Boom: DNI Ratcliffe Puts the Onus on Barr and Durham

At 4:11 pm today, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe issued the following release:

DNI Statement on Support to Durham Investigation


ODNI News Release No. 39-20

Oct. 7, 2020


DNI Statement on Support to Durham Investigation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe today issued the following statement:


“At my direction, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has now provided almost 1,000 pages of materials to the Department of Justice in response to Mr. Durham’s document requests. I will continue to ensure the Intelligence Community’s responsiveness to the DOJ’s requests. We also look forward to supporting the DOJ in further declassifications consistent with their investigation. As the President has made clear, we must be appropriately transparent with the American people and give them the confidence that the extraordinary work of Intelligence professionals is never misused or politicized.”



Throughout the duration of 2020, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, first in the person of Acting DNI Ric Grenell and now under permanent DNI Ratcliffe, has done stellar work in doing William Barr’s job for him as it relates to the declassification of key Obamagate/Spygate documents. Barr, although delegated the “full authority” to declassify these documents 17 months ago by President Trump, has done basically nothing with that power, unfortunately.

Today’s action by Ratcliffe is no doubt a not-so-subtle acknowledgement of Barr’s inaction, and his decision to transmit this 1,000 pages of declassified documents directly to Durham without going through Barr’s office also avoids any ability for corrupt FBI Director Christopher Wray to intervene in the process. This is a very serious action by Ratcliffe, who is proving to be every bit as solid a selection for this job as Grenell was.


That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

This will prove once and for all if Durham is playing us, or has been shut off by department heads and hasn’t had the data from which to work. Depends upon how much was redacted, to some extent, but here’s a clue:

Odd (yeah, right, “odd”) that Linus was kept out of the loop here.


Not cool.. Gonna spank them hineys good, cool…

The more Ratcliffe releases the tougher it will be to hide everything by the swamp. I’m hoping that this will be the levee breaking trickle.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s hope.

Well played, Director Ratcliffe. Well played.

If these are pertinent to the cases we’re hoping to see blown open, what will this mean for Wray and Little Miss Muffett?

I’ve been thinking about her: is she blackmailable? Does Hissyfit have something on her? Or many things? I would be more sympathetic – and much more forgiving of whatever he has on her – if she’d just let the truth prevail. I wonder what Wray has in his past that he’s afraid of, too? Something is just not right.

The only way to break blackmail is to put it all out in the open. Right, Hissyfit? You had Barry Obozo by the bathhouse hairs – wonder what some people have on you? Maybe Julian Assage has something?

Flood or avalanche, Brian, it’s all the same to me.

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