Discussion Post – 10.6.2020

After passing all of his medical tests with flying colors and receiving a sign-off from his doctors, President Donald Trump was released from Walter Reed Medical Center Monday evening and returned to the White House, causing the corrupt news media to fly into more fits of uncontrolled rage.


Discuss away.


That is all.

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And I will ask this question again.

If, in fact, the person who infected the President did so knowingly, shouldn’t this be considered an act of attempted premeditated murder? And if so, why haven’t they been identified and charged?

That would be their attitude if it had been slojo.

Going forward, the President should require all presstitutes traveling with him have a covid test
prior to getting on AF1 if he allows them at all. And make them pay for it.


I think that if the President really wants to tweak the secm White House press pool, he should inform them there will be no more free rides on Air Force One or Two. Your employers want you to travel with me? Good, then pay up for the first class ride you get. That or get your ass on a commercial flight, like you used to before some dumbass before me decided to let you get a free ride with them.


And for that matter kick their asses out our White House. I’m tired of these leeches. They aren’t part of the Presidents staff.


WHAT!!!! more swooning and hand clutching….

That would be a Constitutional crisis right there… Goes against all social and traditional norms… Traitor to the country if Trump would institute that… On the road to DICTATORSHIP I tell ya…


Eff em. I don’t care if they stroke out and die about it. Time to cut them off.


Couple of good reads. haven’t seen anything posted here so far so I’ll post the up in case some missed them. A bit long maybe for some but definitely worth the read.

First one is the marxist communist birth in Russia and the similarities to whats happening in the US of A today.


This second read is by Dr Michael Yeadon on the scamdemic.



Thanks Brian, I am into the damn lies piece now, this whole thing has been the biggest scam and lie in human history. It must certainly be satanic in origin. The ability to deceive so many people on such a grand scale is truly mind boggling. The alarm clock is blasting and people better wake the heck up.

Stay free not safe.


I read the back of the book… its all gonna get worse.

Because the communists infiltrated government leadership, just as they have been openly declaring for decades now, is the reason this has gone this far. You are correct in that it IS demon in origin as well and I also read in that same book that… we win.. so we have nothing to fear.

Its a war… What is happening in the spiritual realm manifests itself in the natural. We fight not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness… also written in that same book… Seems the author of that book was very well informed… for those not knowing its called the Bible. Best read ever…

btw… always great to have a warrior for Christ in the ranks


You are so right, thanks again. In the body of Christ you must be the eye, while I am the big toe.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7


Sigh… Some days…



This should proceed without delay!! Thanks Dude


Heres an interesting development. A class action law suit against the purveyors of the scamdemic is in the works. Those who are being looked at will likely be charged with crimes against humanity. At any rate the whole of the scamdemic is going to be laid out for all to see, the real evidences, and those players who were pushing it.



Our President my be in more danger from the cure than from the cold/flu. Keep him in your prayers.



Didn’t have a chance to read the your link, but if the President can’t count on his medical staff to prescribe the right meds that won’t pose a worse risk, why should we bother ?


I just asked everyone to keep him in your prayers. They are jacking him up with all of these un-vetted concoctions with unknown side effects. And mixing them in a blender as well. I would have asked for hydroxy and zinc were I him.


Agree about keeping the President in our prayers.

But I am surprised that HCQ and zinc haven’t been mentioned as part of his his treatment.


So 3 members of the White House press corps tested positive before Kayleigh, and one was on air force one on the trip to Pennsylvania. They may have been the super spreaders, such hypocrisy.


And if you didn’t know why you hate them


Jimmy MacAfee

The press (in the article about the loathsomeness) is like a mentally challenged 9 year old, setting paper planes on fire and launching them into the air. Same effect, same outcome: burnt paper plane, self-amused mentally disturbed 9 year old. Jenifer Rubin is now a full member of that club of disturbed children.

At least disturbed children have an excuse, G0D Bless ’em.

Jimmy MacAfee

Likely the Press spread it – intentionally, deliberately.
They’re lower than T. Gondii, which is “lower than all cattle” and eats dirt. Venomous snakes and scorpions are nice by comparison.

The Whitehouse should require tests of all press before they’ll allowed into briefings or aboard AF1.

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