Discussion Post – 10.4.2020

The folks at DNC mouthpiece Axios are saying that the 2020 campaign is “essentially over” after President Trump’s China Virus diagnosis. Thus, the instant replay of the 2016 media strategy to discourage Trump voters continues apace.

These people are the slowest learners on the planet.

Discuss away.

That is all.

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Got a great comment from my brother:

It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than put up a rondheels/btfsplk sign in your yard and remove all doubt.


I’m 61 today and my most fervent wish is for the total recovery of President Trump and all the others who are victims of the Chinese Virus. And of course, I hope and pray the election goes the right way at all levels.

Jimmy MacAfee

Happy Birthday, Gregg!


Happy Birthday… Hope your day was filled with some joy…

So much appreciate your voice in these parts…


10-4 Back door, put the pedal to the metal whatcha wait’n for, if that ole white cant stay in sight gonna leave ya here n say no more how bout it.

Here is a great anatomy of an insurrection / revolution



In case you were wondering how the president is doing, this was last night.


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