As Trump Secures Support for his Nominee, Biden Calls Another Lid **UPDATED**

The Biden campaign has got to be the biggest joke in U.S. presidential history at this point. Here we are, just 42 days before Election Day, and the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Candidate is so feeble that his handlers are keeping him holed up in his basement for the 2nd time in just the last 4 days:

The distressing thing is that this is nothing new at all for the Biden campaign, which has had to put a lid early on random mornings at least once or twice a week for months now as their elderly, declining candidate recuperates. Speculation continues to grow that Biden is mainlining some form of anti-dementia medication as he has had an omni-present needle mark on his left hand for weeks now:

His elder-abusing campaign handlers called a lid on Saturday by 8:00 a.m. Today, they waited until 9:22, perhaps because they had hoped he might be able to keep whatever TelePrompter speech to a fake audience they had schedule for him. But yesterday’s trip to Wisconsin obviously proved too much for Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester, and so the Campaign That Never Was is left without a ticket-topper for another day.

That’s a big problem since Democrat leaders have obviously decided they cannot push the god-awful campaigner Kamala Harris out front whenever Biden is unable to perform. Why they ever thought things would be any different with Harris than they were last year, when she turned off everyone she met during her utterly failed nomination pursuit, is a real mystery. She is just the most incurably dislikeable person on earth.

Meanwhile, as the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden ticket was attempting to revive its candidate, Senate Republicans continued to telegraph that they will not only plan to vote on President Trump’s nominee prior to Election Day, but they also have the votes to get that candidate confirmed. That’s the message sent by both Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham and Judiciary member Ted Cruz, but also by Leader Mitch McConnell.

Their confidence was shored up this morning by none other than the King of the RINOs Mitt Romney, who released the following statement:

“The Constitution gives the President the power to nominate and the Senate the authority to provide advice and consent on Supreme Court nominees,” the Utah Republican said in a statement. “Accordingly, I intend to follow the Constitution and precedent in considering the President’s nominee. If the nominee reaches the Senate floor, I intend to vote based upon their qualifications.”

During a brief press availability in a Senate Office Building hallway, Romney clarified that he will support whatever process Graham and McConnell agree to on the nomination. He further clarified that he would not – unlike fellow RINOs Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski – object to a process that results in holding the confirmation vote before Election Day.

Despite some very misleading media reports that followed his remarks, however, Romney did NOT commit to voting to confirm the Trump nominee, which is fine. Frankly, it’s hard for any senator to commit to voting to confirm a nominee whose name is currently unknown.

The President himself made it clear that he will name his nominee on Saturday, and plans to meet with potential nominee Barbara Lagoa on a campaign trip to Florida on Friday, as reported by Axios:

President Trump plans to meet with shortlisted Supreme Court candidate Barbara Lagoa during a campaign visit to Florida on Friday, according to two sources familiar with his plans.

What we’re hearing: Sources who know both Trump and Lagoa say they still expect the president to pick Judge Amy Coney Barrett, but they view the Lagoa meeting as a wild card because they say she has a charismatic personality that would appeal to Trump.

  • The majority view in Trump’s inner circle is that Barrett would be easier to confirm because senators are familiar with her. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told Trump that senators feel comfortable with Barrett.
  • A source close to the process said anything that complicates the confirmation proceedings — and allows more time for Democrats to inject “mischief” — is to be avoided at all costs. More education would be needed for senators who are less familiar with Lagoa, the source added.
  • Trump met with Barrett at the White House on Monday.


So, the nomination appears to have come down to Lagoa or Amy Coney Barrett.

Trump Confirms Barbara Lagoa, Amy Coney Barrett on Supreme Court Short List

Both women are incredibly well-qualified to fill this seat, and anyone voting against either of them would be doing so for purely partisan reasons.

Later today, after putting in a full day of work, the President will travel to Pittsburgh where he will speak for an hour or two before yet another massive campaign rally. All of that and more while his feeble opponent is recuperating in his basement.

That’s basically the state of this campaign.

**UPDATE** Here is a chart showing every day the Biden campaign has called a lid before noon during September:

That’s 8 times in just 22 days.

What a joke.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Thank you for this link, we should re-think. No ACB for me.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think Burisma and associated issues are why Jill Biden is pushing her flailing husband to run. I’d thought for awhile – as others here – that she wanted to be Woodrow Wilson’s wife. But now I don’t think so:

1. If Joe weren’t running, he and his son would already be prosecuted – and so would so many of Joe’s family members.
2. What happens if Joe had to pay all that money back? Think Jill would be OK with that?
3. Crowdstrike would be revealed to be an arm of the rogue CIA under Hysterical John and Romney’s former intel advisor (who was CIA in the past and probably still is.)

So there’s asset management (make that “management,” as in laundering) and there’s vulnerability. Joe’s selection was a defensive action, no matter how senile he is, for the benefit of his family, the party and a corrupt branch of the intelligence community.

No more “poor Joe Biden,” put out there by his uncaring wife: she cares – for future assets and family assets that would potentially be seized if Joe were to face a real DOJ. The only reason he’s running is that he’s the little boy with his finger in the corrupt dyke.


I would buy your argument if ANY of the other turds got nailed by the DOJ. So far all the supposed white hats have done is issue stay out of jail cards.

It is the end of summer Mister Barr, Mister Durham.


Nail a turd? Ever tried it? Impossible, Phft!

Carlos Dangler

Just don’t burp the Lid like a piece of Tupperware.
The fumes emitted will be overwhelming.


The first debate between Trump and Biden is going to be very telling. And I hope…hope that Trump keeps it close to the line during the debates. Just beat him on the issues, forgo the personal attacks. There are plenty of accomplishments to beat him over the head with, no need to make it nasty. I think that will play better to the middle (independents).


I’m wondering if the alleged IV marks on his (Biden’s) hand are simply electrolytes/Vitamin B boosts. If he’s having trouble keeping up, some B would be a kick in the pants.


I wonder if a future President Biden’s handlers…or Kamala…will be able to “put a lid” on international politics if Joe is tired when a crisis erupts?

Rick O'Shay

In order to be more transparent they should say nap instead of lid.


If the establishment republicans want Barret, then he should put up Lagoa. Don’t give them a chance to screw things up with a possible Roberts clone.


“as their elderly, declining candidate recuperates”
I think a more fitting term would be decuperates.


Biden’s bedtime is 42 minutes after he woke up.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, he has to take a nap to rest from his last nap.


Hidin’ Biden is hiding all right, but NOT in his BASEMENT (the term basement is too benign). He is hiding in his BUNKER just like another wannabe world leader in April 1945.

And his party is very much like the two main leader’s parties who dominated their respective countries between 1933 – 1945.


What I am hearing is these senators are only agreeing to a VOTE prior to the election. As a veteran of Washington speak, my radar perked up. I did not hear these senators saying they would vote YES, just that they support a “vote”. So be aware of what these questionable Republicans are actually saying.


One thing I’m not tracking completely on are the discussions by Rush and others that if the senate goes Democrat, Schumer and company will pack the court with up to six new SC judgeships to forever change the ideological balance. Also, they would get rid of the filibuster, grant statehood to Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, and get rid of the Electoral College among other things.

The conversations seem to focus on the ability of a 51 Democratic Senate Majority to unilaterally make this happen, at least with regards to ending the filibuster and the court packing. I don’t think so. Wouldn’t they also need the house, and the president on board to accomplish this? I understand the constitution fairly clearly, but this seems to be a real stretch for the senate to do this all by themselves.

The real reason, I don’t think Schumer and 50 Dem senators can do this is because if it could have been done, it would have happened in 2009-2010 when ‘the One’, and Dingy Harry had 59-60 senators AND the house. Especially since there was a sitting president who wanted to, and promised to “Fundamentally Change America”.

Just curious.

And I am not saying we don’t have to worry about a narrow Dem takeover of the senate; we most certainly do. I just don’t see how all this could happen in one two-year congressional session.

I welcome all input.


As to doing away with the electoral college, would not only require passage by house and senate, but also ratification by 3/4 of the states, currently 38. Not as easy as they are making it out to be. Not sure about the statehood requirements. I do not think the Constitution stipulates the number of justices. Just pray we don’t have to go there.


Thanks for clearing it up that the senate cannot unalaterally add seats. I assume it also requires a presidential approval. I guess the Dems also assume they keep a house majority.


If the territory votes in favor of statehood, the next step is to petition Congress for admission into the Union. Typically, a territory sends representatives and two senators to push for statehood. Congress has the power to admit a new state, but the president has to sign the territory into statehood to make it official.

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