Trump Should and Will Nominate a Replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Little Lindsey Graham has another problem on his hands. On October 3, 2018, Graham, in an appearance on C-Span, promised that “If an opening comes in the last year of President Trump’s term…we’ll wait to the next election” to hold hearings and confirm the nominee. Not until the next inauguration – the next election, which is November 3.

Graham, being the little compromised cock-of-the-walk that he is, then boldly told the C-Span host to “hold the tape,” which C-Span of course did. This tape is already being used by Democrats and their media toadies like Jonathan Karl as a hammer against Graham as the battle over the new opening on the U.S. Supreme Court heats up to what will certainly become civil war-threatening levels.

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham will get to preside over the coming hearing related to the nominee President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) sends over to congress. Mitch McConnell – Graham’s boss in the Senate, and the guy who stupidly gave Graham this committee chairmanship – has already promised that the nominee will be considered and confirmed by the Senate:

“In the last midterm election before Justice Scalia’s death in 2016, Americans elected a Republican Senate majority because we pledged to check and balance the last days of a lame-duck president’s second term. We kept our promise,” McConnell continued. “Since the 1880s, no Senate has confirmed an opposite-party president’s Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election year.”

McConnell added that “by contrast, Americans reelected our majority in 2016 and expanded it in 2018 because we pledged to work with President Trump and support his agenda, particularly his outstanding appointments to the federal judiciary.”

“Once again, we will keep our promise,” he said. “President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.”


Note that, for McConnell’s rationale to be 100% certain to come about, the hearings and confirmation must take place before November 3. Because, should the President lose to Joe Biden, he would then become a “lame-duck” President, thus turning McConnell’s reasoning on its head.

That reasoning not only conflicts with Graham’s C-Span comment, it also conflicts with the statement issued in an interview earlier this week – before Ginsburg passed – by RINO Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who said “I would not vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee” before the November election had come and gone. “Fair is fair,” she added without any supporting evidence that her reasoning is in any way “fair” to the country.

Murkowski did not repeat that commitment in a statement she issued last night:


So, obviously she is waiting to have a conversation with McConnell before going off half-cocked again.

The other most highly-suspect GOP RINO senator in this instance, Susan Collins, took the same approach as Murkowski, lauding Ginsburg in a statement but making no commitment one way or another on holding hearings and a vote before Election Day. Collins, it should be noted, is involved a close re-election campaign (Murkowski is not) and another strong performance in confirmation hearings – like she had with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination – would help her maximize GOP voter turnout.

The nominee will almost certainly be a woman, and Amy Coney Barrett seems to be the odds-on favorite. Others on the list include Joan Larsen of Michigan, who sits on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Brett Grant, a 42 year-old rising star on the 11th Circuit who clerked for Justice Kavanaugh, and Allison Eid, who succeeded Justice Neil Gorsuch on the 10th Circuit Court. All are relatively young (Barrett and Larsen are 51, Eid is 55) and all have sterling records and backgrounds.

All, of course, would be mercilessly slandered and smeared by the Democrat/Media Axis of Propaganda.

For the country, Ginsburg’s death is just one more instance in which the year 2020 moves us inexorably closer to a real civil war, which the Democrats and their domestic terrorist tools in BLM and Antifa have been fomenting all summer. You should expect the rioting that magically came to a halt last Saturday after the Democrats saw their awful new polling data to start up again with renewed intensity as soon as President Trump announces his nominee.

My bet is that the Democrats will make sure that the renewed riots become so violent and destructive that the President will have no choice but to invoke the Insurrection Act prior to Election Day, which has been the Democrat plan all along.

As for Ginsburg, the nicest thing that can be said is that she was extremely tough: A 3-time cancer survivor who clung to her seat of political power for every last day she could wring out of it.

And make no mistake about it: She saw the Court and her seat on it as a political tool, nothing more. Ginsburg spent 27 long years politicizing every decision made by the Supreme Court, where she was a malevolent presence who utterly discarded the notion that the Court’s purpose was to interpret the Constitution, not to try to implement the personal feelings of the Justices themselves.

Ginsburg even managed to politicize her own death, telling an interviewer recently that “My Most Fervent Wish Is That I Not Be Replaced Until a New President Is Installed.”

Smarmy Democrats and corrupt reporters will play that up for all it’s worth. But this is hard ball politics and in that world you can, as my Daddy used to tell me, “wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up faster.”

President Trump should and will quickly nominate a replacement for Ginsburg, and the Senate should  confirm that nominee. Period.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Maybe, we’ll see.

Jay Whitcraft

I agree with what Gregg 100%. What would happen if the nominee is black? Jay


That would mean nothing to them, Ask Justice Thomas about how they will treat a black person during the vetting process. These despicable people will stoop however low they can go to try and stop a conservative leaning judge from taking the witchs’ place.


Saw this comment on the CTH site on RBG death.

Old Dawg says:
September 19, 2020 at 9:45 am

My first reaction was to do a “happy dance” and I have NO apologies for doing so. She was evil personified as far as I’m concerned and I take some pleasure in the fact that most likely, millions of dead children in heaven received “justice” as they look down on her agony as Lucifer’s personal property.


I have no problem with that comment – especially after the left started a #WrongTrump, within hours when the president’s brother died recently.

And another thing the SC nominee should NOT do is waste a couple of days visiting each senator in their office for a one on one meet and greet. This serves no purpose as whoever is going to vote no on her confirmation will not be swayed. Like with idiots posting flippant twitter comments which often have to be deleted and/or apoligized for, nothing positive can come from 100 senate meetings.

I really doubt RBG did that back when BJC nominated her.

If Mitch is serious about getting this done ASAP he will tell Grahamesty to not let the BS of the Blasey-Ford hearings happen again and force a vote within a week.

Don’t forget Mitch, we still have a budget (or another CR or and “Omnibus spending deal”) to produce by Oct 1.


I emailed Dave about it last night. The sublect line: Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

How Judge Scalia could consider her a friend I still don’t understand.


Regarding Collins (R) Maine. She gave a wonderful speech for Kavanaugh – surprising for the ultimate senate “back-bencher” – in which she decried divisive 5-4 SC decisions. Well, she can now do her part to end that by replacing the most liberal member of the court with Trump’s new pick.

Murkowski (worthless RINO) Alaska, is up in 2022 and Trump should put a full court press on her by saying: Screw with me this time and I will campaign the length and breath of Alaska to primary you into oblivion and make sure you are PNG for another write in vote effort like you pulled off in 2010.

I see President Trump being very strategic in this. He will be talking to Collins and campaign hard in Maine on her behalf for her support and probably carry the whole state this time. She needs all the help she can get in her race and her confirmation vote will make or break it for her. She should come out four square for Trump’s nominee and let the chips fall where they may. One thing is for certain, if she screws Trump she is done as a senator.

So now will forcing the nomination prior to the election take Karma Roundheels off the campaign trail such as it is? That may be a net positive since she seems to be a net negative for the Roundheels/btfsplk ticket, but it will leave even a bigger void in the Hiden’ Biden campaign.

Just when you thought this campaign season couldn’t get any stranger, we now have this dynamic thrown into the mix. Good thing we have a president who is a 4D chess player and not our standard RINO candidate who would try to reach across the aisle and seek Schumer’s input in order to be “bipartisan”. In this scenario a Bush Jr. or an Ace McLame or a Mutt McRomney presidency would probably result in a Merrick Garland nomination with a quick confirmation.

Buckle up folks, it is going to be a hell of a ride for the rest of the year.



The SC is currently in recess and I am really surprised the left didn’t try to hide her death until at least the start of the new term on Oct 1, thereby leaving even less time for confirmation hearings.

Remember how much speculation there was on her being alive a year or so ago when no one saw her in public for a long time? There was a long period time recently when she was legislating remotely from the hospital.

I am sort of surprised Senator McConnell came out and pushed the fact that there will be a confirmation process PRIOR to the election. Maybe all this Dem led garbage has finally forced him to grow a backbone, shed his swamp skin, and forced him to finally punch back hard against the Schumers of the senate; one can only hope! This confirmation hearing will take many senators off the campaign trail which may make for a quick confirmation, especially if 50+ votes can be assured which would render any Balsy-Ford delay tactic irrelvant.

Mitch is up in Kentucky and wants to shore up his base; so is Grahamesty in South Carolina so I look to see them push this through quickly and TN’s Senator Marsha Blackburn in on the Judicary Committe with (I think) Senator Sparticus (D) NJ being removed from it.

Look for the professional pre printed (anti-whoever) signs and the paid professional rent-a-mob to be out in full force within hours of Trump announcing his pick. Oh so tiring and oh so predictable.

Andrew Carnegie

You write that you were surprised they didn’t try to hide her death until October 1. I suspect that Rosh Hashanah might have played a role in the announcement. It would be expected that RBG might say a few words or friends and relatives might want to see her at the New Year. Hence, someone might have leaked that she had died and they couldn’t hide the fact. People of integrity around her would be forced to admit the truth.


And they don’t necessarily need a bunch of hearings right, just advise and consent?

[…] I wrote elsewhere this morning, President Trump will almost certainly nominate a woman to replace Ginsburg, but in case he decides […]

Jimmy MacAfee

The Demons-crats will make a huge mistake if they smear a female nominee, someone American women can identify with, someone of good character and values. An attack on her will be an attack on them.

They will use evil women to attack her, not men (most likely, but you never know with Schumer and Kaine, who are almost-men) but women already know how other women can be bullies – some can be vicious, mean and terrible and even vile, So a woman in the Senate bullying a woman of good repute would not work, either.

A good female nominee? Bulletproof.


This President is amazing. Check out his reaction upon hearing about the death of RGB. Class act.


Great article Dave,
Graham can still change his mind on the “save the tape” statement. Didn’t he promise the last couple of years to call the weasels to testify before the senate? Wasn’t Biden against fracking before he was now for it? For masks mandates before he was against them and now is back to for them? No one besides Trump and few others keep their word. Everyone knows that swamp creatures blow from both ends.


I forgot to ask for email notification…never mind this post

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