Friday News Roundup: Trump Won the Debate, Much to the Chagrin of Fox News

I’ve repeatedly talked about the fact – and it is a fact – that the only real gauge for which candidate “won” a presidential debate is public perception. Debating points don’t matter. The considered opinions from cable news talking heads do not matter. All the talking points and spin coming from the respective campaigns afterwards do not matter.

What matters is public perception, because that is shaped by the voters, and the voters – not the media – will determine the outcome of the election.

The corrupt news media and its Democrat Party clients have been working overtime since Tuesday night to convince you all that the debate was somehow a “shit show” – in the words of CNN Democrat activist Dana Bash – because we saw a President fighting back against assaults and falsehoods coming not only from his opponent, but also from the “moderator” in the form of Fox’s resident communist, Chris Wallace.

You are all supposed to believe that President Trump “lost” the debate for the simple fact that he did not sit and wait his turn to speak as both Biden and Wallace repeatedly lied about him and his record. You are further expected to believe that the disruptions in the flow of the debate were all the President’s fault despite the fact that Wallace, acting on behalf of the Biden campaign, interrupted President Trump no fewer than 76 times, as compared to the 14 times he chose to interrupt Biden.

Wallace himself put it this way on Thursday: “I had the baked this beautiful delicious cake. And then, frankly, the President put his foot in it, and that was frustrating.” Nevermind that Wallace repeatedly interrupted the President during his answer to the very first question – it’s all the fault of that Bad Orange Man in the White House.

For his own part, Wallace revealed himself irreversibly to be the rank partisan hack he has become over the past four years. We should remember that Wallace, in focusing the third 2016 debate on issues rather than Trump’s personality, did the nation a tremendous public service by behaving as a true moderator should behave during these debates.

But of course, since that third debate – during which Trump absolutely dominated his demonic opponent from beginning to end – essentially sealed the election for the GOP nominee, Wallace came under tremendous fire from his media colleagues who view their roles as activists for the Democrat Party. That pressure and resulting snubs from all the best DC dinner party lists for some time, obviously had a huge impact on Wallace, who has essentially replaced the odious Shep Smith as the head leftwing activist host at Fox News.

The initial snap polling after the debate from non-network news sources strongly indicate the President clearly won in the realm of public perception. This was especially true among a couple of key demographic groups – Hispanic voters and Jewish voters:

This reality in part explains why the media has focused to intently on pretending that the President did not disavow white supremacists in the days since, even though he actually did that three times in response to Wallace’s loaded question and had done so probably 50 times before Tuesday night. The media believes it must work to tamp down any positive movement towards trump, especially from minority voters. Thus, the hyper-focus on this utter and complete non-issue.

Interestingly, Fox’s own John Roberts chose to attack the President perhaps more aggressively than any other reporter:

That’s right: Roberts’s own wife, Kyra Phillips, a reporter for ABC News, had gotten an outright disavowal from the President 24 hours before Roberts went into his rant during a Thursday White House press conference. Kayleigh McEnany’s responses to Roberts was so humiliating that the hack went into an on-air hissy fit on Fox Business later in the day:

Thus we see the slow disintegration of anything resembling objectivity throughout Fox’s entire news division continuing before our eyes. Outside of the evening talk shows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish Fox News from CNN with every passing day.

Amy Coney Barrett Tests negative. – The President’s Supreme Court nominee was tested for COVID-19 Friday morning, and the results came back negative, much to the dismay of everyone at CNN and the New York Times. Thus, the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies are denied their argument to delay Judge Barrett’s confirmation process.

As I pointed out in another post this morning, this entire episode is just one more reason why Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham should cancel any committee hearings on this nomination and take it to the floor for a vote asap. The Supreme Court convenes for its 2020/2021 session on Monday, and it is a justice short. The Senate should remedy that situation asap, especially given the fact that Judge Barrett was just vetted and confirmed on a bipartisan vote for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals 3 short years ago.

The Democrat Party’s destruction of our election integrity is now official public policy in Colorado. – That is thanks to the efforts of Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold, who took to Twitter this week to urge media outlets to refuse to report any results on election night.

No, really, I’m not making this stuff up. Here are her exact words, courtesy of Brietbart:

Our democracy cannot be held hostage to a ratings race. If you care about our democracy, you will protect it. Full Stop. We are in the middle of a pandemic and the President of the United States has telegraphed that he may claim victory on election night, even when millions of ballots will not have been counted. Indisputable facts: 1. This is no normal election. A record number of Americans will be voting by mail. 2. Election “night” will be dramatically different than ever before.

We need an UNPRECEDENTED plan from the media for how they will cover an unprecedented election. That is why I am calling on national media networks to pledge to #PressPause for democracy and: 1. Make NO projections on election night 2. Announce NO election results on election night. In the coming days, I will ask election administrators, voting rights organizations, media ethicists, corporations, religious leaders, and all concerned Americans to stand with me in demanding media executives #PressPause for democracy.



Sec. Griswold has since deleted some or all of her tweets. Possibly that is because a big part of her job as Secretary of State is reporting actual election results as they are tabulated across her state. Thus, her advocacy for media outlets to refuse to report those exact same election results may have seemed a little, oh, maybe, inappropriate to fellow Democrat Gov. Ron Polis.

You just could never make these people up.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] we discussed on Friday, this particular media smear job was for the first time led by Fox News, with White House reporter […]


And then this pops up

I must admit, the idea that President Trump is doing this to blow up the covid scary narrative had crossed my mind. But to do it, he’d have to actually need to be infected on purpose.
Would he do that? He’s be setting himself up for the biggest fail ever if hr tried to fake it. There are still too many weasels and snakes in the White House to do so and not have it leaked.


I commented earlier today that the President had tested positive in all likelihood on previous tests, and then probably negative on 3 or more subsequent, but maybe this time he said “OK, we go with it, and light ’em up”. Please refill my hydroxy prescription.


Awww, poor demoncrats. They wanted ACB to quarantine. Just one small problem with that


Gandalf Beard

External and internal enemies tremble in fear of Chrissy Wallace!
The swamp RATS are so cute as they bitterly cling to the fading ring.
The narrative control and credibility went *POOF* back in 2016 but the wizards of smart will be the last ones to figure it out.

Matthew M

I think the president deserves some fair criticism for his debate performance. His style was fine and aggressiveness was mostly fine, with the exception of that a few times he could have made a more clear point and got in his own way by interrupting and not gathering his thoughts. He definitely should have called out wallace more for continuing to interrupt him or trying to move off the subject in defense of biden. Overall I don’t think the needle was moved very much, but I also think this isnt much of an ‘undecideds election’ as it is a ‘base turnout election’ so the needle wasn’t going to move much either way . Trump still dominated and won the debate handily, he just needs improvement in those couple areas.


Just noticing how certain names are duplicated.


This hack reporter “I’m tired of it (criticism)”, John Roberts; and the obviously compromised Chief Justice John Roberts – “there are no Obama judges and no Trump judges” is no friend to the conservative cause, at least since his pro-Obamacare vote.


Harry Wallace was FDR’s VP and an avowed communist just like Bernie Sanders. When FDR ran for his fourth term the still pro-American Democrats told him to get rid of Wallace (because they knew FDR was dying) or he would not be supported for his reelection. I wonder if Chris “Chuck” Wallace’s dad was related to Harry?

At any rate, Mike Wallace was a leftist hack for CBS’ “60 Minutes” for decades and his smirky son is the same. Dave you said he ran a good debate in 2016 and therefore got a lot of flack for that transgression. I mildly disagree because if that is the case, why didn’t he ask Walking Eagle the same question whether she will accept the election result? And why isn’t btfsplk ever asked that question?

Then we had that famous RACIST Democrat Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama running for president in 1968 and 1972.

This year we had that race car driver with the same name egging on racial discord by claiming a pull cord rope on a garage door was a noose and got over a dozen FBI agents to investigate it and got a big nothing-burger.

I realize there are good people with the surnames of Roberts and Wallace, but it is amazing there are so many dubious people who share these two names.

John Chapter 8

Blacks, arabs, mexicans, chinese, jews, indians, homosexuals, pedophiles and every combination can burn your cities, bomb your buildings, steal your jobs, and rape your children, and nobody has to denounce a single one of them. Only white Christians need to be denounced. They are desperate to get you to denounce your own race and embrace the trash of the third world. Stop worrying about “muh racism” and start worrying about a future where your children’s children are surrounded on all sides by a seething brown ocean of toxic sewage!

Peter H Ferris

Welcome back, glad the procedure went well!


Outside of its prime time, which is its money maker, anyone who believes FNC is remotely conservative is a fool.


“one more reason why Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham should cancel any committee hearings on this nomination and take it to the floor for a vote asap.”

So for covid ‘safety’ reasons Mitch should state that the House will be bypassed and a ‘remote’ vote taken to seat Barrett immediately.


I hate stupid askimet


I think markups have been turned off, ie italic, bold etc… So if a message contains any it merely dumps the whole message… help help… I’m being oppressed… LOL (Monty Python – Holy Grail)


My favorite is the wizard telling them about the killer bunny. Next favorite is the bring out your dead bit.


OK… so back to not posting my comments… Tech attacking conservative sites!?!? I’d put money on it, can’t have conservatives voicing opinions that fragile dems might see.


It’s stupid askimet. Now it will not even show comments sometimes until I make a post and “save”. Literally everybody’s posts, not just mine.

And another thing has developed and it may be go daddy, but sometimes I will see an email for a new post by Dave and when I open up his page it’s not there. I have to go back and click on the “read more” link to get it to come up. And it may be Firefox for all I know. I may have to resort back to using Edge. 😛


Welcome back Sir! We missed your outstanding input and insight. It surely will be the voters who decide the winner.

Unreal that Griswold would push for a media blackout until they lie, cheat, and steal away the election. I wonder if Clark was her father? Just sayin’


John Robert – Another “I know what’s important, so you better listen to me” news critter drama queen.

Faux News, the once proud bastion of real news. OANN and Newsmax do a better job now and without all the drama queens wringing their hands and waiting for the sky to fall.

If their evening opinion shows were to suddenly go elsewhere Faux would be down in the bottom with XiNN in no time at all.

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