Wednesday News Roundup: Sadly, Christopher Wray is Not Resigning and Trump Lashes out at William Barr

Will MSNBC and CNN correctly call this a “peaceful protest”? – Because that’s what happened in New York City last night as the latest anti-Jew Covid-19 edicts issued by Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo resulted in hundreds of Jewish citizens there taking to the streets to protest:

The crowd assembled after Governor Cuomo singled out the city’s Jewish community at a press conference, threatening them that he would “shut down the synagogues” if they don’t get in line with his and Herr de Blasio’s (real name: Warren Wilhelm) new restrictions on crowd size at public facilities. The gathering took place in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, which, as I pointed out a couple of days ago, is one of the city’s traditionally Jewish areas.

The new restrictions and business shut-downs go into place on Friday, although Herr Wilhelm said late in the day that his people will start enforcing some of them Thursday evening.

This is America, 2020.

When Twitter becomes the best tool available for communicating the truth. – After Michelle Obama put out a heinously slanderous video smearing President Donald Trump and claiming that the BLM riots are actually “peaceful” events, twitter user Tim Young created this handy side-by-side mashup of the former First Lady speaking while her BLM pals burned several cities to the ground:

I’ve been writing about politics for 34 years now, and have always done my best to avoid commenting negatively about First Ladies. But Michelle Obama is just an utterly shameless and shameful human being.

Speaking of shameless and shameful BLM lovers… – Television ratings for the BLMBA finals have fallen off the proverbial cliff this season, after the national thug league went in whole-hog to associate itself with the violent, Marxist terrorist group.

From a report at

The Lakers-Heat 2020 NBA Finals have been a disaster.

Game 3 failed to reach even 6 million viewers, according to ShowBuzzDaily. It is the least-watched NBA Finals game on record.

Each game has broken another all-time low. Game 1 recorded the lowest Finals opener ever, at 7.41 million. Game 2 set another new low of 6.6 million viewers,* a record that lasted only two days.

Viewership for Game 3 is down an unprecedented 58% from last year’s Finals, which featured a team from Canada.

With a marquee match-up between the Lakers and the Heat and the league’s biggest draw in LeBron James, a drop of almost 60% is inexcusable.

The NBA decision to embrace far-left propaganda is the leading cause for the historic declines in viewership.


It’s not exactly a case of “get woke, go broke” just yet, since this current batch of BLMBA players have already been made fabulously wealthy by the country they all hate so much. But these plummeting ratings are kryptonite to the team owners, and will make the upcoming negotiations over the league’s next TV contracts extremely interesting.

If nobody’s watching, ain’t nobody gonna be willing to pay them bills.

Don’t get too excited about this… – Rumors are flying this morning that FBI Director Christopher Wray is going to resign today, which would be a blessed event for the Republic. But that’s highly unlikely, as this worthless apparatchik cherishes nothing more than a steady, if highly-inflated, paycheck. He won’t be giving that up easily.

The rumors started after the glorified HR director called a press conference for this morning:

Far from being a resignation event, there’s about a 98% chance that Wray will use this appearance before a fawning press corps as another opportunity to recite DNC-written talking points about illusory Russian interference in the elections and fantasies about “white supremacist groups” being the real cause of all the Democrat-sponsored riots that have taken place since on a daily basis since June. It’s all entirely predictable and not even worth your time to watch.

Nothing to see here – move along.

Not much to see here, either. – President Trump set Twitter all a-twitter last night with this missive:

Twitter’s users on both ends of the political spectrum went wild, and all the Usual Suspect fake news outlets treated the tweet as if it was actual news. The trouble is, the President issued the exact same order a year and a half ago, giving Attorney General “full authority” to declassify every Obamagate-related document.

What has Barr done with that authority? The correct answer is “as close to nothing as humanly possible.” Indeed, were it not for the stellar efforts of Ric Grenell and current Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, virtually zero declassification of key documents would have occurred since that time.

Someone must have reminded the President of his prior order, because a couple of hours later, he tweeted this:

Hilariously, just a little bit later, he also re-tweeted this missive directed at Barr:

The truth is that it is all far too little, far too late, and none of it will matter unless President prevails on November 3.

Here is NBC News, perpetrating yet another fraud on the American public. – When one political party owns the news media, here is the kind of stuff that happens. As I mentioned yesterday, NBC awarded the Biden/Harris campaign with a $50 million campaign gift of free air time Monday night in the form of a “town hall” meeting in which the Unfrozen Caveman Candidate was questioned by supposedly “undecided” voters.

Of course, as would have been the case on CNN or CBS or ABC or probably even Fox News at this point, none of the voters were “undecided” at all.

From a story at the New York Post:

Two “undecided” voters who appeared on an NBC News town hall with Joe Biden that has been described as an “infomercial” for the Democratic nominee had earlier voiced their support for the former vice president on MSNBC, according to a report.

Peter Gonzalez and Ismael Llano posed questions to the Democratic presidential nominee at the town hall Monday in Miami as part of an “audience of undecided Florida voters.”

Both Gonzalez and Llano appeared on MSNBC in August to show their support for Biden, the Washington Free Beacon reported on Tuesday.

“If we get four more years of Trump, good luck, and good luck with the future attracting younger voters,” Gonzalez said on MSNBC.

He and Llano were identified as “voting for Biden.”

“Something that Joe Biden said during his speech that resonated with me was what defines America is a possibility,” Llano said in the same broadcast.

At the town hall, NBC News’ anchor Lester Holt said Llano “voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago but has voted Republican in the past.”


You seriously could never make this stuff up. Never in a million years.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

If Biden’s claim that black Trump supporters (or even potential Trump supporters) “ain’t black,” then Michael Obama, erstwhile Worst Lady, ain’t a female. (“Dude looks like a lady,” as the song goes.)

She used to look like Michael Vick before they un-Klingon-erized her unibrow. And the front of her pants at times looked like she had a small K. Harris hidden there.

Just sayin’, if you read between the lines (another double entendre in itself.)


TMI dude, TMI. LOL

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump’s tweet says it all: Barr and Durham are not only slow-rolling all this, but actively participating along with “whitehat” Haspel and WhatMe?Wray.

I wish Wray would resign, but that’s just another lonely night in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin (Barr) to arrive. Maybe my pumpkin patch isn’t sincere enough.


Great Pumkin (Barr)


Jimmy MacAfee

Barr reminds me more of Linus – physically and expressively.

But Linus DID con, inhis fervent belief, Sally Brown into sitting the whole of Halloween night, sitting in a pumpkin patch.

Maybe Barr didn’t know they were all hiding information? Maybe Linus didn’t know that there is no Great Pumpkin waiting to deliver toys and goodies to all the faithful Great Pumpkin believers, or at least to the most sincere believers?

Time to fess up, Mr. Barr. did you know that they withheld this information, and have been deliberately keeping it from your staff and yourself, or are you part of the plot itself?

I admit: I would be somewhat more relieved if I believed you were lied to – but that would require a response commensurate with the criminal conspiracy orchestrated by so many in the Intelligence Community.

And Mr, President? It is time to bring in a temp for the FBI. And the CIA. And if Barr has been aware of this “sequestered” information, the DOJ, too.

I remember when I was 15, and believed Nixon. I remember hating his guts when I found out he lied to us. I took it personally. And as someone who has defended William Barr, I have the exact same feeling right now.

Some shit’s gotta roll.


Agree Jimmy,

How could he not know, or at least strongly suspect when every creditable source has been shouting it from the roof tops? We are talking about Hannity, Solomon, Rush, Garrett, Fitton, Carlson, and many others INCLUDING TRUMP and even snail IGs like Horowitz, not the wackos at the MSN (D) CNNDNC, PMSLDSDNC, WAPO and the NYT. That is what is so distressing.

Again, indicting the known culprits would at lest force them to spend oodles of their money defending themselves. Even if they couldn’t get a DC jury to convict some or all of them it would still bring out all the dirt and destroy the heretofore teflon image (to many) of the Democratic Party, Walking Eagle, ‘the One’ and btfsplk.


The big announcement at 11am was that the DOJ got custody for ISIS thugs that beheaded several Americans, but reported that they agreed not to pursue the death penalty.

Jimmy MacAfee

The pogrom begins yet again, with Wilhelm and Cuomo breaking the glass of the storefronts personally. It isn’t hard to spot anti-Semitism – it’s even harder to hide it.


Pertainent comments from Marty Lopez and me that were posted yesterday on Dave’s post about not expecting anything real from Barr and Durhan.


AG Barr’s whole purpose always was to make sure nothing happened until the election of 2020. If Trump should lose, of course it all goes away. Even, if Trump did eventually smarten up, once he locked himself in with Barr he would be forced to choke down Barr’s additional sedition and betrayal until after the election no matter what. Once Barr Initially snookered Trump, the President was once again, locked into the veritable Box canyon.

It’s all understandable. I don’t really blame Trump. He certainly had ( has ) a full plate. Trump was happy enough to trust an establishment Attorney General like Barr and adopt a hands off policy to avoid controversy and to allow him to hide on this politcally sensitive, dynamite issue. Now he’s paying the price. Let’s be honest. Trump never realized the depth of the opposition, or the conspirarcy. I’m not even sure he realized the true nature and scope of globalism.

Most intelligent observers would agree Trump has been radicalized over the last four years. How could it be otherwise? The fact that he has managed to weather and survive the storms and accomplish so much without major misteps is a testimony to his good judgment as well as his incredible executive skills. But here’s the rub.

If he doesn’t deal with the current civil war being waged on him and America by our own, establishment class of ruling elites everything he has accomplished has all been for naught because it will all change thirty minutes after he leaves office. If Trump fails to return some semblance of control over the American government to the American people, then America and everything it stands for will be lost and gone forever.

Now, whether Trump can weather the ballot fraud and manage to survive into a second term is still an open question. I’d like to believe he can and will. As to what needs to be done to give America another chance, I think I can identify the bare essentials and they are nothing less than a reinvention of reform and reinvigoration of our entire form of government in addition to prosecuting the criminal bureaucrts responsible for the treason and various crimes of unbelievable corruption, which have occured over the past three decades.

After the election and the second Administration begins, the President needs to address these issues head on:
First, reform and totally reorganize the Federal bureaucracies such as the FBI, Intelligence community, DOJ, & the FISA Courts.

Hopefully he will find the strength, inspiration and wherewithal to begin the slew of appropriate prosecutions that should also occur. Barr, Wray, Durham and the whole Civil Rights Division of the DOJ will have to go. H e must cull the obstructionists and dead wood before trying to bring prosecutions. You can’t carry water in such a profoundly leaky bucket.

Then he will need to wheel and address Silicon Valley’s Big Tech. Break them up and regulate the Be-Jesus out of them. Like the Robber Barrons of a hundred years ago, they simply wield too much power for any government and especially a democratic one. Then there are Wall Street’s four big banks and the other major financial institutions. They need to pay taxes, especially hedge funds and they need to pay for their perfidity. He needs to hurt them.

Mr. President, put your house in order, or ask yourself, why you even bothered to come to Washington? Because, if you fail to address both of these two, corrupt, major imbalances and centers of unaccountable power, everything you have done and will do, will ultimately come to nothing. The Wall Street financial establishment as well as Silicone Valley’s big tech must come under the control of the United States government. Their complicity in the treasonous coup must be exposed.

Gregg – October 6, 2020
Marty and others,

What I will always fail to understand is how the Roberts’ and Barrs of the world, who go through so much bullschiff from the Left to get through the confirmation process and the Left’s never ending ridicule and criticism, never seem to go after their ideological enemies. If they are DS hacks and allied with the Dems in many ways, why does the Left go after them so hard and try to destroy them whenever they can. Absolutely mystifying; mind boggling. Why would such “conservative constitutional types” allow themselves to be cowed, and their reputations destroyed? No normal person would put up with that without a real fight. As I have said before, there must be something in the water in that stinking rotten cesspool which is why I got out of that place 13 years ago.

If I was able to see what a lost cause DC was after only three years as a peon, surely these supposedly bright people can figure it out. Barr was retired and out of government and didn’t need this crap, so why did he take the job if he knew he couldn’t affect real change? He had to know what was against him since he was Bush the first’s AG and saw what was done to Judge Bork and then Clarence Thomas and others. If he ever were a “white hat” then why not take the opportunity Trump offered and commit all out to real DOJ/FBI reform when he had (has) a real president who would back him all the way?

Worse, why go on numerous TV interviews and sound like he is going to do something and then decline to prosecute the Comeys of the world? If I were Trump, I would be apoplectic.

When President Trump survives this election with or without a senate majority, he must continue to do whatever he can to clean house and if we must live with a series of acting AG’s and directors, so be it.

The bottom line: If nothing happens to the Obamagate players, Trump’s two terms will have been for naught and the Swamp survives to ensure no other lessor Republican President ever gets elected and if one were to get elected, he would be rendered impotent and probably run out of office like Nixon.

This inaction by supposedly good people will ensure a collapse of confidence of all government institutions and will cause a civil war of epic proportions. Why doesn’t anyone see this? Maybe because they don’t want to see it, or they want it to happen. If that is the case, why does the Left put on the charade that the Barrs of the world are the worst thing ever to happen to the country? The old saying: if your enemy is destroying themselves, shut up and let them do it. This is what is so perplexing. Nothing in that town makes any sense. Again, it must be a (drinking) water problem. The other thing I don’t get is when the SHTF, Barr et al will likely be flushed with the whole lot of unindicted co-conspirators. Don’t any of these DS skunks and powerbrokers realize that when things go to hell, no one is going to partake in the niceties of investigating, indicting and trying anyone involved? Retribution will be swift and deadly. As I have repeatedly written, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and as such you will be held just as accountable and be delt with accordingly.

Regarding people here and elsewhere cheering on the new round of declassification talk, I remember Trump ordering Barr to do just that last year. So, again, why hasn’t that happened? And why hasn’t anything happened to anyone who has been implicated by whatever information that has been declassified. All the intelligence in the world is worthless if no one acts on it.

Nothing that happens in swamp surprises me anymore; it just profoundly saddens and disappoints me.


And another point in replying to Marty’s fine piece:

“As to what needs to be done to give America another chance, I think I can identify the bare essentials and they are nothing less than a reinvention of reform and reinvigoration of our entire form of government in addition to prosecuting the criminal bureaucrts responsible for the treason and various crimes of unbelievable corruption, which have occured over the past three decades.”

As Don Lemon and his radical Antifa/BLM buddies would say, it (the founding principles of our country, i. e., the constitution) needs to be burned down. The difference is the Lemonites want to take down America as founded. Conservatives want to take down the unelected and undemocratic Deep State Establishment that controls and dictates their policies upon us without the consent of the ruled over citizens which negatively impacts much of our lives with no recourse. That is what we conservatives and most Americans want to schiff-can.


Dem Governors abusing power over COVID, turmoil behind the scenes between Trump, the DOJ and other 3 letter agencies, and the liberal media carrying water for the Dems….kinda like groundhog day, right?

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