Sunday News Roundup: Dems in a Panic as Rioting, Voter Fraud Schemes Crash and Burn

A tale of two campaigns… – Below is the scene of Saturday’s Trump rally in Pennsylvania:

A stunning outpouring of support.

Meanwhile, Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester called a lid on his day by 9:00 a.m. ET, with just 38 days left before Election Day. It was the 11th day on which he has done that during September.

Thus, it again fell to his wife Jill to conduct his campaign’s daily pretend rally. Here is an actual, real, true photo of that backyard affair:

Hey, there were 8 people there! That’s five more than Mrs. Biden spoke to on Friday.

You could truly never make this stuff up, folks.

Biden did make a TelePrompter speech late in the day after waking up from his second nap, though. Watch as he claims to have first come to the U.S. Senate “180 years ago”:

My goodness. This is just elder abuse. People should be prosecuted for this.

Want to know why Democrats who spent several months scaring the hell out of their voters against voting in person because of the ‘Rona are now panicking and desperately urging them to rush out to their local polling places? Presidential Advisor Jason Miller described it pretty well in a series of Saturday tweets:

Here’s the rest of the text from those tweets:

2/ Turnout matters. In North Carolina, 78% of the total ballots cast by modeled Democrats come from their In-The-Bank universe, meaning most of their returns are coming from base Democrat voters who we already expected to vote…

3/ By comparison, in NC just 65% of modeled Republican votes are coming from our In-The-Bank universe. This means that as a %, GOPers are doing a much better job pushing low turnout voters to return their ballots than Dems. I can’t overstate how critical this advantage is!

4/ How big is the coming Trump Election Day tsunami? In North Carolina, there are 754,000 voters that voted on Election Day in 2016 and 2018 that haven’t requested absentees or voted yet. There is a GOP – DEM party advantage with these voters of +8% (39/31)…

5/ In one recent poll, 91% of Republican voters this cycle preferred to vote in-person early or on Election Day, so President Trump’s supporters are definitely showing up on Nov. 3rd!

6/ MSM snoozing on the fact National Dems aren’t getting the early absentee/voting numbers they need to offset Trump’s Election Day avalanche, but the real buried lede is that National D’s have scared the shit out of their own voters to avoid E-Day voting…

7/ It’s too late for National Democrats and the National Media to switch up their fear mongering and tell folks it’s safe to hop on a packed bus and receive a free lunch from a stranger in the middle of a global pandemic on November 3rd…

8/ Forget boxed lunches – National Democrats have boxed themselves in by telling voters to ignore experts like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx as to the safety of Election Day voting, and they’re desperate to now convince voters Nov. 3 voting is ok!

9/ One other biggie: the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Governor of Nevada, that Sisolak character, has really stepped in it with his unrequested live ballot scheme…

10/ Due to Nevada switching to an unrequested mail-in ballot scheme that presents all sorts of potential for fraud and abuse, 82% of voters we’ve surveyed indicated they plan on voting in-person this year, and that’s not even the biggest detail…

11/ Nevada Dems have lost tens of thousands of voters who have left the state to find work elsewhere because their incompetent Clubhouse Governor has kept the state locked down. If you’re a Democrat who has moved out of Nevada, you ain’t voting there in-person on Election Day.


The Democrats are in a real quandary. They spent so much time and energy telegraphing their plans to steal the election via voter fraud after Election Day that the GOP has now geared up to effectively police and challenge those operations. As we have seen this past week, the Department of Justice is already discovering and intercepting those efforts.

What happened here is that the Democrats had assumed they would be able to replicate the “vote harvesting” fraud that allowed them to flip 7 Republican congressional seats in California in 2018 all over the country this year. They were thus perfectly willing to let President Trump roll up a gigantic Election Day margin, because they believed the Republicans in every state in 2020 would be as asleep and inept as California Republicans were in 2018.


Now that they realize that is not going to be the case, they know that their Unfrozen Caveman Candidate must be very, very close when we all go to bed on Election Night if their fraud efforts are to have any hope of stealing the presidency.

That’s what this current panic is all about, and it. is. glorious.

Meanwhile, the Democrat-sponsored riots continued to grow. – Interestingly, the police in Portland were actually allowed by communist Mayor Ted Wheeler to fight back a little bit Saturday night:

Cool. More scenes from Portland depravity:

In Seattle, while Biden voters were rioting and setting fires in the CHAZ area, some idiot was burning donuts and hitting people with his car:

In Los Angeles, one Democrat rioter got hit by a pickup:

In Louisville, the Unitarian Church continues to harbor rioting criminals:

No doubt that church’s leaders are loyal Biden voters.

With public sympathy for the domestic terrorist Black Lives Matter organization now plummeting – much like the NFL and NBA TV ratings – it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is a really bad tactic on the part the Democrat Party and Biden Campaign.

In a sane world, one might expect cooler heads to start prevailing among the Democrat leadership. But the Democrat Party today is anything but a sane world.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

Only 8 people there? C’mon, man!
You failed to count the guy that took the picture.

Tyrone o'Sorus

The Democrats have me confused. On the one hand, they claim that their voters are too stupid to obtain and use photo I.D. for voting in person.

On the other hand, they claim to be perfectly comfortable with their supporters being able to fill out, properly process and mail ballots in a timely fashion.


Jimmy MacAfee

They always talk about “civil rights,” right before they take them away. Dems are consistently inconsistent, a pustulant paradox.


“…Democrats…spent so much time and energy…to steal the election via voter fraud…the GOP has now geared up to effectively police and challenge those operations. As we have seen this past week, the Department of Justice is already discovering and intercepting those efforts.” Really? I haven’t noticed much (though I admit I’m jaded and might also have overlooked it). As far as I know, some states are still counting mail-in ballots NINE days after the election–where are Republicans on THAT!? And I wouldn’t trust my bumbling Republican party to police this process in a million years. Examples of the this ineptitude are the absurd Barr (non)investigations and the Senate’s willingness to hold a committee hearing on ACB instead of simply voting her in. Republicans just can’t get out of their own way.


I fear there are more then a few “Republicians” who wouldn’t be too upset if Trump were to lose. Ronna McDaniel (Mutt’s niece) for one.



First, thank you for reminding everyone of the shady practice of “vote harvesting” which is something new and nefarious in politics. I lost a friendly bet in 2018 when all of 7 CA Congressional seat flipped. I am suspicious as to how one party was able to run the table. Second, the top photo show Jill Biden campaigning in Nebraska. Why Nebraska? I know Nebraska splits its Electoral College votes and the Omaha Congressional district might swing to the Democrats (it did in 2008) but I doubt that’s going to happen in 2020. Why waste time in Nebraska if you’re Biden?

Jimmy MacAfee

Ballot harvesting is illegal in some states, but there should be federal statutes against this practice, even though voting rules are generally left up to the individual state. Ballot harvesting is a cowardly, fraudulent method of defrauding an electorate, and is an affront to free and fair elections.

You are right in saying that Californication was turned as a result of this criminal conspiracy.


I’ve written this before and I’ll reiterate: Where is the proof that btfsplk and or his elder abusing wife, whose ambition apparently knows no bounds, are actually in the places they say they are?

The MSM (D) covers up everything else, and their out of work Hollywood buds could certainly make up some sets in Delaware, couldn’t they?

Remember, when he “went” to Kenosha he didn’t tour the wreckage like President Trump did, did he? His whole campaign is a sham, so why wouldn’t this be one too.

And yes, Magnetico, why would he choose to go to Nebraska, a state where there is only one EC vote available, one they are almost assured to get, but maybe not this time. Nebraska is very flat; so is Delaware. The very few ‘extras’ they are using as supporters wouldn’t cost much either; nor would the paucity of campaign signs. I’m really curious as to why they are even posting or displaying these rallies as part of a national presidential campaign. There are more people attending a campaign for small school board election.

I’ll bet there will be more anti-ACB signs at the senate hearings and at the SC building than Roundheels/btfsplk signs nationwide.


The Biden “campaign” doesn’t really know what they’re doing. Like slojo, they’re just making it up as they go along. In other words – scatter brained. 😛


“In Louisville, the Unitarian Church continues to harbor rioting criminals:”

Reminds me of the Rev. Billy Sol Hargis skits Imus used to do (back when he was funny) of “The First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship”.

Or Al Bundy’s “Church of Monday Night Football” – created by his “No-Mam” group to evade federal taxes.

All three are equally fraudulent houses of worship.


I loved Married With Children, my wife hated it, To this day I don’t know why.


I get mixed reviews on “M… WC”. Many of my male friends saw it as the first show to subtly denigrate white males, as opposed to “The Cosby Show”. I tend to agree. Several of my women friends hated it for its misogyny. Others however liked it for its irreverent humor which I found amusing and quite good for about half the run of the show. It went downhill after Steve left and Marcy dyked herself up and becamed a radical nitwit.

Anyways, I always found it much more realistic than the syrupy sweet nonsense of the “Brady Bunch” or “The Cosby Show” which was designed to push the possibility of electing a black president, just as “Madam Secretary” and a few others (can’t remember the name of the Geena Davis show) that were designed to grease the skids for Walking Eagle to be the first female president. “The West (Left) Wing” was for BJ Clinton’s benefit.


Best line ever came from M WC. When Bud said to Kelly “Oh she whose head can never be seen in a car”. Laughed my butt off over that one.

Jimmy MacAfee

Counting only in-person ballots: there will be the highest voting percentage in American history (non-fraudulent.) People are understanding as never before how important the right to vote is to our nation, and there will be long lines everywhere. Energized voters, more than at any time in US history!

Of course, in some Dem districts, there’ll still be 112-120% votes cast (compared with the 100% of eligible voters.) And they’ll all be cast for Biden, as happened with “The One” in 2012 in certain precincts.

The enthusiasm for President Trump is amazing, and will be more evident in November on election day and after.


We had a little blm action here on my street, in my little town this last week. One of our neighbors is a retired state trooper. He has a blue line flag on his pole. Two girls were out on the street in front of his house chanting, well you know.

My sister-in-law saw and heard it, I was at the store, so I couldn’t confront the little twits about black lives mattering. If it happens again, I will be doing my damnedest to track them home, so I can do a little chanting of my own.

I don’t anticipate them doing much, but it will be interesting to see if Mommy and Daddy are going to call the police.


At the Biden lawn party they used the reflection in the sliding glass door to artificially amplify the crowd size by 20%!

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