Discussion Post – 9.22.2020

The Democrat Party platform, 2020, perfectly illustrated:

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Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rick O'Shay

I know it’s always a crowded field, but my vote for the dumbest person of the day.


Rick O'Shay

Fine line anymore between satire and the truth.


Sad but true.


Just in time for Christmas (can we still use that term) something the lefty kids will really enjoy. Put it on layaway (still a thing?)



It occurs to me that, at the end of the day, in all of this, the only thing that should really astound anyone is how inconceivably powerful traditional mainstream media has been in enabling these inconceivably corrupt and stupid people to seize power over the last fifty or so years until the modern internet finally broke the MSM spell and revealed just how inconceivably corrupt and stupid these people have ALWAYS been. Inconceivable!


So true, but before the internet, it was Rush and early conservative talk radio that really exposed the lying sacks of schifts that comprised the lame stream media. Thanks to them many more people are waking up to their evil machinations.


Think about what McConnell has on his plate this fall:

1) Must get 50 votes for RBG’s replacement PRIOR to the election

2) Must get a budget deal (or a CR of some sort) done in eight (8) days or the government gets shut down

3) Might have to hold another impeachment trial

4) Has a large number (23 of his caucus is up for reelection) itching to get out of DC and on the campaign trail – so look for a lot of stuff to get slapped together without a lot of debate

5) Has an ongoing battle over CV-19 relief with MaligNancy Klink’s house

This from a man who seemingly takes an hour to decide what tie to wear every day.

He has a chnce to show real leadership mettel – be a Churchill or a Chamberlin?

There is no requirement for a SC nominee to waste a week visiting every senator’s office to smooze with all 100 senators. She should visit the five or so who are truely swayable and send a letter explaining her reasoning for not visiting the other 95.

McConnell should then really piss of the left by circumventing the certain Judicary Committee Lynching Process, and force an up or down vote in the full senate.


About the campaign season, the following senators on the Judiciary Committee are up for reelection this November:

Coons, DE; Durbin, IL; Booker, NJ

Ernst, IA; Sasse, NE; Tillis, ND; Graham, SC; Cornyn, TX

And Harris (up in 2022 for senate) is running for VP is also on the committee.

None of these people are going to want to be stuck in DC in October; look for a very truncated hearing – especially if McConnell has fifty plus votes and confirmation is a fait accompli.


McConnell can lose three RINOS and still get a confirmation. However, if up to six defect and decide to vote “Present” he does not need fifty votes. He just needs a tie of the senators who are actually voting yeah or nay. There are 47 Dems in the senate, so as long as the Romneys of the world vote “Present” only 47 yes votes are required. with VP Pence breaking the tie.

We really need to pick up another net gain of at least two senate seats to render the RINOs irrelivent.

Jimmy MacAfee

The five from the list whom President Trump is picking – all women – will meet with him, or at least most of them, from what he’s said. He’s already met with a few.

I personally prefer Lagoa, as a Conservative whose parents are anti-Communists from Cuba, and she has the values of the working class. (Sorry, Ms. Barrett: you don’t – you’re in support of the lockdown, and have voted that way on the record.)


“The people’s representatives in Congress never voted to make gay marriage legal nationwide or to allow abortion on demand. That was left to the nine aged oligarchs on the court.”
Great article.



So, Nancy Pelosi is pretty unhinged about now. She claims that Trumps SCOTUS pick will reverse human rights, and come after your children as well. Of course, if you have been paying attention you will realize that it is the leftist indoctrination camps we call the public schools that are destroying the minds of our children. Not to mention the Obama-backed streaming filth called Cuties. But I have to admit, I do get a kick out of watching Nan’s Kerry-esque dead face try to contort into something other than hateful. At this point, she rather resembles the portrait of Dorian Gray. As a sage pastor of mine once said, “If you want to know what is in peoples’ hearts, shake them up and see what spills out”. That pretty much sums up the modern Democrat.


Regarding Quid Pro Quo Joe kissing AA Ass in order to pander to the minority that President Trump is making major inroads, I wonder just what a btfsplk cabinet and court would look like:

Karma Roundheels – Co-President

Tank Abrams – Supreme Court


Lorry Lightweight – Housing and Urban Development

Maxipad Watters – Secretary of State (“You’re Not Welcome Here”)

Shelia Jackson-Lee – NASA (rover going to the US Flag on Mars)

The NY Prosecutor who bogusly indicted Bannon – Attorney General

This is just a start feel free to add your suggestions.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hillary Rotten will be Camelnose’ choice; psychopaths of a feather flock together.

Jimmy MacAfee

Perish the thought, but Camelnose would choose her soulmate Hillary Rotten for the SCOTUS. This is one of the reasons why the list isn’t being given.

Would she be the first un-convicted felon to serve? (That remains to be seen, too.)

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