The Trumps Test Positive: October Surprise No. 1 Has Arrived

October Surprise No. 1 has arrived. – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump both tested positive for the China Virus on Thursday, after communications guru Hope Hicks had herself come up with a positive test earlier in the day. Leftists across Twitter and other social media sites immediately jumped in to spew vitriolic hopes of the First Couple dying from the disease, because of course they did. What else would you expect?

I won’t publish any of those despicable tweets and posts, but I will share a positive one with you. This is from MSNBC conspiracy monger Rachel Maddow:

That’s pretty classy for a fake news hostess who has spent pretty much every day the last five years spreading the most repugnant, false claims about this President, and often, his wife.

Meanwhile, over at CNN, sleazy fake journalist Dana Bash expressed her political party’s most fervent hopes:

Think about it: this would be a leftist baby-killer’s wet dream. Should Amy Coney Barrett have to quarantine, then what about Mitch McConnell and other members of the Senate who have met with the Supreme Court nominee this week? With Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to begin on October 12, a two-week quarantine would push the process back at least three days, moving the conclusion to the process ever closer to Election Day, wouldn’t it?

At least, that’s the reasoning of Democrats and the corrupt news media.

For their own part, McConnell and Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham could voluntarily self-quarantine, and, given the fact that pretty much no Democrat members have agreed to even meet with the nominee, use this as a compelling reason to cancel committee hearings entirely related to this nomination. Go straight to a floor vote and deny the Democrats their much-desired committee hearing circus.

Such a move would not change one vote related to the elections, but it would ensure a constitutionalist majority on the court for years to come.

Back at the campaign… – Obviously, another aspect of this that has the left in and out of the corrupt media tingling with glee this morning is that the positive test for the President would put a real cramp in Mr. Trump’s style for the next two weeks.

But does it really? My theory is that the President could send out a call for a rally at a hangar at any random airport in the nation, where people would show up to cheer as they watch him speak on huge video screens, and draw thousands upon thousands of supporters. The rally would be essentially the same, but the novelty of the method would inevitably create massive local news coverage of the event, which is one of the main goals for these rallies.

And if Democrats and the media object, you can just call them “peaceful protests” and any arguments about social distancing or masks would be rendered automatically moot.

More Strategery… – Also, from a strategic standpoint and from the standpoint of what is best for the conduct of his job, the President should reserve time on all the networks at some point today or tonight to deliver a message of reassurance to the country and the financial markets, which are showing signs of having a semi-meltdown this morning. Frankly, the earlier the better on this one.

In light of this diagnosis, people need to see the President’s face, to hear is voice, and to be reassured he remains functioning and in charge. The markets have been by and large expecting a second term for the Trump presidency and a continuation of his economic policies. Investors and traders need to be reassured that this health scare isn’t going to shift the dynamics of the campaign.

The Trumps’ health is paramount. – As of this writing very early on October 2, the White House is reporting that the President is currently asymptomatic, possibly due in some part to his use of hydroxychloroquine as a shield. But he is 74 years old and thus in the high-risk category for the worst features of this Chinese plague. The First Lady is much younger and thus at much lower risk of suffering from the most difficult aspects of the virus.

As Maddow notes above, for anyone over the age of 60 or so, this virus is a very dangerous and cruel affliction. Just because the President is asymptomatic today does not mean he will remain so. He does enjoy the advantages of the finest doctors and health experts the world knows today, but this plague does not necessarily heed to the will or expertise of any man.

We should all pray fervently for the President’s and First Lady’s health, safety and full recovery.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Crinkle Tart

I hope his entire family gets it, and gets it over with so they can move on to more important things. That’s the way it used to be, measles or chicken pox would come along and they’d get the entire class infected so everyone AT THE SAME TIME, got it, took their two weeks off, got cured and went back to business as usual. All this quarantine stuff does is just prolong the inevitable really. Drags it on and on and on. You go into hiding, come out two months later and then get it, now it’s going to be here for two more months. Get it then get it over with already.

He’s healthy enough that I don’t think it will do much to him, so hopefully he can get back to MAGA business soon enough!

The Man With No Name

The CPUSA isn’t spiking the ball and burning flags or celebrating yet?
Congratulations on the constraint comrades.
The enemedia is prattling on about masks and tracing down everyone in contact with the Trumpster.
Experts in white coats are hammering the Covid Sharia mask meme hard on a Friday night.
Lo-fos just want more bread and circuses as they tune out for some insomnia curing Netflix.
Don’t ever count the DJT NYC brawler out and he packs a mean second punch.


And there it is – Joe’s signalling no more debates due to the President testing positive


Wuttu wuss!
Is it just me or does he have cringeworthy black eyeballs?




Trump will be fine. He’s robust and most folks don’t even need the hospital anymore, and Melania is too young for serious concern. What worries me is what havoc can ensue while he’s quarantined. They Dems are already gaming the SCOTUS nomination…and, as expected, Mitch is faltering.


Considering that this is little more that a bad cold for 99.9% of people, why is everyone freaking out?

Ben Colder

I am really surprised by what Madcow said but does she really mean it ? See what these people do to you ? I am so used to them bashing President Trump that I can’t believe one of them would say something decent about the Donald.I guess time is going to tell if the chink flu will do him in sure hope not but he is in the age group that it gets to the worst and so am I for that matter but he can get that good drug he may be ok.I sure hope he will be ok we need him more now than ever but you know it is up to the man upstairs he has a plan even tho old Joe Bitrme calls God the thing.Think about that one would think a Catholic would at least be able to say God not the thing.What a pos Joe Biteme is he has never been very smart even after forty seven years.


After crying wolf for so long, it’s not easy to take her sentiments seriously.


As we say in golf, even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut. Everyone makes a mistake now and then, I believe this was hers.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think Madcow is a LARP – role-playing. It’s her gig. Kind of like the Left’s Ann Coulter.

Jimmy MacAfee

Did Gropey Joe shake hands with President Trump?
I noticed that the President looked tired, a bit worn.

Hey, Joe! C’mon man! Man up. You tested positive, too.


No, no handshake, and they didn’t bump elbows either.

TexanForever Thompson

This is a BRILLIANT strategic move by Trump.

If you’ve handled mail or money you’ve been exposed. As part of the herd, we all would probably test positive. But no big deal because the UV in sunshine destroys the RNA and DNA of all COVID viruses in seconds. That’s why the airlines and other corporations disinfect with UV wands.

This way Trump can pull an end-run around Lefty-biased moderators of future “debates” by avoiding the farces altogether. Also, the Left is getting desperate as the election draws nearer. The Secret Service is bound to be concerned about long-range snipers. This removes that problem. There are other benefits from Trump testing positive to this mild virus.

Jimmy MacAfee

Vitamin D also makes it less likely to get it – so sunshine has two benefits!

jack johnson

It`s a flu folks not Leprosy. Both my daughters had it and one didn`t even have a fever, the other had H1N1 and said Covid was a walk in park compared to it. If you are a healthy person you are at little risk of serious complications….just like the seasonal flu.

Don`t buy into the “sky is falling” narrative and it`s proof that all this mask, social distancing and lockdowns are BS and doesn`t prevent anything.


Wish someone would push Dr. Fluki to reveal that fact,

Just Me

Not sure what the deal is here; but, I’ve encountered a “Malicious/Dangerous site pop up window twice while reading this daily update post.

Just Me

Nope. I’m accessing via my lap top.

Jimmy MacAfee

No, my computer as well.


Yeah, I’m getting a “free” offer from Xfinity for an I-phone if I fill out a 9 question survey on both my PC and phone on this site. There is no way to “X” out of it. I have to click the back button and a Walmart survey also pops up. Back arrowing out loses the message I was typing on the phone, but not on the PC.

Anyway it is very annoying. Anyone here got any clues as to how I can stop these uncloseable popups?


Depends on your browser. I use Brave and its built in blocker is good. Then I beef it up with AdAware and AdBlock. I get no ads anywhere. Downside is sites like Mr Blackmon’s often rely on these ads for revenue which is why he needs a ‘buy me a coffee’ button or a subscription option. I for one would be hitting that coffee button regular.


I use Ghostery and ADBlocker, but I gave Dave and Whatfinger trusted site status as it helps them out. Everybody else’s sites get the stiff arm. 😛


I should have mentioned Whitelisting the good guys sites…

my bad…. Thx for pointing that out Silas


and BTW… click the links at the left as this adds revenue to this site as well… Helps out everyone.

Its a war… fund the good guys, not the enemy

Just Me

I use Norton; comes with my Xfinity account; and the site blocker nailed both attempts to attack via the update. Just don’t know how it manage to do that. I’ve encountered such with other sites; appears to be a random thing.


Ah, yes. Had to be something to slow down the destruction of the left by President Donald J. Trump.
Debate #1: failure to stop the Trump train, just added more voters to the Trump equation. Results from telemundo poll show this fact starkly.
A never-Trumper being touted as the 2nd debate moderator, not to mention all the hullabaloo about changing the way the debates are done, not seeming to have the result anticipated by the left. If the festivities continue, as they should, there should be more bovine scat from the left on how the POTUS should be restricted to the WH for the quarantine period. Even though he is showing asymptomatic, or something like that.
Were it me, I’d get a 2nd opinion. Let the games continue.
Just sayin’.


Thank you DB for all, but especially this, Daily Update.


I’m no fan of Maddow’s, but it must have taken some courage to post that knowing that it was going to be off-color amidst her peers. Hat tip to you Ms. Maddow, for your positive message.


Still think she is the MSM (D)’s “Class Act”. Looking forward from to other tweets from both Fredo Brothers, F Chuck Todd, Chris “Chuck” Wallace, Snake Crapper, Steffi Stephenopolis, James TEA-BAG Carvalle, Juan Williams, Shemp Smith et al,

I’m waiting to hear if the “good”, raised Catholic MaligNancy Klink will lead a prayer for President Trump as, of course you know she “prays for him daily”. btfsplk’s handlers gave a good tweet; waiting for karma roundheels and Walking Eagle…

Still waiting for the controversial “class act” tweet from a Hollywood cretian to give cover for the rest to their fellow traveler’s vitriol.


^^^ for your Madow comment Jonesy.


Yes, great to have you back in the saddle Dave.

Pardon my cynicism, but Maddow is just the designated MSM (D) “Class Act” to provide cover for the rest of the media dirtbages to Dana BASH Trump and his handling of CV-19.

Yes the president should demand national TV address time ASAP. He should say what his CV-19 regime is and if he is taking HCQ for treatment.

This is going to be a hell of a month.

PS: I noticed that no one here on the discussion boards GAS about Grahamesty’s hearings with Comey et al. I’ve punted on all of the Obamagate “breaking news” and “bombshells” It is in Barr and Durham’s hands and what will be will be. One thing is certain: if Trump loses, Obamagate goes away and, the backlash against us deplorables and any Trump ally will be horriffic. And it will not take 1,000+ days to “investigate” and no Holder type btfsplk “wingman”
AG will recuse him/herself from the case(s).

Where is Phineas? We miss you too.


^^^ for your post Gregg. Can’t figure how to upvote on this site, pardon me.


Thank you nams, I appreciate your kind ^^^ very much.


I did read where Comey lied again in the Senate hearing, yawn. But Mark Wauck had some news today about a possible Durham flip from a member of the Mueller team. Read at your own risk Gregg. 🙂


Interesting read. We shall see.


Oooooook Stuartswede, we’ll see.

I hope your link’s author and Hannity, Rush, Carter, and Solomon et al are correct.

Rick O'Shay

Godspeed President Trump and family.

The cynics among us wonder which deep state mole purposely infected the President and/or his staff.

And great to see you back David.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pray Psalm 91, for this to not effect the President – posted on comment-post.

Maddow shows class in this wish for the best for the President; Bash is a sleaze of the worst kind. Despicable.

I point the finger of the infection of the President and the First Lady at the Intel community.


I wonder if this was his first positive result. I mean with as the NY Times said 90% false positive results, surely he has come up positive in the past, and probably done rapid followups showing negative? I remember Rand Paul tested positive, with no symptoms, Cuomo too, (which I think was just a publicity stunt). I would love to be a fly on the wall in the oval office right now, our President did invent 5D chess.

Jimmy MacAfee

Has Barron tested positive?

Jimmy MacAfee

I hear he tested negative. Praise the LORD!

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