Tuesday News Roundup: Don’t Expect Anything Real From Barr and Durham

Just another signal that nothing real is going on. – Normally the resignation of a single U.S. Attorney is no cause for concern or even much notice. But this one is different.

On Monday, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Bash announced his sudden resignation, effective this Friday. Bash, if you remember, is one of at least 5 U.S. Attorneys around the country who has been assigned by Attorney General William Barr to assist John Durham in his supposed Spygate/Obamagate investigation. Bash was assigned to this role shortly after it was publicly revealed that then-Vice Presient Joe Biden had personally participated in the illegal unmasking of General Mike Flynn during the waning days of the Obama presidency.

From the official DOJ release on Bash’s resignation:

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. – U.S. Attorney John F. Bash announced today that he will resign from the Department of Justice on Friday, October 9, 2020, at 11:59pm. U.S. Attorney Bash issued the following statement:

This Friday—eight years to the day after I first joined the Department of Justice—I will step down as United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas. Last month I accepted an offer for a position in the private sector and informed the Attorney General of my decision. I tendered formal letters of resignation to both the President and the Attorney General this morning.

The Attorney General has elected to appoint Gregg Sofer to succeed me as U.S. Attorney. Gregg is an inspired choice. He is a veteran Department of Justice attorney, serving first in the National Security Division at Main Justice and then for over a decade as a national-security specialist in our Austin office. In the latter role, he built a reputation as a dogged and tremendously effective prosecutor. In 2018, I selected Gregg to serve as our office’s Criminal Division Chief, where he designed and implemented significant improvements to our operations, oversaw thousands of prosecutions, and provided me with invaluable advice on a range of important issues and cases. Since early this year, he has served in Washington, D.C., as Counselor to the Attorney General. He will make an excellent U.S. Attorney.

Attorney General William Barr offered the following statement:

I offer my gratitude to John Bash for his service as United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas. Since 2017, John has successfully led one of the largest U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the country. John has made significant contributions to the Department of Justice, including his service on the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee. I appreciate his service to our nation and to the Justice Department, and I wish him the very best.


Folks, this is just another signal that you should not expect anything real to ever come out of the Durham “investigation.” Think about it: If you’re a U.S. Attorney and you are in the midst of really getting to the bottom of a literal coup d’etat, of what is without question the single most important political scandal in U.S. history, do you just up and resign to take another job?

Probably not.

There will be no perp walks from Mr. Durham. No indictments, no prosecutions, not even a “report” summarizing his findings. Durham is just another swampy guy playing out the string and hoping for a Biden win so he can just sweep what little he may have done to this point under that huge DC Swamp rug. Mr. Bash is just getting out while the getting is good.

You should do the same.

This is about to happen in Portland. – Having a communist Democrat idiot like Ted Wheeler as their Mayor is apparently not depraved enough for the majority of Portland residents. A new poll finds the incumbent buffoon running 11 points behind this:

From a story at Willamette Week:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler trails his challenger Sarah Iannarone by 11 points, according to a poll of likely voters conducted by DHM Research on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance.

The results were presented at a PBA meeting last week.

Wheeler polled at 30% to Iannarone’s 41%, with the remaining 29% of surveyed voters split between writing in a candidate (16%) or remaining undecided (13%). It’s an especially notable result given that the poll was not conducted by either campaign, though PBA is supporting the mayor. (The poll has a four percentage point margin of error.)


For those unaware, Iannarone describes herself as “the Antifa candidate.” Not kidding. Also note that the Portland Business Alliance, whose members have been so devasted by the unending riots allowed to linger all summer by Wheeler, are actually supporting the incumbent because Iannarone is such a repugnant alternative.

Portland is a lost city filled with lost people.

Can the federal courts save America? – They’ve been trying to do exactly that over the past few weeks, with appellate courts overturning a series of clearly anti-constitutional decisions issued by Obama judges related to voting and after-election day vote counting in a variety of potential swing states.

Monday saw another crucial case go the right way, this time in South Carolina. From story at RedState.com:

Late Monday afternoon the Supreme Court issued a “Stay” with regard to an order from a South Carolina federal district court judge who rewrote a provision of South Carolina election law due to the impact of COVID 19.

Judge Julianna Michelle Childs, an appointee of President Obama, granted an injunction for Plaintiffs preventing the South Carolina election officials from enforcing a provision of South Carolina election law requiring a witness signature on an absentee ballot envelope.   Judge Childs set for the relief being sought by the plaintiffs as follows:

The instant Motion seeks to enjoin four provisions related to absentee voting in South Carolina. Plaintiffs allege that the application of three of these provisions during the COVID-19 pandemic violates the United States Constitution and federal law and seek injunctive relief solely for the upcoming November 2020 General Election. The three provisions at issue include: the requirement that another individual must witness a voter’s signature on an absentee ballot envelope for the ballot to be counted (“Witness Requirement”).

After about 60 pages of legal sophistry, Judge Childs finally gets around to holding the same way every other Obama-appointed Judge has held — that COVID 19 changes everything.  Election law requirements that are fine without a pandemic, are unconstitutional infringements on the right to vote under the Fourteenth Amendment with a pandemic.  But everything will be fine again when Donald Trump is no longer running for re-election:

….the court GRANTS Plaintiffs’ Motion for Injunction as to the Witness Requirement and ENJOINS Defendants, their respective agents, officers, employees, successors, and all persons acting in concert with each or any of them, from enforcing the Witness Requirement set forth in S.C. Code Ann. § 7-15-380, and from enforcing the Witness Requirement set forth in any other South Carolina statutes, on registered absentee voters only during the November 2020 General Election occurring in the State of South Carolina.

But the Supreme Court’s emergency “stay” prevents Judge Childs order from being enforced — and does so in terms that make it absolutely clear the state election law on requiring signatures on absentee ballot envelopes will be enforced four weeks from now.


So, chalk up another win for truth, justice and the constitution.

Elections matter, folks. Judges matter.

Speaking of judges… – Ted Cruz had some interesting things to say about Chief Justice John Roberts and the series of inexplicable decisions he has issued over the past four years, always siding with the court’s liberal minority.

From a story at JustTheNews.com:

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz says Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts “despises Donald Trump,” which accounts for a number of the decisions he had made from the top seat on the high court in recent years.

In an appearance on David Brody’s recently launched show “The Water Cooler,” Senator Cruz, an attorney and author of the new book “One Vote Away: How a Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History,” told the host that “John Roberts has become the new Sandra Day O’Connor.”

Cruz said he agrees with Vice President Mike Pence, who in an interview last month, told David Brody that Justice Roberts has been a “disappointment to conservatives.”

However, Cruz believes that part of Roberts’ pivot away from conservative-minded jurisprudence is motivated by personal hatred toward the president. “I think it is personal,” said the senator.

“It is difficult to come up with two human beings more antithetical than John Roberts and Donald Trump, in every respect,” he continued.



That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Marty and others,

What I will always fail to understand is how the Roberts’ and Barrs of the world, who go through so much bullschiff from the Left to get through the confirmation process and the Left’s never ending ridicule and criticism, never seem to go after their ideological enemies. If they are DS hacks and allied with the Dems in many ways, why does the Left go after them so hard and try to destroy them whenever they can. Absolutely mystifying; mind boggling. Why would such “conservative constitutional types” allow themselves to be cowed, and their reputations destroyed? No normal person would put up with that without a real fight. As I have said before, there must be something in the water in that stinking rotten cesspool which is why I got out of that place 13 years ago.

If I was able to see what a lost cause DC was after only three years as a peon, surely these supposedly bright people can figure it out. Barr was retired and out of government and didn’t need this crap, so why did he take the job if he knew he couldn’t affect real change? He had to know what was against him since he was Bush the first’s AG and saw what was done to Judge Bork and then Clarence Thomas and others. If he ever were a “white hat” then why not take the opportunity Trump offered and commit all out to real DOJ/FBI reform when he had (has) a real president who would back him all the way?

Worse, why go on numerous TV interviews and sound like he is going to do something and then decline to prosecute the Comeys of the world? If I were Trump, I would be apoplectic.

When President Trump survives this election with or without a senate majority, he must continue to do whatever he can to clean house and if we must live with a series of acting AG’s and directors, so be it.

The bottom line: If nothing happens to the Obamagate players, Trump’s two terms will have been for naught and the Swamp survives to ensure no other lessor Republican President ever gets elected and if one were to get elected, he would be rendered impotent and probably run out of office like Nixon.

This inaction by supposedly good people will ensure a collapse of confidence of all government institutions and will cause a civil war of epic proportions. Why doesn’t anyone see this? Maybe because they don’t want to see it, or they want it to happen. If that is the case, why does the Left put on the charade that the Barrs of the world are the worst thing ever to happen to the country? The old saying: if your enemy is destroying themselves, shut up and let them do it. This is what is so perplexing. Nothing in that town makes any sense. Again, it must be a (drinking) water problem. The other thing I don’t get is when the SHTF, Barr et al will likely be flushed with the whole lot of unindicted co-conspirators. Don’t any of these DS skunks and powerbrokers realize that when things go to hell, no one is going to partake in the niceties of investigating, indicting and trying anyone involved? Retribution will be swift and deadly. As I have repeatedly written, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and as such you will be held just as accountable and be delt with accordingly.

Regarding people here and elsewhere cheering on the new round of declassification talk, I remember Trump ordering Barr to do just that last year. So, again, why hasn’t that happened? And why hasn’t anything happened to anyone who has been implicated by whatever information that has been declassified. All the intelligence in the world is worthless if no one acts on it.

Nothing that happens in swamp surprises me anymore; it just profoundly saddens and disappoints me.


Nad another point in replying to Marty’s fine piece:

“As to what needs to be done to give America another chance, I think I can identify the bare essentials and they are nothing less than a reinvention of reform and reinvigoration of our entire form of government in addition to prosecuting the criminal bureaucrts responsible for the treason and various crimes of unbelievable corruption, which have occured over the past three decades.”

As Don Lemon and his radical Antifa/BLM buddies would say, it (the whole corrupt establishment) needs to be burned down.

marty lopez

AG Barr’s whole purpose always was to make sure nothing happened until the election of 2020. If Trump should lose, of course it all goes away. Even, if Trump did eventually smarten up, once he locked himself in with Barr he would be forced to choke down Barr’s additional sedition and betrayal until after the election no matter what. Once Barr Initially snookered Trump, the President was once again, locked into the veritable Box canyon.

It’s all understandable. I don’t really blame Trump. He certainly had ( has ) a full plate. Trump was happy enough to trust an establishment Attorney General like Barr and adopt a hands off policy to avoid controversy and to allow him to hide on this politcally sensitive, dynamite issue. Now he’s paying the price. Let’s be honest. Trump never realized the depth of the opposition, or the conspirarcy. I’m not even sure he realized the true nature and scope of globalism.

Most intelligent observers would agree Trump has been radicalized over the last four years. How could it be otherwise? The fact that he has managed to weather and survive the storms and accomplish so much without major misteps is a testimony to his good judgment as well as his incredible executive skills. But here’s the rub.

If he doesn’t deal with the current civil war being waged on him and America by our own, establishment class of ruling elites everything he has accomplished has all been for naught because it will all change thirty minutes after he leaves office. If Trump fails to return some semblance of control over the American government to the American people, then America and everything it stands for will be lost and gone forever.

Now, whether Trump can weather the ballot fraud and manage to survive into a second term is still an open question. I’d like to believe he can and will. As to what needs to be done to give America another chance, I think I can identify the bare essentials and they are nothing less than a reinvention of reform and reinvigoration of our entire form of government in addition to prosecuting the criminal bureaucrts responsible for the treason and various crimes of unbelievable corruption, which have occured over the past three decades.

After the election and the second Administration begins, the President needs to address these issues head on:
First, reform and totally reorganize the Federal bureaucracies such as the FBI, Intelligence community, DOJ, & the FISA Courts.

Hopefully he will find the strength, inspiration and wherewithal to begin the slew of appropriate prosecutions that should also occur. Barr, Wray, Durham and the whole Civil Rights Division of the DOJ will have to go. H e must cull the obstructionists and dead wood before trying to bring prosecutions. You can’t carry water in such a profoundly leaky bucket.

Then he will need to wheel and address Silicon Valley’s Big Tech. Break them up and regulate the Be-Jesus out of them. Like the Robber Barrons of a hundred years ago, they simply wield too much power for any government and especially a democratic one. Then there are Wall Street’s four big banks and the other major financial institutions. They need to pay taxes, especially hedge funds and they need to pay for their perfidity. He needs to hurt them.

Mr. President, put your house in order, or ask yourself, why you even bothered to come to Washington? Because, if you fail to address both of these two, corrupt, major imbalances and centers of unaccountable power, everything you have done and will do, will ultimately come to nothing. The Wall Street financial establishment as well as Silicone Valley’s big tech must come under the control of the United States government. Their complicity in the treasonous coup must be exposed.

Jimmy MacAfee

I am – sadly – in almost complete agreement with your current assessment. Given what we knew several months ago, I would – and did – strongly disagree. But Barr himself set the timeline, and as more and more evidence piles up, I can’t find any reason to disagree with you.

I don’t agree with you on motive; I don’t agree that Barr planned this all along. But I do agree that the Deep State is so completely corrupted that it appears that it cannot be reformed.

And to Chris Wray and his feeble attempts to tell us that the FBI has reformed: GFYS.


You should post this tomorrow so more people see it. Nice piece.



Absolutely agree and If he doesn’t I will copy and paste it along with my reply

Whisperin Pints

I’m sure Bowe Bergdahl couldn’t be more proud of DB Daily Update, re: Barr/Durham. smfh


Mister Pints,
When you take the time and effort to post a statement, it should not require deciphering. Folks will just ignore subsequent ones.

Whisperin Pints

My comment opened a discussion relevant to the article. By comparison, yours are merely ad hominem expressions of offended, snowflake angst.

As an Honorably discharged Vietnam-era vet, I will hold you to your word of ignoring this and any other “subsequent ones” I post.

Whisperin Pints

Stuartswede, if you honor your word, I will gladly reciprocate.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with your detractors, Whisperin Pints; you didn’t provide any reason whatsoever to attack DB nor his column. You, sir, are full of shit.


What purpose was served by comparing us to Bergdahl? I am having real trouble tying that to the article. And being a vet, you should then understand my “angst” when you call us cowards.


And to somehow tie DB and his posters to a low-life-deserter in wartime, who should have been executed, is pretty low. Considering many here are in fact honorable vets. Mark Levin would tell you to “GET OFF MY PHONE”!

Jimmy MacAfee

The guy in the video is Obama on the night of Benghazi, btw

Jimmy MacAfee

What’s your point? That we aren’t “loyal” to Barr? When Judicial Watch pulls the plug, it’s time to consider alternatives. What is yours?

And are you the God King?


Whisperin Pints

I want Barr/Durham to conduct a successful mission (which is in the investigative phase at this point) within a timeframe they establish as necessary to achieve that end, the fickle whims of the public notwithstanding.

Politicians, and their respective cabinets, come and go. Constitutional process and procedure is where my loyalty lies.

“You should do the same.”


Barr = Sessions = Deep State. Why our President continues to accept help from known RINOs leaves me puzzled. Do we need an AG? Just go through the deputies until he finds a winner and let him be the acting AG.

Beto says Texas will go Biden. WTF? When has Beto ever been right?


Have been on that page with you gunR from almost day one. Didn’t pass the smell test. Barr a deep swamp critter was being paraded about as a no nonsense guy interested in only truth and justice. and he worked with the Bushes… hhhmmm… IMO, Barr was fronted by Trumps advisors, likely Kushner and company or even a Kelly type, an Obozo traitorous rat. His track record as Trump AG went downhill quickly from there. Hes a clever chameleon is all.

At some point a person has to trust what some of their advisors bring forth and its not possible to vet the people who step forward on your own, Trump that is. I think Trump realized at some point that Barr isn’t going to work out, we’ll see. At the time I was of the opinion Trump can’t fire Barr because the screeching the demoncrap would do. They’d screech that poor old poohBarr was targeted and fired by Trump for not going after the criminals like Trump wanted, just like poor old Sessions. I suspect that Barrs term after the election is going to be limited.

Maybe Ted Cruz will get a chance to see if hes all talk and I don’t trust Ted either. Maybe Sidney Powell or Grenell will be given the reins. HOPEFULLY Trump will start choosing non-DC swamp dirtball replacements and choose people outside the swamp. Patriots.


When Barr was first nominated, I thought and hoped it was Bob Barr, but got the first names mixed up. He would have been a much better choice.

Jimmy MacAfee

Like Master Wayne of Batman, I call him Master Beta O’Rourke.


I prefer to call him Beta, but that’s just me. 😀

Jimmy MacAfee

Declass the Kennedy file, Mr. President!

By the way, the stupid Akismet is still putting out XFinity crap. Effers.


I don’t think it’s stupid askimet. I think it’s who ever Dave is using for his ad revenue service.
I haven’t had it pop up on my laptop, just my phone. I use Ghostery and ADBlocker with Firefox.


Never had any expectation that these two, Barr and Durham, or any others, would change or charge the wrongdoers. Can’t be disappointed when you have your eyes open from the beginning.


I recall a couple of months ago when I said in DB’s comments that I expected nothing to come of any of the deep state investigation with the exception of a few firings/resignations and maybe a couple of relatively small fish being prosecuted, I was excoriated as a hopeless pessimist and to just shut up and wait for the perp marches to commence. Still waiting!
I still hope it happens but still not expecting it to.

Jimmy MacAfee

I had hope, back then. June was the beginning of my doubts. And while there were some glimmers of hope, the fact that Grenell has described the blockade of pertinent information as coming from multiple intelligence agencies says that – whatever you think about Barr himself or his ability – the collusion against the President is unbelievably widespread. Grenell is a hero, in spite of his skullduggery vis a vis Julian Assange.

I once made the mistake of believing that Qanon was a real threat to these conspirators, but whatever or whomever he WAS, it has been replaced by someone who just posts cheers like you’d see at a Junior High football game. The parents cheer and cheerleaders cheer, but there is no real effect.

Too bad we have idiots running intelligence agencies (with the exception being DNI.)

Jimmy MacAfee

I apologize to you and to everyone I insulted during that time; I was wrong.


I appreciate that Jimmy. And I really wished that you were right and I was wrong.


The dichotomy of the situation is frustrating.

On the one hand, we all want to see some justice. Preferably some heads rolling.
On the other hand, the reality that those responsible for meting it out may not do so hangs in the air like a bad smell.

I have always been a glass half full kind of guy, so it’s been easy to say hang in there these things are complicated and take time to get it right. But even so, I’m beginning to think it’s all been for nothing.


I remember BJ Clinton fired all the US attorneys when he assumed office in 1993 and NO ONE had a problem with that. When Trump wins reelection, he should do the same, and force Barr and Durham or his replacement to Schiff or get off the pot as most of us have been calling for to one dergree or another for years here. He then needs to reforrm our intel agencies by gutting their leadership.

Heads must at least administratively roll from this coup. If we can’t convict these turds, we surely have to be able to FIRE them so thay can do no further harm to the republic.

Let them write all the “tell all” books they want – to ever increasing dimishing returns – and prosecute them for violation of government policy in illegally exposing classified material – at least they won’t be able to profit from their actions. But they will be out of power.

The key is President Trump must get good people to replace them and really reform their respective agencys.


If those two are the only choices Portland has, it is truly a doomed city. And you know most, if not all, of the Portland council turds are in lockstep with Wheeler so screw it; decent people have to get the hell out – NOW. The worthless governor won’t do anything, so if Portland is to be saved, it will have to come from the federal level, and that will possibly only happen, when
President Trump is reelected. The question is, what action will he take? Try to fix it and other cities, or go with the you broke it, you fix it approach. My guess is he will take the later course.


Mister Roberts is (probably) compromised since at least his Obamacare law rewrite, or is consumed by hatred of President Trump. In either case he should resign or be impeached as he would be a fraud and guilty of failing to live up to his oath to the constitution.


As my old Differential Equations professor used to say, This is very very powerful:


Jimmy MacAfee

With the news that declass of the DS plot against the candidate-then-President Trump is being held up by Little Miss Muffett and Chris “Who Me?” Wray, it’s an easy guess that Barr can’t fight against multiple agencies.

Either way the conclusion is pretty easy to make, whether or not Durham is being blackmailed or information is being denied – information that may be necessary to obtain a conviction. New declasses are on the way, but the question is: will Little Miss Muffett, the kurds and Wray comply?

Both need to be fired for non-compliance if they resist.


I thought I read recently where Trump told Meadows to start the presses and declassify everything now.

Jimmy MacAfee



So the electorate may still get something to chew on before election day. We can hope.


All I was implying was that the President can bypass both Haspel and Wray at any time to declassify anything he wants to. And he has ordered Meadows to go do it.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t know: I remember when Little Miss Muffett wore a dress with white hats on it, and the Q people all screamed:

“She’s giving us a signal that she’s on our side!”

That’s how little it takes to deceive a lot of folks – because hope can be deceptive. Real hope is in the Lord – not in Barr nor in anyone else. Remember that Jesus was expected to be back somewhere in the neighborhood of 1960 years ago, and we are still waiting for Him. As we should.

As far as waiting for Barr – well, he ain’t Jesus. And even if he’s on the right side of things, he’s got a mountain of opposition from every lettered intel agency ON THE PLANET – (not just US intel – Brit, Aussies, NZ, Canadian.) They were involved, which is why Little Miss Muffett sits on her kurds and Wray.

And why Ukraine is so important to all of this – because they were all running an illegal para-intel group from there, among other places.

Maybe I’m a dope for the last comment, but the signs are there, and they aren’t little white hats on a dress at a funeral.


“For those unaware, Iannarone describes herself as “the Antifa candidate.” Not kidding.”

This is one of those times when the term “you have got to be kidding” falls far short of describing ones reaction to a story! Did everyone notice the skirt? Pictures of murderous dictators checkered all over it? And more people voting for her than the current mini Stalin mayor??? Oh Portland where art thou?


The sad fact about Portland is that it was never really a bastion of conservatism. It has tended to be a “liberal” city for a long time. Then came the 60s and she radicaled up. Add in a hefty dose of leftist immigration from south of the Oregon border and you get the city in flames we see today.

As a highschooler, I used to love going downtown. Now there’s no amount of money to get me to go there.

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