Discussion Post – 9.28.2020

I will be out of pocket today so this will be the only post for the day .

Discuss away.



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Technology will be their undoing. If I had been in charge, you wouldn’t have read about it. Never tip your hand, especially when dealing with marxist revolutionaries.


Thats exactly what my wife said.


Giddy up and line em up. Hopefully they did some lawful eavesdropping this time.

Stuartswede in limbo

Kristi 2024!

She is so real, and right, and can herd buffalo’s, (and camels)! This is great


Rick O'Shay

Giddy up!


Okay, so if slojo does make the debate, how long before goes off the rails?
I’m thinking about 30 minutes.

And it’s official, he’s refused to take a drug test.


The expectation bar is so low for Joe. Biden wins if he manages not to have a stroke on stage.


Also trying to decide if I want to tape it or not. I work nights so it’s a tough call.

I have every confidence Dave will give us a good breakdown and I can wait to read it.
Whatfinger will have the video highlights as well.

Jimmy MacAfee

China continues to act as if it were 18th and 19th century Great Britain, but uses predatory lending devices and schemes to enslave those places which it hopes to colonize,

Funny that the Left never acknowledges this – in fact, in Great Britain, the Left wants to “de-colonize Great Britain! WTF? That means it wants Great Britain to remove it’s own culture and laws from its own land, and to not be Great Britain any longer!

Sounds like an idiotic idea promoted by Camelface, the erstwhile Presiduntial candidate in the US, now running as Gropey Joe’s replacement.

Debt traps, border disputes and incursions – China is now a Colonialist regime. Colonies have a nice habit of rising up against their masters, and this will happen far sooner than has historically occurred. Maybe Lebron James is willing to be a slave for the Chinese – what some might call a “Kapo,” and Kraperdick may do the same, but slaves to Communist Colonialists is exactly what they are.

Don’t support slavery: avoid watching professional sports and find a way to live a real life.

Jimmy MacAfee

Richard Gere is persona non grata in Hollyweird. Why is this? Is he a Trump supporter? (not bloody likely) A Christian? (no) Is he a “secret racist” who uses “dog whistles?” (um. no)

It’s because he wants a free Tibet, free to engage in its own culture and national identity. Who would oppose this? The same people who would upend the entire NBA because of a “Free Hong Kong” tweet by an NBA manager. Also can’t put Free Hong Kong on NBA gear – (at least until recently…maybe?)


When will the Colonial powers rise up against a bullying, maniacal PLA/CCP? When will Tibet be free? Don’t ask Richard Gere; he’s been in this war for a very long time, and fights his own battles. So much so that he is avoided by the China-butt-kissers in Hollyweird. I’m certain that he would not like me speaking up for him, but I’m not: I’m only pointing out that he’s made his point a long time ago, and no one paid attention.

Wake the eff up. NBA, NFL. MLB. Everyone else.

NC Curmudgeon

Hi Folks! Given this is a discussion post, here’s a serious question from a poorly-informed reader regarding the current Armenia vs. Azerbaijani forces. Can someone lay out the reason(s) for fighting between these two countries?

Based upon strictly Wikipedia sources, I saw Armenia is mostly Christian, the Azers (easier to spell…sorry!) mostly muslim.

Is this similar (not related, I don’t think) to the Israeli-Middle East confrontations based on religion?

You guys are always well-informed and explain things (not EXcluding Mr. Blackmon, of course!) in english, not diplo-speak.


Jimmy MacAfee

Just from a quick trip, I see that the Armenians are supported by Russia, while the Azerbaijani forces are supported by Turkey; Russia has military bases in Armenia.

Some longer history and shorter:

Turkey committed genocide against the mostly-Christian Armenians, and Yipyip Errordog (known as Tayyip Recep Erdogan) is easily angered by the claim – though Turkey massacred them and it is not a disputable fact.

Errordog also attempted to use Article 5, the NATO mutual defense pact, to try to initiate WWIII when it shot down the Russian jet, angering a maddened (and possibly mentally unstable Vladimir Putin. It took quite a bit of work by our people to calm things down, and for NATO to authoritatively state that it did not authorize Errordog to shoot down the Russian jet. Considering Errordog’s frequent incursions over other nations’ airspaces, including recent attacks, he has no room to speak. The World War Errordog was trying to start would have destroyed both US and Russia, with his ability to expand his “Ottoman Empire Redux” far into the East.

We would have been far more vulnerable at the time, since Obumbler had basically used most of our stockpiles in his foray into Libya (HRC’s war) and our military, at that point, didn’t even have bullets in sufficient numbers with which to train. Cruise missile stockpiles were also low, among other things. Obumbler was likely to surrender to Russia, had the war begun – and Putin knew this.

Frankly, any side Errordog is on, I’m against. Which doesn’t automatically mean that I’m for the Russian side, but Russia is behaving more responsibly, calling for a ceasefire. Errordog, as usual, is acting the role of madman.

This has the potential to become an international flashpoint; it should be avoided at all costs.
That’s all I have.

Jimmy MacAfee

Furthermore, the assault on Christians across America has not gone unnoticed – except by politicians, the press and professional athletes and actors.

In all the states run by Demonrats, in all of those cities, there is a growing persecution. Even churches (“churches”) are not speaking out against the tyranny. Those who are are punished by evil mayors and evil governors.

Why has this gone unnoticed? And why are there so few remarks even on these pages about the persecution of the Brethren?

Jimmy MacAfee

Can’t help you there – not informed at all on this. Worth looking into, though – (thanks for the inspiration to do so!)

One thing that is different between true Christianity and true Islam:

Real Muslims will die for their religion, but also will kill for their religion;
Real Christians (not the political ones) will die for our Faith, but we won’t kill for our Faith.

Religious persecutions and wars by “Christians,” supposedly on behalf of Christ, are not a part of our Faith – Ireland being a fine example of fake Christians in bloody conflict with other fake Christians. That doesn’t mean that Christians can’t go to war; it means that Christ never called us to go to war on His behalf.

On the other hand, it is not acceptable for nations to ignore genocide by Islamists against Christians, nor is it acceptable for Communists to use Muslims for organs or medical experimentation, nor to forcibly convert them to Communism, just as it was not acceptable for the Nazis to murder millions of Jews. And Communist China persecutes Christians, publishes fake bibles with a demonic, fake gospel (which the current “pope” says nothing about, being a Satanist and all.)

On the latter comment, look up Vatican Meeting Hall. No need for a link. It is a serpentarium, a worship of Satan, with a Jesus having his head blown off by a nuclear war in a demonic sculpture that is unworthy of anybody bearing the Cross of Christ. If the current pope was actually a Christ-follower, he’d take that building and submit it to the most extravagant wrecking crews in history. Utterly demonic, and no one can say it isn’t.

Typical of the Vatican, I expect persecution for pointing this out. They bugger kids, don’t they?

NC Curmudgeon

Thanks, Jimmy! This and those that follow help a lot, actually. I’m delving into it as well…..this stuph between the two countries has been going on for at least a century….sigh. Thanks to all!

Stuartswede in limbo

Dang, obvious Satanic influence. If I were Catholic, I would seriously question whether the true God had any input there. I believe what the Bible says about rightly dividing the word of truth IITimothy 2:15, and that Paul was the apostle to the gentiles after the Jews rejected and killed their Messiah, Romans 11:13. Paul warns against the traditions of men Collosians 2:8, that say you can somehow atone for your sin, as most world religions teach. Paul’s gospel of grace declares that the penalty was already paid, and that only by faith and trust in that completed work, can you be reconciled. No other religion teaches this. Even some protestant churches mix some kind of human works with salvation. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8,9. Be so careful what you believe, in the end it is all that really matters.

By the way, limbo is another tradition of men. The Bible says that once you die, it’s too late to accept His finished work by faith for your redemption.


You deserve to do a ‘lid’ on your work for a day or two anytime you wish; you are doing yeoman’s work. Looking forward to you insights resuming tomorrow.

PS. I miss Phineas’ comments, are you ok Phineas?


C’mon Man! Dave ain’t hiding in his basement. And slojo took another nap day. If he actually makes the debate, I’m with the president, he needs to submit to a drug test.


Dave, the picture you posted on your last article showing the main known members of the coup cabal may need three additions if we (America) don’t get real justice by the end of the year. And I’m not talking about a “report” that leads nowhere .

I nominate LG, BB, and JD get added in 2021.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is why it is so important for the President to talk with NSA whistleblowers on the parallel platforms that Brennan and Clapper used. And this is why it is so important that Crowdstrike be sanctioned for hiding (and perhaps destroying the DNC server.)

It is also critical to offer immunity to Julian Assange, who is one of many who understand the nefarious nature of the murder of Rich – beyond ordinary murder; this was murder for hire by a drug gang (allegedly MS-13) for the DNC.

The effort to keep Flynn out of the national security apparatus is further evidence of DS complicity – the DS is deeper than anyone can possibly imagine, because for one thing it is to highly compartmentalized. The fact that so many in the FBI – well below the 7th floor – knew about the criminal conspiracy against Flynn is now apparent with recent emails/tests being released.

The fact that all the texts and coms from the Muellers (I’ll just call them that) have been (temporarily) disabled is testimony that the wheels are coming off the coverup.

This all reminds me of the Bird of Prey in Star Trek and the cloaking device: the Enterprise could “see” where it was, not by direct sight, but by where sight was obfuscated. The intentional avoidance of the Seth Rich murder is one of those obfuscations.

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