ACB Will Replace RBG

If you pray, say a big one for Amy Coney Barrett, who will be nominated by President Donald Trump tomorrow to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Barrett is obviously a very brave woman, because she knows without any doubt that she is about to be slandered and smeared in the most vicious ways the Democrats and their toadies in the corrupt news media can devise.

As we saw with Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his confirmation process, those on the left are very creative and quite without grace, mercy or human decency when it comes to these Supreme Court battles. No lie is too heinous, no tactic too underhanded for them to be willing to give it a try.

Judge Barrett is the mother of 7 children, including two she adopted from Haiti. She knows with out any doubt at all that those children will not be spared the vicious, hateful attacks from those on the left, which have in fact already begun among the Perpetual Outrage Crowd on Twitter. All of those attacks on children clearly violate Twitter’s stated “rules,” but you can be sure that evil social media operation will make no effort to police them.

One would hope that Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham would not allow the Democrats a weeklong platform from which to spew their venom during committee hearings, choosing instead to hold only a brief, proforma hearing that severely limits members’ ability to grandstand. Frankly, one would hope that they would simply not hold a hearing at all, since none is in fact required, but that’s too much to expect from those two, given their stupid, archaic reverence for Senate process, for which not a single Democrat member of that body gives a tinker’s damn.

An expedited process could have this extremely well-qualified woman sworn-in by mid-October, and that is what McConnell should aspire to achieve. In the meantime, we must all prepare ourselves for the sorry spectacle the media and Democrats will create over this nomination.

It will be despicable, demented, depraved, disgusting and disgraceful. But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here – you expected something else?

That is all.

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Irate Nate

ACB will replace RBG and the left will freak out. LOL.

[…] those unaware, Judge Barrett  is a devout Catholic and the mother of 7 children, including two who she adopted from the impoverished nation of Haiti. Repugnant leftists like this […]


Why is the Senate even bothering with a hearing at all? It’s not necessary, nor required. Barrett was already vetted not too long ago for her current position. Just hold the vote and install her in the seat.
Not worth the time to listen to the leftist harpies(both sexes) squallor and screech. Kavanaugh’s hearing was a preview of what they will do each time a repub prez nominates anyone for a SCOTUS position.
Just vote on it and swear her in.


The smear machine will be cranked up to infinity by this time Saturday. I expect sorority sister
confessions, allegations of wild behavior and a good dose if deeply filled innuendo. The feminists will be silent, just as they have been silent about the sexualization and exploitation of young girls in a softcore child porn flick put out by NetfliXXX, and the press will publish every salacious lie they can repeat or fabricate.

May they all burn in Hell.


Ok – know I’m stating the obvious here but ACB is so hot she sets charcoal briquettes alight simply by walking by them.

The complete antithesis of RGB @ every way, shape, & form.

Always thought RGB looked like a goblin.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dear Mr. President,

I do like Barbara Lagoa – I still do – and I hope you will consider her after a thorough vetting to replace one of the next retiring Justices, which will likely happen within the next few months. Might I also ask that you consider replacing Chief Justice John Roberts with Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice if Roberts should decide to retire, and keep Justice Thomas on the court for as long as possible?

Yours Sincerely,
Jimmy MacAfee

Jimmy MacAfee

I pray for Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, and for the shuttering of the mouths of the enemies of our Constitution, enemies of our Faith(s) and enemies of our nation, as were the lions in the den that held Daniel: I pray that she does not have to endure the horrors of blasphemy, malice, scorn, envy nor slander, and that she will be defended by our Lord Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah, and will stand firm in her faith and love and honor;

I pray that her confirmation will be quick, and that she will stand up for the average American, the Constitution, freedom from medical and other forms of tyranny, and that she will be a blessing to all Americans,

I pray this in Jesus’/Yeshua’s Holy Name,


I’ll bet the professionally printed anti-ACB signs will be deployed to the rent-a-mobs within an hour of the announcement.

Yeah, these spontaneous riots, er mostly peaceful protests are real, genuine, organic and grassroots; no doubt about it.

Say a prayer for ACB. And another one that every turd on that committee gets beaten in Nov. That would be Coons DE, Durbin IL, and Spartacus Booker NJ. AND of course Roundheels of VP.

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