Sunday News Roundup: The Democrat-Sponsored Ginsburg Riots Crank Up in Earnest

You just have to love Chuck Grassley. – While the nation was tearing its collective hair out over the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and President Trump’s promise to replace her quickly, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican on the key Senate Judiciary Committee, was on his Twitter account tweeting about a pidgin or something:

What the deer has to do with the “pidgin” is anyone’s guess, but Twitter user Robby Starbuck had the response that everyone else was thinking:

The Democrat-sponsored riots are spreading across the country again. – As I predicted yesterday and right on cue, the riots organized by the domestic terrorist Democrat Party proxy groups BLM and Antifa have started back up again. Friday night was re-start night in Portland, and on Saturday they cranked back up in New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia:

If you live in a Democrat-controlled city, be careful, because these scenes could be coming to your town soon.

You seriously could never make these people up. – While terrorist rioters sponsored by his Party were looting and burning his city again last night, this is what was on Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s mind:

Yes, friends, this is your depraved, demented, despicable Democrat Party in action.

About those threats to pack the court… – Depraved Democrats like Jabba the Nadler and the terminally hoarse Joseph Kennedy are out there threatening to pack the Supreme Court if President Trump fills the seat left open by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Kennedy hilariously claimed yesterday that a court with a Trump appointee on it would be seen as “illegitimate” by the American people. How do you think the American people would view a court with 5 or 7 new justices chosen by Democrat fiat? Good lord.

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that RBG her own self was opposed to any move to pack the court:

The Internet is forever, folks. Seems like the Democrats would learn that sooner or later.

Speaking of reminders… – How about this blast from the past in 2013, when Mitch McConnell warned Harry Reid and other Democrats that they would soon regret ending the power to filibuster judicial appointments:

When it comes to the Senate and its processes, arcane rules and traditions, it is never wise to try to mess with Cocaine Mitch.

Again, you would think the Democrats would learn that sooner or later.

Wait. You mean they aren’t already radicalized enough? – I laughed out loud when I saw this headline at the leftist activist site Politico:

How RBG’s death could radicalize American politics

The piece itself is just another effort by a liberal “journalist” to equate the 2016 Merrick Garland nomination to replace Antonin Scalia with this current situation, the utter falsity of which I address elsewhere today.

These people are So. Damn. Tiresome.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Mike Ham

Urban warfare is coming. Cops, barb wire, rubber bullets, tear gas, road spikes, the works.


RBG would be so proud to have riots, looting and burning in her honor – NOT!



[…] VIDEO:… […]


Many are saying the left is going to ratchett up the “mostly peaceful protests” by the festival goers in order to force Trump to “be a dictator”, invoke marshall law and deploy the feds.

I don’t see it, not now, not after all that has gone down this summer. He has brilliantly kept his powder dry so far so why change now? Make the blue governors and mayors beg for his help rather than force it upon them. Keep the stark differences of Democratic Rule versus GOP Law and Order front and center for everyone so that even the deaf, dumb, blind and demented dyed-in-wool lifelong Dem Voter cannot deny reality.

Ask any friend or acquaintnce you may have who is still a Dem/BLM/Antifa ‘protest’ supporting SJW this: How does the death of a Supreme Court Judge become a cause for riots in cities thousands of miles away? Just on the face of it it makes no sense.


You forget, these people are brainwashed idiots. Their stage 5 TDS and desire to overthrow a duly elected Presidient and the government is all they can think of. The ends justify the means.
That’s the demoncrat party and it minions only belief. I fear that as the next few weeks go by, the odds for CWII will increase significantly. And then we will see if we have enough patriots left to put and end to it once and for all.

Should we cross that bridge, my most fervent hope is that we learn from Lincoln’s mistake and not try to mend the nation by giving these bastards an olive branch and a chance to start their shit up again.

Jimmy MacAfee

What kind of code is Grassley using? Is “pidgin” Ginsberg? Dead deer? No carcass?

Is he “goin’ Joe” on us? Or is Grassley actually Q in disguise, and this is a Q-drop?


No evidence, but I’m guessing Grassley had recently enjoyed an adult beverage or six prior to issuing those posts.


Regarding last week’s PA SC – and no doubt other blue governed swing states – ruling where ballots are to be accepted up to three days AFTER the election and the signatures cannot be vetted or compared by the election workers or challengers:

Let’s be strategic and learn to fight fire with fire. If ballots are to accepted up to three (or probably more) days after the Nov 3, election, then after we Trump voters vote in person, we should have our unsolicited mail-in ballot(s) filled out and signed with an “X” or an illegible Squidly Diddly signature and submitted so it can counter the left’s fraud. Let there be dead, but still viable GOP voters; let there be voters who are no longer living in the precinct count. Nonexistent voters’ votes matter! I still get mail from at least six people who haven’t lived here for five or more years (my five year dead mother still gets hearing aid and burial insurance mailings) so let’s fill them out and mail them in with a bogus signature where it can’t be traced to anyone living or deceased.

If the left wants to F up the election, let’s really F it up and create a real “constitutional crisis” and force real election reform, or let’s have this CW the left apparently so badly wants, and let the RIGHT side win.

As Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

The question is, are there enough willing patriots today to ensure the tree of liberty gets the “refreshment” it needs.

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