Discussion Post – 10.8.2020

So, last night we had a classic presidential/vice presidential debate: A moderator who is a Democrat activist posing as a journalist for a leftist media outlet; a Republican candidate who was constantly interrupted and held to time restrictions, but who nonetheless attempted to answer every question that was asked of him; a Democrat candidate who was never interrupted, never held to time restrictions and has yet to answer a single question answered of her; and a Republican candidate who won the debate despite having to play a game of two on one.

Susan Page is a disgrace; Kamala Harris is an obnoxious, smirking valley girl who is really the Democrat Party’s ultimate presidential candidate; and the Commission on Presidential Debates should be blown up into a million pieces and scattered to the winds.

Did I leave anything out?

Discuss away.

That is all.

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13 thoughts on “Discussion Post – 10.8.2020

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    Jumper Bones - October 8, 2020

    You are spot on, such a spectacle!

  2. Reply
    Stuartswede - October 8, 2020

    He answered all serious questions asked of him, she answered none. My question is will the demonrats concede when they loose bigly??

    1. Reply
      Jonesy - October 8, 2020

      Pence called them out during the debate; they haven’t conceded 2016 yet…..so your answer is very likely NO….they will not concede.

      1. Reply
        Stuartswede - October 8, 2020

        That part must have been after I went to bed, good then that the issue was raised on national TV, however, the answer is no big surprise. Thanks Jonesy

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    Jimmy MacAfee - October 8, 2020

    She’s a soulless hack with a subpar IQ. Even the loathsome Tim Kaine has more ability, and that’s not a high bar.

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    Gregg - October 8, 2020

    Didn’t watch, MLB playoffs were on. But I do listen to various trusted sources and Todd Herman on Rush had excellent suggestions for VP Pence.

    For the next two presidential debates I would like to see President Trump do is say ‘that’s one, that’s two…’ everytime he is interrupted by the “moderater” and/or btfsplk and at the end of the “debate” in his closing statement state the number of times he was interrupted. If not allowed to do so he should tweet it.

    There has to be some way GOP candidates can get “nonpartisan” moderators, like Rush, or O’Rielly or Levin. Personally I would like to see an open discussion format like what Dave has here with the main topic of the night discussed. Foreign policy one night and domestic policy another etc..

    PS: twice during typing this, the Fing Xfinity popups came out and had to backbutton out.

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      bhw112012 - October 8, 2020

      I was cut off 4 times while trying to read this article.

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    Jimmy MacAfee - October 8, 2020

    Speaking of low IQ, soulless hacks, one Senatorial wannabee doesn’t even know the general concept of the Patriot Act, thinking it’s some kind of Executive Order restricting trade.


    Don’t barf in your cereal when you watch this. THIS is someone who feels qualified to serve in the US Senate?

    1. Reply
      Stuartswede - October 8, 2020

      Is that Edith Bunker? Just like the trans-GOP sheriff, she will have ignoramus’s vote for her. Intolerable.

      1. Reply
        Jimmy MacAfee - October 8, 2020

        One Senator – now a senior Senator – was even dumber than this candidate, and yet the Republican Party found a way to lose!


        Can’t fix stupid, but you can elect ’em. G0D help us all!

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    Stuartswede - October 8, 2020

    Just like on the golfing Big Break show, guess who now has Wuflu immunity? Great point to exploit.


    1. Reply
      Jimmy MacAfee - October 8, 2020

      That’s how they’re thinking about “retiring” Creepy Joe when the time comes.

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    Stuartswede - October 8, 2020

    CDC admits no one has isolated the crafty Covid 19. Their tests show positive results for everything from common cold to H1N1 or any and all Corona strains. There is no new pandemic and all this crap is just more chickenschiff from the same congenital liars. We never donned one mask or closed one classroom or business for H1N1 which had many times more “cases”. We have been sold a bill of goods, its time to get our dang money back!


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