Discussion Post – 10.1.2020

Happy October, everyone! After a 2-hour procedure yesterday, I am now the proud owner of 3 brand new stents to go along with the 1 I received 9 years ago as a gift from my left ventricular artery. Because they used my left wrist as my access point for the operation, I am pecking this with 2 fingers. Thus, this will be the only post for today, but I am hopeful that I will be able to return to more normal writing activities tomorrow, Saturday at the latest.

I want to thank all of you for your expressions of concern and advice – I know they have all been very helpful to me.

Oh, and Brian Stelter is still the human incarnation of Humpty Dumpty.

Discuss away.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I think there’s good reason that Durham and Barr are delaying until after the election:

Several Intel agencies are refusing to release certain classified information, information that could put several former Intel officials in jail. The current officials must continue in their present jobs – unfortunately – but won’t be allowed to keep their positions after the election. Everybody knows this in that world. The offenders and their guardians hope that President Trump loses, or that some act of G0D (not that they believe in Him) will intervene.

The DOJ is an island, half inhabited by patriots, half inhabited by flesh-eating morons. This is true of the FBI as well.

Not to start a fight, but how would you like to prosecute Intel agents involved in treasonous activities? You’re fighting in their world, on their turf. It’s a tall hill to take.

If only Q wasn’t a LARP. Wish that weren’t the case.

Rich Grenell is about as close as we’re gonna get to a real Q.

[…] content on this site for the past four days while I was in the hospital (see this morning’s Discussion Post for further info on that). I am home now and will resume creating original content of my own on […]


David….really glad you are on the mend. Thoughts and prayers going your way. May good health be with you now!

Rick O'Shay

This is what happens when rampant vote fraud combines with liberal TDS idiots voting straight ticket. Mayor Sylvester Turner was my neighbor 30 some years ago when he couldnt get elected dog catcher. To say hes as dumb as a box of rocks insults rocks. County Judge Dora the Explorer isnt much better.


David sums it up here.



I concur with all the others here… Glad the procedure went well but us news junkies can wait until you are able again, good sir. Stress doesn’t help but exercise does so go do a couple days of fishing… a park walk with your wife, mow the lawn… whatever. We’ll all still be here.

Sharon Campbell

David, so glad to hear you are feeling better! I’m one of your biggest fans!


Glad to hear all went well Dave. C’mon man! 😀


Take care Dave!

Wishing you all the best.

Miss your insight, and look forward to it resuming when you recover, but take all the time you need; your health is the most important issue.

Jumper Bones

Hi Mr. Blackmon, get well soon, and consider getting this (and a good microphone). Fastest method to go from your stream-of-conscience thoughts to your written words:


Can we all quit picking on Humpty Dumpty? It’s not his fault that Stelter looks like him.
I really prefer how Mark Dice portrays him. Especially the lipstick part. It’s hilarious.


Stupid aslimet


It doesn’t matter if Biden is getting help on stage or not, the Dem platform and messaging is still total crap. Trump just needs to stay on point with his message, tout the accomplishments, and detail the socialist transformation the Dems and their leftist controllers want for this country. And the occasional one-liner to keep Joe on his toes.


Glad to heat you’re on the mend Mr Blackmon!!! Here’s to a speedy release!!! ;<) ??????????!!!

Robosaurus Rex

Get well DB… is there anybody who can type on your behalf? Your brain must be exploding with analysis and I’ve missed your take on issues. I love whatfinger, but you tend to sum it up better than many journalists featured there. You even at 50% is better some of these people at 100%. Get well soon!

Jimmy MacAfee

“Sometimes he’s shaping his mouth for the wrong words…”

Evidence that he had a listening device, or is she right: there is something neurologically wrong with Demented Joe?

These two people in the video are by no means Trump supporters, but the expert’s observations about Crazy Joe are stunning:


Jimmy MacAfee

The word the doctor in the video was not willing to say is “Progressive Aphasia.”


It’s possible that he has both this, and a wire, because as she stated, the words he appears to be forming are not the words that eventually come out. It takes time between what he’s thinking and what he says, and it takes time between what he’s being told to say and what he says. Neither one is mutually exclusive, and indeed, the aphasia (if that’s what it is) is an indicator of why his camp would participate in the latter:



Welcome back Dave.

Check out antifa.com

Jimmy MacAfee
Jimmy MacAfee
Jimmy MacAfee

I was right the other day when I wrote that Little Miss Moffett was one of those blocking information from being provided in the exposure of the coup attempt. Grenell said that it was intel (more than one agency) and it’s clear that Miss Moffett was involved in the London part of the coup attempt, and is now protecting Hysterical Johnny B. Busted. She’s running interference for others, too. Get off your tuffet, or quit.

Time for her to be either charged or removed, and since we all know she won’t be charged, she needs to be fired, along with Wray – another impediment to the release of information.

Jimmy MacAfee

Glad it went well, Dave!

I disagree over Stelter; he looks – to me – more like the round kitty drops from one of our perpetually constipated cats! You’d have to be here to see it to believe it!

Jimmy MacAfee
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