Debate Commission Fiasco Reinforces the Need to Re-Elect Donald J. Trump

Even Bob Dole knows they’re a bunch of #NeverTrump nitwits. – In the midst of the running controversy over the Commission on Presidential Debates on Friday, America heard from perhaps the most unlikely source imaginable when Bob Dole weighed in on the matter.

In a tweet, the former Kansas Senator, WWII hero and 1996 presidential contender flayed the Commission for what it truly is: A bunch of swampy, Trump-hating jackasses:

Well, ok, he didn’t use the words “hating” or “jackasses,” but if you’ve ever been around Bob Dole for any length of time you know he was thinking them.

This is, of course, the absolute truth about this Commission, which is constituted exactly like the Op/Ed pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times. You have a pack of mindless leftists joined by a handful RINOs for “balance,” and not a single supporter of the President of the United States of America among them.

As a result, you end up with notorious Trump-hater and son of communist Mike Wallace, Chris Wallace as the moderator of the first debate; a former intern for Joe Biden as the second moderator; and Kristen Welker, NBC’s member of the White House press corps that regularly badgers the President with the most absurdly accusatory and biased questions possible as the third. These are the most “balanced” people this particular Commission was able to identify among the nation’s media establishment, which tells you all you need to know about how this game is perpetually rigged against Republicans. I mean, this group of moderators is not even exceptionally biased when compared to panels of the past.

This is also how you end up with Commission conspiring with the Biden campaign to declare that the second debate would be held “virtually,” without first consulting with the Trump people. The Biden handlers and Commission chairman Frank Fahrenkopf also claimed that the Biden camp was not consulted on that decision, but this is a transparent lie, and not the only one Farhrenkopf is guilty of telling over the past couple of days.

Farhrenkopf also backed up second debate moderator Steve Scully’s ludicrous claim that his Twitter account had been “hacked” after he messed up and tweeted out a message to Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci Thursday night that he had intended to be a private message. Enterprising Twitter users determined that this was in fact no less than the third time that Scully has claimed to have been “hacked” after issuing embarrassing tweets.

Here’s a fact: Almost no one’s Twitter account is ever hacked. It pretty much never really happens, and if it does, it’s a crime. So, where is Scully’s police report? Yeah, that doesn’t exist despite Fahrenkopf’s absurd claim that the hacking was being investigated by some nebulous “authorities.”

It’s all a smelly load of horse manure, just like everything else that happens in the nation’s swampy capital, and it is just one more of a million reasons why I will walk barefoot over hot coals, broken glass, and acres of South Texas summertime sticker burrs to vote for President Donald Trump.

You should do the same.

That is all.

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I did not realize Senator Dole (97) was still with us. While a good man in many respects, (why did he do those Viagra commercials?) he always came across as a bit of an establishment squish and never challenged the media despite the media’s hatchet jobs (calling him Darth Vader) on him going all the way back to 1976 when he was Ford’s running mate. And the fact that many on the debate commission are still his friends just reinforces my RINO feelings about him. Newt Gingrich ripped Dole often for blocking, or not fighting for much of Newt’s 100 day promised “Contract With America”. Dole also left the house managers out to dry during the Clinton Impeachment trial. He only got 80% (45 out of 55) Republican votes for impeachment; whereas as Schmucky Schumer was able to unify all the Dem senators plus he even picked up one vote from Mutt – although I don’t think the Chuckster had to work very hard for that and the votes from the two “Independent” senators..

Entirely too many Republicans have entirely too many “friends” on the other side of the aisle and they should be judged and unelected accordingly in the primaries. Ace McLame’s ‘lion of the senate’ was Chappaquiddick Ted for example and he even praised Kennedy in his 2008 nomination speech (when Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer)!

IMO there is no way political enemies (to the ideological death) should ever somehow become social friends away from capitol hill. Does anyone really think Kennedy liked McLame or Orin Hatch (both of whom co-sponsored major “bipartisan” legislation with Kennedy to the exclusive detriment of the conservative cause) beyond using our useful idiots to get their way?

As President Trump said a couple of times on the Rush radio program, the Republicans still do not know how to fight to win, how to take it to the Democratic enemy. The president must be frustrated as hell at so many people who are supposedly on his/our side. The fact that he hasn’t “lost it” shows extraordinary and commendable restraint and he should be recognized and praised for being able to keep his eye on the ball in spite of all the Republican turds and Democratic landmines laid across his path fighting against his MAGA and KAG agendas, and in many ways, his presidency.


MY BAD on Dole. He had left the senate by 1996 to run for president and retired from the senate, but remained active in politics…

His Senate Majority Leader successor was TRENT a whole LOTT of nothing who basically punted the whole impeachment effort. That is when the insider wheeling and dealing really became apparent for me and forever made me look at the GOP establishment with a jaundice eye. When 18% (10) of the 55 GOP senators couldn’t find it in their hearts and minds to convict (even though all their votes would not have mattered – all the more reason to have been unified) Clinton, it just showed how worthless much of the GOP was and is. Also, when not one Democratic Senator voted to convict (to show some semblance of thought and fairness) it showed how united in corruption and vacant in morals they were and are. Similar vote tallies happened in the house.

Please remind me again, who is the party of lockstep partisanship and which party has diversity of thought and deeds; which party is and has been willing to work together for the supposed common good? And which party is accused of being the party of mind numbed robots and deplorable Walmart shopping hicks and dolts (deplorables)?

And that is why we as a nation and as a government are so dysfunctional.

Again, I apologize to Bob Dole for being wrong in the impeachment, but all other commentary stands.

Jimmy MacAfee

We all make mistakes, and we don’t cancel each other out when we do!

Dole would have won against Clinton but for two things:
1. Ross Perot
2. His own feckless campaign people, who thought his brilliant (and sometimes ascerbic) humor would be to “harsh.” If they’d let Bob be Bob, he would have easily won. The Permanent Political Class cost him the election, the same douchbags who are pictured on the other thread from today – idiots who don’t mind losing as long as they keep getting hired.

Glad Bob Dole is still around! He is an actual war hero, and a good man – unlike Songbird.


Not that we didn’t already know Scully is lying, but…..

demoncrats, such predictable little liars.

Jimmy MacAfee

They need someone like Catherine Herridge to be a neutral moderator.

But she’s too fair – you can’t see her ideology in her reporting.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with Dave that the “debate commission” fiasco points to the need to re-elect President Trump, but it needs to go much farther: the commission, like the FISC, needs to be dismantled.

They already failed in the 2012 election, when Candy Crowley falsely claimed Romney was wrong – when he was right. Clearly a 2 against 1 debate. And it had an effect. But as with all things, what the devil means for evil against us, the LORD will turn to good: the re-election of Barack Obama made President Donald J. Trump possible (as President Trump himself has said.)

The clear picture of a compromised “Debate Commission” is just as evident as a corrupt press. It should be decommissioned and used as target practice for the AF and Navy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Scully looks like Wimsy Graham’s younger blubber. Glad to see him removed. Soy boy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, the next debate “moderator” has already tried to hide her biases:

Go figure.


And if memory serves, didn’t Ballsey-Fairlane delete her social media accounts and have someone block out her HS (“easy” roundheels) partying records just as her name was surfacing in the swamp to kneecap Kavanaugh?

Seems to be quite the coincidence. She (the moderator) will probably claim her social media accounts were all hacked, corrupted beyond repair and deleted at the same time.

Sooner or later these dingbats and male and female bimbos have to realize that electronic records are permanent even if deleted, and our side also has monitors who record the actions and records of leftists just like Left has the soy-boy snowflake pajama wearing basement dwelling twits monitoring and recording conservatives. Speaking of basement dwelling twits, did btfsplk put a “lid” on his campaign yet today? Vegas should start an over-under line to bet on what time the (casket?) “lid” gets closed on btfsplk on a daily basis.

It is a two-way street you idiots. But by all means, keep exposing yourselves showing the world who you really are.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are enough eyes out there that virtually everyone who ever uses Twitter or Fakebook or other social media have exposure.

You think that’s all? The NSA has EVERYTHING YOU OR I WRITE OR COMMUNICATE. Everything – all they have to do is put a target on your name and every single aspect of your life is out and under scrutiny.

They know how many times Basement Biden groped girls and wives, and they know more facts about BHO than Hissy-Boy Brennan can hide. The CIA is illegally using parallel platforms – which Hissy Boy and the cabal has used against sitting judges and vulnerable politicians (think they didn’t know about Hastert? And the blackmail? Ha!)

They’ll try to turn it all on Amy Coney Barrett, but I suspect that she’s been a good Catholic girl (unlike the bad fake-Catholic popie-boy) and has enough of a sense of personal guilt to keep herself from doing the stupid things that most of us have done, in one way or another.

Social Media. Like Social Distancing. People who feel safe doing either have a pretty limited imagination.

Jimmy MacAfee

Kristen Welker is also tied, by marriage, to Pig Pharma. What else? She should be vetted the same way Demonrats vetted Kavanaugh. All of the debate “moderators” should have their entire pasts explored – and that’s not cancel culture, that’s a search for an objective person with actual credibility.

The fact that she’s already hiding her past means she’s got a lot to hide. One only needs look at her so-called “questions” at Whitehouse pressers. Stuff is going to rise to the surface like a dead rat in a swamp that the alligators missed.

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