Here’s What the Media’s “White Supremacy Hoax” is All About

No American president has denounced racism and “white supremacist” groups as often or as definitively as President Donald Trump has done over the past four years. Yet, this past week we were all treated to yet another Democrat/media hoax that desperately attempted to portray this President as a racist and white supremacist.

As we discussed on Friday, this particular media smear job was for the first time led by Fox News, with White House reporter John Roberts tossing multiple on-air hissy fits on the subject and disgraceful debate moderator Chris Wallace repeating the long-debunked Charlottesville “fine people” lie during appearances on basically every show on Fox’s daytime lineup on Friday. Every other corrupt media outlet joined in the smear, of course, but the efforts by Roberts and Wallace really stood out from the crowd.

So why is this all happening, you might be wondering. After all, when asked by Wallace in the debate if he would condemn white supremacist groups, the President repeatedly responded “sure” and was trying to expand on that answer over Wallace’s repeated interruptions. His message was clear, and that message is the same as it has always been: The President condemns extremism in all of its forms, unlike the Democrat party and Joe Biden.

Here’s why: Hispanic and Black voters are rolling over to Trump in big numbers. As I pointed out yesterday, a snap poll by Telemundo showed that its Hispanic viewers said the President had won the debate by an overwhelming 66-34 margin. That had to literally frighten the Democrats to death.

As if that weren’t concerning enough for the depraved Democrats and their media toadies, a new IBD/TIPP poll released later in the week showed the President making substantial gains among minority voters over his 2016 numbers.

From a report at Investors Business Daily:

Trump leads among white voters, 53-42%. Pew Research says Trump won among white voters in 2016, 54%-39%.

However, Trump could do better among Hispanic voters than his 28%-66% deficit in 2016. He trails Biden among Hispanics, 36.5%-60%. Black voters prefer Biden, 76%-15%.


IBD doesn’t say so, but that 15% Black support would almost double the President’s 8% support received in 2016. An 8% increase in Hispanic support would render states like Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico very tough ground for Biden to defend.

Late Friday, Mollie Hemingway issued this tweet, detailing that a new Florida International University poll of Cuban Americans show the President leading Biden in Florida among that key demographic by a somewhat stunning 34-point margin:

Other surveys show the President running out to similar huge leads among Venezuelan Americans, another key demographic group in Florida. Add to that the fact that other national surveys continue to show President Trump making big inroads with Hispanic and Black voters across the country, and you see conclusively why the Democrats and their media toadies have run with the “white supremacist” hoax every day since Tuesday.

It’s all so very predictable and tiresome, but the great news is that this time, it isn’t going to work.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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White Supremacist..Racist, Words the Left uses to describe their feeling and actions then deflect their failures upon others. Democrats are sub human species that must go Extinct.

John in Indy

One of the reasons the left is creating the “white supremacist” trope and trying to attach it to individualists and conservatives is to provide cover for their pet rioters to shoot us when we try to defend our homes and families against their wilding mobs, led and driven by their professional agitators and hired guns.
They hope to use our resistance to mob violence as a “reason” that it is necessary to use government forces against us, in the areas where they can, and have the media pretend it is happening everywhere.
There are a lot of professional agitators, but not an unlimited supply. That is why the Portland mayor is screaming against his rioters being arrested on Federal charges.
He actually said that it wasn’t fair that his DAs policies about rioters (catch and release) were being circumvented.
Note also that Antifa support staff and vehicles are moving across the country to “protest” sites. The same snack van shows up in videos of Portugal, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha, and D.C.
John in Indy

no use for a name

They did vote for hopey changey. HL Mencken has some interesting quotes about the intelligence of the average voter.

Kabuki Theater

The Fundamental Transformation into Zimbabwe isn’t going fast enough for the CPUSA enemedia complex?
That is so cute when people try to make everyone equal instead of treating everyone equal.
There were some people in Russia 100 years ago who came up with the everyone is equal and racism concepts.
Some say that the “racism” tag goes back even further to a Frenchman.
If race is a social construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy then how is there any racism at all?


Jerry, you may be right,

never thought the MSM (D) would dub Trump saying “White Supremacist” into a ‘news’ report showing how Trump is pro white supremacist. This made me think about the trumpted charges by the corrupt DA and used car dealer in the movie “Used Cars” on dubbing someone’s voice.

Why not the MSM (D) do this? They are already putting words in Trump’s mouth, And btfsplk actually was goading Trump by saying, “go ahead, say it (white supremist)!” during the debate. Btfsplk’s people wanted a campaign commercial showing Trump to e a ‘racist’.

If President Trump was sharp enough not to fall for that trap, he is much sharper than I thought. It all makes sense why the MSM (D) is bringing it up all the time and why Trump is not actually saying the words.

However, if the press really wanted to attach the phrase to the president, all they have to do is have that a$$hole Alec Baldwin from SNL dress up like Trump and say it in a “presidential” setting like a press conference. So many of their ignorant lemmins would actually believe Baldwin is Trump. They could even get an impressionist to further the ruse.

I suppose the only reason why they have’t gone to that extreme is because they know Trump would really fight back and sue whichever source(s) aired or published that “bombshell”. And he would prevail despite the difficult libel laws for celebities to sue publishers. He would also make it THE NEWS CYCLE for the next thirty days and totally destroy the media’s creditibility. That is probably the only reason they haven’t gone whole hog and totally slandered Trump. Their lawyers probably told them it is ok to slander a nobody and quietly pay out a couple of hundered million in GS’ or Bezo’s money to get a point across, yet keep their dirty tricks quiet. But to lose all creditability, er, that won’t work out too good for the “brand”.


“The MSM really has a low opinion of the intelligence of their audience.”

You’re right, they do. And up until Trump’s pushback of the press and MSM (D)’s “fake news”, they got away with fooling a large porton of the ignorant or willfully stuptid American voters. They and the Dems just haven’t figured out how to change the script and are too arrogant to try to change and actually sell their unsellable platform in the arena of ideas to the electorate; so the SSDD mantra prevails because they don’t have anything else in their ‘quiver’ except for the load Jerry Burkhalter GoNads dumped in his pants at a MaligNancy Klink press confeence a week or so ago.

John Chapter 8

I just wish people would realize that non-whites are never going to uphold American values except in insignificant numbers, and that they will always be a tool of the left to undermine this nation.


IMO this is all about simple word association. Just like the NYT tried in 2016 to get the word “Trump” associated with the phrase “tax cheat” by running those two in every headline for a month before the election, now they are trying to get the word “Trump” associated in people’s minds with the phrase “white supremacist”. That is why they so desperately want Trump to speak the words white supremacist, so that they can play the edited clip while the voice-over says that Trump fails to adequately distance himself from white supremacists. The MSM really has a low opinion of the intelligence of their audience.


I call them the secm now socialist echo chamber media

Define the enemy

msm – socialist echo chamber media
dnc – socialist democrat party
public schools – socialist juvenile public indoctrination center
universities and colleges – socialist brainwashing centers
seiu – socialist employee union
federal bureaucrats – socialist government employees
democrat politicians – tyrannical socialists
left wing law clerks – socialist lackeys
antifa – socialist democrat party terrorists
blm – marxist democrat party terrorists
fbi – corrupt bureau of investigations
irs – corrupt revenue confiscators’
cdc – inept and corrupt quacks
nih – more inept and corrupt quacks

I think that covers most of them, but I am always open to suggestions to add to the list.

Jimmy MacAfee

Christians – particularly white Christians – are clearly a main target, but black and Asian and Hispanic Christians are also targeted, albeit in less obvious ways.

But the real enemy of the CCP and others – is Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah/Christ.:
Here is how they doctored the Bible in just one narrative:

“The biblical story of Jesus saving the woman caught in adultery has been twisted and given a new ending in a Chinese textbook, with Jesus killing the woman and telling her that He, too, is a sinner, according to a new report.”

With governors and mayors persecuting Christians with un-Constitutional lockdowns that don’t apply to rioters, gamblers, whorehouses, and worse, it’s clear that the assault on Jesus is now occurring on our shores. Happening right under your noses, folks!

And “Fingers” Biden practices a fake Catholicism, and Camelface practices who-knows-what. Whatever it is, it ain’t good.

Jimmy MacAfee

Why bother with polls at this point? I pointed out the other day to Gregg that President Trump likely got the virus at the debate, and had wrongly assumed that they would use it to remove LoopyJoe because of his blissful incompetence (though it is not really so blissful, because Biden’s a bastard with or without his mind intact.)

Only Republicans got the virus at the debate. How charming. Where is the investigation? Oh, that’s right: we no longer have an FBI director. Trump should fire him from his hospital bed, and put someone with a spine (or who isn’t playing for China and their US allies) in charge. A former DIA stand-n would be suitable. (You up for it, Rick?)

This was a physical coup attempt, an assassination plot. If I could see the timeline, anyone should be able to.


“Trump leads among white voters, 53-42%. Pew Research says Trump won among white voters in 2016, 54%-39%.”

I’ve written about this polling data before, and wondered how is it that President Trump is gaining minority support in a big way and yet still is at 46-52% in Rasmussen and other conservative (i.e., accurate) polls? The numbers don’t jibe on the face of it.

But my latest observation from the quote above shows he is down from 54-39% in 2016 to 53-42% now. That is a net loss of 1% for and a net gain of 3% against Trump among “white” voters. If true, that shows why Trump has basically treaded water for four years.

It also shows how stupid a huge segment of “white” voters were in 2016, are today and (sadly and apparently) will continue to be. How can anyone (apparently now 5%) living in America today be “undecided”? In most cases, election history shows the “undecideds” either break to the GOP Challenger, or to an incumbent as long as he is not in the tank and the perception is that country is “headed in the right direction”. 2020 makes that perception hard to gauge.

The bottom line here is a huge percentage of America’s majority white population has been dumbed down and guilted into accepting what is against their and the country’s best interest and they have been massaged to accept the false premise of the inherent, institutionalized, and systemic rottenness of America as founded to their detriment.

One must wonder, what will it take to wake these people up? Wasn’t eight years of ‘the One’ and his miserable regime proof enough to show that America’s “managed decline” is a disaster and Trump’s MAGA/KAG benefits everyone as in “a rising tide lifts all boats”? I guess not and sadly entirely too many “educated” white women who have never experienced the adversity of the Democratic run blue city plantations that is foisted upon the most vulnerable segments (minorities) of our society. This is the real tragedy of today’s American political environment.


Yes, we are stupid and cannot wipe our hinys without your bolshevik assistance. I am selling crying towels for the next election. 24 to a case. How many cases do you desire


It is without a doubt, the most blatant attempt at smear. But with the internet and folks looking things up for themselves, the attempt is muted. I suspect that just like the shy Trump supporters who won’t talk to pollsters or lead them on, the minority voters are doing the same.

With record low unemployment numbers for the black and hispanic community pre-corona, they are seeing for themselves what a Trump economy can do. And post corona it’s coming back faster than the experts (there’s that gang of jokers again) projected, it’s going to continue to push them away from the dems.


This is what WHITE PRIVILEGE is ALL about

Remember it!


Thanks for posting that Guadalcanal video SnakeUSMC.

I have studied the PTO of WWII extensively and want to visit Guadalcanal and other battlefields – it is on my bucket list. That video makes it all so real.

Semper fi

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