Waiting for Barr and Durham: The 2020 Sequel to “Waiting For Godot”

Justice Department probe into Russia investigation could extend into late summer - CNNPolitics

In the last 48 hours we have discovered the following related to Spygate/Obamagate:

– The release of a series of text messages between multiple FBI personnel revealing that they knew the spying on the Trump campaign and efforts to frame General Mike Flynn were highly illegal and that they were so concerned about their own situations that they went out and purchased personal liability insurance policies in January, 2017;

– The revelation that the sub-source for Christopher Steele’s fake Dossier on Donald Trump was in fact a Russian agent and had been deemed by the freaking FBI itself as a “national security threat” as early as 2009. Despite this knowledge, James Comey and his FBI freak show allowed the Dossier to be used as the sole basis for no fewer than 4 fraudulent applications for FISA warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign, Transition Team and Administration;

– The fact that Hunter Biden, while his dear old Daddy was squiring him all over the world to peddle influence to various nefarious characters, received a wire transfer from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow for $3.5 million and several other wires of several hundred thousand dollars each.

In the face of all of these revelations in a 48 hour period, our national news media yawns and continues to pretend that President Trump is the guy with a Russia problem.

It was in light of these revelations and the Democrat/media’s current “peaceful transfer of power” hoax that I wrote a piece on Thursday asking “When do we get Our Peaceful Transfer of Power for 2016?” because that is something we never received from Obama and his evil minions, who are still today running a shadow government operation designed to regain the presidency. Joe Biden is just the bumbling meat suit face of that effort.

The next question to ask is, when are any of the people involved in this never-ending coup d’etat effort going to be held accountable by William Barr, John Durham and the Department of Justice? We found out on Thursday that Durham did in fact take over the investigation of all the myriad crimes of the Clinton Foundation from do-nothing U.S. Attorney John Huber early this year, as has long been rumored. But, just as with his plodding Spygate and Obamagate investigation, we have seen no fruit from that effort, despite Barr’s promises that such fruit would be borne by the end of summer.

Oops. We are now three days past that deadline.

I had an email from a friend in DC last night saying that rumors are flying that something’s going to happen today. That would make some sense in a very DC Swampy kind of way, given that Fridays are traditionally the day when when the Swamp’s snakes and skunks love to make big news so it will dominate the Sunday talk shows. But we’ve heard those rumors many times before and have been let down each and every time. Waiting for John Durham to actually do something is like the old movie “Waiting for Godot”. We keep waiting, but Godot never arrives.

Meanwhile, we are about to have an election in less than 6 weeks and well over half of the country still does not know a thing about any of this thanks to the wall of silence by the corrupt national news media. The only way to break through that wall is for Durham and his investigators to start breaking down doors and performing some very public perp walks of high profile figures like Comey and Strzok and Brennan and Clapper, all of whom have become major TV stars over the past few years.

It would be like arresting the cast of “Love Island” – even the GenZ-ers would have to pay some attention here.

Sundance over at TheConservativeTreehouse posted a piece last night speculating that Barr and Durham have now decided that the political atmosphere has just become too toxic to add indictments into the mix. Thus, Sundance speculates that Barr is using Sidney Powell – who released the FBI text messages – and the various Senate committees – who released the revelations about Hunter Biden and Steele’s Russian sub-source – to get all of this damning information into the public domain without drawing fire in on their own position from the news media.

If true, we have a word for that kind of skullduggery: Chickenshit. Sorry for the semi-profanity, but that’s what such an effort by Barr/Durham would be.

If Durham really does have the goods on these people, and really does have hundreds of sealed indictments waiting to be unsealed, then election timing simply should not even factor into his and Barr’s equation. Because if Durham really has the goods, that means that there are treasonous criminals who planned and executed a literal coup d’ etat effort on U.S. soil roaming free as birds right now. It would also mean that half of American voters are about to cast votes for the next president without being in possession of real knowledge about any of this.

That would be an incredible travesty of justice, and a stain on their reputations that Barr and Durham could never wash off. If they really do have the goods, the only time to act is now.

I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for Godot to finally arrive, though.

That is all.

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Rick O'Shay

Waiting For Godo(n)’t.


Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the reason behind the seemingly endless delay of justice with such mountains of evidence in plain sight has always been the incredibly simple fact that they’ve been waiting since day one to replace RBG so as to guarantee a 5-4 Supreme Court? That sur would seem to explain a whole lot. I mean DJT doesn’t do anything by half measures and what your talking about here is taking down over 30 years worth of dynastic Establishment leadership to include two 2 term former presidents, Vice Presidents, AND their families, not to mention all the others below them through a legitimate legal process. This is quite possibly unprecedented in human history. I got news for ya pal, this is GOING to the Supreme Court. And Roberts can’t be trusted. And they certainly don’t want to take any chance that could get that far and be stabbed in the back by a rogue justice. Makes a lot of sense to me. Jus’ sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is why I say the DOJ must make a fair election the first priority – and at the same time make it clear that there ARE criminal indictments (not just investigations.)

I also respect Robosaurus Rex’ commentary, which sounds like it’s written by someone with an insider’s awareness. Whether or not Barr has recused himself, or just doesn’t have the ability to micromanage the multiple gargantuan tasks is a good question. I also assume that he has a life, like most of us, and there are only so many hours in the day.

If President Trump is speaking directly with Durham, that would be a good thing. Not long ago, I postulated that Durham was writhing like a moth on a cardboard, kept from doing what he knows needs to be done. Keeping the President in the loop is not an overt political act, even though Obama’s participation in the dossier hoax was a decidedly political act.

Someone in the leadership has to pull the trigger, and I suspect that John Durham has got an itchy finger. Corrupt prosecutors like those on the Mueller team tend to make people like Durham more than a little pissed. Say what you want about Barr, but don’t crap on Durham. Barr can take criticism, whether or not he’s earned it, but you don’t want to dull your sharpest sword when there are heads left to roll.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect that Durham has a lot of autonomy – to hire additional attorneys, and to proceed as he deems necessary. This is a man who may one day become Attorney General.

On-the-job training.


All of what you say is fine and dandy, but it is all contingent upon Trump winning reelection. If that doesn’t happen the backwash will be intese and fearsome. That is why, the left is being so shrill as this is not a normal election year.

This year is a Waterloo. The question is will the right or the left suffer the Waterloo?


As I said in an earlier post, I believe President Trump’s victory is going to be unprecedentedly epic as well. And a 5-4 court will help ensure that too. They’re going to make all the chaos they can but in the end they’re going down and they know it.

Lady Jane

I no longer care. In my mind, they are the swamp. Go away Barr. You will forever wear the letter “S” for SWAMP.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing he’s gonna retire a year or two into the President’s second term.

In my work, I’ve almost retired multiple times – some times from burnout, others from lack of satisfaction with pay and with work circumstances and other factors; I’ve been brought back many times, just as I was ready to leave it forever. I suspect that Bill Barr has had this conversation with himself more times than I’ve experienced – but I don’t see him as a quitter. Nor am I, but everyone has their limits of tolerance. Everyone.

And please remember: he’s getting shat upon from all sides. When that’s happened to me, I’ve made an impenetrable shell and kept my own counsel. Barr definitely has a shell, and it’s a hard one.

Have you ever been in those kinds of circumstances, where you felt like you were the only one? With no allies, no friends? I have. (You probably have, too.) I learned to fight alone, without help from any human being – G0D alone, my dependence and comfort upon Him and no one else. And you?

Stuartswede in waiting, for Godot

And for our dear President the isolation must be 1000 times worse, yet miraculously he perseveres. You gotta love him, or at least stand in amazement of what he has done these 46 months.

Jimmy MacAfee

I stand in awe of our President. Yes.

I believe it is his Faith in Yeshua/Jesus which sustains him, his Proverbs 31 wife and his sons and daughters, and his love of the American people.


“we have a word for that kind of skullduggery: Chickenshit

OOOHHHH… Clutching pearls.. hand to forehead and wobbly knees….

would be the typical demoncrap/rino response.

Just as Jimmy just pointed out the NUMEROUS criminal actions and swampanomics of past administrations that should have been prosecuted. That which was listed is just the tip of the iceberg and its far deeper than one could imagine. Sadly MOST of those that work in the swamp knew or are directly complicate in the corruption, on both sides of the aisle. Which is why term limits should be forced on ALL politicals. As implied by the framers.

Thank you Jimmy for listing off the criminal enterprises that seem to just not matter to the swamp.

But… rest assured that Barr is going to continually watch closely these criminals. He said so in public. And it would be a little unreasonable to saddle poohBarr with all this work tho, hes just one guy. /s

Its a war folks… the enemy has been given free reign… but not for much longer

Robosaurus Rex

I suspect Barr is having a hard time with the idea of indicting many of his friends and associates with which he has long and extensive relationships. During a campaign speech yesterday, Trump said he talked with Durham before revealing some information about the Dossier Russian source without jeopardizing any cases he has developed against Barr’s buddies. If he’s talking directly to Durham, makes me think Barr isn’t really in charge of this one. Trump is. He’s the only one with the guts to do it and can as the top executive branch office holder. Barr is likely watching this one from the sidelines to spare himself from being a target… Star QB benched at the Super Bowl. Expect maximum impact if this is the case. But as of 11:48 am CST, still waiting for Godot.

Jimmy MacAfee

Any ideas of where you might start?

The order of the list would obviously need to change, and would need to include prosecution of Joe Biden, Joe Black, and former CIA officials who are running off-label ops.

The levels of corruption are so deep, so profound, I wouldn’t take the job without a portable guillotine and a flamethrower.

Jimmy MacAfee

These are just the beginning.

23. then there is the prosecution of Google/Alphabet for aiding and abetting Chinese spying on American citizens, and participating in those spying activities themselves
24 prosecute Facebook execs, Twitter execs, and other tech companies
25 prosecute the owners of the major news media outlets (all 6 of them) for high treason

Jimmy MacAfee

And I forgot: impeach Berman Jackson and prosecute her for collaborating with the fake FBI scandal, conspiring with Adam Schiff, and being a degenerate bimbo with half the brains G0D gave a box turtle.

Jimmy MacAfee

Free Edward Snowden, as long as he cooperates with the investigation into how the NSA turned into a tyrannical beast and exposes all those who developed illegal programs that were codified AFTER 9/11

Jimmy MacAfee

19 prosecute Mark Warner for fraud and collaboration with our enemies
20 prosecute Lurch (John Kerry) and others for illegally conspiring with Iran
21 prosecute Loretta Lynch for her role in the tarmac crime
22 prosecute Eric Holder (go back to his days under Janet Reno – there’s a mountain of criminal behavior, some pertaining (allegedly) to acts of domestic terrorism, all the way to Fast and Furious and his collaboration with Flynn’s first attorneys.
23 prosecute those actually responsible for 9/11 (that’s a list in itself)

Jimmy MacAfee

Barr should deputize Sidney Powell, and let her make the arrests, and Trump should fire Wray and put Rich Grenell in as a temp in order to make the same kind of 6 am arrests Wray tolerated/excused/ordered against Roger Stone and his wife and Manafort and his wife.

Powell and Grenell (whom I have reservations about regarding the Ecuadoran embassy and Julian Assange) seem to be the only people left in DC with guts…

But wait! There’s more! The President should deputize several of Judicial Watch’s lawyers and President, Tom Fitton, and let them have every one of their FOIA requests.

Meanwhile, Guiliani should be deputized and asked to force the State Department to release all the records that have been requested by Judicial Watch to Judicial Watch.

While the election is the key issue – the need to have legitimate and clean elections should be first priority – others should be recruited to do what the Wray FBI and people under Barr and Pompeo seem unwilling to do. This should provide the DOJ cover it needs for the many investigations and prosecutions that need to occur:

1. election security, prosecuting fraud
2. prosecuting rioters
3. prosecuting governors who put COVID patients in with residents
4. prosecuting older issues, like Fast and Furious
5. prosecuting newer issues, like Burisma, Crowdstrike and Hunter Biden
6. prosecuting Brennan, Comey, Obama and the whole list of collaborators

7 continue to prosecute traffickers.
8 begin prosecution of the Clinton Foundation
9 begin prosecution of Epstein collaborators
10 continue to prosecute Chinese spies

11 investigate the funding for FBI and DOJ “professional liability” companies, and those who used the insurance coverage when they saw wrongdoing and said nothing.
12 shut down all of George Soros’ funds, putting a freeze on all his accounts
13 remove prosecutors who fail to protect civil liberties and who fail to prosecute criminal behavior
14 prosecute judges like Emmet Sullivan for civil liberties violations
15 prosecute DOJ prosecutors who have engaged in corruption, using conspiracy charges
16 prosecute Adam Schiff and his staff for leaking classified materials (and twisting them to say what they didn’t say)
17 prosecute John Bolton for deliberately revealing classified information
18 free Julian Assange


Barr needs to realize that either he gives Americans justice, or Americans will be forced to feed the tree of liberty with the blood of Patriots. We have no choice.

marty lopez

DJU2020: Barr doesn’t need to realize anything. He knows exactly what he is doing and why he is doing it.

It’s Trump who needs to be brought to Jesus. It’s Trump who got fooled by Sessions’ treachery and it’s Trump who got snookered a second time by Barr and his bullschit line of not allowing the law to be political as, if anything connected to the law and his Attorney General’s office wasn’t political.


Maybe Linus will be right this year and this Halloween “The Great Pumpkin” will arise over the pumkin patch and Sally will be happy and all will be good with the world.

Yeah, and the earth will stop spinning on its axis, the rain will stop falling and Walking Eagle amd Tank Abrams will admit they lost their respective elections, quit nagging us and just go away..

Me, I’ll just take the football away from Lucy so she can’t pul it away from me anymore. After I have the football, Tten I’ll just steal Linus’ blanket and, like Linus, keep sucking on it and get nothing out of it.

marty lopez

Gregg: If it were left to me, I’d kick Lucy right in the head not being any Charlie Brown and good and tired of being played. These are my civil rights these SOB’s have been stealing for the last 50 years.


Through all of this, I’ve passed several phases – anger, excitement, hope, disappointment, and now just indifference. If anyone is unfortunate enough to get me talking about it, I can pass through each phase again in a single conversation.

Looking forward, we’re still on this roller coaster that we have zero control over. If Barr and Durham shit the bed with this investigation, I still have to go on living my life, but with the knowledge that our justice system is truly biased. Unless roughly half of this country wakes the F up, I doubt that is ever going to change. Our republic only works if it is run by moral and just men. If we can get through this election, at least we have a fighting chance. Here’s a hat tip to the silent majority out there.

marty lopez

Jonsey: That the whole point, to get you to go through all these diffeerent stages, to wear you down and out. That’s how you are being played along withte rest of us. And, and, Trump has allowed it.


My disappointment in Barr is profound.

Jimmy MacAfee

The 2018 election resulted in a Dem capture of the House of Reprehensibles, and only because the Demonrats had used this narrative provided by a Russian asset.

In other words…do I need any other words?

Do your dam job, Barr, Durham. There was already one election that went Dem because of disinformation. You have the real goods, not fake information from Russian sources like the Dims used.

Use it, or GFYS.


21 gun salute for this one Dave, a category 6 story. Sending to all I know and posting on my website. You put together a remarkably compelling piece of work.

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