Discuss away.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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And if this had been the Florida Republican Party the screaming and wailing by the secm would have been 24/7.


Jimmy MacAfee

H. Rotten got her dossier from Russian intel disinformation providers; wonder what she has to say about the Russian “headbutts” (an aircraft flying in front of another aircraft at close range causing turbulence) in August of this year? Two did that in rapid succession, the second within a 100 feet of our plane over the Black Sea in international airspace?

Putin is a fool – because he either ordered it, or he has no authority/control over his military, and if this had happened as happened as the Chinese did in the beginning of the Dubya administration, there would be significant repercussions, and perhaps shooting.

Russian mercenaries got their asses handed to them in Syria by the US, a humiliation that they should not easily forget. What happens if this occurs again? The Russians need to get their heads out of their behinds and act rationally – China is on their doorstep, and is going to get Vladivostock “back” if Putin gives them the opportunity.

Vladivostock is the only main eastern ice-free (mainly) port in Russia, and Russia is subject to Ankara’s whims vis a vis Novorossiysk: the transportation out of the Black Sea is always under threat, even without a stated threat, The same straits which allow shipping to come to and from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean are controlled by Turkey, which would like Russia as a part of its nouveau Ottoman Empire. LIkewise, passage in and out of the straits by American vessels could be a problem if Erdogan goes completely rogue (which he appears to be doing at the moment.)

This is not a time for nations to be playing chicken, neither Russia nor China nor Turkey. Put a fuggin’ lid on it, boys, or this will not end well for anybody.

And H. Rotten’s potential role? If she’d have been elected, there would already have been a nuclear war. Putin should take note, and so should others. President Trump is not trying to start stuff, but he’s not a patsy nor a pansy, and he’s also not a Colonialist Imperialist like the CCP/PLA and apparently Turkey. Please don’t do stupid shit.


As i told my wife Friday after the news of the emails being found: “If there weren’t something incriminating in them, she wouldn’t have deleted them.”

Just as when some yutz decides to post bat shot crazy stuff on twatter and then delete it or worse yet close their account, She had good reason to delete them, They most likely are a hodgepodge of grifting, quid pro quo and God knows what else a criminal like her has done in a seat of high power.

Pompeo said he’d release them soon. Let’s hope he does with a minimum of redactions so there is no hiding anything.

Jimmy MacAfee

Speaking of the Clinton Crime family’s non normal behvior:

Apart from an inordinate number of emails, who personally knows of dozens of people in their orbit who have mysteriously died (committed Arkancide according to BJ Clinton appointed coroners) even before Walking Eagle’s nominal husband became president?

There was a show called “Carter Country” back in the ’70s that made fun of the area where Jimmy Peanut grew up. Well the Investigation Discovery (ID) network could make a show about the Walking Eagle’s family and never run out of material.


Fully agree with you Jimmy on all fronts. Having a narrow focus means exactly as you implied, a type of blindness. Its a yuge help when others like your self, Gregg, Steward, Silas and the missing Phineas contribute to whats happening, not forgetting all the others either, as many hands on the elephant means a much better description of the overall animal from differing viewpoints.

I’m hugely thankful for this site as there is many wide awake people who are able to see thru the smoke and dial in the real targets. Not being the sharpest tool in the shed I often rely on opinions here for a starting point to investigate or confirm. And its encouraging.

Its tougher, imo, to discern the truth from spoon fed narrative thats raging every minute of every day. Tuning out the noise and those jumping up and down screeching while scanning the mob for the one thats slithering thru the crowd keeping a lower profile. while sewing discord. Barrs inaction but soft speak encouragements, Piglosi 25th, found emails, fake media stories and questions not asked or reported, all designed to keep people on the hook to discourage the conservative electorate and have them focus on the smoke screen.

But like you stated Jimmy, our Lord turns the plots of the wicked against themselves. Even when sites like this one become a target for the communists, it ends up working against them. I remember a baptist pastor from many years ago, Jim Spillman. Told his board to not invite a certain speaker because she was a witch. They invited her. Told the congregation to not come listen to her because she was a witch… they all showed up and brought others too.. In the end he was healed of a large ulcer in spite of his not ‘believing’ in healings. . All that to say that as this site becomes a larger target, more attacks, it also draws other in to see why this is so.

As your northern neighbour I appreciate all you folks, deeply.

Its a war… we’ll fight it shoulder to shoulder.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ah, the pastor was a Cessationist! No more Gifts of the Holy Spirit, like John MacArthur (who is right about a lot of things, is shouldering severe persecution, but is Phariseeical in his approach to the Gifts we’re given to use. Perilously close to the Unpardonable Sin, calling the Works of the Holy Spirit demonic, as they said of the miracles Jesus/Yeshua did in the power of the Holy Spirit! That isn’t forgivable, to call G0D the devil or call the devil G0D. THAT is the unpardonable sin, because if rejecting Jesus was perpetually unpardonable, the Apostle Paul would be in hell right now – but he repented (as Saul) and became Paul.

Interesting how 1 Corinthians 12, which implores people to seek the Gifts, somehow “ceases” in 1 Corinthians 13! Back then, there were no numbers in the Bible designating chapters – it was an extension of the same Word. It would be like saying: “I give you this, but not really, and I’ll soon take it away!” (Cessationists always forget the Great Commission, too.) The “perfect” as is written, is the return of Christ – we won’t need Gifts of the Spirit then, only love.

What the pastor did was close to blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Apparently he repented? After he was healed? Some of them will still say that modern Healing, Prophecy or other Gifts are gone, even after proof – (like the raising of the dead by missionaries in rural areas where there is no medicine) are readily witnessed and observable.

Most people with Gifts don’t go around posing for pictures with their gifts, nor naming themselves “the Prophet Imsagrabbinyomoney” or such, driving long vehicles and wearing bling and comforting themselves with “2nd or 3rd wives” that the congregation knows about. And most don’t stand up on a stage and bring attention to their “healing” (not that some don’t occur, like the healing of Evander Holyfield’s cardiac defect.)

PS: I pray that everyone reading will follow Jesus, in spite of how poorly people like myself sometimes represent Him with bad language and strong opinions, and pray that this is not counted against me as foolish words.


Its quite humorous really. Totally a cessationist until he got healed. To make matters worse is that God decided to use him to heal others. So when he prayed for others they got healed and more people came. Yes, he repented and not only gave our Lord the credit but was used significantly for a time.

Don’t beat yourself up, we are all somewhat lacking when it comes to holiness and being an example of Christ. But what is significant is we are generally the ones that will ask forgiveness, mend our ways and move forward again. No condemnation means our Father doesn’t hold our failures to our account, so neither should we.

BTW, I have a long time, very good friend and brother who has been a missionary to Thailand for over 30 years. Unlike the show boater heretics like Olstein and crowd real missionaries ARE seeing people healed, sight restored, ears opened, tumors disappear. We were missionaries to Malta in the 90’s and we experienced the same. Wheres theres flash, flair, smoke and noise you know its a scam and then when they seek your wealth it seals the deal, they’re charlatans. In the last days there will be many false profits rise up, Matt 24:11. For context Matt 24:3 – 31, 2 Peter 2:12 – 22

Times are indeed interesting. Easy to be caught up in whirlwind of noise and confusion and lose sight of whats really happening. Time is now to look up.

Its a war

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen! Great post!

And thanks for the encouragement!


‘All one has to do is look at the crescendo of news (noise) – some of which is legitimate,:

Nailed it right there brother… Its all distraction. Toss in a tiny nugget of truth to give the scam an iota of credibility and the lies become palatable to those willing to believe without question.

The trouble for the communists is that more and more people are waking up to the scams being pushed by demoncrap politicals. Only the zombies will continue with the communists, but this we know already and gets proven every day.

Its a war… keep your powder dry

Jimmy MacAfee

You raise an extremely salient point: which is distraction and which is worth paying attention to? Which is noise and which is news?

I have a somewhat ADHD gift, which is useful in times like these, because – as the immune system is designed – we need to look at the landscape with compound eyes, not that of a bird of prey looking for a single rabbit in a field full of rabbits. (Otherwise, it’s not exactly a gift.)

The trouble is, the NSA spying programs are a compound eye – which is a good idea – but depend upon someone to focus on that one rabbit which needs targeting. Critics of these programs are half right.

The press is half-witted, with dolts who need to be able to balance on one foot while kicking with the other on a Bosu ball, while simultaneously punching a heavy bag or catching a medicine ball. Instead, they sit at the high chair and are spoon fed whatever their masters tell them to report. They’re not even hawks over the landscape looking with binocular vision, much less with compound eyes. They should have all the skills of an intelligence analyst, and most have NONE of those skills.

It’s sites like these, with exchanges of information by people with somewhat differing views – a roundtable of sorts – that offer a better and more comprehensive view of issues. Dave does a brilliant job, and you and Gregg and Stewartswede (and others who don’t seem to be posting anymore) add fullness to the picture. No wonder there are a lot of readers!

If one cannot be ADHD, a collection of views can do an even better job. I suspect that President Trump also has a form of ADHD, and it has served him well.

Jimmy MacAfee

Tried to post on Saturday roundup, but they keep lying and saying I’d already posted it:

Steven Schitt (“Republican”…”strategist”) sounds like he’s lost his marbles – or his memory – as he claims that the fly landing on Pence’s head is evidence that he’s demonic (my only criticism of Pence is that he got Flynn fired, which is unforgivable:)

Here is what Steven Schitt says:


First of all, in response to Steven Schitt: both BHO and HRC had flies landing on their faces – (BHO repeatedly, and he didn’t seem to notice his little friend.) We jokingly referred to him as a lord of the flies at the time, bolstered by the character of Satan being played by someone who looked eerily like BHO:

comment image&exph=436&expw=600&q=obama+lookalike+played+satan&simid=608029432187718762&ck=CB78B2CCBC5A8E236A5B86F32C6B7BCD&selectedIndex=5&FORM=IRPRST


comment image%3fw%3d500%26h%3d525&exph=526&expw=500&q=obama+flies+on+face&simid=608055725932807078&ck=63F7E3D067C54F06B8A392228F7CFEC9&selectedIndex=25&FORM=IRPRST

Then there’s HRC, who had her Lord of the Flies moment:


Now I might agree that BHO and HRC are acolytes of Satan: they both endorse killing babies after they’re born – or allowing them to die after birth – but his sudden “conversion?” Kind of like Dubya: fake Christianity.

“That’s a sign, all through history, of sin. Historically, Biblically. Maybe you wouldn’t normally say this after… It’s only safe to say this, sorry, after midnight… But, you know, a fly—he who commands the fly has always been seen, historically, as a mark of the Devil.” (from first link)

The trouble is, Steve Schitt said he wasn’t joking, and then mumbled something about “karma,” which is definitely not a Christian concept. Conclusion: Schitt is a pretend-Republican, a fake Christian (or a user of supposed Christian concepts) and a shill for the demonic powers that operate out of Washington DC.

Jimmy MacAfee

So the Secretary of State is claiming that he’s gonna release the H. Rotten emails; says he has all 33,000. I believe the latter, I’ll wait to pass judgement on the former. Some of the things that have been “released” have been so redacted, the whole page is black. National security my ass.

If – if – this is true, and Pompeo delivers, then it means that Barr isn’t the only agency head going against other agency heads. As I wrote yesterday, one should sympathize with Barr if he’s had to try to take on the entire Intelligence establishment – which apparently he has.

Evidence? Richard Grenell’s statement that agency officials (apparently the heads) were blocking the release of pertinent materials. This would include Little Miss Muffett and Chrissie “Curds’n Wray.

DBI is with Barr, too: they have released some 1000 pages, for whatever they’re worth (a toast to hope!) Which means that Barr has two allies who are willing to see justice done – and maybe more. Don’t be surprised to see an October surprise! Just be ready.

There are 17 (?) intelligence agencies, are there not? If there is anyone left in these who does not want to see the practitioners of political forgery, clandestine misuse of fake information provided by Russian sources, perhaps they should retire without hesitation. Still support the “dossier?” Leave.


Why all this talk of releasing Walking Eagle’s emails is happening now? It and all the other Hillarygate and Obamagate and Muellergate should have been released months if not years ago.

But I am so glad our AG is apparently not going to be “political” by indicting known criminals and punishing their behavior PRIOR to the election. Yep, so glad he has a handle on his highly politicalized DOJ and FBI, yep, so so very glad. And the only reason Grahamesty is holding these hearings now rather than a year ago is because he is trying to save his skin in his tight reelect bid in South Carolina.

Yep, I’m so glad there is no political motivation in Grahamesty’s hearings or with the “non-partisan” debate commission” – so, so glad politics is not the motivating factor…

ALL the cloud and/or meta stored telephone data (remember how fast Horowitz – like within hours – was able to “find” and produce the deleted Strzok-Stroke-Smirk – Page texts?) is going to be released/leaked sooner or later so I guess now is as good a time as any.

Call me a cynic, but what I see going on with all this talk about four+ year old emails and other smokescreens is a coordinated effort designed to provide cover in the news cycle to keep hidin’ biden hidden as much as possible.

All one has to do is look at the crescendo of news (noise) – some of which is legitimate, that is being rolled out in this month prior to the election:

RBG dies
ACB getting nominated
The President getting CV-19
Over a dozen high ranking GOPers getting CV-19
The President’s hospitalization and rapid recovery from CV-19
Klink’s 25th Amendment legislation
Loud, but probably ultimately empty hearings of two to five-year-old scandals
A SC nominee’s hearing
Another set of CV-19 relief/stimulus funding packages that are going to go nowhere
Mail-in and other voting fraud reports
The continued blue states and cities CV-19 lockdown
The simmering unrest and riots that can be mobilized and reenergized in an hour’s notice
West coast states “Climate Change” driven forest fires

Do you know what I have not heard anything about? The new and constitutionally mandated federal budget that is supposed to start on October 1, in order to avoid a government shutdown. I missed that dog and Dem Donkey show. I missed the “continuing resolutions” or the reports of the temporary “omnibus spending” program.

Stay tuned, it is going to be a hell of an October and November. 2020 can’t end soon enough.

PS: About these 33,000 emails of Walking Eagle during her four-year SOS reign: Four years is 1,461 days and that equates to over 22 emails per day from a person who admits to being tech challenged. And these are the ones that are only on her unclassified server. I remember hearing most of these deleted emails were to her nominal husband (who reportedly doesn’t, or didn’t at that time have an email account) and were about her nominal daughter’s wedding and yoga class etc. Right! Who emails that much nonsense every day? To me this means there are a whole lot of other people (Humma?) generating emails on her server, which means a whole lot of other people should be in heap-big trouble. Perhaps this is why she said if that [email protected]#$%^&* wins we all will hang?

Jimmy MacAfee

The refusal of the FBI and DOJ to prosecute HRC for her emails is likely because she WOULD hang, if she were not working for the Deep Shit, or if they were not working for her: imagine a DC jury. Would they convict?

You are absolutely right: “a whole lot of other people should be in heap big trouble.”

But not just for emails, for creating ISIS, using CIA “embassies” to conduct illegal financial and political schemes (and to launder money to corrupt “American” politicians.)

Hillary Rotten is in a position to threaten the safety and well-being of the Corrupt Class of Washington, D.C. She is every big a threat to them – and more – than Jeffrey Epstein. If she were put in jail, she’d be “Epsteined” (which does not necessarily mean “dead”) quicker than you can say “cameras off.”

But the release of the emails is helpful – not so much politically, but for Barr, if he is actually a Patriot. I suspect that soon after the election, we will see the answer to that, and if prosecutions don’t begin, it’ll be clear that he is not only “doin’ nuttin’,” but actively conspiring to protect HRC and the other coup plotters. And at that point, with the re-election of President Trump, he can be replaced – if he isn’t willing and able to prosecute. (Likely he would resign.)

I don’t fully trust Pompeo, but I am encouraged slightly. As I’ve repeatedly stated: the more agencies which are willing to comply with the Constitution and the law, the less effect the holdovers (CIA, FBI) will have in blockading the administration of justice.

Jimmy MacAfee

The biggest question in the coup cabal is this:

Why are 17 or so Intelligence agencies not cooperating in the exposure of the Clinton Crime Family?

Why would they go to such great lengths to protect H. Rotten, when she is a feeble, fainting, coughing time-bomb? And her husband is fragile as a low-calcium egg under a heavy chicken?

Is H. Rotten worth all this protection, or is she the figurehead of a massive criminal conspiracy to overthrow our Constitution by people (see: Never Trumpers) who have always hated the Constitution? Dubya is reported to have said: “stop waving that g.d. rag in my face.” (Wonder what he said about the Bible in secret, since his administration ordered the burning of a truckload of Bibles in Afghanistan soon after we took over? I no longer believe that Dubya is a Believer, though I once did. His fruit is rotten to the core.)

The government has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect Jezebel Clinton. Why? Is she the de facto head of a para-Intelligence network, like the one in Ukraine? Or is she merely the Devil’s advocate? And the Devil himself is in the lead, not in the details at all? (might ask the same question of the current Popie-the-China asset: why?) In answer to the last question, you might want to watch the movie “The Mission,” of of the few DeNiro movies worth watching, as China is the new Portugal as far as the Catholic church is concerned.)

Questions raise more questions. The first one is critically important, because it opens the door to the answers to all the other questions. (BTW, never heard the over-rated Q ask the same questions.)

Jimmy MacAfee

The 25th Amendment that Princess Piglosi is attempting to big-up is – as Tim Poole suggests – aimed more at Basement Biden than President Trump.

Now imagine the panic if Camel-toe ever gets near the levers of power – she’s all the narcissist and psychopath of Hillary Rotten, but without the health issues. She sees herself as a queen, much like Rotten, but has even less IQ. She would also be the first person that the Secret Service would not be able to protect, unless they had her in a glass bubble – and this is not a threat, but an observation. She would never ever be able to appear in public anywhere or at any time. Just sayin’. There is a reason that she had about a 5% approval rate among blacks in the nomination process – she ain’t black, and she has worked against their interests, she used prisoners as slave labor, she imprisoned people for the same drug crimes she’s admitted to making, and she doesn’t give a damn. Total whackjob.

Removing Basement Biden would be an inevitability. He already can’t pass a mental fitness exam (much less a moral fitness exam, if they had one.) Non Compos Mentis.

Lots of Dems will be holding their noses and voting for Donald J. Trump.


MaligNancy Klink claims her 25th amendment legislation is not aimed at Trump but “future” presidents with the obvious reference to btfsplk if btfsplk isn’t willing to complete the charade and leave office by the end of January 2021. Yeah, sure, I believe that. It can be argued that when he wins reelection, Trump would qualify as a “future” president”. One way or another everything this broad does is aimed at Trump as he lives rent free in her Botox filled head.

The 25th amendment nonsense is brought up and given weight a month before the election to add credence to the argument the Trump is unfit to serve because of supposed and possible mood swings by the medication he was given to combat CV-19. She knows it has no chance if passing the senate and if it did Trump would surely veto it. Furthermore, it is an AMENDMENT and not a law, therefore it must be changed through the constitutional amendment process. I guess she could get her buddy, her partner in crime, mister Roberts to rewrite that amendment like he rewrote her Obamacare law to make it “constitutional”.

Jimmy MacAfee

They have never expected Basement Biden to be President for long; he was designated to be a placeholder. As I said all along – and as you have argued against – the VP slot is the key, and Camelface is the Obama-Clinton choice because of her utter soullessness, resembling both the psyche profiles of H. Rotten and Bathhouse Barry. They wanted – the Deep Shit wanted – someone who was so amoral that they could be manipulated to do the unthinkable and unspeakable.

No one in the field – not even Mini Mike – was so completely void of conscience. The public understands how venal, how evil, how rotten this woman is – if H. Rotten is Jezebel (a power-mad Phoenician Princess, married to Ahab and ruling over Israel and bringing/facilitating false gods) – then Camelface is Jezebel on steroids. The only difference, other than capacity for evil, is that Camelface doesn’t have a husband to run interference and pave the way for her ambitions.

Plan A is to win, and replace Basement.
Plan B is to use the Amendment against Trump.

The latter order of plans (which is first order and which is second order) is open to debate, and I don’t want to get into a pissing contest. Both are true.


i agree completely with you that btfsplk is a figurehead seen as an electable placeholder byt the DNC all along, Infact, I called biden Joe Figurehead before I settled on calling him joe btfsplk. I have always believed he would be the shortest tenured president in US history, if not physically, then he (and the nation) certainly would be controlled by whoever is really the power behind the throne.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’re trying to drag him across the finish line like a cheap restaurant drags a clam on a string through potato soup in order to call it “clam chowder.”

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