Cindy McCain Endorses Joe Biden – Nobody Could’ve Seen That One Coming!

So much media BS, so little time… – Reuters put out a “breaking” report last night reporting the fact that Cindy McCain, the vain, grasping 2nd wife of the dead John McCain, is – gasp! – not going to endorse President Donald Trump for re-election! Who could have possibly seen that one coming?

Seriously, why is this news? Reuters describes Ms. McCain as a “prominent Republican.” But is that really true? What evidence is there that Cindy McCain is in fact a Republican at all, other than possibly a voter registration card in Arizona? Hell, Jake Tapper could go register to vote and claim to be a Republican, but that wouldn’t mean he actually is one.

It’s like when Cher, Rob Reiner and Barbra Streisand dress up in their matching wicked witch costumes for their annual Halloween party – does putting on those costumes mean they really are witches?

Ok, don’t answer that.

The point here is, why is this news? Why would one of the major newswire services publish a report about this? It would be “news” if anyone outside of Washington, DC gave a rat’s ass what Cindy McCain thinks, because her endorsement of Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester might influence others to do the same. But the truth is nobody outside of Washington, DC give’s a rat’s ass what Cindy McCain thinks; thus, no one is going to be influenced by her endorsement.

So, again, why is this even a story? You know why. We all know why. This is what the corrupt news media does to any Republican presidential candidate.

For the corrupt Democrat toadies in the media, this is also just another continuation of the glorification of John McCain, done for the simple fact that McCain was both a traitor to his party and Arizona voters over a span of decades, and a prominent Trump hater. McCain thus became the media’s favorite fake Republican for the simple fact that he consistently provided corrupt media outlets with a tool with which to beat first George W. Bush and later Donald Trump over the head. He provided them with the pretense to claim that those President’s weren’t really doing the right thing because a prominent member of their own party was criticizing them.

All of that media/McCain love affair flew right out the window, of course, when McCain tragically became the GOP’s presidential nominee to hand the presidency to Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. For the better part of that year, McCain was suddenly nothing more than another evil Republican in the media’s eyes, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, and any other -phobe or -ist they could think to tag him with. He was running against not just a Democrat, but The ONE, and thus had to be smeared and demonized.

But all the corrupt reporters flew right back to the McCain love nest as soon as the campaign ended because they really do need a pet Republican in the U.S. Senate, a role that is now comfortably filled by Milquetoast Mitt Romney.

The thing is, once you get past all of the media idolization, the 9 days of funerals and memorials, the undeserved lying in state at the Capitol, John McCain was just another senator, and not really even an especially accomplished one. His one landmark piece of legislation in over 30 years in congress, the McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform act, has opened the door for billions of dollars in dark money flowing into the political process, much of it from foreign sources, as we have seen in every Democrat presidential campaign in this century.

Worse, his efforts to intervene in foreign policy helped involve the U.S. in 19-year quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq, and helped Barack Obama and John Kerry create a Syrian “rebel” group that ultimately became ISIS.

McCain was no more accomplished as a Senator than a Sonny Perdue or a Kirsten Gillibrand, but because he was a shameless, self-promoting “maverick” who has happy to show up on MSNBC twice a week to bash W or Trump, the media loved him.

Thus, McCain’s grasping wife Cindy, who begged President Trump for an ambassadorship and was denied it, is still able to garner the attention of her dead hubby’s adoring fans at Reuters whenever she continues her husband’s Republican-bashing habit.

It’s despicable, and really just kind of stupid, but that is what this country’s mainstream news media is.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Woops! I meant endorsed Biden! My blushes…


The turncoat RINO McCain family endorsed Trump and it’s supposed to shock or demoralize the Right? LOL! We don’t WANT them!


As a resident of AZ for 22 years, Little Johnny McCain was despised by all conservatives in the state. He ran the Republican party with an iron hand and the only person who won was Little Johnnie himself. It was all about him and not the voters of the state. He got who he wanted appointed through his “allies” in the state and the grassroots of the party. His lust for power was shown time and time again. He leaked the “dossier” to the FBI and the rest is history. He would do anything and everything to make himself the center of attraction and now don’t forget he brought in Martha McSally and backed her and she won a house seat over a more qualified candidate because he Johnnie’s name and money. Now the republicans are in danger of losing a senate seat in November because McSally was appointed to fill his senate seat by the ice cream Governor. McSally is as hated in AZ as Johnnie was. So you see Little Johnnie’s legacy still survives and most likely will continue to do damage to the party even after his death. Cindy is just bitter she didn’t get a plum job in Trump’s administration because of Little Johnnie. And then we have Johnnie’s worthless daughter Meghan. What a family. Its all about them. If you don’t think so, just ask Meghan.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent summary!


To be fair nobody ever accused any of the McCain’s of being very smart.


Cindy McCain – her opinion is no better than an empty beer can.


In Oregon an empty beer can is worth cents. 😛

jack johnson

The real question….does anyone really care what the McCain`s think or support? The sooner these people go away and that name dissolves into oblivion the better.

NC Curmudgeon

Hi folks….I haven’t heard, read nor seen anything that makes what I’m about to say “true.”

While reading Mr. Blackmon’s piece about John McCain in particular (above), I had a very disturbing thought.

McCain took on Obama. Brought in Palin as running mate. What if he wasn’t there “honestly,” but a straw man under the “R” banner? Palin was very popular, but had a lot of baggage, yet SHE was the only reason I bothered to vote for Slimy. Not him.

Just thinkin’: What if McCain’s Senate experience was subterfuge? Remember how he went out with the infamous vote-slap at President Trump…. I may be too vague….

What IF McCain was flipped to Democrat and was promoted for the race against Obama, knowingly doing things that guaranteed his LOSS? Easy win for Barack the Stain Obama.

Keeping in mind, how he treated Palin AFTER the race…..shameful….then the funeral.

So. That was my thought….

Jimmy MacAfee

And Palin was the only reason I voted for him, too. She probably doubled his votes – unexpectedly.


Me too and I agree. Without her on the ballot, it might have been a real landslide with ‘the One’ being even more emboldened.

I sitll have my:


tee shirt.

I hope she runs against MurCOWski in 2022 for Alaska senate.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d say you understand “Songbird” more than most.

McLame was a walking NPD exhibit; he loved losing, as long as he could emerge, unscathed, and wave to an adoring crowd. I had noted this in 2000 in his run against Bushie, and others had noted his Manchurian Candidate-like persona, citing his willingness to sing to his captors. He also was (allegedly) responsible for the deadly USS Forrestal fire, killing 120+ sailors.

For him to be a mole would not be unexpected – it would also fit into the “probable” category.


Could Mclame have been brainwashed at the Hanoi Hilton, conditioned to react at certain times in certain ways with a code phrase?


John McCain was an egotistical, self-serving, backstabbing sob who had little man’s complex and an unfilled void in his soul because he never made Admiral like Grandpa and Daddy.

He didn’t have the guts to resist when the Viet Cong interrogated him. Frankly he was a coward and a four-letter word for a female sex organ.

If I ever get the chance, I’m gonna piss on his grave.

I feel much better now.

Jimmy MacAfee

John Kasich said: “When they put John McCain to death…”

I prefer that version of his passing.


“McCain was no more accomplished as a Senator than a Sonny Perdue or a Kirsten Gillibrand”

Or joe biden and karma roundheels.

I saw at least six different ‘news’ stories/headlines on the Microsoft News browser from different ‘news’ organizations on the Sindy McLame being pictured endorsing btfsplk. BFD! In two months she will be as irrelvant as jill, moochelle, Walking Eagle, and thresa lurch. NBC should hire all these miserable hags to host a TV show to challenge ABC’s “View”. Just what we need, another fivesome of kackling hags to drivel on about nothig, The question is: Who will be the “token conservative”? Like mother like daufgter???

It was also clamed Comey was a “Republican”.

Saw a funny comment:

Ninth Circuit Court overturns RBG’s assumption of room temperature (death).


Cut them some slack Dave, probably a slow news day, and she was all they had. Obviously nothing from Barr or Durham. Oh wait, it is the first day of fall by jove.

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