Joe Biden: Racist, Deviant, Menace to American Society

Biden is a real racist, part 8,653. – This is a couple of weeks old, but it went semi-viral on Twitter yesterday as many users were just now discovering a video clip of Creepy Uncle Jim Crow Joe Biden making another of his very common racist remarks:

“The reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf,” Biden says to the camera.

In his own Jim Crow-era way, the Unfrozen Caveman Candidate does stumble across a fact of our society that has been far underplayed, which is that the nation’s grocery store workers deserve some sort of formal recognition for their service to this country. Even during the depths of this pandemic and height of the China Virus’s spread, grocery stores remained open and their workers kept coming to work.

From March through April, back when Anthony Fauci was telling the truth about the utter uselessness of wearing masks, no one had them on. These workers had no “protection” – whether real or imagined – from hundreds of toilet paper-hoarding customers, yet they still came into work, stocked the shelves, cleaned the floors and checked everyone out. It is truly one of the little noticed acts of real public service by a single class of workers in our modern history, one that deserves more recognition and commendation.

Biden, in his ’60s Delaware, bigoted kind of way, was apparently trying to recognize that reality, but couldn’t help attempting to politicize it by singling out Black women in his zeal to attract their votes. Thus, you get what you get from an old segregationist who is losing his social filter in his old age.

Speaking of Creepy Joe McWifeMolester, watch as he has another extremely creepy moment involving some adolescent girls:

“The good news is, for me, I’m here. The bad news for you is, I’m coming back. I’m coming back (as he approaches the young girls). And I wanna see these beautiful young ladies, I wanna see them dancing when they’re four years older, too. Ohhhh, it’s great to see you.”

Here are the young girls he is leering at:


Here is what Biden-supporting adolescent girls look and sound like when they get to be four years older:

Seriously, like a pack of rabid dogs. Not even human. This is what Marxist, anarchist insurgents look and sound like. Of course, dehumanizing the population is the exact goal of any Marxist revolution. This one is working.

And now for some comic relief. – Watch this clip as the only attendee at a fake Bernie Sanders rally for Biden breaks out a huge “Trump 2020” flag:

Now, that’s funny.

More Biden follies… – In a campaign gift worth tens of millions of dollars, NBC gave Biden 90 minutes of its air time Monday night so a couple of the network’s fake journalists could lob wiffle ball questions at him. Check out this little bit of classic Biden deception:

Typical Democrat: Up is down, black is white, right is wrong, lie about literally everything. This has been that Party’s campaign strategy since its founding.

Finally, watch as some BLM Biden supporters attack some Hispanic teens who were just minding their own business:

If you vote for Joe Biden, here is what you are voting to reward: Racism, sexual deviancy, violence and dishonesty. The man is a menace to our society.

It’s quite a platform.

That is all.

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Those who really care have known this for years, why has it taken so long for the rest of you to care?? Maybe the rest of you never really cared about this great country – I say to hell with all of you people!!!


If Biden won, he would be the most racist President since Woodrow Wilson. It is so ingrained in him that he doesn’t even recognize it and it[‘s not intentional, but with his diminished mental state these racist comments just come out. It’s probably the kind of things he and Bob Byrd would say in private, but not he says them in public.


“It’s probably the kind of things he and Bob Byrd would say in private, but not he (sic) says them in public.”

And “The Lion of the Senate” Teddy Kennedy and BJ Clinton when Billy Jeff asked Kennedy why he was supporting ‘the One’ against his nominal ‘wife”, Walking Eagle” in 2008. “People like ‘the One” were getting us coffee and drinks years ago…

And btfsplk, his own self, with his “for the first time we have a clean, bright, articulate… referring to his ultimate running mate.

And most of what the other beautiful people on the Left.

Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen

The plandemic revealed that grocery workers, truckers, food distribution center warehouse employees, farmers, police, EMT ambulance crews, firemen, medical professionals, are the essential.
Not some paper shuffling “lawya” government apparatchiks with an attitude of being born to rule over the rubes.
Sniffmiester Joe certainly has that attitude.
Bloggers and independent media are essential as well because the enemedia is as worthless as teats on a boar.


This is a great shot of a Bernie stumping for Biden event, one of the only attendees unfurls a Trump flag! You go girl!


” “The reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf,” Biden says to the camera.”

I am really amazed btfsplk’s masters allow this, and all his other frequent gaffes, to be posted. Someone must be working on the inside to sabotage this demented person’s campaign, His handlers can’t be this stupid, can they? Or do they know the fix is in and btfsplk will win even if he were to assume room temperature before Nov. 3? That is my biggest worry.

For an election the Left so desperately wants to win to get rid of the bad orange man, they seem to be choosing the worst possible way to achieve that goal. Forget the “October surpise”, I worry most about their November surprise. Something very devious is on the agenda as the btfsplk campaign is too stupid for words.


I very much appreciate all the people who kept the stores stocked for not a whole lot of money. And I didn’t see mass cases, hospitalizations, or deaths among that group. They are truly unsung heroes among the many other ‘regular folks’ who went on and performed their jobs especially when so much was unknown about this Chinese bio weapon.


The entire left is a menace to society. Biden is just a frequent offender and the latest flag bearer of the their whole mess. Rinse and repeat for tomorrow.


Here is a very telling walk down memory lane (for us old enough to remember). “A Joe Biden wind up doll with someone else’s words coming out”!

Jimmy MacAfee

I liked the video of the women shrieking – reminded me of I Am Legend. They looked like the mutated creatures in addition to sounding like them.

As for CreepyHandsyPervyJoe and his comment about the dancers: imagine being a staffer in a nursing home with Joe. They’d have to have all-male workers.

And Jill would be out with someone who could actually act like a man. Or he’s going to eventualy be a danger to her (“Hey Joe! Heard you shot your old lady down.” Jimmi Hendrix)


I was going to make an off color observation about her and a recent photo op but my better side stopped.


Didn’t stop me 🙂

Always appreciate you comments and would have liked to have seem it Silas


“If you vote for Joe Biden, here is what you are voting to reward: Racism, sexual deviancy, violence and dishonesty.”

You forgot hyper-corruption at the highest levels, rivaling the Clintonistas.

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