Saturday News Roundup: Democrats and Their Media Agents Just Keep Ramping up the Depravity

Every time you think they simply cannot become more despicable and depraved than they already are, Democrats and their media toadies go and fool you. – Here is what CNN’s resident pea hen Jim Acosta tweeted after President Trump left the White House for Walter Reed Hospital last night:

Appearing on CNN’s air later in the day, Acosta complained that the President did not stop even though he shouted a couple of questions to him, lamenting that “all we got was a thumb’s up.”

Now, imagine if President Trump, reportedly suffering from chills and a fever related to the China Virus, had stopped to take questions from Acosta and his depraved colleagues. What do you think Acosta would have tweeted had that happened?

Here’s a pretty good guess:

“Trump endangers press corps by standing close so he can hear our questions, even though he is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.”

You know I’m right.

The Democrat plan to steal the election via ballot harvesting and mail-in voter fraud is falling apart. – Our good friend and frequent contributor Larry Schweikart tweeted this good news out late on Friday:

“The 11th Circuit, thanks to two Trump SCOTUS shortlisters–Britt Grant & Barbara Lagoa–overturned an injunction that would’ve required Georgia to accept ballots 3 days after Election Day if postmarked by 11/3. Now ballots must *arrive* by Election Day.”

Thus, Democrat activists will not be able to wait and see how big a margin President Trump and other Republican candidates roll up on Election Day so they can know how many fake mail-in ballots they need to manufacture to make Biden/Harris Harris/Biden the “winner” a week or two later. This decision comes on the heels of victories in 5 other states this past week on similar questions: Iowa, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire and Arizona. All potential swing states.

However, more work remains to be done in three other key swing states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Democrat governors and secretaries of state in those states have all attempted to implement new rules to allow vote harvesting and the counting of late ballots in direct conflict with existing state statutes. It is vitally important that these efforts to steal the election be turned back as well, and this week’s winning streak is very encouraging.

Speaking of great court decisions… – A constitutional crisis could be brewing in the State of Michigan, where Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer and her patently unconstitutional China Virus orders got poured out by the state’s Supreme Court on Friday.

From a story at the New York Post:

Michigan’s highest court confirmed in a landmark decision Friday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had overstepped her authority by repeatedly issuing emergency COVID-19 declarations without ever getting the approval of state lawmakers.

In a narrow, 4-3 vote, the court held that Whitmer violated state law by not working with the legislature, The Detroit News reported.

“Our decision leaves open many avenues for the governor and Legislature to work together to address this challenge, and we hope that this will take place,” wrote Justice Stephen Markman.

Whitmer said that she “vehemently” disagreed with the ruling and will find ways to keep her directives in effect through “alternative sources of authority.”


No word on what those “alternative sources of authority” might be in the Generalissimo’s mind, but given her obvious authoritarian leanings, calling out the Michigan Gestapo to round up the Supreme Court justices does not seem to be beyond the realm of possibility.

Whitmer says she's not ready to welcome Trump, but he's coming to Michigan anyway

Stay tuned.

But these fascist Democrats don’t give in so easily. – The next October surprise is brewing down in Guatemala in the form of…wait for it…oh, you have got to wait for this one…more Democrat-organized fake refugee caravans from Central America, made up mainly of military-aged males!

Mexico deploys military to block migrant caravan

You had to know this was coming, right? Sure you did. It was inevitable, especially with their election-stealing plans being rejected in the state and federal courts. They are pulling out every stop they can think of to try to influence voters. These fake caravans had tremendous utility in the run-up to the 2018 elections, so the Democrats have their Soros-funded activists down in Honduras recruiting people to once again make the trek up through Mexico.

This effort is so transparently a Democrat con job that even Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) noted it on Friday.

From a piece at Reuters:

GUATEMALA CITY/MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s president on Friday said he suspected political interference behind a new migrant caravan in Central America, promising to keep his country out of the U.S. presidential race as the group splintered and some began turning back.

More than 2,000 migrants, many wearing face masks against the coronavirus, barged past Guatemalan troops at the Honduras-Guatemala border on Thursday. Some said they were seeking to escape poverty aggravated by the pandemic.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has taken steps to curb illegal immigration so as to avoid entanglements with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump, suggested that the caravan’s departure from Honduras had been timed to provoke.

“It is very weird, very strange,” Lopez Obrador told a news conference. “It’s a matter that I believe is linked to the U.S. election.”


Look, there are trillions of dollars at stake in this election. Trillions. If Biden wins, those trillions of dollars will resume being sent over to China by U.S.-based firms like Apple, Facebook, At&t, Disney, Verizon, Microsoft and others who run the U.S. Chamber of Commerce these days. Do you think the vicious opposition  by the leaders of those companies to President Trump and his “America first” policies is due to simple political philosophy?

No. It’s about money, folks, and markets. And China represents the world’s largest, most rapidly-expanding market for those companies named above and hundreds of other supposedly American firms. Given the rabid desire by these corporations to continue to be able to make inroads in China, it is no wonder that the traditionally-GOP-centric Chamber of Commerce has suddenly decided to become a “bi-partisan” trade association, targeting gobs of money to pro-China Democrats in this election cycle.

Thus, October Surprise No. 2 has now been firmly identified.

Don’t know what October Surprise No. 3 is going to be, but we will no doubt find out within the next 2-3 days. It’s the most predictable thing in the world.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

We are at war with China. May not be a shooting war – yet – but their virus has been used against our President. Get ready, folks.

And only Republicans, mostly attending the debate, got the virus. Not Cheatin’Joe. Close down the commission, arrest the leaders, arrest Chris Wallace and get ready for more arrests.

Where is “Q?” He doesn’t exist; the real Q was replaced a long time ago with a brainless, spineless imposter, designed to placate those who are desperate for justice.

We are likely to have both a civil war and war with China in the very near future, particularly if the President’s health worsens. (You effn’ better hope he recovers, Winnie the Pooh. Eff you.)


It is apparent to me that the CEOs and other corporate leaders of “American” corporations are even more short-sighted than the left’s politicians like the brats and bimbos at the squad.

China, by the size of their population, is theoretically a huge marketplace for ‘our’ company’s products and (mainly) services. But here is the catch: If a huge percentage of China’s population is poor and living under capitalistic slavery with little disposable income and even less liberty to spend whatever little of their disposable money as they wish, how much gain do ‘our’ corporations expect to get? On the other hand, if the economic malaise of the 1990-2016 era is resumed and exacerbated in America under a bought and paid for roundheels/btfsplk administration – where the disposable income of middle class America will continue to decline – there won’t be a whole lot of money spent for the nonessential services and products of ‘our’ or China’s corporations. This includes entertainment and sports spending.

I just don’t see the logic of the globalist Chamber of Commerce and ‘our’ corporations getting in bed with Xi’s China; it is a fool’s errand. Sooner or later, when ‘our’ corporations get Chinaized, they will be at the whims of Xi’s communist dictatorship. Sleep with dogs and wind up with fleas as the saying goes. Meanwhile, an economically crippled America – via massive national debt driving rampant inflation – will not have the means to keep funding the growth or survival of ‘our’ corporations via consumption. It cannot be anything other than an economic lose-lose situation for everyone. Why does no one see this?

CV-19 proved that economically fragile non-essential industries – like travel, tourism, sports, and entertainment – don’t do well when things get tough. Unlike government, economic reality is imposed upon wage earners and consumers. There were no “smart” phones fifteen years ago; few cell phones twenty years ago; no internet of any consequence twenty-five or thirty years ago and somehow everyone managed to live their lives just fine. Arguably, in many ways we, as a society, were much better off without these marvels of communication, this BIG TECH, that have made their owners famously wealthy (while producing no tangible product) and infamously powerful.

So, go ahead mister trillionaires, keep buying off corrupt politicians, judges, and policymakers here and abroad, and manipulate the money supply and marketplace to your short-term benefit. However, once the music stops and everyone is poor and destitute in the dystopia you will have created both here and in Asia, you will have reaped what you have sowed. You will have killed off the economic goose that lays the golden eggs of free market capitalism. When you make everyone’s money and life worthless guess who will be on the receiving end of the retribution that YOU ALL created. Maybe the Chinese under Xi will tolerate their dystopian norm, but we Americans surely won’t accept your new-normal – especially the spoiled brat millennials and gen-Xers.


IMO… The goal of these corporate elites is not only gather wealth and power to themselves but to impoverish the populace to manageable levels. Just like LBJ stated about blacks in the US of A disguised as a poverty bill, that the black community will be on the plantation forever. Divide the families, incentivise single parent, increase government dependency thru welfare, getto-ise school systems.

So goes the dirtball globalists. Their goal is to divide the populace on racial, gender, religion and any other conservative or Christian principle they can. To get these groups fighting each other, a CIA initiated and backed op, means these groups will be unable to focus on the real instigators. All the while the elitist evil sob’s like gates, bezos, zucker and dorsey, etc etc. traitors all, move wealth further from the citizenry and into the control of fewer hands.

When people are impoverished juuuust enough and are dependent on a meager job or government handout then those people will be less likely to be willing to upset the gravy train. To much impoverishing and the people push back, not enough and the people stop listening because they are comfortable. Look to demoncrap run locales for good examples of this or to communist countries like Venezuela, cuba, china, african countries.

The biggest problem for globalists… the USA. which is why they are all in on the destruction of and the implimentation of marxism into the country. Its why the globalists are flooding the country with muslims and anarchist from communist countries, of military ages, so they can create the chaos needed to take the country from the inside out. Both muslim and communists have been stating this for decades, openly. In order for the globalists to fullfil this the USA has to be brought under control because it has the mindset of freedom and the protection of that freedom.

Its a war… freedom against communism. Choose which you want to serve in 30 days


The solution is simple. Stop funding the enemies. Quit buying their products, quit watching their propaganda garbage, push back speak up where it counts. Write emails or better yet letters to political representatives and companies pushing the communist agendas, tell them you won’t stand for the communist marxist agenda.

Like Margret Thatcher noted, marxism is great, until they run out of other peoples money to spend. Starve them of cash…

Its a war…

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