Discussion Post – 9.30.2020

When President Trump was judged the winner of last night’s debate with Chris Wallace and Joe Biden by 66% of the Telemundo viewers, you know he was the clear winner in public perception, which is the only measure that matters.

Discuss away.

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Jimmy MacAfee

This is telling: a body language expert, no fan of President Trump, discusses the body language of both candidates during the debate:



Every once in a while, Ann Coulter actually commits an act of journalism and insight


Jimmy MacAfee

It’s refreshing when she’s lucid, as she is here.

Jimmy MacAfee

My last thought on the debate – which I saw in pieces: there is a schism between the Donald J. Trump who rightfully deserves the Nobel Peace Prize (far more than most in the last generation) and the debater who fought a good, but brutal, fight.

Is there anything to recommend Senile Joe? Not a thing; he did not present one thing that made him worthy of the office. Not. A. Single. Thing. No vision, no plans, no list of potential SCOTUS nominees: what are Americans to think about such a blank slate? We already HAD a blank slate in the last President, whose only accomplishment was offering a brief glimpse of hope for racial reconciliation and a better healthcare system – he failed completely and utterly on both counts.

So we’re to give Biden a blank check? We know already that he hates the working class – he calls us “stupid,” pushes us around, and allows his people to steal us blind as he helps the Elite to sell us out to our national enemies. How is he for us? Truth is: Biden is not for us, and never was and never will be. Same with the ambitious wretch named Harris.

President Trump is sometimes a little TOO much like us, if there is any fault. But on the other hand, he is willing to take the fight to the ground. And that is what the “debate” was: Ground ‘n Pound, with the referee continually standing Biden up when he was getting the snot beat out of him.

President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than nearly anyone, because it is from the gut and from the heart that he does what he must do. But most viewers were expecting a knockout, a pencil-necked Biden going down with a solid blow to the jaw – and like most decisions that come from Ground ‘n Pound, there were some unsatisfactory things about the victory.

But what emerged, more than anything: President Trump deserves four more years, and Joe Biden deserves nothing but derision, a pretender who throws low blows and has no game whatsoever, and demonstrates no talent nor ability. He was Tim Kaine-minus.

Four more years!

Richard Hertz

Hope all is well David, you have unnatural insights. Popping one for you…a 25 Bud Light!


From the headlines at Whatfinger and Breitbart, I’d say Comey walked into a shredder. He’s said slojo never brought up the Logan act. Like anybody believes a liar telling more lies.


I have noticed that whenever slojo ventures and is acting lucid, the next day is a lid. I am thinking that whatever they are pumping into him has deleterious effect or big let down the next day. I don’t expect to see or hear much from him for at least two days now. He was (as we used to say back in my youth) pretty hopped up.

From the reviews, I was right about Chrissy going low. President Trump stating he was debating him instead of Biden did not go unnoticed. The media is now clamoring for slojo to not do any more debates. There’s your surest indicator that Biden flamed out and Chrissy helped him do so. The media was crucifying Chrissy last night. The optics are bad.

As for the “wire”, that may well have been a small IV line. I got to thinking back to my chemotherapy days. They would hook me up to a portable pump about the size and shape of
a large lemon, which I would then carry around in my pants pocket. Pretty unobtrusive and wasn’t noticeable. And the IV line was pretty small, looked just like a wire. It would be set to give him a steady dose and thereby keep him going.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are also small tubes for a swollen brain (*cerebral edema): from Web MD:

” Ventriculostomy: In this procedure, a surgeon cuts a small hole in the skull and inserts a plastic drain tube. Cerebrospinal fluid is drained from inside the brain, helping to relieve the pressure.”

“Symptoms of brain swelling vary, depending on the severity and the cause. Usually they begin suddenly. You may notice any of these symptoms:

Neck pain or stiffness
Nausea or vomiting
Irregular breathing
Vision loss or changes
Memory loss
Inability to walk
Difficulty speaking
Loss of consciousness”


Just a suggestion for a differential diagnosis, not necessarily Alzheimer’s. Given his brain bleeds in the past, this is a fairly high probability,

Jimmy MacAfee

Reminds me of Casino Royale:

“Get our hand away from your ear.”

Looked like he (Gropey Joe) was playing with it. Rookie mistake. Could be a drip line – would make more sense, since they didn’t have the break his people wanted. I’m guessing Adderall, but there are other stimulants that might suffice. But he has to hide, because there are consequences of getting jacked.

Also reminds me of HRC, and how she would quickly recuperate (with a body double, sans Secret Service agents) in record time after her seizure on 9/11, where she was dragged into the car like a sack of moldy manure. It’s amazing she’s still alive, but it is unlikely that she is well. She’s like a turtle in a terrarium, sitting on a rock.


A hitchhikers guide to Marxism, clueless demwits are playing with fire.



I realize a lot of conservative people praised his performance, but I thought Trump could have done much better, and was disappointed that he didn’t. He interrupted Biden so many times when if he would have let him talk, Biden might have hung himself. He could have spent a little more time on detailing what the country would look like under Biden (socialism). I think there was some wasted opportunities.

And while Wallace had to help Biden on a couple of occasions, Trump is going to have less friendly moderators for the next 2 debates. He needs to prepare.


“And while Wallace had to help Biden on a couple of occasions, Trump is going to have less friendly moderators for the next 2 debates. He needs to prepare.”

Hard to imagine a less friendly moderator.

To goad Trump into ‘losing it’ has been an ongoing strategy for four years and Trump has been remakedly restrained.

The only way I can see Trump further “preparing” for future debates is to insist upon having a five minute uninterrupted closing statement where he can dramtically recite the ‘moderators’ agenda. He needs to lay out the case as if he is on trial, which he is, and explain to the audience the crap that Wallace and the other “impartial” moderators have pulled. And insist that btfsplk has the same uninterrupted closing five minutes BEFORE Trump’s closing arguement.


A good point was made on TN talk radio this AM:

MeAgain Kelly tried to sandbag Trump in the 2016 primary debates – Meagan Who???

Shemp Smith (schiff) was a famous never-Trumper on his PM FOX show – Shemp who???

Now Chris “Chuck” Wallace did his “60 Minutes” daddy proud and did his best to kiss the MSM (D)’s cabal’s collective a$$ and bail out btfsplk – I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least a “leave of absence” from “Chuck” on his Sunday morning propaganda “news” talk show.


Interesting take from Don Surber on the cage match last night:

FINALLY, I did not watch the debate. I know the routine. The questions are asinine. Donald Trump commands the stage. The media says he lost. He wins.

Via Instapundit, a Biden-supporter assessed the debate.

Trump is dominating. That’s the brutal truth. It’s painful. So far.
— Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) September 30, 2020

​The debate went as expected.

Trump is debating two people tonight.
— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) September 30, 2020

Someone who is an expert on Trump debates (i.e., had her bottom handed to her at one) made a keen observation.

Biden can’t control Trump; keeps asking Wallace to help him. Not a good look. Handle it Mr. VP
— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) September 30, 2020

Someday, perhaps, the devils in the media and academia will give President Trump his due.

He and I will be dead by then, so I don’t care.

I do care about my readers. One just made my day.

— Matt Doran (@HazeDoran) September 30, 2020

They are my sisters and brothers from other mothers.

Jimmy MacAfee

On the news of Brennan turning over information to his agency and the FBI “to investigate” HRC’s political hit-job on Trump: he turned it over to Peter Strzok, who was both CIA and FBI, and predictably helped put the Clinton scheme on steroids. They also slipped the fake dossier into the news feed and Senator Songbird McLame’s in-box for wider distribution.

So the CIA knew the Russians knew about Hillary Rotten’s plans, and they didn’t tell her to stop: it was doused with an accelerant by Obumbler and Biden, and ignited. Brennan tried to appear to keep a hands-off approach, but the trail goes right back to him.

And Little Miss Moffett is trickling out information as slowly as she is able. She needs to be gone, along with Chris Wray. Put KT McFarland in her place as a temp?

Jim Delani Jr

I really think Ric Grenell would be a better interim assignment so that he can start releasing documents and cleaning out the swamp rats on the top floor of the FBI. Couple of months of Ric kicking butt and taking names and they’ll be begging for Trump to nominate anyone else – no matter how honest!

Jimmy MacAfee

Grenell for FBI; McFarland for CIA.


Hope all went well yesterday Dave.

Jimmy MacAfee



Lost two 1960s and 1970s music icons:

Mac Davis and Helen Reddy, both were 78 (btfsplk is 77 until Nov 20). RIP Mac and Helen.

Loved their music when I was in my teens and early twenties, though I didn’t care for her “I Am Woman” message, but it was still a great song.


A surprising number of voters have never heard about Hunter Biden and this debate was their first exposure to Hunter Biden. After the debate there was a tenfold increase in Google searches for “Hunter Biden”. Biden never denied Hunter has a drug problem and feebly responded to his son’s illegal drug use by saying (I paraphrase) “he’s working on it.” My take on the debate: I didn’t like Trump’s aggressive interrupting and feared it might not play well with suburban women. But I could be wrong. My sensitivities are from another era (I listen to Rosemary Clooney sing and Mel Tormé recordings). In the age of rappers using all sorts of language and X-rated depictions a mere computer click away on the Internet perhaps rudeness and interruption no longer offends. I may be out of step with the times. Trump might be better attuned as to what plays well with audiences. Indeed, I found “The Apprentice” shocking at times but it was a ratings hit.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Angie Baby” could have been presciently written about the false accuser of the UVA fraternity, as featured in the Rolling Stone by Sabrina Erdley. Except there is no “neighbor boy;” he, too, is a figment of her imagination.

This somewhat ameliorates the damage Reddy did with “I Am Woman.” Nobody should believe Angie, because she’s a “very special lady.” Not “just a little touched” – batshit crazy.

Alas, Reddy only performed the song – she didn’t write it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Predictably, questions about Cheatin’Joe’s evil son’s activities were met with “that’s been debunked.” (No, they’re just now being exposed.)

People watching this, and who are increasingly aware of Hunter Biden’s malign activities, are not going to give Lyin’gropin’cheatin’Joe any slack here. Dopey reply by someone on dope. Adderall can’t bring back what isn’t there.

Chris Wallace sucked; he was a cheating proctor on an rigged exam. Biden always cheats, and Wallace stupidly and transparently enabled Bubblebrain Joe.

Jimmy MacAfee

Biden’s brain in the basement; Biden’s brain with Adderall:



Joe looked amazingly alert and awake. I hope people saw who the real liars are. I never thought the debate would actually happen. Did anyone notice an ear piece?


No way Dude!


I admit I did not watch the “debate” (taped it for later viewing), but from what I am hearing, apparently Chris “Chuck” Wallace WAS btfsplk’s earpiece.

All this talk of bftsplk actually using earpieces is nonsense. The man can’t even use a teleprompter, and is clearly confused about most things, and to have someone babbling in his ear in real time to try to give him some response to President Trump, or the DNC ‘moderator’ would be problematic with the long pregnant pauses that would have resulted.

The pep-me-up-drug cocktail theory seems much more plausible to assist btfsplk’s alertness and performance. Supposedly Amtrack Joe is taking a train campaign tour today (he still apparently lives in the circa 1948 era of Truman’s “whistle stop” tour and record players) in his return to his bunker in preparation for his naps/hibernation.

IMO bftsplk is like an incandescent light bulb that gets brighter just before it blows. Whatever supplements “Dr.” Demento Jill is having administered to him will only exacerbate that filament burnout. Hopefully, he will “be the face of the Democratic Party” for another 35 or so days so we don’t get a massive sympathetic vote for the Dems like what happened for LBJ in the wake of the JFK assassination.

Jimmy MacAfee

There were pictures of an earpiece in Cheatin’GropeyJoe’s ear at other times; it was a good thing to highlight, because people would be looking for it – and were.

They won’t try a cochlear implant, because CrazyDemented Joe might be upset when the voices stop talking to him.

Jimmy MacAfee


Back to the basement.


If I were President Trump and old lyin’ Biden called me a clown, not once but twice, I would have went over slapped the schite out of him. Biden is a complete joke and proved it last night with the help of one of the worst ‘moderators’ ever in Crissy Wallace.


Yes, Trump’s restraint is amazing – one might even say “presidential”.

It is a good thing that you or I are not in Trump’s place as we would have probably ‘lost’ it with these commies years ago.


Yep….we would have lost it but we would have enjoyed every minute of it….wink wink

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