Saturday News Roundup: Biden Camp Reeks of Desperation as Trump Preps to Tilt the Court for a Generation

Here is what CNN and MSNBC do every time they see a protest with the potential for turning violent and destructive:

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Just thought it was a good time to remind readers of that fact.

Time to hook him back up to that IV in the basement. – The Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Candidate needed a long nap on Friday so his elder-abusing handlers called a lid on the day by 11:00 ET. It marked the 10th day in the first 25 days of September on which the elderly, declining Biden became so tired after a public outing that he had to retreat back to his basement lair.

Because Gropey Joe McNastyFinger was not able, Jill Biden got the assignment of making the campaign’s speech of the day before an imaginary audience. Friday’s event was apparently held in someone’s back yard, and featured a stack of beer kegs as a back drop. No really, I’m not kidding:

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Here is a more fulsome view of that back yard event, so you can see that she is literally speaking to virtually no one:

That is a scene of utter failure and desperation. The Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign truly is a campaign that never was.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump was all over the damn place, visiting three different states in about 16 hours, and holding massive rallies in both Jacksonville and Virginia. Here are some of those scenes:

Magnificent. That’s America.

The corrupt news media and its self-immolating polling establishment expect you to believe that the guy who spends his afternoons napping and having fluids injected is way ahead of the incumbent who attracts these massive outpourings of support everywhere he goes. Think about that for a minute: Has our country ever seen a losing presidential contender who could attract such crowds?

Really and truly: The media is brainwashing you to believe that the Trump campaign is in the same losing position that Jimmy Carter was in in 1980; that Walter Mondale was in in 1984; that Bob Dole was in in 1996; that John McCain was in in 2008. Those who are baby boomers like me will remember the absolutely moribund nature of those losing campaigns and their inability to fill any facility larger than a jr. high gymnasium.

Trump reportedly had 35,000 people lined up trying to get into his Jacksonville event yesterday, and over 20,000 trying to see him in Virginia, which has become a blue state in recent election cycles. Do you really believe that is a sign of a losing campaign, especially when contrasted to the scenes of emptiness and desperation the Biden campaign creates every day?

Please. The very fact that he is taking time to hold a rally in Virginia tells us that his campaign’s polling numbers lead them to believe that “blue” state is in play. And if Virginia is in play, then so are a bunch of other “blue” states.

During his Jacksonville rally, President Trump said that “I think we’re ahead; like, by a lot.” The media and Democrats immediately leapt to ridicule that statement, but think back on the last five years and how many times Donald Trump has made a seemingly absurd prediction or statement that later turned out to have been absolutely true? It has been one of the most consistent features of his campaigns and presidency, in fact.

Another of the most consistent features of his presidency has been the President’s keeping the promises he made during his 2016 campaign. One of those promises was to nominate consistently constitutionalist judges to the federal judiciary. Boy, has he kept that one, and with the able assistance of Mitch McConnell, he has kept it in record numbers.

Today, President Trump will reportedly nominate Amy Coney Barrett, a supremely-qualified Appellate Court Judge, to replace the departed Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett is by all accounts a wonderful jurist and mother who has led an upstanding and extremely-accomplished life.

Naturally, the leftwing Perpetual Outrage Crowd on Twitter leapt to start the process of attacking her and her children as soon as the reports of her pending nomination started leaking Friday afternoon. Here is Senator Josh Hawley responding to on example of the awfulness:

For those unaware, Judge Barrett  is a devout Catholic and the mother of 7 children, including two who she adopted from the impoverished nation of Haiti. Repugnant leftists like this one – and no doubt many Democrat politicians as well – will no doubt attack her for her faith and attack her children as well.

The next few weeks are going to be very ugly. For the radical left, this seat on the Supreme Court is literally the entire war for the soul of America, because the seating of a third Trump nominee will create a constitutionalist majority on the Court that would make the obviously compromised John Roberts completely irrelevant.

For the left, this is war. Do not kid yourselves otherwise.

I’m going to forego the daily riot update for today. It will resume tomorrow.

Today, I want to close with this series of tweets issued last night by leading Democrat Lanny Davis, a corrupt DC lawyer who has toadied for the Clintons for the last quarter of a century now:

Davis goes on in this vein for another 10 tweets or so. Obviously, he’s just speaking for himself, and equally obviously, pretty much everything he says is utter nonsense. Does anyone really think companies like Costco, Starbucks, Apple and Microsoft would just close up shop across the entirety of the U.S. Southwest, Midwest and South?

Please. We’d still get to keep our I-Phone addictions, plus we would get Vegas!

It’s a deal, Lanny – go for it!

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Dear Mr. Davis,

We at Twitter wish to remind you that smoking pot should not be done in conjunction with posting tweets on Twitter. It tends to make those of us at Twitter and you personally look like idiots. We are now forced to block you from Twitter for the next 3 days. In the future you may want to consider rehab before you tweet.

Yours truly,

Your friends at Twitter.


Lanny even has a name for the country. It called ‘New Venezuela’.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder if Lanny likes “Spirit Cooking” recipes? He reminds me of an X-Files episode when cannibalism was discovered as a result of a large number of spongiform encephalopathies (Crutchfield-Jacob Syndrome, or in that case, Kuru, now referred to colloquially as “Mad Cow Disease.) He seems to have the brain issues; watch for him to begin losing his balance and getting back pain if that’s the case.

Maybe, maybe not. Clearly unhinged, though. CJV is possible.


I remember that episode. Pretty creepy.

Jimmy MacAfee

So is Lanny. Creepy and vicious.


Great! Lanny even has a name for the country–New Venezuela.

John Velisek

If this nimrod is right, I need to leave CA. Ia a retired military career men with a disability. We need to set up something to help America’s patriots out of these states. Can anyone help?

Jimmy MacAfee

Not all of Ca. is ruined; the election will force divisions within the state, and Newsom will find himself a ruined man. Count on it. Rural areas will remain strong, and you might consider just county-hopping after county-shopping.

This is going to happen in many states; it won’t be unique to California. So do your research, find out which areas are safe from Leftist hegemony, and look for saleable real estate, and put your own real estate on the market, if you have any. Often times, the best real estate is in areas that are shaded Red.

Liberals who are subjected to reality (or realities) of self-sustaining living find themselves in disagreement with Nanny-staters.

On a somewhat peripheral note: many make the mistake of looking at the 60s revolution as all-Left: it was not. While the book (not the stupid movie) “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was a depiction of Libertarianism vs. Totalitarianism (something most book critics fail to see) it reflected a division. Many opponents of the War in Vietnam were not actually anti-military, but they WERE against 500 body-bags a week being sent home (General Schwartzkopff discussed this in some of his presentations, and his plans not to needlessly sacrifice young men in foolish and misguided operations.) The split began to open up in the 70s, as those who spit on returning troops went too far, and the Left became increasingly unpopular. Extremists, particularly Leftist extremists, don’t know when to stop being stupid.)

So California is not lost parts of it, perhaps. Look for the good parts, and find a community of like-minded people – Patriots who believe in the Constitution of the United States. Do not concede an entire state, just leave the concentration of nuts to their own fires. The Left will devour itself.

Stuartswede will help true need

I’m sure we could collect enough from these posters for a moving van. I would pitch in.


Um, Lanny, Where does 90% of the food in this country come from? Where does a huge amount of the oil and energy come from?

As Silas says about the I-5 Corridor in Oregon, the states will not stay with the same lines. The split, if it does occur, will likely be more along county lines and just by logic and necessity, safe passage corridors will be established with port rights just like corridors were established through East Germany (another communist eutopia) to get through to the western controlled areas of Berlin.

And we red states will build a wall to keep you commies out.

Other than that Lanny, you have really lost it.

PS: Yo, idiot, many more red state people serve in the military that your pinkos in CA and other blue places; getting your blue state military folks out of Iraq is already happening as Ptesident Trump is already bringing our troops home from everywhere in great numbers. BTW, I thought your buddy ‘the One” got us out of Iraq a decade ago.


And Lanny, please take or keep all your a$$hole actors, entertainers, and athletes with you. And you can have some of ours (in Nashville) like Taylor (not too) Swift and Ryan Tannehill too.

I listened to you on Hannity many times over the years. Back then you actually sounded somewhat logical at times (I always knew you were a hack POS along with your economic “experts” Ghoullsby and Krugman) when you had the cover of the BJ Clinton and ‘the One’s’ presidencies; now you and your ilk just shout out all kinds of stupid schiff in blind rage with no thought given to ligistics (as Jimmy says) or real consequenses – just like all liberals are wont to do. May all your blue (as in melancally) areas become like Newson’s California, you insufferable TDS suffering hack.

It is so good to see so many of the left’s supposed intelligensia coming out with no filter just like the Hollywood and sports morons. I thank Tump and Trump alone for that. And I’m so glad big social media doesn’t censor you guys because you are all proud card carrying members of their cult.

Please excuse the mispelling as I didn’t have time to proof in word.

Jimmy MacAfee

So is Lanny Davis stupid, or is he just suffering from Bidenbrain? I mean, how do you spell out the epithet (as it was intended originally) “Deplorable?”

Calling us Deplorables now, are we Lanny! Oh, that’s a good boy! We’re also “irredeemable” (another word Hillary Rotten used) like plastic bottles in states that won’t redeem them. To Davis, were trash, not even fit for recycling.

One day, Mr. Davis, you will have an up-close meeting with your Creator. You should learn to be afraid now, while fear of the Lord counts for something, because your fear then will not count. Repent while you have a breath left, and like all of us, your breaths are as numbered as the thinning hair on your head,

Jimmy MacAfee

Amy Coney Barrett loves and adores her adopted Haitian children; most would be so lucky to be adopted by such a wonderful woman! As an adoptee, I can sense when an adopted parent is going to be good for their children. She’s a good one.

Contrast this with Hillary Clinton, who allegedly eats her living victims from Haiti. (I happen to believe those stories, because I’ve spoken with people who saw the videos.) Hillary Rotten herself warned about such videos coming out – acknowledging that there were such videos, which she claimed were manufactured. Maybe they were; maybe they weren’t. Either way, the press is officially uninterested.

The press will slander Barrett, but protect monsters; it’s how they roll. “Projection” be thy name.

Bakka Janai

“We’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, we’re taking the other Blue States with us…that includes Hawaii, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and all the Northeast.” Lanny Davis is not very good at math. After this election Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan are all turning RED. As far a the Northeast, MAINE will turn RED.


Living in Oregon I can only hope you are right. But the Oregon Socialist Republic of the I5 Corridor is going to be tough to break. That’s where the major population centers are, and they are all socialists.

[…] VIDEO:… […]


Wow! Increasingly the inner Confederate inherent in the left has been escaping a lot lately; now we’re back to the old 1860 argument for secession?

My question remains: after WWII Germany outlawed the Nazi Party, why did we not outlaw the Democrat Party post 1865?


Lanny proves yet again that the demoncrat intelligentsia is totally disconnected from reality.


“We get 85 percent of America’s venture capital and entrepreneurs. You get Mississippi.

We get two-thirds of the tax revenue; you get to make the red states pay their fair share.”
LOL. Does he really think the venture capitalists will stay in his new socialist country? Does he really think the tax base will stay? What a total nincompoop.


I love that word, my grandmother used it a lot. Perfectly describes clueless libtards.


a foolish or stupid person.
idiot · fool · halfwit · dunce · dolt · ignoramus · cretin · imbecile · dullard · moron · simpleton · clod · dope · ninny · chump · dimwit · nitwit · goon · dumbo · dum-dum · dummy · dumbbell loon · jackass · bonehead · fathead · numbskull · blockhead · dunderhead · chucklehead · knucklehead · muttonhead · pudding-head · thickhead · wooden-head · airhead · pinhead · lamebrain · peabrain · birdbrain · zombie · jerk · nerd · dipstick · donkey · noodle · nit · twit · ass · twerp · charlie · schmuck · bozo · boob · lamer · turkey · schlepper · chowderhead · dumbass · goofball · goof · goofus · galoot · dork · lummox · klutz · putz · schlemiel · sap · clunk · ding-dong · dingbat · wiener · weeny · dip · poop · yo-yo · dingleberry · wing nut


I have seen chatter that ACB affirmed the Illinois lockdown order. This article shows otherwise. The suit brought by the Illinois GOP was only concerning the legality of the exemption afforded to religious activity. She agreed with the exemption, and could not judge the lockdown itself, as it was not part of the lawsuit. This shows that she was not acting as an activist, which is good.

Steve Fry

I guess he doesn’t realize there are ports in Houston, New Orleans, Alabama, and South Carolina. Not to mention that California just banned trucks, so I don’t know how those containers will move anywhere once they get there….

Jimmy MacAfee


You have a point, which I will accelerate and add to:

To the Elite Leftists:
Who drives the trucks? Will they deliver to people who openly despise them? Liberals may one day separate, but their living conditions may resemble Stalingrad.

Who grows the crops? Who tends the fields and livestock? Who catches fish off the coasts? Who mines the minerals and oil and gas? Who cooks for you? Who fixes the power lines in the middle of a thunderstorm? Who fights wars for you, and isn’t likely to see you as a friend? Who collects guns and ammunition “for a future emergency?”

You fuggers on the Left know nothing about logistics, about strategy, about tactics. You’re like the dumb effers who say that in a worst-case scenario, there are plenty of deer on their suburban lawns! (want to know how long they’ll be available? (3 days, for those which are taken – and the ones who used to be pets will disappear into the thickets and surrounding countryside.)

Mass starvation. Mass suicide. Stalingrad.


FYI. !!! Amy adopted the kids though the Clinton Foundation!!!!

Just Me

Lanny epitomizes the desperation on the left. He sees the future and he doesn’t like it.


Drop us a line Lanny if you can cover the cost of a stamp after the bankruptcy. Panhandling does bring in a few sympathy coins. Dont let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

Just wondering how perpetual liars can actually work together and achieve stuff when each knows the others are all liars? It just doesn’t seem logical. How does the communist demoncrap social order exist? Oh yeh, there is no social order other than totalitarian brute force and mob rule. That is what we are fighting.

When the world gets in your face tell em, have a nice day.


Meant to add that our good red governor Ron DeSAINTis has move Florida to phase 3, and specifically ruled that no city or county can impose mask mandates or collect fines. YAY!

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