Update on Site Issues – Redirect Ads Issue, Slow Response Time

Redirect Ads issue – Well, our new security service provider has given me an answer to what has been causing some users to experience these maddening redirect ads that make it difficult if not impossible to read articles when using a cell phone or other mobile device. It’s not the answer I had hoped for, but it is what it is.

The good news is that this site is malware-free and always has been. That is also the bad news, because if this had been a malware issue specific to this site, then the simple fix would have been to clean the malware off of DBDailyUpdate, and we could all go on our merry way.

What has happened to us (It’s on my I-phone as well) is that we have picked up what is referred to as a “LoadingOffer” virus. This could have come from clicking on an email, a spam text, etc., just like any other virus or malware. Apparently, this is a virus that somehow generates itself related to your most-visited websites.

Unfortunately, apparently the only way to get rid of this issue is to download a local malware scanner onto your device and use that to clear the virus.

This is what I know at this time. Again, I wish there was an easier answer here.

Slow response time issue – I am still trying to work through the slow response time issue with my web hosting service, but so far it’s been like asking Helen Keller to paint the Mona Lisa. I get a different answer from every tech I speak to, and none of them work.

I want to avoid moving to a new web host if I can, due to the disruptions that would inevitably cause, but if this hasn’t been resolved soon, then I will have no choice. I’ll keep you posted.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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This for PCs. I am working on finding one for cellphones, although that may be a bit tougher.
I have to leave and take care of business, so I won’t be able to focus on that until later today.

The redirect infection could have come from any number of things, not just opening an email.


Best of luck!

Jimmy MacAfee

If you like to read (then post?) post on all three of Dave’s moring posts, I recommend having multiple windows up with each of the topics at the header bar; whichever one opens first gets read first.

This helps avoid slow loading times, so that you can read Dave’s fine commentary no matter how slow someone is trying to make it.

(Free Julian Assange! Bet he has something on Little Miss Muffett…just sayin’.)

Always ways around those who want to prevent us from reading and/or commenting.


Ur gonna like this if you haven’t seen it already…


There is so much in there that I’ve read elsewhere and has been confirmed in the public arena that I don’t have any real doubts about its truthfulness. Just gets deeper and deeper and all points directly back to the coughing criminal and obozo his self…


I’m using Duck Duck Go…no redirect issues for me, but do get the slow loads, and the video ads pop up when I scroll down.

Jimmy MacAfee

You aren’t being offensive enough to the Deep Shit. Try harder! s/c


Just got 3 redirects to: Visa, Xfinity, & Walmart using Safari browser. Also, get multiple reloads of the page: when reading an article I’ll scroll down & the page will scroll back up on its own as if reloaded.

Jimmy MacAfee

I visit several sites are regularly as I do DB Daily Update (not many, but a few) and never have been redirected. I also don’t open emails with spam or other things. No, I don’t think it came from there. I think you have been given the runaround, Dave.

The XFinity and Walmart ads abated for awhile, and now – even this morning – they’re back. I suspect I won’t be able to finish this comment before being interrupted and redirected.

I’m not saying it’s coming from this site, BUT IN RESPONSE TO POSTS ON THIS SITE. Wonder if infrequent users – there, it happened again! – have experienced this. This is one site where opinions may be freely offered, as opposed to Fakebook, Twiddle and others. They can’t stand it – and it explains the increasing popularity of the site, because it is not under the control of the Deep Shit (Deep State.)

So I doubt this is happening to every visitor. Am I wrong?

There! Happened a second time.


They are happening on my PC Dave. I just bought it a month ago as my laptop crapped out. Quite the coincidence, how the xfinity/walmart redirects began when I swapped computers.

I rarely use my phone to respond like when I went dark during my FL trip to the Keys last March when we were still a sane country.

On long comments I go to an open Word file and type the comment and then copy and paste it to the comment box. This serves several purposes: Gives me a spell check function, since that recently went away on the comment box, the grammar check is helpful too, and I don’t lose the work which has happened under the new format. I just keep that word file open and add on to it so it is now dozens of pages long and good for a quick reference; in essence it is a long list of drafts of my comments.

I still wonder why I have to resubmit my email address and name EVERY time I post a comment. I have the retain this info box checked.


Ditto… I’m not getting the ad popups nor redirects but very slow load times and refreshes. The refreshes are most cached pages which could be from the server side or my laptop, haven’t looked into it yet. lazy…

You have to consider the increase in traffic from WhatFinger. This site has become a very large and noticeable target for the enemy, the communists. They hate free speech, reasoned and rationale, and especially getting exposed for who they are to a large audience of people who can exercise rational thought and are not easily fooled. This we all know.

There are so many different could be problems here. Personally I do not use my cell phone to ‘browse’ or email, never store passwords or account info, nada. Its a phone, camera and shopping memo, only. My laptop is pretty tight, never open spam, use a vpn always, sometimes daisy chaining, no ping response from the modem, a long list of ‘security measures both in habit and hardware.

The possibilities are numerous for malware or virus pickups. Part of the reason I no longer build or manage sites, its gotten stupidly complex and the criminals are smart, numerous, tireless dirtballs. The malware/virus can be a driveby type where a sidebar link may contain the problem. It could be a WordPress targeted problem or even a GoDaddy problem. WordPress and GoDaddy are not friendly towards conservatives. Trouble is neither is going to openly admit they are the source of your problem.

IMO, I suspect part of the problem is server side issues. Especially when you get differing answers continually. Slow walking before the election if you get the drift. The host has the tools at finger point to see which process is taking its time, eg in the data base, pearl, wordpress etc etc You also have access to some of these analytics in the backend. Then if its a misconfiguration issue the question to ask is why now?? or who made the changes if you haven’t. Is there throttling going on??

Like I said… don’t envy you but its the result of reaching more people. Comes with the territory. Might take hiring a ‘professional’ which means putting up that coffee button.

It’ll probably magically clear up shortly after the re-election of Trump.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sometimes – when XFinity is lurking – I copy my work as I’m writing, and meanwhile have several other windows of DB Daily Update running at the same time.

I just redirect and paste my comment in the second or third window, and shut down the EX-Finity adware/spyware. And it IS spyware – one way or another. Doesn’t need to be lodged in your PC.

Note: it only seems to affect those who piss off Gyna and Chrissie and other Deep Shit actors. Go figure.

Jimmy MacAfee

No, Dave, several of us have said it’s happened on our PC. (I rarely look at DB Daily Update on my mobile device, and never have been redirected from there.)

If that’s what your security provider has told you – that it’s only on mobile devices – then maybe you need to keep looking? Just a recommendation; while I find it annoying, it’s not enough to stop posting. In fact, it is all the more reason to keep posting, because it means I’m kicking the shit out of them. As are several others.

Jimmy MacAfee

Happened a third time, as I was waiting for my post to appear.

Hi, Gyna! How are your Kurds and Wray?

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