Real Conservatives Should Kick the Drudge Habit and Bookmark Whatfinger

Larger than the next 5 competitors combined (Citizen Free Press, Bongino Report, Liberty Daily, REvolver and Rantingly), Whatfinger’s growth was previously hidden thanks to their old method of loading links, which opened a new browser.  Now that they adopted the standard way of linking, daily pageviews jumped from 350K pageviews per day (SimilarWeb had Whatfinger at a little over 5 million page views a month). Whatfinger has now jumped to over 500k pageviews a day, with 550k as the norm during the week, meaning over 16 million pageviews a month compared to Drudge’s 65 Million.

It’s no secret that the Drudge Report has now gone over to the dark side of American politics and become just another corrupt propaganda site for the Democrat Party and the American Left. Matt Drudge, whose site became famous as the Internet maverick that outed Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, is a famed Trump hater, along with his best buddy, Ann Coulter.

Drudge began tilting his news aggregation service towards the Left shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. Though I have not seen them confirmed, rumors have flown for months that Drudge in fact sold out, and entered into lucrative financial agreements with some of these legacy media outlets to parrot their content on his site.

Things have only trended increasingly left over time, and Drudge’s previously loyal web audience has abandoned him in droves as a result. This collapse in Drudge’s audience created a vacuum for news consumers looking for a more balanced approach, looking for a news aggregator that balances out the constant drumbeat of leftism spewed by the corrupt legacy news media by also presenting viewpoints from the rapidly expanding new media-based universe of conservative-oriented news.

A good number of such conservative-oriented aggregator sites have jumped in to try to fill this vacuum, some of which are named above. They all have merit, but to me, one of these sites has consistently stood above the others, and it is now making serious inroads into absorbing Drudge’s fleeing audience.

Readers at DBDailyUpdate have no doubt noticed that, for the last two and a half years, I have added a note at the bottom of every post advocating as my preferred aggregator. Many readers have in fact told me that they initially found this site via a link from Whatfinger, since the folks there began linking to most of my content a couple of years go, and I don’t doubt it.

To be completely transparent, DBDailyUpdate does not have any sort of financial relationship with Whatfinger, but there is no question that Whatfinger drives thousands of hits to my little operation every day, thus helping with the advertising revenue.

Today, the folks who run Whatfinger posted a note describing their revised linking process and revealing stats that detail their site’s incredible growth.

Here’s an excerpt from that note:

As of September 19, 2020, Whatfinger News is now approximately 25.3% of the size of the Drudge Report… making us larger than almost all aggregates below us combined.

Below is Google Stats, which Similarweb bases their own stats on… as each day passes now the stats will reflect what Google Analytics shows below… Whatfinger News is now daily doing over 500K pageviews, most days will be 550K plus... making Whatfinger News a 16 million pageview site….

ONLY Drudge is a larger aggregate, but we’re closing fast… With a little publicity, we can overtake him. One word from President Trump or some major publicity, and we can spurt up even faster. Then we can truly help President Trump win over Socialism and the evil that now threatens our nation from the left…


Please click on this link and go read the rest. It’s amazing stuff.

Also, please note that links to topline articles currently live at Whatfinger appear in the upper left-hand corner of every page of DBDailyUpdate. Anytime you see something that piques your interest, just click on it and return some traffic to Whatfinger.

One final action item: If you have any relationship with anyone in the Trump Administration or Trump Campaign, please do anything you can to raise their awareness of Whatfinger. The President recently re-tweeted a tweet that mentioned one of Whatfinger’s competitors, which will no doubt increase that site’s traffic. If President Trump could be convinced to do something similar related to Whatfinger it would no doubt help Whatfinger cut even more into Drudge’s declining audience.

Drudge is the #EnemyOfThePeople now every bit as much as that tag applies to CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times. If you still have Drudge marked as one of your web browser’s bookmarks, do us all – and yourself – a big favor and delete it and replace it with a bookmark of Whatfinger.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben colder

I used to read Drudge several times a day then he went to the dark side and I left and never went back .Have not read drudge for a long time and I will not.I read whatfinger every day and like it fairly well has some bs but then they all do Getting about fed up with Breitbart and I am done with fox hardly ever watch them anymore they are about at the level of CNN and the rest of them.I like Whatfinger hope they don’t go liberal on us like the rest have .


Haven’t been to Drudge in a couple of years. I have been a fan of Whatfinger for sometime now, although they used to be my first stop in the morning, now DBdailyupdate is my current.

M Allen

I left Drudge about a year ago. I wouldn’t think there are many conservatives that still bother with that left wing cesspool. Ive gone back a couple of times, and it is unbearable.


Drudge is long gone as is Fox. Whatfinger is the conservative voice on internet media, and Newsmax is the place to go for conservative views on cable/satellite.

Jeff Houston

Drudge was sold over a year ago and the buyer will not be named AFTER the 2020 election……Soros group? Matt sold us out for the $$$. Whatfinger for ever!!!!

Jimmy MacAfee

I tend to focus on Whatfinger, Citizen Free Press and The Liberty Daily. No longer interested in Drudge. I agree with some that the others – reliable, truthful, patriotic, entertaining and Conservative – are brothers in arms, not enemies.

Matt Drudge’s mind must look a bit like JoeFingers’ these days. I can’t imagine that he’s lucid. Sad.

Richard Anderson

When you quit watching Drudge, you quit beating yourself over the head with a liberal hammer! I did have the decency to write them and tell them why I was leaving, and I hope others do too.

Dune Dog

Left Drudge in the rear-view over a year ago. Made Whatfinger my default homepage shortly thereafter.


Been regularly using Whatfinger for a couple of years now. It’s a reliable, useful site. My only complaint is its constant, and growing, reliance on video stories rather than text. Every day there are articles I’m interested but end up skipping because the salient points are buried inside ten minutes of blather.


People still go to Drudge!? I didn’t know it was still a thing! It’s only for Leftists now. FNC is following the same path. Oh well…OAN can capitalize on the stupidity of the first 2!


All the most STAUNCH conservatives kicked Sludge to the curb a while ago and wen immediately to CITIZEN FREE PRESS!


Whatfinger is fast becoming a regular read for me…but what is up with the name? Never quite understood it but I like the articles

Aaron Scholten

Just because you figured out a way to inflate your page views does NOT automatically make you better. You are but not for that reason, don’t let finagled numbers go to your head too much.

Also, you should be looking at those other sides as brothers in arms, not so much adversaries. We are all in this together and the more sites we have to get the real truth out, the better for all of us, Lets not work at trying to kill off fellow conservatives, otherwise we’ve become what we claim to hate.

Daniel Raidt

left Drudge when it became apparent the wheels fell off.

Lady Jane

Thank you Dave.

I dumped Drudge years ago and never looked back. It was not easy but I would search for sites to read that I felt were fair to President Trump. I did find Whatfinger about a year ago when I saw a mention on a web page about the site. Not sure now where I saw it but I bookmarked that same day. It’s like starting the day with my favorite newspaper.

From your web page to Trump’s ears. We can only hope.


Yep left Drudge for Whatfinger over a year ago.


Me too.


Exactly. Been well over a year since I have done even a curiosity visit to that site.

Rick O'Shay

Who is this Drudge fellow you’re referring to?

Done and done months ago.


Drudge suckd donkey dicks.


Yep, so did I. I was a reader of Drudge, religiously. I to saw the turn and kept visiting to see if he went to the dark side. I finally deleted him from all my browsers on my computer. Once I found whatfinger, I never looked back and don’t miss drudge at all.

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