Bartiromo: No Justice from Barr and Durham

I’ve been debating all day about what, if anything, to write about this morning’s news from Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that her sources – who have been pretty reliable – are now telling her that Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham have now decided that we are too close to the election for any indictments or reports to be issued prior to Election Day. Which of course is exactly what I told you to expect to be the case on Friday.

Using this excuse to hold up the execution of justice is itself a political decision and an intervention into the election on behalf of the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden ticket, the preferred ticket of the Deep State. Let’s also point out that the one and only reason we have gotten “too close” to election day is due to the incessant delay and stalling by Barr and Durham themselves.

The incessant delays by Barr/Durham have been matched by the incessant delays by Lindsey Graham in his stewardship of the Senate Judiciary Committee and its activities since January 2019. Graham appeared on Bartiromo’s show this morning, bragging like a little banty rooster about how tough he’s gonna be on James Comey when he finally, at long last appears before the Committee to testify on Wednesday. Graham was practically wetting himself with pride as he informed Bartiromo and her viewers that he has also made a deal for Andrew McCabe to testify on October 6, and is “negotiating” with Peter Strzok to grace the committee with his presence later in October.

And…so what? After taking all this testimony, then what happens? Had Graham done all of this a year ago when he should have, he’d have been able to collate all the testimony, roll it into a formal report and make it public for voters to consume and consider well in advance of the election. But now, there is no time for any of that, and if Biden/Harris Harris/Biden win in November, it all gets washed away in any event, regardless of which party controls the Senate, which has been Graham’s grand plan all along.

The same will happen with Durham’s work in the event of a Biden victory, and if President Trump is elected to a second term, Durham and Barr will just keep finding excuses to delay and do nothing until the President becomes fed up with them both and replaces them. Given that the only new AG the senate would be willing to approve would be another Swampy guy just like Barr, that wouldn’t make any difference in the ultimate outcome.

The ultimate outcome is this: Trump is a man alone, and the Swamp can always outlast him. It’s time for all of us to give up on any notion that the Obama people who executed a coup d’ etat on American soil will ever be held accountable and to just focus on other matters.

That focus need to be on each and every one of us getting out and voting for Donald Trump, and against anyone with a D next to their name. Yes, that even includes the D running against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, because as much of a worthless snake as Graham is, he is still light years superior to any Democrat.

The multi-tiered system of justice is too ingrained at the DOJ for any one president to cure, but what President Trump has achieved in spite of its existence and constant attacks on him and his administration has been far too sea-changing to give up now.

Even Barr has his usefulness despite his betrayal on Obamagate. His department continues to do yeoman’s work on disrupting and prosecuting human trafficking networks, arresting and prosecuting domestic terrorists and seeking out and disrupting Democrat vote fraud activities. And he’s getting all of that done with a worthless hack like Christopher Wray running the FBI. Just think of how much more he will be able to do post-election when Wray is fired and replaced with someone who is hopefully competent.

Keep your chin up and get out and vote and encourage everyone you know to do the same. If there is to be no justice from the Deep State, then we should ensure they get no peace for the next four years, and then for every four years after that until they have finally been rooted out.

We are engaged in a long, twilight struggle for the soul of this country, and it’s a fight we cannot afford to lose.

That is all.

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I’ve kept my expectations low, so when I hear news like this I don’t get butthurt over it. None of us truly knows whats happening behind the scenes, probably including Bartiromo and her sources. Is the decision to delay really an intervention into the process by the deep state or on behalf of the Biden ticket? Maybe. Does Barr really think it would be viewed poorly ahead of the election and be perceived as influencing the election? Could be…

There are some certainties:
We all want to see justice done.
Graham wants the accolades but doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and do the work. I really don’t see him as consequential actor in any of this.
Going by his comments, Barr appears to be a patriot and wants to uphold the Constitution. He’s one of very few people in government (past and present) to say this was a coup.

If Barr was to be replaced, who would replace him? Is there anyone qualified for AG that is going to step in and finish this off? It appears he is fighting his own battles inside the DOJ. Barr came out of retirement, so he’s not looking for political capital.

Folks, we’re stuck in limbo for now.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is a nice summary – “limbo.”

Good work.

Stuartswede in limbo

Ironic that limbo also entails how low can (did) they go? Hoping for some indecent exposure! And commensurate sentencing.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, the “naughty bits” will be exposed, one way or another. Exposure of the criminal cabal against our Constitution will show some of those, and this may or may not result in prosecution, but having one’s “naughty bits” put out in public (right Prince Andrew?) will have other consequences that most linear thinkers do not anticipate.

Many will sing: “Day-o! Daylight come and me wan go home.”
Too late for that, Hillary: daylight here, and you no go home – you go to hell!
You an de rest of dem. Haitians wan your blood.


Dave, I hear you when you say this “Given that the only new AG the senate would be willing to approve would be another Swampy guy just like Barr, that wouldn’t make any difference in the ultimate outcome.”. But we see what Ric Grenell did as acting DNI. Who is to say that when President Trump fires Barr, he won’t bring in Ric Grenell or another like him temporarily? I can see it happening.

Jimmy MacAfee

If anyone has a critique of Attorney General Barr, besides the usual “swamp rat” bullshit (and I have some criticisms of him, too) they should read this and watch him at Hillsdale College (here also, particularly pertaining to Julian Assange.) But instead of throwing dog poo, try informing yourself. If you want to throw stuff after getting the evidence, fair enough; if you have already seen evidence and decided that he is a swamp rat, you are free to have your opinion.

We’re back to the insults, I see. Not worthy of these pages. Read on – if you have the fortitude and intellectual honesty:

Barr takes direct aim at the DOJ “headhunters,” which we can presume is most of the Mueller conspirators, and he takes especial aim on the one actually running the operation (not Mueller) without naming names.


Both men are swamp dwelling establishment globalist deep state traitors.


The Right plays fair, the Left plays to win. There is a difference. A HUGE difference. And we will always lose until we play to win.


I can’t believe people fell for the Barr scam for so long. His refusal to act has been obvious for a year or so. Wishful thinking is one thing but Republicans are suckers for self-delusion.

jack johnson

I get a kick out of those that really were expecting something to happen before or after the election. All you did was set yourself up for disappointment….Barr is and always will be a creature of the swamp. They ride right down the middle so they are always in line for another shot in someone else`s administration.

Trump has to bear some responsibility for some of his terrible appointments. Probably his weakest part of his 1st term.


World class TURDS!
They could at the VERY least, leak developments to the media…targets…most likely to SOON be indicted, etc.

Jimmy MacAfee

There has been some commentary about the evil James Comey’s appearance having been changed (no, Q-followers, it isn’t because he’s in Guantanamo and is replaced by a body-double,)

He has also learned to imitate Dr. David Jeremiah in his vocal presentations (lies from Comey, presented like that of an Evangelist.) I happen to like what Jeremiah has to say, but I am in no way convinced by his tone and delivery: it is an artifice, even when what he says is true.

This vocal artifice Comey is using is really good at convincing little old ladies and others who swoon at Sophistry of Comey’s sort. Skillful prosecutors, however, will tear him a new sphincter, because smarmy smugness only works without capable competition. Slime oozes from his lips, lies covered in perfume – and yet his words still stink to high Heaven.

May he be dealt justice, in earth as in heaven.

Jimmy MacAfee

With a landslide, there will be ample justification for President Trump to clean house of any and all of those who hesitate to carry out lawful acts from elected officials and the Attorney General.

Not defending Barr, but his recent statements at a great college indicate that, in short, there is a currently a war between his DOJ and the former administration’s DOJ, with many of the holdovers refusing to do their jobs and a disposition to disobey direct orders.

After the election, there needs to be a massive house-cleaning event, starting with the holdovers. If there is a fault to be laid at Barr’s feet, it was his refusal to remove them. 20/20 hindsight is an odd thing to write, particularly in 2020.

On the other hand, as Vive Frei pointed out, the only reason the evil thugs in the Mueller investigation wiped their phones is that they knew they had lost their power, and the information they had on them could be used against them. They routinely used text messages to entrap others, and they felt compelled to avoid the same traps they set for (often) innocent victims.

In other words, a conspiracy of at least half the Justice Department against the other half – the incoming Justice Department. I am not in the mood to take a shit on Attorney General Barr’s head, given this knowledge, but I am hopeful that those holdovers will be shat upon freely and frequently in the upcoming Trump II administration.


I also agree that this won’t be fixed in Trump’s eight years. The Dems held the presidency AND congress for twenty (20) straight years (1933-1953) during FDR and Harry Truman (There was one two year GOP house term 1947-1949). They had twenty years to plant a big government culture in DC. Truman may not have been so bad, but he did nothing to break up FDR’s DC legacy. Nothing (except for two real bad SC appointments) much happened during Ike’s eight years, which means nothing much bad happened in the fifties. The sixties and seventies under the big government presidents LBJ, RMN and Jimmy Peanut set the mold in place where Reagan (he never had the house) really couldn’t stop a whole lot. Since then we have had thirty-two (32) years of nothing but massive federal and state government growth sprinkled with at least sixteen years of unfettered integration of corruptocrats under the last two (D) administrations.

So yes Dave, you are absolutely correct in saying it will take more than eight years of Trump to reverse over seventy (70) years of Schiff presidents and their Schiffty policies/legacies. And I didn’t even mention the eight years of Wilson and the nearly eight years of TR’s progressivism.


I don’t care if President Trump can’t get a real law and order AG confirmed in his next term. All he has to do is keep appointing “acting” AGs and “acting” every other position currently held by the corruptoccrats. AG Ric Grennell for the first 180 day term, then Sidney Powell, then back to Ric with Sidney going to the FIB Directorship. And task them with congressional investigations of both parties.

Force, by giving him one month to deliver his results and indictments post election (It would be sweet to have Trump give the synopsis of the indictments during his inauguration day speech), or fire Durham. Give the replacement one month to get up to speed and produce or repeat the process.

JB Honeydew

Love your work, Dave. But the time has come for torches and pitchforks. To quote Marcellus Wallace, “Some hardcore, pipe-hittin’ MF’ers need to go medieval on their asses”. Just one man’s opinion, though. Need more Patton and less paddy-cake.

Neustrum Quadberg

This is Trump’s failure, not Barr or Durham. We knew what Barr was the moment he was nominated. Durham is just “following orders”. President Obama was able to completely replace the military command during his Presidency. Obama was able to stack the FBI, CIA, DOJ with his own people. Instead of replacing these people as a first order of business, Trump tried to run the government with these previous selections. Plus Trump tried to staff his administration with every Buskie, never Trumper that he could find instead of selecting legitimate Trump people. The man is a complete management failure and doesn’t deserve to be in that office a moment longer.


DB, I think you got this wrong. There’s no percentage in bringing charges or issuing a report now. No partisan will change his vote. I don’t think there are more than a handful of people in the country who would change their vote or decide to vote if they previously didn’t want to vote.

The Democrats are in the process of destroying themselves. Let them continue. Barr is using Flynn’s lawyer as a cutout to publicize the rot. People will pay attention to that, while Antifa and BLM continue to create Trump voters. New allegations or criminal charges will only serve to muddy the water and allow the Democrats to change the subject with the help of their media friends.

After the Trump win, I fully expect the hammer to come down–maybe not to the extent many of us want, but enough to send a very strong message. Wray will be out and there will be people indicted.


I am in the same camp as you I mean just go look at the info released about Hunter? did the media play with that at all?they buried it the same would occur if Barr/Durham did anything.


Hopefully this is the plan

the Bruce

The swamp still has D.C. in it’s tentacles. We are being fed (and have been fed for 3 years) bullshit about bringing D.C. criminals to justice. There is still nothing. Every month it’s “the DoJ has closed in and justice will be served”. Just look at the Biden crime family…all that evidence and absolutely no action. Graham is still lying, the FBI is complicit…Barr and Durham have been stalling. The Republicans have no courage or fortitude.


Lindsey Graham is a mouth that never stops threatening and never does one thing he is saying he is going to do. I have heard him for years and am still waiting for this mouth of the decade to do anything.

Trump2020 The Man

I would suspect that no charges will be filed before Nov 3rd. They are going to wait an see if Trump wins….if he does, then all hell will break loose. If he loses, then all the crimes that were committed will be swept under the carpet.


Concur. The positive on Barr’s action are that the activities you have outlined – human trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorism and it’s handmaidens – are a principal source of ‘hot’ money and also of influence – blackmail holds it’s value far better than a depreciating currency – and a part of the Swamp’s modus vivendi. Recall, please, Jeffrey Epstein. Many people go into government and are compromised in one or another fashion – after all, if all are dirty, no one is accountable.

Lady Jane

I’m waiting for Trump’s reaction to this development. I don’t think it’s going to be pretty!

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