The Commission on Presidential Debates Should be Blown up and Scattered to the Wind

So, last night we had a classic presidential/vice presidential debate: A moderator who is a Democrat activist posing as a journalist for a leftist media outlet; a moderator whose every question was slanted in a way to be hostile to the Republican and a puffball to the Democrat; a moderator who constantly interrupted the Republican but not the Democrat.

We also had a Republican candidate who was constantly interrupted and held to time restrictions, but who nonetheless attempted to answer every question that was asked of him; a Democrat candidate who was never interrupted, never held to time restrictions and has yet to answer a single question asked of her; and a Republican candidate who won the debate despite having to play a game of two on one.

Wash, rinse, repeat. This is the template for these quadrennial farces we have come to call “debates.”

Susan Page is a disgrace; Kamala Harris is an obnoxious, smirking valley girl who is really the Democrat Party’s ultimate presidential candidate; and the Commission on Presidential Debates should be blown up into a million pieces and scattered to the winds.

But in two weeks, President Donald Trump will participate in another debate with Joe Biden, one that will be moderated by another Democrat activist posing as a journalist who in fact is a former Biden intern. Yet, you are supposed to suspend your disbelief and mindlessly assume that this moderator will somehow be “fair” to the President, just as you are supposed to assume Chris Wallace was. Because, after all, they’re “journalists.”

It’s like that scene from “Ghostbusters,” where Dr. Peter Venkman is proposing to “clean” a library of ghosts using the team’s nuclear powered entrapment tools. When the facility manager questions whether this is a good idea, Venkman simply responds with “Back off, man…I’m a scientist” as if that is all the answer required.

Dr. Peter Venkman GIFs | Reaction GIFs

At some point, the Republican Party is going to have to stop pretending that “back off, man, I’m a journalist” is a satisfactory answer, because Chris Wallace and Susan Page are not journalists: They are activists for the enemy party. These “debates” are farces, and they must end. I had hoped the extremely unconventional Donald Trump would do that in 2016, but instead he used them to his advantage. He is attempting to do the same thing in this election cycle.

But Trump can do this because of the sheer force of his will and personality; he is far from a standard issue Republican. We have witnessed cycle after cycle in which GOP stiffs like Mitt Romney and John McCain and George W. Bush emerge from these 2 on 1 battles either scarred, or, in the case of Romney and McCain, irreparably damaged.

For his own part, the Vice President fared quite well. Say what we will about Pence being a bit of stiff himself, he is also tough and smart and very concise and careful in the language he uses. The contrast he provides to the smirking, giggling, bald-faced lying Harris is stark and helps the ticket from a public confidence perspective.

But in a fair set-up, one in which we either had a truly-impartial moderator or a second seat like Mollie Hemingway to offer up some tough questions directed at the Democrat, Harris’s facade would fall completely apart.

If the Commission on Presidential Debates cannot find a way to provide a more fair set up in 2024, then it is long past time to blow the entire process up. The GOP needs to quit playing the abused spouse here and refuse to put its candidates through anymore of these farces.

That is all.

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It’s real simple: Republicans always “play fair” and Democrats always cheat, lie, obfuscate and do “whatever it takes to win”. Republicans should demand that both sides have input into debate format, moderators and questions, or simply refuse to participate. It’s time they tell the truth to the American people that the Dems are having back channel conversations with the commission in advance of the debates, and that there will either be an open process in the planning of the debates or there will be no debates.


Clicked on the “NBC caught in town hall of “undecided” voters BUSTED” link on the upper left side of this article and it showed how these three plants appeared a month or so ago on the same network being ardent btfsplk supporters. Absolutely amazing, very lazy on NBC’s part (they couldn’t be bothered to find three other no-name voters to promote the undecided façade?). It shows an attitude that the suits who run the NBC ‘news’ family of networks just don’t care how partisan and stupid they look. It also shows how much contempt NBC has for the intelligence of the American people.

It also makes me wonder that these ‘news’ organizations and the DNC must really feel the fix is in and don’t care how ridiculous they, btfsplk/roundheels and MaligNancy Klink look. If a corrupt senile (at best) fossilized hack like btfsplk somehow wins next month it will only be because of a type of election that is run by third world Banana Republics or dictatorships like Stalin’s USSR or Hussein’s Iraq. As Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who votes or how they vote; all that matters is who counts the votes.

No serious political party that wants to win would ever run a such a ticket of misfits like this. So how and why is this happening? Sadly Jo and the Ho will get at least 40% of the vote regardless of what they do or say solely because they have a (D) after their names and that is truly the tragedy of our American experiment in democratic/republican form of self-governance. Somehow this mind-numbed voting sycophancy must be changed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some have suggested that they put up the most vile candidates available – though the party is chock full of them – because they knew they couldn’t win. These are only disrupters, it’s argued, because even a 3rd string team is still on the field!

Fact is, the Demonrats have no bench, and they’re hoping to bring in fresh blood (not the Weiner laptop type) and intend to do everything they can to bring down President Trump in his second term.

While it’s true that most second term Presidential terms are lackluster, this is a different President and a different time – because he faced illegal opposition/collusion/treachery/treason vis a vis the Deep Shit (Comey, McMasters, Brennan, Wray and all the others.)

If anything, I believe this second term is going to be far more energetic and successful.


Absolutely agree Jimmy,

I think President Trump is just getting started and, GOD willing, all of the swamp won’t know what hit them.

Carlos Dangler

I hope and pray you two are correct.
Enjoyed your guest piece, Gregg!


#Me too


“The Commission on Presidential Debates Should be Blown up and Scattered to the Wind”

So does the vast majority of the Washington Deep State of which the Debate Commission is a part – there is a real pattern here.


We here at DB Update and many others have been calling for the draining of the swamp since before Trump even came on the scene. The debate commission is just another piece of the swamp puzzle that infests our national capitol. Didn’t the debates used to be sponsored and run by the League of Women Voters or some such group of radicals?

Hopefully when President Trump wins in a landslide, makes gains in the senate and regains the house by a wide margin, the swamp draining will actually occur at warp speed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe that “giant sucking sound” will be the Swamp drained in a reverse-NAFTA!

(After writing tthe first part of the comment above, I’m restraining myself – as I really really want to revisit Nina Burleigh’s comment on BJ Clinton and kneepads)

Maybe – if warp speed is not available – we can send them into another dimension. (They’re working on that technology, believe it or not.)


Last nights debate was great. Pence was calm and in charge the whole time. Camel toe was as Dave said, giggling, rolling her eyes, had that head bob going, it was cringe worthy. The questions posed to Camel toe were softballs, but luckily Pence asked her questions, ones she would not answer. After the debate Pence should have picked up the mic and dropped it, then walk out of the arena.

Jimmy MacAfee

I didn’t see last nights VP debate. I remember the VP debate in 2016. What I got out of that was Hillary’s VP was totally insane. He has “crazy eyes”, you have to see to believe. These aren’t debates, they are democrat party rallies.

Jimmy MacAfee

I remember that – but even Crazy Tim was a more capable liar than Cameltoe Harris. (I saw the Kaine-Pence Debate, only read excerpts of last night’s.)


Just got another 3 redirects –

Why does the STUPID Republican Party agree to these “formats”; every four years it’s another set up ambush. What intelligent warrior sets himself up to walk into an ambush? The Republicans do it over & over & over!!! With Wallace it’s understandable: his father was also an asshole so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Trump hasn’t trumped up the party enough yet.

Jimmy MacAfee

While Barr is Linus, waiting for the Great Pumpkin, the Republican Party is the Party of Charlie Brown. They never learn.


This whole issue is fuel for debate! However, just like the Chamber of Commerce, NPR, CDC, NIH, or any other impartial government or “non partisan” entity, they are all infected by deep state demonrat prostitute-cockroaches. Hopefully the president has awoken the sleeping giant of patriotic Americans who can start the disinfection process, as we have a few scientists on our side too. Almost a third way through October already, dang. Soon we will be falling back, double -dang. We must be having fun.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Demonrat prostitute cockroaches!” Laughed a belly laugh at that one! I can see a cockroach, dressed in fishnet hose, standing on the street corner waving to George Stepanopolous (as he was played in “Mars Attacks” as the presstitute secretary, played by Martin Short.)

Thanks for the image! Loved it!


They are the most loathsome creatures on the planet. We have the big ones down here in Florida that hiss, and can fly. Luckily the dems can only hiss.

Jimmy MacAfee

In fairness to Mutt Romney, there were several things working against him:

1. Steve Schmidt, who is now a belligerent idiot, in addition to being just an idiot.
2. Joseph Kofer Black (intelligence advisor, involved with Crowdstrike and Ukraine issues) and who clearly was working against the Muttster from inside.
3. Mutt’s calm narcissism, in allowing himself to be “read-in” to intelligence briefings, which kept all the pertinent and Obumber issues damaging to the Obumbler adminstration off the table. (“Oops, can’t use THAT, been briefed on it!”)

On the latter, candidate Trump refused the briefings, because he knew what happened. Hillary Rotten was briefed, but in helpful ways, not to stifle her. Muttsy stupidly walked into a trap.

But the debate commission itself deserves to be dumped into an open sewer. Perhaps after the election, President Trump will make some changes regarding the press. As Dave said, President Trump can use whatever he’s given (in this case a lump of dogshit) and turn it into the Statue of David.

So scattered to the wind or dumped into an open sewer, the debate commission has failed the American People. They’re fake news in the process of creating fake news! It’s fake even before they collaborate on their methods of fraud! Start with fake, and everything after.


I last watched one of these farces in 2008–just to see what Sarah Palin would do. Otherwise, I gave up on these corrupt charades in the early 1990s.

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