John Legend Kicks Off Hollywood’s “I’m Gonna Leave the USA if Trump’s Elected” Campaign

Dear John Legend: Please leave.

The Hill reports that obnoxious singer John Legend is threatening to leave the country if President Trump wins re-election. You remember John Legend, don’t you? Yeah, he’s the guy married to the even more obnoxious Chrissy Teigen, whose main talent is taking off most of her clothes, and who recently felt the need to delete thousands of pedophilia-themed tweets after her name showed up on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet flight logs.

Yeah, that John Legend.

Apparently Mr. Legend has been assigned the task of kicking off Hollywood’s traditional “I’m gonna leave the USA if X Republican is elected” campaign. This isn’t just about President Donald Trump, this is in fact a quadrennial event in Hollywood, as much of a tradition as the Academy Awards ceremony.

Hell, Barbra Streisand has threatened to leave the country in every presidential election year since Ronald Reagan destroyed Jimmy Carter in 1980. Jane Fonda goes all the way back to the Nixon years. Her communist father Henry Fonda probably issued the same threat when Eisenhower was about to whip Adlai Stevenson in 1952.

Here’s an excerpt from The Hill’s report:

Pop star John Legend says Americans might “have to start thinking about going somewhere else” if President Trump wins reelection.

“At some point, if that project [to destroy democracy] was to be in any way successful, you’d have to think about going somewhere that is a true democracy, that has respect for the rule of law and human rights,” the “All of Me” singer said in an interview published this week with Cosmopolitan UK.

“If America chooses to be that place then people will have to start thinking about going somewhere else. It is truly disturbing and concerning,” the musician, who’s part of the EGOT club, said.

Legend, along with his cookbook author wife Chrissy Teigen, have been outspoken critics of Trump. Legend, 41, performed at last month’s Democratic National Convention and is a vocal supporter of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Trump has called Legend “boring,” and referred to Teigen as the performer’s “filthy mouthed wife.”


By the way, President Trump is correct on both counts.

In any event, now that Legend has gotten Hollywood’s quadrennial ball rolling, it can’t be long before his empty threat is parrotted by the likes of the aforementioned Streisand and Fonda, along with other such leftwing nitwit luminaries as Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler, Rob Reiner, Alec Baldwin, Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro and Stephen Colbert.

By the way, every one of those celebrities has made the exact same threat at least once – in most cases, multiple times – in the past, and they are all still here.

Because sadly, these are just empty threats and none of them has any intention of ever leaving the USA, because this is the only country on earth in which such a collection of insufferable nitwits would be able to become so fabulously wealthy and famous.

Too bad.

That is all.

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I wish these morons would keep their promises. if you say your going to leave please leave.


Trump is not destroying Democracy, He is,however, destroying democrats.


(sigh)…Oh how I wish this were true. But sadly it isn’t and here’s why:

1) Everything that comes out of a Dem’s mouth, the exact OPPOSITE is true.

2) The goal of communism is to install their tyranny on the ENTIRE PLANET. They can’t leave because America is their biggest and primary obstacle to conquering the world. And they’re coming too damn close for my taste.

Thank God for President Trump’s 1776 project.

jim reid

My memory says that the honorable RBG said she would go to New Zealand if Trump won. Don’t know if there is a guiltless Democrat out there.

Whitehouse Clown

Why wait John Boy. Planes are departing hourly. Oh, that’s right. You don’t have to wait. You have your own jet.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dear Mr. Legend,

After you pack your bags, would you kindly leave all the money our nation has allowed you to make from your insipid music? Others could use it far better than you, though in our nation, we still believe your money is your money. Better still, you ought to move to a country where you would feel more comfortable, a Totalitarian regime, where whatever you make will not be your own, and even your own voice will not be your own! Look forward to hearing from you in your chosen hell to see if it’s all that you hope it will be!

PS: (May I suggest Cuba or Venezuela?)

Jimmy MacAfee


Why is it that every third class actor/actress feel there leaving has some impact on America? They do this every election and never leave, Please if you really have any integrity leave after Trump is re=elected and Make America Great Again.

No one will miss you at all


Let me know if you need help packing.

Jimmy MacAfee

He should move to Haiti, or somewhere his wife could have an inexpensive brunch.

danny mullins

Johnny, please do, nobody cares.


John who? Chrissy who? Let me see here, how much do I care about the same old saw from the same fools who think I think they are important and I should take their opinion and concerns seriously? Mmmmmm not much!


I hope Legend takes his sicko pedophile wife with him! But we know these threats to leave the US are just empty promises…though they still MIGHT win Trump more votes because folks are optimistic by nature. Maybe the Hollywood elitist clowns will follow through this time!

Jimmy MacAfee

John Legend is making a threat! Call the suicide hotline! Quickly! This is a real emergency!

Reminds me of Captain Hook in the movie “Hook:”

“Captain James Hook:
No stopping me this time, Smee. This is it. Don’t make a move Smee, not a step. My finger’s on the trigger. Don’t try to stop me, Smee.

On, not again.

Captain James Hook:
This is it. Don’t try to stop me this time, Smee. Don’t try to stop me this time, Smee. Don’t you dare try to stop me this time, Smee, try to stop me. Smee, you’d better get up off your ass. Get over here, Smee.

I’m coming. I’m coming.

Captain James Hook:
Stop me. This is not a joke. I’m committing suicide.

Captain James Hook:
Don’t ever frighten me like that again.

I’m sorry.

Captain James Hook:
Are you some kind of a sadist?

I’m sorry. How do you feel now?

Captain James Hook:
I want to die.”


Stop lying. You told us you’d leave if he won last time. Do you know how long I waited at the airport to give you a kick in your backside as a final send off? Liar.

Arnold Jackson

He won’t leave as soon as he sees how much his Exit Tax will be.

Jimmy MacAfee

I was prepared to leave my home and place of work if Hillary Rotten had won; I had made extensive preparations, including things I’ve written about recently, preparing a place, a better place, (which is still there.)

Running with an acquaintance for a brief time, I told him (he’s a Dimocrat) and he said mockingly:
“Yeah, sure, are you gonna leave the country, too?”

I patiently explained to him that I had made options, and wasn’t like one of those Hollyweird libtards, and that I was not only serious, I was capable. Would have made an easy move, and though it was one I didn’t wish to make, it was a promise I could keep.

How many Hollyweirders can even keep a promise when they make marriage vows? And did you know that when Jesus used the word “hypocrite,” the translation of the word is “actor?” So why would anyone believe John Legend or any of the rest of them?

Jimmy MacAfee

When I was a brat of 3 or 4, I made threats: I’d bang my head on the (wooden) floor if I didn’t get what I wanted. I did it, and it alarmed my parents. It was stupid, but I was 3 or 4, and stupid is the age. I have a hard head.

One day, I threatened to do the same on the front sidewalk. My mother, having grown tired of this dumb game, said: “Go ahead!”

I did. I remember doing it, saying: “Ooww!” and never doing it again.

The children in Hollywood and other places never carry through on their threats, as they’ve never faced the consequences of their threats thus they remain perpetual 3-4 year olds. They’ll learn, though, when grownups laugh at them and say, as my mother said to me: “Go ahead!”

Go ahead, John Legend and others. Please.


Yeah, and you can bet whatever country they threaten to move to will be a nice white democratic country. Funny how the leftist love affair with socialism always collapses when confronted with having to live among the “others”. They never threaten to go to Cuba, Venezuela, or anywhere south of the U.S. border. Nor do they threaten to move to Africa, the middle East, Russia or Asia. It’s always whitey Europe, Canada or Australia. Even with Chrissy’s Asian heritage, I bet her @zz wouldn’t dare move there. There is nowhere in the world greater than the U.S. They know it.


Hey John, take the rest of the worthless POS with you that said they they were going to leave in 16. Let me see, how many left? Can you say none? Thought so. So, please back up your threats this year. We won’t miss any of you. Bye.

John Doe

Is his name John Legend or John the Liar legend? I can always tell when he is lying. He even thinks lies. When his lips move, he is lying. In fact whenever he breathes he is lying. He serves his father, Satan, the father of lies, and there is no truth within him.


HURRY NOV.3rd. 2020

Seeya-Asswhole !
(make sure to take your-Fugly-Azzed-Slut-wife with you ! )

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