Monday News Roundup: Trump’s Good Health Throws the Media Into Fits of Hysteria

The President trolls the media in a black SUV. – Had Barack Obama done the exact same thing, the nation’s corrupt news media would have nominated him for sainthood. Ok, they did that during his 2008 campaign, but still, you get the point and cannot deny that it is true.

Sunday evening, in a gesture of thanks to the thousands of his supporters who have spent the last 3 days in a vigil in support for his and the First Lady’s health, President Donald Trump took a ride in one of his black Suburbans around the perimeter of Walter Reed Hospital so that he could wave and give a thumb’s up to the crowds.

Naturally, the corrupt news media went absolutely berserk, falsely claiming variously that the President was never sick, that his car ride endangered Secret Service agents who are in his presence almost 100% of the time and just generally behaving like the sub-human pack of animals they have become. I didn’t see anyone in the media condemn the President because his SUV’s emissions are melting Greenland, but you know they were thinking it.

This is, of course, exactly the reaction by the media the President knew this SUV tour would create.

These people are the slowest learners on earth.

He just won’t die or resign like they demand that he do. – That SUV tour came on the heels of a news conference held by President Trump’s medical team, during which they informed an incredibly distraught press corps that the President was doing fine, had had no fever since Friday, and would soon be released to go back to the White House, possibly as soon as today.

Oh, my. Sunday was a truly awful day for the Democrats and their media toadies.

Thus, the same group of corrupt fake journalists who on Friday were speculating with great glee that the President could die and that his hospitalization means that this campaign is basically over were by Sunday evening left to deal with the forlorn reality that this entire episode was in fact just another blip on the screen and that the President of the United States who they all want to see dead will in fact live on to fight it out through November 3.



Ok, this is from CNN, so take it for what it’s worth…CNN is reporting, based solely on “sources with knowledge of the situation,” that the President his hot, hot, hot at Chief of Staff Mark Meadows over his Saturday stunt. Immediately after President Trump’s doctors had reassured the drooling press corps that the POTUS was in fine health, and had basically never been in any mortal danger, Meadows apparently told some reporters that his vital signs had been “very concerning” on Friday and that he was still at that point not on “a clear path to a full recovery.”

What motivated Meadows to make those statements is anyone’s guess, but they obviously created an uproar in the media and undercut the credibility of the President’s medical staff. Thus, while any report by CNN is certainly suspect, this one at least appears to be believable.

Meanwhile, at the Campaign That Never Was… – Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden called a lid for the day at 9:16 Sunday morning so that he could remain hooked up to his IV, but that did not stop his wife Jill from spending about 15 minutes at a food pantry and fondling a gigantic eggplant:

Image may contain: one or more people

Hey, at least she wasn’t fondling someone else’s spouse or child like her demented husband would have certainly been doing. Naturally, CNN and MSNBC gave this event huge, glowing coverage.

You just could never make this stuff up.

De Blasio stamping out all signs of economic life. – New York City has already lost more than 4,000 restaurants and cafes to the brutally unconstitutional edicts of Mayor Bill de Blasio, and he’s going after the rest of those who are barely hanging on this week. NBC News 4 in New York City reported yesterday that the sadistic Marxist Mayor will now order all “non-essential” businesses to yet again shutter their windows and doors this Wednesday in his latest effort to kill the Big Apple dead.

An excerpt from that story:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says all non-essential businesses, public and private schools will close Wednesday in nine zip codes in Brooklyn and Queens, if approved by the state, after reporting coronavirus cases above a 3 percent positivity rate for at least seven consecutive days.

The closures would impact roughly half a million people in the following zip codes: 11691 (Edgemere/Far Rockaway), 11219 (Borough Park), 11223 (Gravesend/Homecrest), 11230 (Midwood), 11204 (Bensonhurt/Mapleton), 11210 (Flatlands/Midwood), 11229 (Gerritsen Beach/Homecrest/Sheepshead Bay), 11415 (Kew Gardens), 11367 (Kew Gardens Hills/Pomonok).

Within those nine zip codes, the mayor says approximately 100 public and 200 non-public schools would be closed. Students in the identified zip codes would be allowed to return to their schools on Monday and Tuesday to meet with teachers and plan for a school-wide return to remote learning.


Hey, here’s a pure coincidence I’m sure: Borough Park  and Bensonhurst just happen to be two of the city’s traditionally-Jewish neighborhoods. Surely this is not a continuation of the Marxist buffoon’s systematic targeting of the city’s Jewish population throughout this pandemic, right?


Again, as we have noted many times throughout our nation’s insane response to this viral gift from China, there is not a shred of science, not an ounce of data that would even imply that draconian business and school closings do a damn thing to slow the spread of this virus. None. In fact, although the corrupt media put an embargo on reporting on it, the vast majority of NYC cases occur among shut-ins who have not ventured out into public.

This is simply the latest effort by this raving lunatic to destroy his city. If Andrew Cuomo had a lick of personal integrity he would step in and remove de Blasio from his office before he reaches that goal.

Hah. Silly me for using “Andrew Cuomo” and “personal integrity” in the same sentence.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I love that Trump recovered so quickly! The only thing better will be the ensuing meltdown on the Left! Trump is irresponsible! Trump is putting the universe at risk! Trump is BAD! LOL!


lol. That’s a sure way to not sell a product.


What is that old saying about “spitting in the wind”? The leftist and their lackeys are getting a face full of their own icky venom. Well deserved and fun to watch.


Just saw Kayleigh McEnany tested Positivo. Please make it stop!


As I said previously, I’m not a big conspiracy nut, but it’s all damn strange ain’t it?

Jimmy MacAfee

The CIA made up the word “conspiracy theory” to cover it’s own conspiracies to overthrow nations all over the world.

Little Miss Muffett has some ‘splainin’ to do, but I’d prefer that she just step down, and take her kurds and Wray with her.

You don’t have to be a “nut” to see that the “official” 9/11 story is the least believable, most bizarre, idiotically and fraudulently rendered conspiracy theory in the history of conspiracy theories – including the Warren Commission stupidity.

Time for the President to declassify the entire Kennedy assassination story, remove Little Miss Muffett and her kurds and Wray, and rebuild the CIA ground floor up.

We need good intelligence, but it appears that the layers of bureaucracy have turned it into the CYA. Everybody is too busy covering their own asses and assets, including Little Miss Muffett. Same with the FBI. And apparently the DOJ.

Wonder what they have on John Durham? (A porn stash under his bed? Who the hell knows?)

Sometimes a conspiracy is just three: the Pardoner’s Tale (Canterbury Tales) is an exquisite example. Somehow, it reminds me of a certain former FBI Director who has just poisoned the wine of his fellow travelers, but not until they kill him first.

Sargent Hulka

Ohh…he’s obese, has too many Diet Cokes (Aspartame), doesn’t get enough sleep.
Eat it enemedia maggots and your Google medical degrees are worthless outside the bong hit breakroom.
Read that Lil’ Kim is moving the biggest ICBM that the Norks have so this will give the CPUSA Soros Inc. enemedia complex something to cheer about.


I used to think that New Yorkers were tough asses who didn’t take crap from anybody, especially their politicians. Silly me.

I can only sit and wonder why some businesses and citizens haven’t filed a class action lawsuit against the mayor and the governor for violating their Constitutional rights. In the whole of the worm-eaten big apple, surely there are still one or two shyster lawyers who have the chutzpah to sue the bastards.

Jimmy MacAfee

Anybody with resources is moving, or getting ready to; the corrupt NY court system won’t work against the criminal conspiracy that is the NY city/state government. Suing them would be a waste of money.

That’s why.


I saw a Biden ad yesterday that made me puke. A supposed soldier was lamenting the hummers lack of capability against mines and IEDs, but then a senator “Biden” miraculously provided thousands of these mine proof transport vehicles that saved the day. Because Joe cares so much for our troops. Is that even true? Any Army or Marine vets know about this story? Or is that just what it is? Thanks


I worked on the MRAP program from 2008 – 2013. Was it all because of Biden? I highly doubt it. The military was playing an escalation game with insurgents. They kept innovating their IEDs and increasing their explosive force, we had to keep upgrading vehicles to counter the threats. It got to the point where you couldn’t up-armor a humvee any further, and defense industry partners like BAE, Navistar Defense, Force Protection, and OshKosh had vehicles that were more survivable. DoD/Penatagon and Congress provided a decent budget and we blew past the normal government acquisition process to get them in the field as fast as possible. The troops loved them. I don’t recall Biden ever being involved….maybe he was on some committee that was involved in approvals, I doubt it was anything more than that.


And now, the rest of the story, well more, maybe not all.
This article shows how Biden falsely accused the Marine Corp of dragging their feet on supplying better armored Humvee’s or the heavier MRAP vehicles. It was all a lie to make Bush and GOP look bad, and ultimately used to pull our troops from Iraq, creating the void later filled by ISIS. I hate that lying sack of corruption turd face.


So I read the link above in Silas’ post…yep, Biden pretty much involved in the budget process.


Thanks Silas and Jonesy, it appears that all Biden did was offer an amendment to accelerate deliveries to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars extra. Interesting that the article highlighted that “Only 2 US steel mills were qualified to produce special armored steel for the Defense Department at that point. Both had been acquired by foreign companies since the beginning of 2006. Oregon Steel was owned by Evraz Group SA of Russia. The International Steel Group was acquired by the Dutch conglomerate Arcelor Mittal” which I found was owned by a company based in India. I am still searching, but would be willing to bet Biden had tentacles or laundering conduits in one or both of these companies. Things that make you say Hmmm.


At the very least, the US not having capacity (on American owned equipment) in the US to make the right steel we need to support ourselves in a war is a problem. Kind of sounds like the drug manufacturing issue with China, right?




This happened in the 2007 time-frame too, before anyone knelled for the national anthem, and being patriotic was not a put down.


The article also cited a considerable number of cancellations by the Marines due to the relative lack of speed and mobility of the much heavier vehicles. They could not pursue enemy over bridges or off-road terrain. They could not be moved by helicopter or landing craft. The Biden commercial just made it sound like he was solely responsible for fielding these machines. They are lying sacks of Schift.


I didn’t read the whole article as I must leave for a hospital appointment shortly, but no mention of slojo that I could see.


Hey Silas,
How are you after the hospital appointment? Is that what they call a Dr. appointment in the northwest?


my bad, he is.

jack johnson

I can see the campaign ads right now…..”Trump kicks Covid`s azz….does the radical left stand a chance”.

Trump is the “everyman`s president….he is a man of the people not some elitist hiding in an ivory toward. He risks life and limb for the American people and has sacrificed so much for us. This could actually be the end for what slim chance Biden had.

Jimmy MacAfee

Very good points! I think you’re absolutely correct!

The media obsession with the President’s “demise” shows them to be liars (deranged liars at that) and put this in contrast with the media’s deliberate recusal in questioning Gropey’s mental state.

The President gets a cold (a highly modified cold, because that is what COVID 10 is as compared with the usual COVID viruses) and recovers quickly. Meanwhile, Gropey hides and hides and hides, and is carefully managed, and his “wife” speaks for him, and the press ignores the fact that Gropey is non compos mentis.

The press and Left expose themselves more regularly than the guy in the subway with a trenchcoat.


Weird that not until after I posted a response did I see any of you guy’s posts.

I was a little irritated at Meadow’s report too, it was an unforced error that undermined overall credibility. Hopefully it was just a small blip on radar that is already gone. It would be great for the President to be discharged quickly, and he should really focus on the utter uselessness or lack of importance on case numbers, when compared to ever declining hospitalizations and deaths from the wuflu. Hospitalizations across the country still below 10 per week per 100,000 population, drop in the proverbial bucket.

Gregg, meant to wish you a Happy Birthday too. I turned 61 and retired from Pratt & Whitney, after 36 years, about 2 months ago. Old-young-at-heart guys rule!


Yeah, the no post/post thing is one thing. Another is not being able to see some of Dave’s new blog posts unless you click on the link in his emails. Not sure who’s causing it Go Daddy or
Wordpress/Askimet.Pain in the arse.


My Georgia-cracker grandmother would say that it was “kaddywompus”.


She lived to the ripe old age of 103, loved extra mayo, and real butter. Go figure.

Jimmy MacAfee

Did you watch the 2016 election on the night of the election? Did you watch as the cheers and arrogance and smugness turned to doubt and fear and horror?

This is what happened after they started cheering the President’s ill-health. First they started hoping for his resignation (NY Times) and death (the rest) and they celebrated. The media was pounding it – and then when Trump trolled them with an impromptu visit to the cheering supporters outside the hospital, they went even more berserk.

Remember Proverbs 24:17?

Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
18 Lest the Lord see it, and [a]it displease Him,
And He turn away His wrath from him.

Of course, they do not know anything about the Bible or Scripture – they reject it and the Creator of the Universe and His Son, Yeshua/Jesus; I see the LORD’s hand in this, as they gloat and gloat and gloat.

And it shows us who they are, although most us already know. Moreover, it shows the public who they are: despicable and demonic. So whether or not this was planned or accidental or a misstep by the Whitehouse, the end result is the same.

Don’t lament when there is nothing to lament about, my Brother in Christ!

Jimmy MacAfee

Looking at Jill the Cheater (according to her ex-husband) she’s being treated to royal treatment – and we shall soon see the opposite with the treatment of Amy Coney Barrett.

While I don’t endorse “slut-shaming,” I don’t approve of how the press is hands-off on the Joe-and-Jill story, while going after Kavanaugh in a most unseemly way for specious, fictitious allegations (how many were there? 3? 4?)

She’s a despicable psycho, apparently fitting in well with the rest of the power-and-money-mad psychopaths in the Swamp. Let’s do an audit of the Biden’s personal wealth, since they always demand the President’s tax returns. And add to that do an audit of Hunter Biden. (as you may already know, President Trump has had numerous audits.)

Another issue is Comey’s daughter in SDNY, involved in the Epstein file. Hmmm. The fact that she doesn’t recuse herself or request a transfer to another case shows how deep this Shit is and how it’s utterly stench-filled. And her husband is investigating the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

I doubt either could find their asses in the dark with both hands, and the CYA they are seemingly involved in for their dear Dad and Father in Law is stunning in its arrogance.


I love this quote from one of the Trumpians outside the hospital, after the President had pizza delivered to them.

“You know it’s from Trump because the pizza isn’t gluten free. There’s meat on it. Trump’s an alpha.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Got another XFinity adware interruption. Just now.

Jimmy MacAfee

Only happens on DB Daily Update.

Akismet sucks – claiming to “reduce spam.”


Yeah, me too. And there is no way I see to X out of it. I have to hit the back button and when i do, I lose the comment I typing. Happening on my phone too. A Walmart add also appears.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, I’ve gotten a Walmart ad as well. When I hit the back button, I wait a few seconds and my comments come back.

I suspect this is a Deep State phishing expedition. They want to know where all the hits are coming from. Just a suspicion. I don’t see Walmart engaging in that kind of activity (in general) If they are promoting this way, they suck, too.

Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

XFinity (or whoever is representing them) – sucks.


I hope you are right Jimmy and this comment by Meadows’ is a strategic trolling of the media. I have to hope it was cleared by President Trump so as to troll the MSM (D). Personally, I would rather see a clear concise, consistent, and coherent message from all members of the White House communication team so as to give the people a real truthful basis of what is going on and confidence in getting the actual facts. Trolling may be effective in damaging the media’s reputation, but it also lends credence to the Chaos meme which can undermine overall confidence in the Trump Administration.

These mixed messages (like what we have gotten from the CV-19 task force) are not helpful. People in Trump’s orbit need to get on the same page.

PS: Appreciate the kind birthday wishes from you and others.

Jimmy MacAfee

Whether or not it was intentional, the end result is that the insane Left/media have lost another few handfuls of hair, their vocal chords are in shreds, and it is truly a beautiful sight to see them becoming more and more unhinged!

Why argue with success? In water painting, there are what is called “happy mistakes,” when you paint something accidentally beautiful – the best thing is not to try to improve that, but to learn from it. If this is a mistake, then it is a “happy mistake.”

In issues of international relations, I agree with you: there needs to be clarity and uniformity in the message being delivered. But in cases where TDS may be exploited, this gives Ms. McEnany yet another opportunity to tell the press to STFU (in nicer language.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Jill “the Cheater” is a despicable con. Gropey Joe and her deserve each other.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think Meadows comments were helpful – because the Left became even more unhinged when they found out how strongly President Trump is recovering.

Anything to drive them crazy. No one wants to be associated with them these days – batshit crazy is, after all, batshit.

Jimmy MacAfee

Cuomo “the Butcher of New York” killed thousands of elderly – innocent people. DeBlowsio made sure Jewish worshippers couldn’t worship, go to the park (which he did frequently) and shut down Christian churches as well.

If Satan took a crap, these two would be squarely in the middle of the pile.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, you missed it: DeBlowsio is not “sadistic” as much as he is “Satanic.” (He’s sadistic, too, but that’s just a small part of his mental shitscape.)

When he leaves, the parade may well be more like O Brother Where Art Thou, where the villain is literally put on top of a rail and marched out.


Sorry, but most New Yorker’s are dumb enough to vote for him again. Stuck on stupid.

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