Discussion Post – 9.20.2020

President Trump demanded that the Senate hold a vote on his Supreme Court nominee before Election Day during his rally last night. Lindsey Graham made it clear he supports that goal. Meanwhile, RINOs like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski were taking the side of the Democrats, because of course they were.

Discuss away.








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Hey demoncrats! Your vote by mail scam could be in trouble. And if the shit keeps happening in other blue cities the USPS may just decide to do this all over.



Scamdemic related –

I need to replace my drivers license. Used to be that Oregon would issue you a label to go over the address portion of your license when you had a change of address. So they quit doing that this last year. Now, if you want it on there you have to get a replacement to the tune of $29.
The Mafia should be suing these bastards for cutting in on their action.

But wait! It gets better! Since we are still too afraid to do our jobs and deal with the public like we used to you now must make an appointment to get this done. Mine’s November 16th. At least it’s this year and not 2021. *sigh*


Unbelievable, 2 months wait for DL appointment. Same as when I call in to State Farm or the like, and they claim the longer wait is due to wuflu. Poppycock!


Put Whatfinger near the top of your favorites toolbar, as Dave was requesting the other day. Interesting piece here



It’s number three on mine. Email first, Dave’s site second (sorry Dave, business before pleasure 😉 ) They do a great job and I am glad they are playing the same game as the rest of the sites.


I have a “what’s wrong with this picture” for you. Just checked our Florida scamdemic website, first time in a while, since it’s all fake news anyhow. Yesterday we had, wait for it, two deaths from wuflu. The last 5 days reported 19,20,15,7, and 2 deaths respectively. Considering CDC’s own report that only 6% of dang deaths are from wuflu, 2 times .06 equals .12 people. In my book that rounds to zero. For a state with almost 22 million people, and 3rd in the country in total cases, yet only two (or .12) deaths yesterday. Why is this fake scam still a topic of any conversation?



JUst a reminderr to everybody here, McConnell said there’d be a vote. He didn’t say there’d be a confirmation. I suspect that it will come down to Pence unless we get more defections than the three stooges (my apologies to Larry, Moe and Curly and Shemp for that matter) in which case we will be screwed, glued and tattooed.


Speaking of the election, this was a fun couple of minutes of reading and short video


Jimmy MacAfee

Great read and video! Punkass BLM, getting his butt KICKED! By a vocal Trump supporter, too! Rockin’ it!

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder if the Left is going to scream: “you can’t replace a Jewish woman with a Catholic!” Not that they would want a practicing Conservative Jew or Hasidic. No, not at all.

What the Left would want, instead, is a Wiccan transexual Liberian Communist Left-handed six-fingered and toed myopic scaled creature with elliptical eyes and gill slits. Chuck Schumer would be fine with that.


What to do about Lindsey Graham? He is about as useful to the senate as tits on a boar hog. I guess we need him in the senate at this current time but he should be removed from any positions of power after this election. We should then would on getting him replaced by a solid conservative.


I can assure you Doug Jones in Alabama is on borrowed time. As to the RINO’s, I don’t think Senator McConnell would have stated should the President put forth a nominee he/she will get a vote on the floor of the senate unless he knew he could pull it off.


I hope you are right on both counts Rick, and Mitch is a very good vote counter, but Ace McLame did screw him on the Obamacare vote.

I just wish Collins, who will probably eventually vote for Trump’s nominee to get his support in Maine, would just shut up with her stupid pandering comments. She will not win without strong GOP (TRUMP) support. If she votes against Trump’s nominee, she is toast. The Muttster, and the Alaskan beast and some other RINO will probably vote against Trump’s nomnee so Pence will have to break the tie.

One might think Manchin might vote for Trump’s nominee, but I don’t think so this time. He like most pols, are opportunists and he only voted for Kavanaugh because he was up for election in very Red West Virginia and had no choice. That dynamic (leverage) is not in play now

Also, Kavanaugh was a GOP conservative pick replacing a GOP appointed moderate/conservative; same with Gorsuch replacing a conservative GOP judge. This GOP judge would be replacing a liberal icon and fundamentally shift the court’s political balance, and if you think what the left did to Kavanaugh was bad, multiply that by ten to see the battle royale brewing for this nominee.

However, I have confidence that Trump’s pick will ultimately prevail because as far as I know Senator Danes (R) MT has no weddings to attend this year.


Funny, I just got an email from Susan Collins requesting campaign contributions. Notably this is the first ever from her for me. Thinking of replying something like, vote for nominee first, then I will send money. I am lying of course.


Those who have these wishy washy toads for senators should be lighting up their phones both at their senate office and their office in your state. When the ringing won’t stop and they keep getting told do your damn job anf vote for the nominee, they might just be more motivatrd to do so. And if they don’t, then help primary their asses out of office.


If the 2018 election went the way it should have gone in the senate (we wouldn’t have had all these rotten governors and mayors either), we would have 55+ Republicans and could have told the three or four RINOs to KOA! Unfortunately, we must kiss a couple of theirs from time to time to get something worthwhile done. Hopefully we can get a net gain of 2-3 senators this year. The good news is the Dem BLM strategy has made that a real probability.

In a perfect world, we would gain AL (has to happen), IL, (Durbin has been very quiet lately), MI (because of Whitless), MN (In honor of George Floyd), NH, NM (Udall is retiring and their schiffty gov like Whitless) OR (the same), and off course VA (Warner the real chair of the Intel Committee has to go). It would be sweet if we could upset Coons in Delaware – btfsplk’s home state. Then we could afford to lose the PPITARINOS (Perpetual Pain In The Ass RINOs) like Collins, Sasse, and Grahamesty.

That would be my dream scenario. Keeping McSally AZ is a must and beating Spartacus or some other deep blue state senator would be the icing on the cake.

That and gaining 75 house seats would change US politics for decades to come.



I’m wondering if this is happening to any other commenters:

Spell check has gone away, and I have to always fill in my email address and name even though I have checked the “save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.”

I got a new computer on Friday to replace my slow and outdated laptop and get voice typing and everytime I do anything different to upgrade my capability things change (often not for the better) and I have to change the way I do things. Why can’t things stay the way I’m used to doing? Frustrating.


I soooo wish that RINOs were totally extinct and not just endangered species, life would be much better. How did anyone ever actually vote for Pierre Dilecto???? Huge unforced error.


Simple, he is a Mormon with money and a name in a Mormon state – simple as that.


I know, still sucks, bigly.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ever try to wipe without TP? It does serve a purpose, not unlike the purpose of RINOs.


My name is Gregg in the above comment not g as it didn’t post the full name.


Yes, the spell check is gone. I was using Ovation browser as it works there, but it’s VPN is much like the TOR browser and sometimes it prevents my posts from taking. So I am back to Firefox and no spell check.

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