Discussion Post – 10.5.2020

Here’s how the Campaign went on Sunday:

– Joe Biden called a lid on his day at 9:16 a.m. ET.

– Jill Biden received massive fawning media coverage for showing up at a food pantry for about 15 minutes and fondling a massive eggplant while she was there.

– President Trump took an SUV ride that threw the corrupt news media into an incredibly disgusting fit of outrage.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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So I’m not sure who is running in the Hide’n Biden camp. Sleepy joe calls a ‘lid’ and so jill hits the trail!?!? Is jill running for Prez!?!? They going to take turns, sleepy joe for one day, then jill for the next two or three days as President?!?!? Weird, but then it is demoncrap.


And we weren’t expecting this now were we?


demoncrats, the most pathetic creatures on the face of the planet.


Colonel Jessup, why the 2 orders? If masks stop the spread, and Trumps party all wore masks, then why the investigation? Colonel, Did you order the code red!


I did not know “shambolic” was an actual word before reading this article from Sebastian Gorka, who I much respect.



I was watching some show on Fox before I went to sleep last night. I can’t even remember who the “contributor” was, but it was really horrible the lack of knowledge these clowns have. She was lambasting President Trump for getting in the SUV with Secret Service members. She said God help him if he infects those Secret Service personnel. The President is not allowed to go anywhere without his SS detail. These people are such morons, and she kept on this subject, it was almost all she talked about. Could you imagine POTUS getting into any vehicle without the SS?


Anyone notice how little (nonexistant) national ‘news’ coverage there has been on the recent storms/hurricanes that have affected the Gulf Gtates.

To me this shows that either FEMA, under President Trump’s leadership, is doing a great job, or the red state Republican victims just don’t matter to the Democrat Media Industrial Complex.

We all know, if the impacted states were blue states, or if the FEMA response was botched it would be a front and center ‘news’ headline for days, if not weeks.

Or, maybe the MSM (D) ‘news’ blivit (or MaligNacy Klinks quiver) is too full with all the other schiff they are flooding the zone with.


Laura was the strongest to hit in the gulf recently, but the eye came ashore in a fairly sparsely populated area, this may have diluted the damage somewhat. On the other hand, Trump does try to ensure that Americans in need are taken care of. It’s why we love him so much.

Jimmy MacAfee

TDS = Tyrannical Deep State, nut just Trump Derangement Syndrome.

What they’re trying to do is to start so many fires – in some cases, literally – it looks like the situation is out of control and the President is helpless. But the screams of fright from rioters when State Police and local PDs were deputized was awesome and heartwarming. Federal charges, and GS’ people are in a panic. (I would suggest Immodium or a similar product.)

Meanwhile, Grenell outed Mark Warner. All the “RussiaRussiaRussia” shit he was promoting was stuff he knew was from HRC, purchased from a Russian. In other words, he was helping HRC conspire with the Russians against President Trump.

Thus Mark Warner should list himself as a representative of Russia. (Anyone in the Gade campaign listening?)


Speaking of deputized police in Portland. Teddy and one of the city commissioners are having a meltdown over it. Demanding that the deputizations be rescinded.
The city commish is also claiming that the police have plants amongst the peaceful protestors throwing molotovs and inciting violence.

Losing what little of their minds they had left.

Jimmy MacAfee

Grenell says that Comey threw a lot of mid-level staffers “under the bus,” and claimed not to know what the paper was about. Grenell knows these people, and while he didn’t say it, a lot of them are going to be looking for an opportunity to put Comey’s stupid clownface on a pike.

Grenell won’t go against current dweebs like Little Miss Muffett, but she won’t release stuff that is pertinent. She and Wray need to be removed for obstruction.

Jimmy MacAfee

Keep getting adware from XFinity – not the stuff cluttering up the screen, but diverted to some prize bs.

This is a computer I’m experience tins, not a phone. I’ll wait a minute before posting this and see when it happens again.

Yup, happened again.


Yeah, me too. And there is no way I see to X out of it. I have to hit the back button and when i do, I lose the comment I typing. Happening on my phone too. A Walmart add also appears.


I’m not getting ads but when I post its most often not posted. I copy the message before posting and have to retry multiple times. On my laptop. I’m certain its either GoDaddy or WordPress. I suspect WordPress moreso.

Jimmy MacAfee

Can’t post the interview Bartiroma had with Grenell, but is on Citizen Free Press.

Damn commies at Akismet. Fuggem.


Jill is a small ‘lady’; a cucumber may have been more appriate? Or perhaps a finger banana.



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