Biden Video Shows Why Democrats had to Run Their “Trump Hates the Military” Hoax

Now we know why the Democrat/media Axis of Propaganda felt the need to run its hoax alleging President Trump made disparaging remarks about members of the U.S. military. – They had to project that sin onto the President – using nothing but anonymous, and thus probably non-existent sources – because they knew this video of Creepy Joe McWifeMolester would eventually surface:

“Clap for that, you stupid bastards.” Biden was Vice President at the time of this and other off-color remarks he made during this particular speech in 2016, and to be fair, he sounds like he had had a few drinks before stepping up to the podium. Biden’s speech did not become constantly slurred until just the last two years or so.

Biden himself called a lid on his day by noon on Friday and wasn’t available for comment, but his campaign released a statement claiming the remarks were “made in jest.” That may well be true, but that excuse is no longer valid in our Nazi-style news media world. President Trump makes all sorts of remarks that are clearly in a joking manner every day, but the Democrat propaganda agents in the corrupt media invariably treat each and every one as if he was deadly serious.

Even if Gropey Joe did say that in jest, exactly when is it a appropriate for a sitting U.S. Vice President to refer to a crowd of military personnel as a bunch of “stupid bastards”? It truly is difficult to think of any occasion on which that particular turn of phrase would be the thing to say. I mean, does Biden think he’s George Patton or something? Wait, in his current state of mind, maybe he does. But again, this was four years ago.

Here again we see exactly the same dichotomy between media treatment of the President and Biden that we saw during last year’s Democrat/media impeachment hoax over a call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine. In that hoax, President Trump was crucified for months by the Democrats and the media based on false claims made by anonymous fake “whistleblowers” – who we ultimately discovered were named Eric Ciaramella and Alexander Vindman –  while Biden is caught on tape doing exactly the same thing the President is falsely accused of doing, and the media studiously ignores it.

The impeachment hoax, and the resultant holding of the nation hostage for six months while China was allowing the coronavirus to make its way to America’s shores and airports, was an exercise designed to inoculate Biden against his quid pro quo video by alleging the President was guilty of the same thing. And now we see that the “Trump hates the military” hoax that held the country hostage for a week in early September was designed to inoculate Biden against this video.

You could never make these people up, folks. You really couldn’t.

I wonder if it ever occurred to Democrat leaders that maybe they should rig their nomination this year to someone who didn’t require so many inoculations?

Probably not. This kind of scheming and projecting at this point is the only way these despicable people know how to function.

It really is sad, especially because it has such a pernicious impact on our entire society.

That is all.

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There will be no debates. Their working all the polls and trying to come up with the most plausible reason they can use for slojo not appearing. If they try any kind of “hearing aide” I’m sure it will be “fixed”.

Chrissy will be disappointed for sure, but it just isn’t going to happen.

And you can slap me silly if it does. 😛

M A McDaniel

A small nit to pick, but it is common today to call a lectern a podium. You stand on a podium (think of a symphony conductor), and behind a lectern (think of a prof or lecturer). Accuracy bolsters credibility, and I am a regular reader of the DB update.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s OK; there is also a question about HandsyFartsy Joe’s ear bud, which could be a hearing device or a way to keep him saying what they want him to say.

I don’t think there’ll be a debate, because those kinds of devices can be hacked, so that they can’t produce anything more than white noise – interrupting his communication with his handlers. (Hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s surprise.)

Jimmy MacAfee

I have a question for ol’ WanderingHands: how did her breast feel – the breast of the wife of a Secret Service agent? Was it firm and well-rounded? Augmented? Since you seem to want to put your hands on everybody, I thought I’d ask.

And as for the woman involved: do you have a voice, or have you been paid off? How does your husband feel about this all being swept under the rug? Is he still mad? Does he go to work every day and think about how Joe violated you?

I know how I’d feel about this happening to my wife, and what I’d do. Joe would need a new set of dental implants. Or worse.

This is a microscopic version of what the people in powerful positions think about the powerless: they can feel us up, manually rape us, attack us from their positions of power and then call us Deplorables. Think about the human traffickers – supported mostly by Dems – and what they do to children; think about rich men on sexual safaris in poor nations. Each one of them had a mother and father. And each mother and father had a child, who either grew up with abuse or met an untimely end, or were traded like meat.

This is the world of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Their world, their supporters. To them, Secret Service agents and their wives are just dirty employees, to be dismissed and despised.

“Stupid bastards?”

He was not making a joke.

Jimmy MacAfee

One of the issues resonating with former Liberals is human trafficking – and Camelface Harris failed on that account. Maybe there will be people who escaped from Democrapic traffickers who will come out on the campaign trail? As I said, the victims had parents, who watched as their children were dragged off to be raped by Democrat-types. (Or by UN “peacekeepers.”)

Vogon Constructor Fleet

he’s a lying dog-faced pony soldier – an insult to dogs, ponys and soldiers to boot


I do like the way Jill – excuse me – Doctor Jill is always nearby, in case Sleepy Joe decides to drift off into another episode of the Corn Pop saga.

Jimmy MacAfee

She must be in a tizzy, with her son Hunter again being the threat to her (crime) family wealth. She reminds me of an evil nanny – (think “The Omen,” a point someone else made recently) – and she could/should be charged with elder abuse. There is no sympathy for her worth having.

As I’ve said before: Joe takes a nap to recover from his last nap.


Biden is such a pathetic excuse for a human being. Knowing the depths of his corruption and sellout of our country, makes me sick. And the clueless will still vote for him and his ilk because of the D next to the name. D is for dirty, despicable, detestable, degrading, disgusting, and distasteful.

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