Dear Democrats: The Constitution Does Not Care About Your Final Wishes

About that RBG “final wish”… – It was widely reported yesterday that, on her death bed, Ruth Bader Ginsburg allegedly said that her “most fervent wish” was to not be replaced until “a new president is installed.” Yeah, that probably didn’t really happen. It turns out that the one and only person claiming to have heard this while RBG was surrounded by family is her daughter, who is herself a leftist activist, which most likely means she made the entire thing up.

And even if the late Justice did say that, the Constitution doesn’t care about her last wishes. Indeed, here is the full language of the Appointments Clause:

“… and [the President] shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.”

We elect presidents for four year terms, not for terms lasting 3 years and 8 months. We also elect the 100 members of the U.S. Senate to provide a check on presidential power, and one of the duties it has that is designed to provide such a check is its power of advice and consent on presidential nominees. When a seat on the Supreme Court comes open for any reason, it is the duty of the sitting president to nominate a qualified person to fill it. The Constitution then puts the onus on the Senate to provide its “advice and consent” regarding that nomination.

Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the news media are frantically trying to convince us that this current situation is exactly the same as the situation in 2016, when Antonin Scalia died under incredibly suspicious circumstances and Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self nominated Merrick Garland to fill the seat and tilt the balance on the Court to its liberal wing. But this present situation is entirely different.

Obama faced a problem that President Trump does not face: The Senate in 2016 was controlled by the opposition party. The Senate’s “advice” provided to Obama at that time was that it was not going to allow a lame duck president (also a problem President Trump does not face) to fill that seat during a presidential election year. In providing that “advice” – and thus denying its “consent” – the senate followed more than 100 years of tradition in such a circumstance.

This year, the Senate’s “advice” to President Trump – as clearly communicated by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – is that it will give his nominee a vote. That’s because President Trump’s own party controls the Senate and President Trump is not a lame duck.

The Constitution contains no provision whatsoever that the president or Senate follow a dying justice’s “most fervent wish”. It is studiously neutral and starkly un-caring about any such consideration.

Depraved Democrats like Gerrold Nadler and Joseph Kennedy are now threatening to “pack the court” should President Trump put forth a nominee and the senate provide its “consent” to that nominee before next January 20. These threats will all become moot when President Trump wins re-election on November 3, but even should the President lose, they are just noise to be ignored.

As a matter of fact, such threats are just one more reason why it is not just ok for this President to fill this opening on the Court, it is urgently important that he do so. The Democrat Party has now become so radicalized at this point that it is a very clear and present danger to the survival of the U.S. republic. The threats to pack the court are just another 0f a seemingly endless series of attacks by that party on our norms and institutions.

The Democrats’ blatant efforts to fix this election via voter fraud and throw the final decision on who wins the presidency into the courts make it vitally important that all 9 seats on the Supreme Court are filled when Democrats force it to become the final arbiter. Equally important, a 6-3 constitutionalist majority on the Court would serve as a bullwark for the survival of the Republic should voters stupidly decide to return the presidency and senate majority to the the political party that is attempting to destroy it.

This is not just a vacancy that President Trump should fill, it is a vacancy that he must fill for the good of the country. It’s not optional.

That is all.

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[…] who the crap cares what Ginsburg’s (reported) “most fervent wish” on her deathbed was? Yeah, that and a couple bucks might get you a small cup of coffee. At a truck stop south of town. Maybe. […]


I liked this headline

Ginsburg’s Death Reveals the Democrats’ No-Limit Casino of Doom

It’s from this article

The hacks at The Atlantic are in full TDS mode. I almost, almost, feel sorry for them.


Can one even begin to imagine the hate and anger that consumed RBG for her dying words to not be about her family, or a reflection of her life, but a hate filled rant against the President Of the United States and the American people.


And Nanzi Pewlosi is now threatening another peachmint if the SC nominee is approved.
Demoncrats, the insanity that never stops.


I suggest we just stick to what is legal. Senate is here to advise the president and president is here to appoint. Senate is here to approve or not. Anyone who doesn’t like US Constitution should just go vote for biden.


If President Trump nominated Barack Obama first thing Monday morning, democrats would demand an afternoon confirmation vote. All this democrat rage has NOTHING to do with timing of the appointment.


Comment of the Day – Justsayin.

In fact, he should annouce it, let the media go all orgasmic and then when they are demanding the fast track confirmation, pull an Emily Latella (Who looked a lot ike RBG on SNL back in the ’70s) and say “Never mind”.

It would be the ultimate trolling of the MSM (D). They would have a real hard shoving the confirm schiff back in the bottle.

Rick O'Shay

I wonder what would happen if President Trump signed an executive order deputizing all registered/lawful gun owners as LEO’s?


You might make a few demoncrats stroke out over that one.


Since I was born in late July, I’m already a LEO. 🙂

Seriously, I think the Constitution meant for the citizen soldier (militia) to be just that very thing.

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


I love the “keep and bear” part

Jimmy MacAfee

Interesting idea! Good idea!

Or Concealed Carry holders, in states that have them.


This entire “wait for the election” canard is a silly Democrat wooden nickel.The POTUS is elected for 4 years…not 3. His job and privilege is to fill the seat. There is literally no ligitimate reason to wait except for to give the Dems a freebie if they can steal the election. It’s preposterous to even discuss this topic as if it were a legitimate expectation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Spot on.

Ben Colder

I truly doubt if Ruth Buzzy was thinking about the seat she was vacating as she was fixing to assume room temperature but what ever.Trump needs to name someone today as far as I’m concerned if it was the other way around the communists wold do it .After the election let them try whatever they want they are going to any way.This threatening to riot is getting a little bit old bring it on you bastards.One of these times you are going to get more than you bargained for.


Strong bipartisan support in opposition to RGBs dying wish,


My favorite of the day discussing the Putin poison schtick in the comments

“Quick, somebody tip Maddow on the batshit phone!”



SS and others,

Did you see one of the comments on your link that speculated that soon the libs will be saying that Putin poisoned RBG to help Trump pack the court to win reelection?

I wouldn’t put it past some hack(s) like Chris Wallace, Fake Crapper, Anderson Stooper, or Bill Clinton Stephanopolis on today’s Sunday liberal political talk shows – that no one watches – from broaching that narrative.


I actually read all the comments, must have posted after I closed it. I don’t think the Putin poison pill will permeate much since it is well known she was battling cancer for the last many years, but you never know, with the depth of the fake news lying, whether from the press or the poly-tick-shenz. My name for George since he was press secretary for BJ Clinton was George Step-on-all-of-us.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ginsberg’s daughter looks like the Wizard and the Wicked Witch of the West spent some time in the woodpile, if ya get my drift. Just sayin’.


Yes, she belongs on my Quick Reference Guide. Ouch

[…] The piece itself is just another effort by a liberal “journalist” to equate the 2016 Merrick Garland nomination to replace Antonin Scalia with this current situation, the utter falsity of which I address elsewhere today. […]

Jimmy MacAfee

“Most fervent wish” doesn’t sound like the last words of any actual human being. But we also do not have hereditary titles, and a daughter expressing what she claims are last words for succession is just that: a hereditary title.

I also can’t comprehend the cold cruelty of a family member who would stoop to politicizing the death of a loved one, who is so recently dead. It is unimaginable.


Agreed Jimmy. The deathbed wish is probably apocryphal but it is telling in a way: EVERYTHING is politics to these people. Even if the story was made up by her activist daughter, I can see RBG saying something like this within the span of Trump’s admin.

Alinsky said it best: “the personal is political”. These lunatics are consumed with politics even unto death.


Jimmy MacAfee

On a more acerbic note: RBG bestowing upon the nation her wishes for succession is like the Wicked Witch of the West brandishing her wand as she dissolves from the water Dorothy threw, screeching her demands for the choice of witch following her. She would be limited to the Wicked Witch of the South (Arkansas?) to replace her, the Wicked Witch of the East having succumbed to a horrific housing accident.

Certain resemblance, there, isn’t there?


She wants a new president “installed”. You know, like the Obammunist.


Jimmy, I’m not following who the wicked witch of the east housing accident is referring to.

Jimmy MacAfee

When Dorothy landed in the Land of Oz, her house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East. Glenda was the Good Witch of the North, the melting witch was the Wicked Witch of the West.


Sadly, the demoncrats still believe that socialism is the vehicle that will take them to the emerald city, a fictitious mirage of the wicked one. But have a nice day.



It has been at least fifty years since i’ve seen the Wizzard of OZ. I’m soo wrapped up in today’s schiff, I don’t remember some of the old references, although I too use them.


I’m meltinggggggg


Great arguments for filling the vacancy now Dave.

But the Dems will still argue to wait until after the election – you know, let the voters decide the “thing” by voting for the next president to name the new justice.

If memory serves, bozo bftsplk, his own self, started this bogus no consideration policy for filling the seat during the last year of the president’s term (the biden rule) when, as you alluded, GHWB was not a “lame duck”. McConnell, in a rare display of backbone (he seems to be really focused on judges – wish he was equally focused on budgets and healthcare reform etc., but that is a comment for another day), just paid the Dems back for their flippant knee-jerk policy – with no consideration for future ramifications/payback as is their mantra – by blocking Garland.

Essentially the Garland rejection was just a tit-for-tat response to the “biden rule”. Now it seems McConnell wants to revert the constitutional appointment process “thing” to the way it was originally intended and functioned for two centuries prior to the Ted Kennedy/btfsplk Borking amendment being implemented exactly 200 years after the constitution was ratified.

President Trump: Please select the most hard-liner conservative (loyal to the constitution) female judge you find and shove it up the left’s collective butt as far and as hard as you can. Our republic’s survival depends on it.


Yes, her seat was awarded for life, not for eternity!


…nor your first through fifty either.


Dirt blanket wishes are not contained in the US Constitution


Exactly! May she rest in Peace!

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