Discussion Post – 9.21.2020

Lamar Alexander, one of the most unreliable RINOs in the U.S. Senate, said yesterday that he has no issue with moving ahead to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. When even Lamar Alexander is able to summon a little intestinal fortitude around a conservative cause, that is reason for optimism.

Also, today is the last day of summer, the deadline Attorney General William Barr set for Americans finally being able to see some fruit from the John Durham investigation. Durham is obviously not going to release a report today, because that would have leaked long ago due to the internal vetting process at DOI.

So, unless you see some arrests or indictment announcements unveiled today, you can safely assume that Mr. Durham won’t be doing anything prior to Election Day.

Discuss away.




That is all.

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15 thoughts on “Discussion Post – 9.21.2020

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 21, 2020

    I’ve heard 21-25 of September.

    No comment.

    1. David Blackmon - September 21, 2020

      Yeah, well, we’ve heard lots of looming dates over the last 3 years, and still have zip to show for it.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - September 21, 2020

    Chchchchchcina is exporting regime products (Google tyranny) to Iran. Chchchchina just lost Libya to the French. Chchchchchina is having to spend money all over the world to try to stem the bleeding.

    Collapse of certain regimes is on the way. Unsustainable.

    Sorry to be cryptic, but there are too many rabbit holes and not enough time. G0D Bless President Trump. And just FYI, Q put out a prayer worth remembering – G0D Bless him/them, too

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - September 21, 2020

    I agree with Robert Barnes: Barbara Lagoa is confirmable and capable..

    Amy Barrett sided with the lockdown. That should tell you all you need to know. As Barnes, put it, she’s a Corporatist and not into Civil Liberties (which are under threat by the Left and by Big Tech.)

    1. Stuartswede - September 21, 2020

      Thanks for the lockdown info, I was not aware, she did seem too perfect.

      1. Stuartswede - September 21, 2020

        Do you have a link for the lockdown opinion? All I could find was 2A, Abhortion, and Immigration.


  4. Rick O'Shay - September 21, 2020

    Two headlines that caught my eye;

    “Trump, Dems Brace for Showdown Over Ginsburg Seat Baker & Haberman, NY Times”

    So, not Republicans, Dems Brace……?


    “Let’s Not Fight to the Bitter End for the Supreme Court Bill Scher, RealClearPolitics”

    which appears to mean, give us what we want this time and the next time we are in power we will return the favor.

    Thank you sir, may I have another?

    1. Silas - September 21, 2020

      It’s all pysops and kabuki theatre courtesy of the socialist echo chamber media.
      Or as the Germans put it: Sturm und drang.

  5. Stuartswede - September 21, 2020

    Don’t know if this was already out there, but the wife called this scamDECic thing the “Election Infection”. Perfect!

    1. Stuartswede - September 21, 2020

      Oh, and checking the sunshine state election infection website today, there was one (1) death reported yesterday, recall I told you there were two (2) the day before. C’mon man!


    1. Stuartswede - September 21, 2020

      Ms. George looks like she means business. Maybe Joe can make her fire the prosecutor.

    2. Silas - September 21, 2020

      There will be lawyers fom here to the ends of the earth filing injunction suits to keep it from ever becoming public. Or the records will be so redacted that we’ll a word here or there and no names or details. Plus any witness who can be gotten to will be. Either through money, threats or outright arkancide.

      There’s too ,many powerful people and celebrities involved. That’s why Epstein’s dead. He was going sound like a choir of canaries.

    1. Silas - September 21, 2020

      Thst’s rich. Especially since the virus was probably there long before they went back to school. But hey! That’s how they roll.

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