Discussion Post – 9.26.2020

Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Gropey Farty China Joe Biden called a lid at around noon on Friday so he could take a nap and get hooked back up to his IV. That came after he had briefly gone to the Capitol building to pay respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is still dead.

It was the 10th day in September on which the Biden campaign had called a lid before noon.


Discuss away.


That is all.

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If anybody understands the left, it’s Horowitz. And an interesting little nugget here:

Five days after the 2016 election there was a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental, which is a very posh hotel in Washington, D.C. It was organized by George Soros and there were something like 400 people there including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Soros, Bernie Sanders, the Occupy Wall Street communists, the whole range of the left. What they did is form what they called a “resistance” to Trump—you remember, 70 Democrats boycotted the inauguration. This is sedition.


Jimmy MacAfee

This is why most didn’t like Quantum of Solace: it hit too close to home, as hypocritical people of means gathered to give support to wealthy criminals who pretend to love the environment. The movie was an affront to them. I have a great feeling that the 400 attendees at the Mandarin were identical to the movie’s. The music, the ambiance… their self-important signature. The Bond Villain, “Dominic Greene,” was one of the most believable of all the villains in any of the Bond movies,

Because it exposed so much of the truth, the movie remains one of my favorite Bond films; the Left hated it with a passion, because of the same reason.

Call it “instinct” if you wish.


This is why they are so frenetic and unhinged. A second term means the gloves can come off. Because Horowitz is right, the meeting and their forming of the resistance is sedition. And each and every one of the attendees is a seditionist and a traitor to the Constitution and their Oath of Office.

They essentially declared war against the President and the US government.

Jimmy MacAfee

The term “The Resistance” is going to turn to “The Reticence.” Right now, the Silent Majority are keeping their own counsel when approached by pollsters or others; we often don’t offer our opinions to enemy non-combatants.

Right now, “The Resistance” is getting a thorough thrashing, even with the support of the traitor-press.

I am not reticent; when Lefties and others who don’t know where they stand spew uniformed commentary (“Orange Man Bad”) and mis/disinformation, I patiently and with measured tones explain the real story. Most of them don’t know what the real story is – such as the death of the woman during the “no-knock” entry (note: they did knock, and they were fired upon and one officer was injured.) It’s relatively easy to dismiss the lies, but one musn’t allow ones self to become unhinged. That is a tactical error.

But “The Resistance” will become “The Reticence” as their opinions are ignored, subjected to satire (a valuable tool) and ridicule (especially in print.) IN person-to-person discussions, kindness is key. In fact, many people going to Trump rallies to either investigate or ridicule are treated with respect and patience, and they soon become Red-Pilled.

I see something different than I saw just weeks ago: I see a unified nation, a humiliated DNC and DS, and a despondent professional athlete class and thespian class, replaced by a resurgence of actual patriotism. In other words, Kapernick loses, and so does Hollywood.

The Resistance won’t go underground; they’ll slink back into the shadows and under the rocks from which they oozed, as many of their friends are arrested for crimes against humanity (children.) Can’t be too bold or too proud when your heroes are perverts, your candidate is a pervert and your flavor-of-the-day is “Cuties.”

If I were an Intel analyst and wanted to unify our nation, I’d pick President Trump and set the table exactly as it has been set, using the excesses of the Left and pervs who practice in Colleges and Libraries.

These are crucial times, and division is a friend to those who wish to see us eradicated from the world stage. Trump has the unique ability to make friends by proving his critics wrong, and by choosing the right enemies.

Jimmy MacAfee


I agree – no need to spit in the wind, piss in the fan or sit by and absorb abuse by screamers. I’m nice (nicer than I am here) and then when patience runs out, time to go.

There are actually a lot of people who still believe the press, and I’ve found that they’re hungry for actual information. There is a growing appreciation for the fact that the press is feeding the public buckets of pigschiff.

In the President’s new administration, he’ll be able to get off to a flying start because he’s not going to be hamstrung by McMasters and others, and I suspect that more and more people will be out front (like Kayleigh McEnany and Dr. Atlas) who can humiliate the press with facts and figures.

McEnany put it back to the press when they revisited the stupid “peaceful transition” BS, when she told him to ask Hillary Rotten about HER advice to “Fingers” Joe not conceding under any circumstances; she said that they ought be asking Joe and HRC the question, not President Trump!

But wasting time talking to walls and hysterical children? No, just move on and save the aggravation for someone who might be convinced. No need to pee in the fan.

I have a relative whom I cannot speak with about anything – because she has no capacity for reason.


I do my best to be kind and patient. But there are times when I must grit my teeth and just move on. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

When folks have open minds and are willing to listen and consider what you have to say it’s one thing. But I have become very adept at recognizing the eyes of a brainwashed zealot and no longer bother to try. Their eyes, ears and mind are closed.

That President Trump has lived up to his promises and won’t cave in to the socialist mob is why we have the rioting and destruction. They have lost the war of words and are now resorting to destruction and chaos in hopes folks will vote to just make it go away.

But any good student of history knows that this is just the beginning if they do manage to put slojo in the White House.
The current rioting will seem like a cake walk in comparison.


Mr Friedman is all askared we might have a civil war. Well, Mr Friedman your side of the camp has been pushing it for the last several months. And obviously, we have all the guns, so what are you afraid of? We’re not the ones rioting, burning and looting. And when President Trump wins re-election, we still won’t be the ones rioting, burning and looting. But we might have to do a little shooting to keep our families safe and our homes from burning down.

The incendiary rhetoric intensified with Friedman declaring: “When you have a President without shame backed by a party without spine amplified by a network without integrity and by social networks in conspiracy theories, behind them are a lot of armed people, if you aren’t frightened by this you are not paying attention.”



So here in Oregon the great Wreck It Kate Brown declared a state of emergency in Portland, as the Proud Boys are supposedly going to have a rally, for which they were denied a permit.
I suspect that antifa and the guv are going to get played like they did in, I believe it was, Philadelphia.

If so, then the tactical hat tip goes to the Proud boys for exposing the idiots for what they are.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, the Proud Boys got what they wanted: a declaration of a state of emergency. I suspect that they have some knowledge of logistics, and have a lot of former military operators – G0D Bless ’em. I’m hoping for a surgical, precise appearance, just enough to make the rioters go crazy and be taken off the field by new orders from the governor – and remanded to federal custody. Go get ’em, boys! Make ’em freak!

ANTIFA and BLM are the domestic equivalent of ISIS (which was manufactured and paid for by Obama.) A source I spoke with said that a large number of ISIS came from US and Canada – which I believe, since Dustbin Truduhh invited them back home with open arms. It’s not only Sorass who is behind the funding of these dweebs. Dark money from dark ops, too.


Any arrests made by the state police will carry federal charges. They were deputized by the US Marshall. Those arrested won’t be walking out of the city jail without some serious charges and high bails.

And the marxist, antifa loving county DA will not be able to decline or drop charges.

Jimmy MacAfee

Correct. Thanks for filling in the blanks!


Remember the several dirty FBI agents exposed by Sidney Powell for buying professional liability insurance in case they were found out? Great article today shows that buying insurance for an incident that already occurred is insurance fraud. Actually the buying and the claiming are two separate acts of fraud. Add these to Jimmy’s long list of abuses for our Declaration of Independence II.

Jimmy MacAfee

May be that we should thank Judge Emmet Sullivan; the longer the case stays open, the more information comes rolling out, flooding the conspirators in their own filth.

Could we be wrong about Sullivan? Had he closed the case, the only way in would be the inevitable suit against the government by Flynn et al. And those records would have been destroyed, just like the original 302 (which was either “disappeared” or never existed because neither of the interviewers thought there was any crime committed by Flynn.)

Convoluted logic, yes; law of unintended consequences? Yes, yes and yes.

Not quite ready to throw Sullivan a party, but his stonewalling has allowed a lot of pertinent information to bubble up to the surface. I am not alone in supposing this.


Good sign for us in hurricane land. Hurricane site showing fall foliage projections. Fingers still crossed.


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