Limbaugh: Stacey Abrams at the Top of Biden’s Supreme Court List

Holy crap if true. On his show today, Rush Limbaugh – who sounds better than he has in months, in my opinion – told his audience that he has been told that the main reason why Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester doesn’t want to release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees is less complex than we might have imagined.

According to Rush, that reason is that the name at the top of the list is that of the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial looooooooooooser, Stacey Abrams. Despite having lost that election by well over 50,000 votes, Abrams has since spent her time parading around the country pretending that she, not the winning Republican, Brian Kemp, really is the governor of Georgia.

Abrams also tirelessly promoted herself as a, like, totally qualified vice presidential running mate for the Unfrozen Caveman Nominee, despite the fact that she has never won an election for a higher office than state representative. Biden’s elder-abusing handlers wisely steered clear of Abrams’ self-promotions, although it remains unclear if their pick of Kamala Harris will prove to be any less of a disaster than Abrams certainly would have been.

But Biden at least implied way back in January, when he was still fighting to have the nomination fixed for himself, that he had made some sort of arrangement with Abrams in order to obtain her support. If that deal turns out to have been to place her atop his list of possible nominees, it is simply inexcusable.

While Abrams does have a law degree, she hardly possesses the credentials to sit on the Supreme Court. Her entire experience as a practicing lawyer – which amounts to 2 years as a tax attorney, and 5 years as Atlanta’s Deputy City Attorney – is so unremarkable that her otherwise glowing bio at WikiPedia barely makes mention of it. Nothing wrong with being a tax lawyer, but it hardly prepares one to rule on issues facing the Supreme Court.

She has spent the rest of her undistiguished career in politics.

We don’t know if Limbaugh’s information is accurate, but he has a pretty strong track record that would lend it credibility. If Abrams’ name appears anywhere on Biden’s list – much less at or near the top of it – it is a travesty, and leaves no wonder at all why he is too embarrassed to make his list public.

That is all.

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[…] Rush Limbaugh says Stacey Abrams is at the top of Biden’s Supreme Court list. She has very pronounced nasolabial folds, which usually aligns with early onset sexual abuse. There is something unusual about her, that the whole machine keeps holding her up as the next phenom. Whatever is special about her, it is not her good looks, stunning figure, high intellect, or pleasing personality. My gut would say either she came up in Cabal in the abuse program, or she is on video doing horrible things to children. But there is something odd about her. […]

Rick O'Shay

Hope springs eternal.


Dave, I tried to post twice before over the last hour or so to congratulate you. You probably already know, but when I Binged “Stacey Abrams for supreme court, your site came up as number one link! Nice work. Except my eyes are burning from seeing that dang photo again.


One weird thing is that Bing query has your story at 21 hours ago, but you posted it only around 4 hours ago?

F. George Dunham, III

Terrible. Can you imagine if this was a white man (R) that got this kind of treatment? What if Trump nominated a white guy who had no law experience and big claim to fame was losing? The minorities would burn down some more cities.

Errant Yat

Just had to post this. My first thought was the skit of the Frightened Family on the New Show from the 80’s. When they got frightened, their hair stood up and they screamed. That’s my reaction to Stacy Abrams.


Right? I can’t scroll her picture out of view fast enough, my eyes literally catch on fire. She is a rank communist, condescending, fat, ugly be-ach with that Mouth running-Freddy Kruger Effect thing that Dr. Jimmy mentioned. Lets hope that all this is just a BIG, ugly, nightmare.


Whether it’s true or not, Trump surrogates need to start saying it is.

Jimmy MacAfee

Stacey “Michael Spinks” Abrams, AKA “The Tank” has serious issues, and these are not just issues of intellect, but flawed perception and delusional narcissism. For example: some people don’t know, but pretend to, and it’s worse when they don’t know that they don’t know.

And Tank doesn’t know what she doesn’t know, nor does she know THAT she doesn’t know. That’s called the “Dunning-Kruger Effect.”

Of course it applies to Nasty Joe, too, who is too senile to know what he doesn’t know, or even THAT he doesn’t know. Otherwise known as “ignorant and proud of it.”


And to think we get all this entertainment for free.
If you thought his campaign was tanking before…
Seriously, if he had to make a prior deal for her support, how bad off was he? And she has never sat on a bench? I think Limbaugh may have Rushed to judgement! I think she may be at the top of Joes list because schift floats. Heck, we could have painted her orange and used her for a distress buoy on our sub! Just say’in


“Seriously, if he had to make a prior deal for her support, how bad off was he?”

Well, They don’t call him Quid Pro Joe for nothing.


Thanks G,
You are so right, I fell flat on that one. Hiding in plain sight and all that. This is a really big deal!

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