Discussion Post – 10.9.2020

So many things happening today it is impossible to list them. The pace of news-fakery just continues to quicken. It is a real threat to our Republic’s ongoing existence.

Discuss away.




That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Ahhhhhh ha ha hahahahaha! Delicious! Congratulations, Secretary of State Pompeo!


I used my evil scientist laugh when I read it.


For those confused by all the indicators on your cars instrument panel. 😀


Jim McFarland

Belly laugh! Great! Thank youi!


Yikes…ammo prices are soaring right now. For .223/5.56, a case (1K rounds) is going for $650-$750 right now. Double or slightly more than the pre-pandemic, pre-riot, pre-election chaos. Hope everyone has what they need.


I get the supply and demand thing, but that’s price gouging imho. A 25% maybe 35% increase? Sure, but when you go 100% plus you’re just being plain greedy. It’s shameful.


They need to make sure that these are available after the election of Trump for a second term.
Air drop them over every big blue city in the country.



So I can post here, well after multiple attempts but not on the Friday Roundup, weird…

Jimmy MacAfee

Not too much mention in the press about Ukraine, other than the ongoing prosecutions that involve Basement Biden.

But what most people don’t seem to be aware of is the possibility (I say high probability) that Ukraine was a CIA outpost. The way Brennan set up the CIA – reorganized it – it allowed for a para-CIA to develop wherever they wished, compartmentalized from the rest of the Agency, free to commit acts of treason and financial crimes and political crimes.

Used to be that different parts of the Agency were housed in different locations; Brennan made each location self-sufficient, a compartment in itself. This allowed outposts (maybe Benghazi as well?) to run their own ops, their own cover, their own criminal activities. Not all of these would do this, it’s likely: they’d put the Boyscouts in some place where they were unaffiliated with the dirtbags – such as the ones in Ukraine, who were participants in money laundering – Benghazi was a gun-running op, which Ambassador Stevens did not approve of, having been in the CIA and not liking the reorganization. This is why they killed him, primarily. He was dangerous to their operations – their operations to arm ISIS and to fund ISIS.

The CIA under Little Miss Muffett is no better, because in order to reform, you need to admit mistakes. As it is, she is an acolyte of Hissy John, and he is her protector as she is his.

The FBI also has organizational issues, and has for a very long time – different, and perhaps just as bad. Comey was an idiot, Mueller was a 9/11 conspirator and Freeh didn’t know what was going on under his nose. Reno was pure evil.

Both organizations need an enema.

Jimmy MacAfee

To my Christ-following brothers and sisters and others who are not sure:

The “cancel culture” is in direct contrast and opposition to our Faith in Jesus Christ:

In Christianity, repentance is deliverance from the penalty of sin – recent past, or long past;
In cancel culture, no matter if you have repented, whatever you said or did years or decades ago is to be held against you if it doesn’t match up with the current social narrative.

Satan loves to remind people of what they were guilty of, to instill feelings of permanent guilt, while Jesus frees us from shame and guilt after we’ve repented: Jesus frees us, and the devil imprisons us.

Cancel culture is Satan’s best weapon; Jesus’ redemption from the cross is the Father G0D’s best plan for each and every one of us. Choose wisely; choose redemption and freedom from guilt and cancel culture.


A point I would like to make to my friends here and all conservatives and pro-Trump Americans

The Left constantly accuses President Trump and his base of being what they are: Deplorable rabble-rousing malcontents who are a threat to American “democracy”. They do this to shame us, to silence us in order to eliminate our justified opposition. They lie and embellish whatever we do or say often libeling and slandering Trump and his allies. Then they cry when Trump responds truthfully in kind.

Over the last four years they (MSM) have lost much of their credibility by their deliberate deception. Most of the Trump supporters celebrate and admire Trump’s fight and willingness to get down and dirty and confront and expose these frauds. Yet we and Trump are constantly criticized for doing exactly what Walking Eagle, Karma Roundheels, joe btfsplk and their media allies do. It’s called projection and they do it very well and, until Trump, they largely got away with it. We are very happy that Trump fights fire with fire.

However, one thing we must not do is sink to the Left’s level and over embellish when we refer to the Political Left. They and their actions are outrageous enough without our side overemphasizing the Left’s transgressions. If we sink to their level, we risk losing our credibility and our argument.

All my life, the political slant in America has been focused against Republicans and conservatives. The so-called open minded “moderates”, when they are losing a policy/political argument say Republicans are the same and just as bad and corrupt as Democrats and are all lumped together as a means to protect or deflect all of the Democrat’s transgressions and emphasize any Republican transgressions – Nixon’s Watergate scandal being the most potent anti GOP weapon. In other words, nine out of ten acts of corruption can be committed by Democratic politicians, and the ten percent of the corruption committed by Republican politicians allows ignorant or committed liberals to argue that all politicians are to be painted with the same broad brush. And I am in no way excusing or justifying any Republican wrongdoing; the fact is, our conservative politicians have and should be held to a high(er) standard.

The good side of this is it has kept the GOP pols relatively clean, and the few who actually commit sins are usually purged (particularly if they are conservatives like Roy Moore) by the RNC hierarchy. However, the damage to the brand is done. This is appalling as the pro-Democratic bias usually allows most Democratic Politicians to skate and survive. But that is what modern American politics is and has become.

The point I’m trying to make is we don’t need to embellish (lie) or exaggerate what the Left is saying or doing to make our argument lest we lose our credibility and be painted in the same broad brush with the liars on the Left.

As Joe Friday of “Dragnet” would say: “Just the facts” are sufficient to make our point and win our argument in any discussion with a truly openminded person. Overstating a leftist politician’s position or misquoting for shock effect will not change any hearts or minds of the committed communists so why bother trying? We need to reach out, influence, and appeal to the people who are openminded and are undecided and not try to convert the hard core Alinskyites.

It is far better to fight for and win over the hearts and minds of the ten to fifteen percent of the population that are reachable and quit trying to convert the hopelessly lost communists.


Totally agree, they are already sinking their own ship. Here is the best essay I have read in months highlighting the demonrats own unmasking. It also sheds light on their attempts to demoralize our base using doctored polling. Take a minute for this one.

“The Democrats have ditched their mild-mannered, blue-collar, “can’t we all just get along” facade for in-your-face “give us what we want now” socialist revolution at any cost.”
“Gone are the days when they were willing to pretend to be part of a peaceful and American political party, loyal to the Constitution and laws of the land. They are an insurrectionist force now, intent on destroying the America that exists today through any means necessary.”


Jimmy MacAfee

When you look at Hissy’s affiliation with Gus Hall, his conversion in Riyahd, the formation of ISIS by the Obumbler administration, the transference of power to the Communist Chinese by the Deep State, the attempt to eliminate Constitutional rule, the subjugation of the Press, the blackmail used against the Judiciary (and a lot of others) and the elevation of Big Tech (CIA creations, most of them) then you can see that this Commie revolution is being run by our own Intelligence organizations.

If there are any honest Intel people left out there, this is your moment to light a flame and defend the Constitution.

Free Julian Assange.

Jimmy MacAfee

Been thinking about Obumbler and HissyFit Brennan: Obama is Max Zorin, a creature made by Dr. Karl Mortner/Hans Glaub, in the movie A View to a Kill,

All of Obumblers records were sequestered by Hissy, and he was made to do whatever the CIA chief wanted (including making him CIA director.) He also convinced Obumbler of the Intel-by-Drone-Assassination program when he allegedly allowed Obumbler to use a portable device from the Whitehouse, where Obumbler would sit for hours and blow up rock-scramblers and watch videos of the carnage, Fun for all!

Whether or not that’s true, it’s true that Hissy was his Svengali.

Time to declass the origins of BHO, among other things. The Worst President needs to be shown for the puppet he was, and his puppetmaster needs exposing.

I write this because Little MIss Muffett was highly approved by Hissy, and that’s troubling in its own right. Likely Hissy has something on her which keeps her loyal – (It’s the CIA Way, baby!) Unfortunately, control over the President has been something we’ve seen ever since Truman, the only battle over such control being between J.Edgar and whomever ran the Agency. Whomever had the biggest dirtpile. Reagan was the only one who had some degree of independence, as the CIA effed up in its intel on the USSR.

Some of you hate JFK, but he tried for independence – and it cost him his life. They still are trying to unseat President Trump (who liked JFK and still does) and there is no end to their machinations.

Time to dismantle the political arms of both CIA and FBI, and make them do their jobs in a time when Turkey is starting a war against Armenia, China is ready to move on Taiwan and China is also about to find itself in a debt crisis of its own making. A lot of shit is going down, and all the CYA can do is conspire with MI6 and others to keep hiding their attempts to remove President Trump, and the FBI boasts about Jihadi John while protecting criminal conspirators against the President.

We need both groups to do their job, or they need to be broken up into a million little pieces.

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