Discussion Post – 9.24.2020

Here is my projection on the what the final electoral map will look like on Election Day, or whenever the votes are all finally “counted”:

2020 Presidential Election Interactive Map

Prove me wrong.

I will update the map periodically between now and November 3.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Well there’s one arrow Nanzi won’t be using now. Must have tanked in their polls.



On my daily mile-long dog walk, noticed the first Harris-Biden lawn sign. Since it was early on the walk, I counted for a tally. 25 Trump signs or flags vs 1 for the lying turds. I also noticed that the house with the demon sign had a big (4 foot diameter) sun-face idol attached to the front of the house. Ironic that even in ancient days, people turned away from the true God to worship idols, and a lot of present day atheists do the same. Deuteronomy 4:19, 17:3 contains a stern warning against worshiping the sun, moon, stars or any of the heavenly host. Not knocking religious freedom in any way, just sayin it’s ironic.

Jimmy MacAfee

You shall know them by their fruits. IN the case of Dems and the cross-link between their politics and their bizarre religion(s), you shall know them by their nuts.


My brother saw a sign in PA: Vote for Joe and the Hoe.


Cuz we’re nearing Christmas don’t ya know, hoe-hoe-hoe! Lol-ing

Rick O'Shay

Quick informal poll.

1. If/when a wuhan flu vaccine is available, will you get it?

2. Do you get a yearly flu shot?

takk skal du ha

Jimmy MacAfee

No and no. Never had a flu shot, never will; never will have a COVID shot, either.

Just Me

I’ll wait to see how many canaries bite the dust first.


1. No, never
2. Only got the flu-like symptons twice; both times after the navy forced me to get a flu shot out of four total during active duty

When I joined the naval reserve, I insisted that I get no flu shots as a condition to me joining. It was noted in my medical record. It was ignored one year despite my protest. I didn’t get sick that year.

When I was mobilized for OIF in 2003 i accepted all the series of anthrax and other shots prior to and during the deployment – no problem, just followed a “lawful order”.

The only shots I take now are for tetanus evey ten years due to my work.


1. No way Jose’
2. Never have, only had the flu 2 times that I can remember


vær så god!


About the debates which are apparently going to happen in some manner:

I would suggest the president force Commie Chris/”Chuck” Wallace to bring up the Hunter affair.

He could do this by interjecting into a foreign policy question, or a conversation on foreign influence or election interfearence by putting the onus on Chris/Chuck to ask btfsplk about the Russian/Ukrane/ChinaHunter question.

President Trump should put Wallace on the defensive along with btfsplk, as the media is also effectively running for president.


I don’t think there will be any debates. He can’t function well now. They can’t afford to have him up on a stage where the President will be a beacon of light against a faltering candle. They won’t let him answer questions after a presser or speech. When they do he goes down in flames.

I just don’t see him being able to handle it, even with a “little help”.


It won’t be any better than that for Biden and in all likelihood will be much, much worse. I live in Delaware and I seem to vaguely remember seeing one Biden sign or sticker or something. But I honestly don’t remember where or when, so it obviously wasn’t very prominent. You can’t sling a dead cat around here without hitting a Trump sign, flag, sticker, hat,..
I believe the absolutely epic victory about to unfold for President Trump is going to truly amaze even the most seasoned of political experts.



I think it would be the crowning achievement of Trump if he could flip Deep Blue Delaware AND knock off senator Coons (D) and your one ‘at large’ representative. A couple of other blue state flips are possible as the Dem division of voter fraud are probably not going to wast a lot of resources on ‘sure bets’ like MI, PA, and WI were in the last election.

They can’t be everywhere.


There’s already a lot of record early voting going on and I have a really hard time believing any of that is for Biden. I mean, even the staunchest Dems admit they’re not at all enthusiastic about him. I suspect it’s almost all Trump supporters wanting to make sure their votes get counted. And to make things even more interesting, I’m seriously beginning to wonder if Biden will even make it to the election. He doesn’t look so good to put it mildly.

Just Me

Biden’s campaign called a lid early today; ninth time this month. I can only imagine the chaos on the left if he collapses and cannot continue.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is your future if you vote Demoncrap:


I bet she’ll have no shortage of attorneys willing to represent her at no charge – to sue the shit out of the state and municipality and whomever ordered her arrest. This story is not going away.


I support both the military and the police. However, just because someone wears a uniform does not automatically confer brilliance or sainthood upon them. They are from the same America that is producing our current political climate. Most are fine upstanding people who deserve respect; some, a few, are going to be stupid drones, or just plain bad people.

Remember this, it was the left who vehemently dissed the soldiers returning from Vietnam. That was ultimately seen as a net loser for their cause so in the Bush era sandbox wars the mantra became “Support the Troops”, and apart from a couple of big stories of ‘torture’ and other incidents by a small group, the military has been treated much differently than in the early to mid-seventies.

The cops have replaced the military as the new boogiemen thanks in large part to the efforts of ‘the One’, his administration, and our anti-American communist and anarchy supporting media. The individual police had better decide which side of the law they are going to be on. Apparently, many have convinced their (left-leaning, left supporting) union leadership to #walkaway from endorsing many Democrats, and endorse Trump. But the rank and file police had better get smart and bet on the right horse.


Un-freaking-believable!, comments on this one say it all. If it was a fat white cop and a small black woman, all hell would be exploding. And the dyke woman cop running up without a mask is classico. Un-freaking-believable!


I agree Dave,

You give Trump a net gain of NV, MN, and NH. I am a little concerned you put your TX and Phineas’ (by the way where are you Phineas?) GA. in the pink zone. I know there has been a shift in those states, but I don’t see them in the same category as PA, MA, and WI.

Hopefully when Trump wins in MI, MN, and NH he can also sweep out their Dem senators and retain the GOP senators in AZ, ME, NC, and a couple of other states where the GOP senator is in trouble like CO.

I also agree with Jimmy in VA; people there have to be repulsed by Northam, their (D) legislature, and the three new (D) members of their congressional delegation. I hope and pray Jimmy’s commonwealth defeats Warner

Jimmy MacAfee

One other thing: Julian Assange is said to be developing serious mental illness (auditory hallucinations and suicidal ideations) and if he is “Epsteined,” he will go down as yet another John the Baptist. Who will be Herod?

President Trump has an obligation to put a finger in the eye of the modern Herod, lest he become one by default.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect that Virginia will be red this time. Northern Virginia – (not real Virginia) will vote as it usually does: for the Communist Dims; Tidewater will be close, but run red. Look for Sorass to put his riots into gear there soon, but for them to have the opposite effect he intends.

LE needs to watch and monitor the entry of the paid stooges of the Left, and prevent them from getting off their busses and out of their cars and so forth.

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